Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 363, Ed. 1, Wednesday, November 21, 1894 Page: 1 of 8

iffi > putr United States Marshal
JivJ ° t the Paris court passed
Coal Son
OlB S lump carload
i IfllcAlcstcr for Btram
lues SIS ind freight rates to nil
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Srorrri B
6 Hf nlors no agents
xvni xo 3G3
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ndow Display
One imported French
English novelty
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figures formal and
nt prico on inoh pat
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dres 3 why not
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33o to 50o on every dot
Our slot o is busy from
ig till night Bar
bring trade Attend
midscafon salo of dress
ir gingham salo An ox
ood quality dark ging
sold today only at 7Uc
attorn Good washable
They will be snap
apinafew hours
t Received
aipleto line of stamped
j doylies dresser
i splashers biscuit
nnd tray cloths eta
shades of embroidery
honiton lace braids
breads If you ate fond
ing fauoy work wo can
ly jour wants in this
I Sewall S Co
f a advances made cotton
ta ui or prompt sale or to
Jteaclla and dally quotations
E > roMiicr miciTin
I Ittooiteil Scmliinlp niitlnir
ttha Un Surrendered
n Tex Nov 20 Oov Brown
Seminole nation his son Soll
ts city today with a full
JilEole whose Unsllsh namo Is
Iff In custody
teen scouting ror at least
having been wanted for-
MS nhlsky In the territory
aoltlng Deputy llnrshal nus
4 Poire The offenses were com
m years ago strange to soy
wal and all his posse are now
> r can
srars of age and bears fca
wacterlstlc of his race
he lnnuenco Gov Brown
uemed to surrender Sasa
imlnolo nation and the gov
sumted t0 become his cuato
l Wlllhms delegated Dputy
no received tho longwanted
Allen r T yesterday
7 T1 make bond as soon as
w O T c nmrers
Nov 0 The na
C T V the
° 11wrs Prances 15 Wll
yWrat Mrs Katherlne L
Pending secf
V nan recordingaecre
5 Helen H Barker treasurer
Jr omcers was the cause
iS dtement and tho
he candidates was
l5r the afternoon seslon
rcies In memory of Mrs
vvoodbridire late recording
a tlonal organization
i Vf il month ago The first
it tfernoon were the
Rtaii 1 > Mrs Narcls
Uy Sr f r n Afterward
lit i niackwell daughter
1 MifU U ° x ot Woshlng
nl > n polt brlelly
j an Urate Senator Wll
r 011 o fe Ohio
ll i sa n ° te
Cj1 Mrs
Harris Miourl < tc M
W orV MK Miss
t Momil f1 tl Prayer Mrs
n > w
pronounced the bene
Sn ik red haTr
J euerclaes
ttoraty > Secretary
ioiunii MiTnn amJi
not In ll ijna of tht LlTlllItT
nan nu1 1rnll h i
Hnk le Flr Trpi ConnCIa
Willi llio lllniipenraucc
There vnr reason to bellcM > that
II II Holmes who
went by the namo
f 0 C Pratt In Fort Worth Is guilty
of murdering Mlnnlo It Williams and
her sister Anna Williams tho crlms
hoMng probobly been committed In
Chicago and In this crime a man nho
clalme dnhen here to be a cltlien of
Chicago and called himself Benton T
Lyman li probably an accomplice
Some time In Tcbruary Lyman came
hero from Chicago and placed on rec-
ord a deed from one Ilond to Lyman
for 100 feet front on Rusk and cond
streets Bond got title by tP jyvm
Minnie n Williams execute a
notary publio vihose name Is v
Holmes On this property Ly
Ban the erection of a threestor w
and brick building At this time 2 V lie w
Pratt appeared on the nccno and Vome4
Introduced by Lyman n I t
as superlntt
ent of the work In June Pratt boufc
some horses for which ho gave notes
sold the horses at much less than their
alue and pocketed tho money He
bought bicycles china ware store fix
turcs and other articles on credit and
sold for cash With about 13000 In
cash he left and creditors began tho
chase Lyman had sold one lot to a
r rt Worth man who fearing his title
hnd been clouded by Pratts acta In
ccnnectlon with Hens on the property
bfgan to Investlgnte He found that
Minnie R Williams had been working
titr a typewriter concern in Chicago
known ns Allen Co
She wrote late In 1SDJ to her Bister
JIlis Anna Williams of Midlothian
ex to come to Chicago to her that
fhe was going to be married and wus
rrolng to tcke a trip to Europe The
nlster was il teacher In the Midlothian
tcademy and as Minnie urged her to
come n once packed up a few clothes
Ind started for Chlcigo leaving In-
struction to forAard her trunks If she
lid not ordfP otherwise In a week The
Vuiks were sent No word ever came
from dither of the sliters After a year
the express company at Chicago noti-
fied the principal of tho Miilialhlan
school that tho trunks had never been
called for and asked wnat should be
done The girls hae no living rela-
tives but hnve friends In Port Worth
and Midlothian who are new Inteicst
Inff themselves in finding their where-
Minnie n Williams by will was left
half a block of properly In the heart of
Vort Worth alued at 160000 nnd n
tarm alued at 5irooo This property
has alt been alienated ostensibly by
Miss Williams Letters and telcgiams
hive ben sent by the score to points
tit which Miss Williams was said to
l e but were never delllerod A de
lectlvo has recently been sent to find
Iho girls but no trace can lie discover
< d Chicago Is the last placo In w hlch
Iillss Williams was seen
When Pratt ran away creditors at-
tached the property but the court up
pointed a receiver Colonel Halbott
the receiver has tried to find Lyman
vho has a largo equity In the bulljlng
If his deed Is good but has not been
able to locate him nnd a fine threq
story building and site will go for a
lew thousand dollars
At IMillndelplilu
Philadelphia Nov 20 Mrs Benja
riln R lltxell tho wife of tho man
tpon whwe supposed death JIOojU
fere fraudulently collected from the
Hdellty Mutual Life association of
tils city together with her 16yearold
diushtcr Meda nnd II II Holmes
olaa llernun Muda > t arrived In
t ds city today from Boston In tno
c utody of two Plnkerton men It Is
rJt expected that any legal proceed
lgs will bo pros cuUd b fore Lawyer
Howe Is brought on from St Louis
After their arrival the party was
etjseted with Superintendent of Police
I Inden until late In the afternoon
Vhen the conference was over Detec
fvo Crawford detailed tho story of tho
tlp tho most Important feature of
fihlch was the revelation made to him
lir Holmes of the story of his life II
pnds like the roost sensational ro
irIinccs Holmes sat beside the de
tretlve with handcuffs on and the
train had scarcely emerged from the
Hsston depot before the prisoner tried
t bribe his captor He offered the
dtectlve 500 If he would allow him
t hypnotize him so ho could escape
lie said he had frequently hypnotized
irtrsons having acquired tho art from
college professsor In the West
He said ho could get the money at
orce from his wife and Mrs Pluell
tv hen he saw that his words had no
eflect Holmes entered Into general
conversation and told the story of his
lift He said he was raised In Bur-
lington VL and was so vyell educated
in school there that at IS he was a
titchcr For some lime afterwords bo
later In Be
wvnt to college there and
toll He had formed tho acquaintance
medical student who he said
of a
Jrrnshed the body In New York In
trt present case He refused to dl
vilgehl name Durlpg vacations they
wVrked on farms to raise their college
but one summer they found
expenses and It was
the mselves without means
tnn that the medical men suggested
jrrtoKC rrjgrL def
ihL fnK r0 wtirlrnd mp the
nceme oflerwirdi
llcmies > ntnua
° Ide rSd Jgffil germs own B W JJ
thS h u of tJSooo M a hotel U IIW
taAtVr1 troipl to t0 OOO It went
wlfi suecss
obtaining sums
l j 2jK
bhi o cut off
laid vTi11 tNit the mot
< lVrmln 0 T lh Prskent
Is r ached
J <
< s 7 l toitny t > Bt he
l f iZs 1 < of con
B ocratio col
M the
same oflnlon
soured a Corp e in
t 1 K took the b y to a lonely
h r 2n theTnothw Of hi wlfe when
rtcsumlng his story Holmes said tSat
while lUing In Chicago about IS months
age he fell In love with a typewriter
girl and furnished a house on the out-
skirts where they lived topetlier A
younger slater came to Mt them and
the woman grew so Jealous of her thit
In a aunrrel one day ahe strucV h r
mer the ear with a stool and MUM
her To save tue woman with whom
he was living Holmes said ho put the
body In a trunk loaded It with stones
and sunk It In the lake
The girl had property In Texas anil
he and plttell took It oft Ivr hands
and sent her abtoad It was worth
he nald 110000 and after getting It In
their hands they went through Texas
buying carloads of horses on notes on
this property but as they neer had
legal title to the property the n tea
were worthless and It ll for this affair
that they are wanted In Fort Worth
To save this properly Holmes said
he and PJtiell formed the scheme of
swindling the ridelty corapsny He
told the detective tht for the crimes
he had committed ho deserved to be
hanged a dozen times
Holmes is not lacking for money as
he himself admitted that at the pros
ent tlm > w li supporting nearly two
dnxen pe Including the grl mur
deress her mother and nn Imbecile
brother two orphans In Chicago who
llvo un one of his properties three
separate alleged wlies and their chll
dren and his own mother and father
In Kankakee
ould not give the names of the
mmly mnlntrilnca tint IMtsoll Is
sjifve Jn Han Sithndor ntiti that ho
mil hoar from him through the person-
al column of a certain New York dally
neudpapcn A tilotrrnm win today n >
eelved by President Voxn of tho Fidel
ity company to iho effect that Howe
tho St Ixmls Ktwycr was en route to
this city with McDonald In the capacity
of hl adviser Neither the detectives
nor Mr lerry would maltp publlt any
thine concerning the Interview with
Superintendent Linden but Mr lerry
raid that m a result It had been de-
cided to arrest a number at others
whose names would not jet bp glcn
A St ImiU Cotiiiecllnn
Bt trfoulrt Nov 20 J D lldef nn
attorney havlntT an ollce with the law
firm of McUonad Howe of this city
u arrested today on the charge of
consplrlne with one It II Holmes to
defraud the Fidelity Mutual Ufa In
Kurance company of 1hlludelphta out
of 10000 The arrest was made In
connection Willi tha lniuraiee swindle
case reported from Philadelphia last
Saturday night The attorney was
taken IWore chief Hrriean ut the
Four Courts At the conference W 1
Uary St Louis maiiagrr of tha Fidelity
Mutual was present At the conclu-
sion of the con Ore n co Howo waa re
Icaved on a JtOOO bond
Howe bIrcned a document to which
the chief also put his Blxnature and It
was turned oer to > ary Nelttier
Gary no Chlf Harrttran wouM talk
about the case to the press
r > itut Urn tin XInil
It Is stated tn the dispatches that the
first knowledge of tho matter came
through a Fort Worth ofllcer who
came there asking tho omcers of that
city to help him look up the case
HcpUty Hherin William lira was In
Chicago noma time n o and also In
Indianapolis pursuing Investigations
In the case Sheriff Euless has of late
recehed a number of communications
In regard to the case
Hun Jt ti Juanson the late Judge
of the county court of Tarrunt county
wan at one time the guardki of Min-
nie It Williams And J J Mas le was-
her guardian afterward It was from
him that tha first Information camo
of foul play on the part of the Chicago
adult uriaa
J he Identification of Lyman nnd
Fratt as 1ilzell and Holmes Is complete
and the worst Is reared for the glrU
niw the character of the ewlndlers has
become known
31oro LlinrnrcM
Indianapolis Ind Nov 20 lawyer
Albert W Wiiihard was Instructed by
telegraph from Philadelphia today to
filo suits for the recovery of the money
obtained by 11 M Howard now under
arrest at lioston part of which Is on
depult In a bank In this city Tho
title of tho complaint us filed Is the
Fidelity Mutual Life Association t
II M Howard alias H M Holmes
alias Herman Mudgett and ClcorgUnu
Howard The plaintiff aliped that he
Is en paged In the business of life In
suranco and that he Issued a policy on
tho life of one It F pjtzell for fluOoo
that by a mistake on the part of the
plaintiff nnd deception and fraudulent
reprevenlatlon on the part of the de-
fendant the said Howard recehod the
sum of 10000 that arterward the
plaintiff discovered that H F Jlttell
was still alive nnd that the proofs of
the claim were spurious and fraudu-
lent and made for the ex prep s purpose
of cheating the plaintiff out of the In-
surance money that the defendant
fled the country turning oer and
pajlnff to his codefendant fleorgtana
Howard a large portion or the < 0000
whleh the defendant de > ostcd In tho
bank In this city
An affidavit for a writ of attach-
ment Is also filed
lio In Mm 1iUeir
Boston Mass Nov 21 There Is a
peculiar and mysterious combination
surrounding the arrest of Mrs IItieII
In this Hty It was given out last
evening that the woman hud been de-
coyed from Burlington Vt by the po-
lice and on her arrival In
the city was Immediately
transferred to New York In
company with Howard H Is now
known that Mrs Plttell was In the city
yesterday morning and that she was In
the company of the detectives during
the dty The party > lsled police head-
quarters where It was alleged an un
derstanding1 was reached whereby the
woman Is to aid the detectives In their
efforts to convict Howard Just what
method 1 to be pursued to bring about
this end Is not known The police end
detectives have Joth made utrenuous
efforts to keep Mrs Pltzella Identity
and the fact that she was In this city
all day yesterday a secret
The Chlcnao IJ int
Chicago Nov 20 The Chicago police
know nothing concerning the reported
murder of Miss Williams The first
Intimation that Minnie Williams hud
disappeared came through an officer
from Tort Worth Tex who came here
asking the local onlcers to assist him
In locating the girt No trace of her
was found and the Officer returned to
Holmes and Miss Williams lived to
a w
hft FfirSd
grcTS Md w llh fl mand hurled
Patrick Qulnlan was the Janitor of
this building at the time Holmes and
Miss Williams resided there lit went
to Fort Worth and supervised the con-
struction of a building In that city
lie is now around Chicago somewhere
but can not > o located Tbe peopl
WeWillPlaceonSale V
25 Pieces Strict AllWool
In Blacks Navys Browns Tans Garnets and other
desirable shades
1II Mot 1icrl itlii IT
Indianapolis Ind Nov 20 A rcccjat
from Franklin Ind says uHoinrd
the alleged Insurance swindler Is welt
known here lie married MM Oorgla
Yoke a year ago Her mother lles
here but would say nothlnr atout her
affairs She had not hrard Anything
of the Insurance case unttl thU morn-
ing Her daughter Mr Hqnard Is
now she nuiy In Montreal Canada
In a loiter received from her yst r
day he said nothlnt of thtf pres nt
tfltllcultle They wero married t
Demer Colo Howard and Ms wife
Malted her In Octcb r and then an-
nounced that they would shortly sail
for Germany to spend the winter Mrs
Yoke the mother of the girl would
say nothing
K lh Wilt Prneeed in Mnko n Mun
t pr ut Illniaeir Slitritun Siieitk
Washington Nov i Colonel l ee
Crandilt who ran for congress on the
Kotb Democratic ticket against Oin
ei al Wheeler In the Klghth Alabama
district U at lopullst headiiuirters
fresh from tha conference of Kotb men
at which It was determined to Issue the
manifesto published today Mr Cran-
dall says that Colonel Kolb wilt M
duy aworn In as raernor on the first
of I > ef ember by seme magistral quali-
fied to administer oaths and wilt then
proceed to attempt to perform tho
functions of rovernor When asked
whether righting would ensue Mr
Crandall paid The Oafs men have
the militia to back them and the sup-
port of the administration while wo
hae not many arms hut > ou know
what Napoleon nald about the tight
Comparatively f w men from thu back
districts were at the convention last
week because they were unihle tu net
there and we can not te how tnany
will tospond to tha cua mtfca Prut of
1 December Many of them are too poor
to travel There will be a contest made
In the house against sir of tho eight
Democratic candidates who are ijhen
certificates of election and wo will
presnt such Indisputable evklmce of
fraud that the commutes can not over-
look them
a hold noiinunv
JtUwuurl Knimai nnd leans Puy
CIiccLb Vliilen
Denlion iex Nov tO Tlilstccn
lhg about 730 oclock a robberthrew
a large stone through a plateglusa
door of Qeorge llrauns saloon on Halt
Main steet and stole Missouri Kan
Has Ttxas pay checks to the amount
of 1269 and about ROO In greenbacks
The roblery was committed bo quickly
that It van some time before the bar-
tender yho was tho only occupant of
the liou < e could reallzo the situation
and eleau alarm There 1 absolutely
no clue The 20th ot each month Is
I > ay day pn the Kuty and this point
where tie checks aggregating In the
thousand are distributed among em-
ployee It has betn the custom of mer-
chants tokeep a supply of money on
hand to ash the ifepcr and today Is
no excelled
Mr Pram had about 000 In tho
rear of tin saloon all day cashing
checks pftt of which was In silver
No coin w s taken
Mo rnllmt Mrftiim IlfCHUd
Pmlileiit Uui Amoj
Washington Nov 20 The regular
Tuesday calfnet meeting did not oc-
cur today wing to the ab ence of
President C eland although all of
the cabinsti nicer In WaCilngton
name to the White House early to at-
tend Wheri returning to hi home
at Woodley Ut ern1ng 1rom a waU
the president trod en a amull rounJ
stone which rolled away causing a
sprain of on < ankle The sprain wui
foot which halbeen aflllcted with gout
It was so pa I Jul that walking was not
fosy Theref e the president did not
com into torn this morning Mrs
Cleveland drde In and Informed the
members of th cabinet that the presi-
dent was coring along r i ly Jul
that as walk I ij was still palnrul and
there was no resent need of his com-
ing to the Whin House he would not
undernake the trip
Oklahoma y O T Nov 20
Judge Scott oflhstdlstrict court had
Indicted today yobate Judge Stewart
Probata Judg elect Hayes IX K
Ilrown editor X the TimesJournal
and J J UurW editor of The Okla-
homa for cotympt of court The
atresia cause ecltcnient to run high
and an Indlgmcon meeting Is culled
for tomorrow nlht
Am nn ecompllee
Jonesboro At Nov 20 Molllo
TtoatwTlght a tcmber of the local
demimonde waijarrested todny and
lodged In Jail chfged with being par
ticeps ertminus Uihf kllllnK of Judge
Terrlll by Amery eymour which crime
was committed re yesterdaj Rey
mour obtained t reohr from her
with which he sty Tertilh
Flume Austria Jov 29 The walls
of the new goernrs palace which Is
being erected h reJoUpstd today and
burled a number f workmen In the
ruins Five dead 9dles have already
beeR recovered af twelve woundftd
persons have been xtrlcated frojit the
Our usual price
on these is 50c
per yard
Owing to price made we reserve the right to limit
quantity sold to purchasers
Seventh and Main Streets
living near the flat building havo no
knwlcdge of the murder having been
committed there
tiiu orncMi cnuniiroMici
iiticiiHs inu wau
China WamtMl the rinwery King-
dom Aauhiat AImiIIMoh ot the
Trooii ur the two JSmtout Hut the
Jnp Were Not Afrnltl
Washington Nov 10 Tho Japanese
government has anticipated tho recent
offers of China to tho foreign powers to
1 furnish the complete otllclil correHpon
dence leading to tho present war uiul
Jias Itself made pubtlo this correspond-
ence It h published lit full as a part
of the recent proceedings of tho recent
Japanese diet which lias been receded
by tho Japanese legation here Tint
klst of the controversy has ulready
been made public but these official let-
ters between China and Japan ale the
first account of the sharp dlptomnllo
fencing between tho countries up to A
a few 1ajft before tbe war The let-
ters run from June 7 Co July H and are
numbered from 1 to 0 No 1 Is from
Wang thluexe minister to Japan It
Informs Japan that a telegram has Just
been lcrelwd from U Hung Chang
stating that lite Coroan government
has requested China to send troops to
suppress a rebellion of the Tong Haks
Viceroy LI It sa > s considers tho te
belllon serious and therefore compiles
with thu request for troops to protect
our tributary state First notifying
Japan In nccordanco with a treaty pto
VlMon that etch shall Inform the other
beforn entering Korea Number two
Is from Mutmi minister Of furelgu uf
falrs of Japan
it r > pointedly states In reply
I beg to derhtro that although the
words tributary stnto appear In your
note the Japanese government has
noer recognised Corea art tributary
state of Chlra
No 3 Is a notice from the Japanese
government that It Intends sending
troops to Corea to HUppres the rebel-
In No 4 China thowa her teeth
for Iho first time It I a letter from
the Tsuug Hi Yamen the Chinese cabi-
net to the Japanese minister ut Pe-
lt In
Tho letter expresses surprise that Ja-
pan should send troops to Corea when
It has not been so requested by Cuiea
U adds the following slgnlfic < inL lan
The aote object of your country In
ending troop Is evidently to protect
tholegation consulaio and commercial
people tn Corea and consequently It
may not be nece ary on thu part of
your country to dispatch a great num-
ber of troops and b ldes as no appli-
cation has been made by Corea it la
requested that no troupi shall proceed
to the Interior of Corea so that they
may iTot rauso alarm to her people and
moreover since It 1 feared that In
the eent of the soldiers of the tno
nations should meet on iho way un-
expected aerldetitfl might occur olnr
to the difference of language and mili
tary etiquette wo beg to request In
addition that you will bo good enough
t telegraph the purport of this com-
munication lo tho government of Ja
iKin Number fi is Japans answer to tbe
TsungLIYamcn In which Japan also
shows her teeth
It sajs As to the number of troops
to be sent to Korea tho Japanese jfov
ernment Is compelled lo exercise their
own judgment Although no restriction
< placed upon the movement of Hie
Japanese troops In Corea they will not
bo sent whttro their presence Is not
slight wajsusUln ed by the V TfiC
are under strict discipline and the Jap
anese government are confident that
Hlhey will not preclpttato a collision
with tho Chinese forces H Is honed
that China has adopted similar precau-
Number C Is an offer of the Japanese
government to Join China In u Joint
readjustment of Korea on modern
Number 7 Is Chinas rejection of the
offer In which she says The Idea
may be excellent but the measures of
Improvement must be left to Korea
Number 8 Is from Japan to China
stating that Japan can no longer dis-
regard the law of selfpresenatlon
which Impels her to reform the deplora-
ble conditions of Korea at tho root of
her frequent rebellions
Number 0 Is Also from Japan to Chi-
na stilting that as China has declined
tn Join In the administration reform
of Korea the only conclusion deducta
bit Is that the Chinese government li
disposed to precipitate complications
This closes tha correspondence the
last letter being dated elevnn days
bfore Japan sank the Chinese trans
port Kow fihlng carrying the Chli
troops to Korea Japina declaration
of war followed sir days later
A llaulc Fnllpre
Portltnd Ore Nov 20 The Port
land Havings hank fafled to open Its
doors this morning The lack or pub
lie confidence and unceasing withdraw-
als of deposits are given os reasons of
the closing of the lnk O N Denny
has been appointed receiver and the
bank will go Into liquidation The as-
sets of the hank are glvtn at llCWWJ
nunrAu vcathku mcruiw
tint ton Tf v l tany TL i >
lteitMicr Jmrrau v > t ori wayst If t
Itmi hi ficfztntr wtOtlifr tl
17lh ill it on I arm lit tlamugn in
Hid M i of ott < in raiievliII > >
tin oiiiiitirrit it rtlon ot t eHtrnt ie
tit JOi < rol1tr > plant un mill rrttltltiic
to Amite > xtut Utah tuirthfrl
vttnilt Ainu Kllttlttlr ilnmnnrcd Inl
rut tun artrAnnd Tuxnsby lilatTlo
11 out IIo ball
n Our Clothing Department
The past week has been the most successful with
us since we have been in business Why Because
Our 890 Suit Sale
Is a Square Bona Fide offering and strictly what we
advertise it Wc promised to select from our 10
1250 15 and 18 goods
And place them on sale at
Wc have done so and the consequence
In passing our store notice Seventh srtrcct and north
Main street windows and sec what we arc doing for
you Open till g p m Saturday 10 oclock
Seventh and Main Streets
liabilities 1410000 Tho closing of tho
bnnk was doubtless iMxlpliaicid by the
death of Frank Uekum the ptcaldcnt
about a mouth nw >
Trny Vilrs
Troy Tex Nov 20 Iast night be-
tween ft and 10 oclock someone tried
to break In V J Curtis house about
one and a half miles from here Mr
Curtis shot tho hurgrer but hue not
found him yett ho followed his track
some rtUtumm by thu bUmd Ills trnck
tn iuurcn thirteen Inches A few more
Curtlscs will rhifU housn breaking
COttim comes In very slow and the
glita iu > o but little to do There Is a
pietty good top crop soma say will
open some say not
The Christian Hmlenvor will give a
supper on next Saturday night
Weather cool
tlriiraetiMiii Vite
Oeorjrotovni Tex Nov 20 Nearly
nlno thousand bales of cotton have
been shipped from Georgetown thus far
this aenson or hvarl jas nunr as all
of last season which amounted to
P1U0 bales
Total shipments of the staple from
here this ncason will piohably reach
13000 hales
vry little cotton Is being held as the
fanners uro obliged to sell to pay their
Prime cotton now selling nt 4 cents
Indications uro that tho acreage will
be ftrtatly reduce next seat on
A Trrnnurff tftiorl
iilworth Kan No 20 For some
days pmt rumors hae been received
of a large defalcation In tho Kliswortlt
county treasurers otfiee Investigation
by the county commlslsoners shons
that James li Dick the retiring treas-
urer Is short In hts nccouttts 111 a JO
He Is supposed to bo 1n Kunsas City
and tmpcr have been drawn for his
M or trim nirlnntVtl
Montgonety Ala Nov 20 Ronalro
Morgan wus nominated for reclcctlon
today by Joint caucus of he Democrat
It members of the leglolature Aft r
Hie nomination the senator pol < e for an
hour and reviewed the coursn of the
Democratic party foundling harmony
In the party ranks and assuring hem
the result would bo ull right In JS30
WHoleatUe unci no text 1
Xjargoat stoolt
Dress Goods Cloaks Capes
TailorMade Dresses Millinery
Shoes Hats and Furnishing Goods
Follow the Crowd to
He reiterated his views as to free coin-
age of sliver and said his views un the
currency question were well known
Tho manifesto Issued ytrsterday by
I 11 F Kolb that he had bven elected
governor and would take his seat on
December 1 fait stillborn here No
one has been heard to d I it cups It on the
streets or pay lht least attention to It
Iho AiHertlser printed this morning ah
Interview with Tauheunck In Thkh bo
claimed Hint It was thu understandlna
of th PoopttV Party that Morgan was
to come tu Alabama and stump the
stale In the Interest nf free sliver nnd
In opposition tu Oats but after making
throo speeches he changed his views
and worked for Oats
no Jfet H Held
Washington Nov 20 ltefore the
senate adjourned list August It uu
thoilxcd the commlttco on rules to
sit during tecess for tho consideration
of various rules nnd amendment but
no session of this committee has ever
b < en held and Hen a tor lnackburn
ilmlrman of the committee today
said none wilt bo hold before the con
enlng of cottgrrss on the third proxi
A CtHinefttxIi Acceptance
nklo Japan Nov 20 it Is learned
that Iho Japanese government has cnt
Its reply lo tho note of United States
Minister Dunn asking whether by a
lender of tho president of the United
States of hts good offices In the Inter-
est nr restoring peace In tho l3ast would
bo ngieableno Japan Uefore rcachlnf
u conclusion the ministry gave the mat >
tcr consideration for several days and
llnnllr titaUd to Mr Dunn that al-
though tho friendly sentiment whirl
prompted tho government nd poopli
of the United States were deeply ap-
preciated the snucess of tho Japanest
nrmles had been such that China shout
approach Japan dlroctly on tha sub
Jot In ltnv of Ihe AbHonpt of Chines
and Japanese diplomatic rppresental
tlves at IVkln nnd Toklo respectively
and this would Imply that any com
mutitcatlon between the two govern-
ments would be made through ths
Amerloan ministers to China and Ja
pun who bIiko the outbreak of th
> var have had charge of Die Interest
of tho two countries
i T

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