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Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 363, Ed. 1, Wednesday, November 21, 1894 Page: 2 of 8

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m mjt or tiiu cnutT nxcutsiuv
her Are Having a Good Time nntl
Are Highly Pleased With Their
lTrlp to Texts Wearing tbe Lone
Waco Tex Nor JOThe Bt Louis
telegatlon of business men headed by
Jol B V Fordyccrrejtldent of the
button Ilelt railroad arrived ias night
m chedule tlmo and the visitors vera
loon at the Cotton Pnloco where an In
tormal reception uai held ft here ac
lualntances and friendships were re
lewed with business men and citizens
St LoutsJans are bent on haying a
food time This they announced as the
Ihlet feature of their program together
ivith seeing much of Toxas and
reeling as many Texatia as possible
The party la a representative in
iver left the great metropolis of the
Mississippi and the southwest The
Merchants exchange tho Merchants
tlub Bt Louis Kenl Ustuta exchange
Ct Louis Tialllc association Cotton ex
chanse Implement nnd CArrtafta as-
sociation Wholesale Grocer associa-
tion Mechanics exchange Clearing-
House ussoctntton Whutesalo Dry
doods niKoclatlon Boot and Shoe asso-
Thesu art leading business nnd com-
mercial organization of Bt Louis
Each delegate was decorated with a
purple badge lit the top of which Is a
Ione Blar The bftdtio Is fastened
by a pin In tho wetl known chnrocttr
of the Missouri coat of arms Under-
neath la the Inscilptlon Ht Lou In
Texas Cot tun Palace Waco Texas
Nov 20 1894
Tho pnrty occupy a special train of
live handsome cars Long streamers
extend along the sides reading Bt
Louis Merchants nnd Manufacturers
Excursion To tho Texas Cotton Pal-
ace Waco Texas
The following Is the personnel of the
pnrty Including the business of luch
H W Portlyce president of the Cot-
ton Unit railroad II W IjoUzauino
general passenger agenti I A Aba
die general agent Ht Louis J A
Iklsun scearni vlro prealdont an I gen-
eral manager Jonathan lllco of H ee
flllx A Co dry good M P Donahoe
f Samuel C Davis ft Co dry goods
W C lloogher of Wear II o liet Vf v
floods compnnyt J O Wills nm f
llnrgndlnMcKlttilek Dry Unorti com
I > any J II Deimuger of rjtsimgor
Ehoo compnny borgn Dlehl of Prled
mon 11row Hchaffn boa nnd shoes
J Ii La Irelle lliunlltonnrown Hho
company J II ltfdlee Jl oati Hhoo
company J J Werlhelmer Werlhem
erBwarta Shoe oompmy W II Ultt
tivin Clcorga 1 < 1111 man films com-
pany Q W Perry floors W P rry
A Co rubber goods 1 W lo dbi <
flcott PorcoGoodbar lint company T
J Leugenburg Unur Sliolfon lint
compiny I O Uranrh Mhlto ltnitCi
A MiConllln hutn and enpst J llolhs
if fids llothaohtldi Jim loin nnd
enpst J U < Umlth Simmons Hardware
company II Klno RhipleUh Hard-
ware c mpanyj W M Hent r Sfiitcr
Afv Commissi m T II Morton M
neur < t UriKtt A Co cnmnilsslon II
J Hi nth T C Ta > Ior St Co etunrnts
slon David Tllnck Unrk D an A Co
commission T II Vinnth D H
Franrls A Urn Commission company
D I Connor Connor llroe A Coi
rtmmls luni W A Bcudder Hcudd r
Inle Irocery companyi W 11 l iw
Mn OoddardTeck Oroe ry crunpany
31 W Olldebmiv rink A 24a s gro-
cers J W Wruy Drummond Toi ccn
company C V IMell C 11 Udell A
Co cheese I I > Dimnrri tl D
UarnHr 1 A Co utntlonrs M T llnnsi
A C Hftasrt A Hon 1 i lt comtmnv
I 11 Itosenthnl I II llotenthal Mll
11m ry company t I Culver Ma
Jeatlc Htove and Hang onmnnny J
W Vauclenxe Duck btue and lltnge
company r W Trpennlng Coonel
Q W Illxtey 1 > M oaborn Imple-
ment Manufacturing company I M
ltumsey h M Humty Mno > ilnry
Mannfncturipg conipsnyj C 11 Ill ey
1 D Vngi1 lXioUlnr Hton MnIUl
faetnrlng companyt N C Tu West-
ern Iron and Kupply Co A Iiamlnhl
Stemnntrlti UnlvnuU Ion 00m
H ny C It IIMke Wlgo Iron fliort
company l l WcnrrlU Henrrltt
lumlture compinv W A BOckney
Utlckney Clgnr Manuracturlng com-
pany J V Coyle Cuile A Hnrgent
silks Charles Aldrlrh A merle in Uoof
Ing cnmpnn > It 11 Orern nreens
Ctr Vh + roundry companyi T lj
Clddlng J C N Wg n U Hmlth
rrs Iron eompmyi T V Thompson
Marley A Thompson machinery James
J Heuultx Aubutts lUItlnnr company
C W Itutlen National lUnk of the-
n pnbllo W T Andurson W T An
rtetton A Co grain U A l Aiist Taiist
A Buns Oyster and Ueataurant com
mn > It J Uherts n 3 Kherts Hard-
Wood Lumber compmy William 1
lham ltsrfner Latham Manufacturing
company J H Canrades J H fon
rades rurnituio company ltnbert Pom
mcr I I Itushnetl A Co iwil John
Miillaltr John Mullaliy iVmntUilim
company C V Itlanke C V UlnnU
A Co coffee And ptoo J T Donovan
J T Donovan R il v > tate company
P K Towlfr r H Tnwler A Co In
furnuy H A IttirOtn It M Itlns
worn A Co Insurance J H Tern
Trry A fon Heal T3i ts company
Hon M B Cliay thctUenry Wrape
Cooperaifo Compnnyt J A Warren
J A Warrni C nmls lan compant
V U Standaid O RlnndiM flour
Milling company A Webb Webb 8up
Mj omp4ny M Hnward Kttlchie Har-
rison A Howard Iron James Tullock
iM N K Fatrbanki Pnap cOmpsnj
Hon Thomas A Ituell attorney at
law Hon It W Oranthey C C
Chllds or Cortlcflll Bilk company Hon
H T Kent Attorney at tai Ir A
L lloyce pliydlcliiu Judgo J V Vas
tine J II Pardice Hon v i Andcr
ion Hon Thcordore SmtthHon c orge
T Crown banker Col II Hughes
Hon u C Kerens Hon J Spring-
er W II Weeks Porre pondnt Ulobe
Demwrat and ItrpubUean Hon John
A Lop president Trailer Trotcc
tlve esicK < litlon of America
t > t ronripnted by the visi
tors is rany iioooooooQ
< i MUon 10 tie Mbove named the
foltoivlng railroad oMlnls Joined the
party In Texas nnd nrttved with thtm
H II Itowlsnd Tyler prMldenl of the
Tyler 6outhea tern railway J C
Murrtilion Athsnl Cotton Ilelt dim
tort A A Qllssotf traveling pttoen
ger rfent A It Lfgirett supertntend
ent S a Warner freneral pusenircr
egent C O Arnold geuKral claim
agent 8t Louis
After visiting the Cotton Palace nu
merous delegations accepted tho Invlta
UJI0 wrrClt hd ero dellghtpd
vlth the Wofio Natatorlum cxpresMng
gr at sdmlratlon for it Their hand
f P t I train is complete In all
Its lippolntwents 0 th4 hegI Cot
Kord > c has left nothing undone
whlei will coufrlbute to lho oonifort
and nleAJiureof the party
Stops wrre mad > isierday at Mount
rieasnnt Tylr Athena and Cornlcana
wbare every atttmtltm was paid the
visitors and as 0 result the Utter wem
p f
hoarse last rdgit through cheering for
Texas ond Toxans
Tromlnenf among the visitors Is it
C Kerms one of the best known He
publicans In the party Pontic how
ev r aro eschewed and Mr Kerens l
talking about Texas and Bt Louts
Waco and the Cotton Palace only
This morning the visitors proceeded
to the Samion well and watched It
spout hot water nearly 100 feet In the
Air aided only by the natural pressure
ficm the ocean of the worlds best wa-
ter beneath the city The visitors th n
distributed thfmsclvca around In pairs
and groups until 11 oclock when they
began to prepare for participation In
the cotton planters parade
At 10 oclock the carriages liegan to
form In line on the block bounded by
Franklin Bouth ivurth street Austin
avenue and the public square Bcorcs
of wagons from the country wero get-
ting Into line on th publlo square and
wagon yards adjacent
At U oclock the procession etartcd
headed by thu Iowa Ktate band
Next came a long line of cnrrlagee
several blocks at least containing Bt
Louis vlsltora and the local reception
Then came the feature of the proces-
sion farmers wlti wagons loadtd with
cotton and some of them containing
other produce After twenty wagons
had pasned the Waco Union band fol-
lowed One of the bands near the rear
of tho procession occupied a lofty posi-
tion on top of a wugon loaded high
with cotton
Sjvcral wagons contained representa-
tions of cotton growing In the Hell
and negroes were buMly engaged pick-
ing It
Although the procession moved rap-
Idly It took nearly on hour lo pass
nnd was over two miles In length More
than ltd vehicles wero In line loaded
with cotton estimated In vftlu t JV
000 The parade vfth the exception of
the lost traded display was the longest
ever seen in the city
Arriving at the Cotton JMlasc the
crowd entered the auditorium and
prominent cUIemi occuped seats on
the platform among whom were Hen
ator Coke lov Hogg exQov Hub
bard Judge Oeoige Clark Itov Dr
It C DurUson Hon Otwrgti T Jester
Mayor MrCutlough Col John 1 Win-
ter MaJ T O Tlbbs nil the directors
of the Cotton Pnlite nnd Col John <
Wilkinson chairman C the Bt Louis
> 1 gallon H C Ktrenn Oyor e Delhi
Irorge D Harnard Henry T Kent
and other prominent HI Louisarja
The bond played seveml Inspiring
nlrs winding up with Dixie which
brought stirring npplause
President hlayden Introduced Mayor
MrCullough who delivered n short ad-
dress or welcome referring to the fact
that It gave him peculiar plpasuro on
this occasion ns ho was a nntUe of
Missouri and It was like meeting old
1 Mends
Col John C Wilkinson of tho Ht
Lou la dekgalion UNputiULil and after
paying u tribute to the Indius said
tlmt tie cxtitndcd fur the calxuns of
tho Queen City nt the Mississippi and
tho gi uut unkiiou n the Veiled
Prophil grifetlug to King Cotton
He spoke of thi < Kroutness of Ht
Louis Is glowing terms the city that
has the largest boot and shoe factory
la rtreat lumber market oaltto market
nnd largest drug house In America
and ahoo all u Iaigohearted hospl
table people
Hon Uenrgf Clatk was the next
speaker and lu an by saying that the
visitors would not meet the rate of
Julius CduaarM noldHiN who wero
turned Into bristling swine by dice
while admiring the beauties of tho
spot thy visited and listened to the
When Wneo was a struggling vll
ltgo It was a St Louis man now
dead that gave us lhn Cotton Kelt
railroad And his succeoior Col Tor
dyoe occupies n warm spot lit the
hearts of Wooo people
Ihere was a bond of commercial-
s > mpathy between Texas and Mis
Hourl that behouved the two places to
u > rk together
Tho Nicaragua cnnnl was of Im
ports nc to MlMnurf and uf Ital Im-
portance lo Texas Deep water was
iiIno ntedHl nnd the coopernthm of
Ht Louis Is askrd to setnue It
Col Wilkinson stated that the gov-
ernor of Mtssouil wauled to come but
wrt detained on account of nillrtat du
ties and was stilt counting tho oto
of the last election lie ottered a sub-
stitute Hon Henry T Kent
Mr Ktnt delivered an Interesting
speerh of nboul hatf hours duration
He sold that since the Clli of Novem
ber he had not been able to ascertain
his bearings und did not feel at homo
until he got to Tetn
Ho referred to the rommerelnl pros
perlty of St I oul and whllu some of
her rivals thought her slow and over
conservative ho always held her own
and pnrdtulatly during the recent In
bor troubles thire was no disturbance
vr pioperly destroyed at S > ijnuln
Order was prewrved without tho aid of
tlm militia und vvitli the smallest po
lice force considering the Ue of the
elt > In the country
At this junctuio Mr AVllktnson low-
ered a nag which had been concealed
over the platform nnd presented It to
the Cotton PnlaCo In behalf of the mer-
chants of Bt 10111
Mr Blayden m do a ehort speech of
thanks nnd loud calls for Uovcrnor
Hogg followed
The governor wns greeted with loud
applause nnd said the proceedings
which ho had listened tu looked llko A
big Immigration agents mwllng on
both sides ono urging the claims of
Missouri as a good pi t for locating
the other Texas Ho wanted the thing
compromised srt that when they come to
thu groat state ibev may prospernnd If
nny felt like
movliu to advlee them to
to Bt Louis
no or Missouri first of nil
wept Texas The governor waa In
tine humor nnd It wns contagious
Several other speeches were made
nnd nil In the nunc strain happy hu
morous and prophetic or better and
closer com merlin relations between
Texas nnd MUsourl at Louia and that
VtfUlon or thu country
Upon the lonUustan f the ieoepllon
at the auditorium tho party returned
to tho city pAsslAg tho remainder nr
th day pleountu Ih various wa > s A
large number of the Msltfn were in
ill 10 vllh M badger fight nt the
IMclflc hotel iovernor Hogg was
present and crowded forward until he
got a rront stand
Hon Dli Pwigfl had a vicious look
ing bull dog chalttrd with a cord and
Iilll Jones waa master of ceremonies
Considerable Iriereet was worked mi
among the Ultors and John Warren
a prominent commission man of Bt
l tils mounted a box nnd bffjritn sell
ing i m1 on the result of the titM llo
vvos selected to pull the badger Into
tho center of the ring a rope extend
ed under the badgers up U which
the animal was fastened Warren
mounted the box and at the signal In
the midst of too excited men he pu led
Iwttl Ll JlRt a Tif V U nll > >
six months to get his lofter Jaw in
place again and an equal period be
fore tho rest of tho party cense laugh
Jokes were numerous and the after
noon wus sptntlnPOiUlconverseioit
ncatlons ond Ipvery other form of enter
tainment which ii body cf burtness
men out for a go < v time and hnsplta
ble hosts determined to entertain well
could devise Tonight the party at
tended the grand harvest cirulval ball
nnd cnJojeU themscJvca hugcH
at mt inisht
At 0 oclKjlt Colonel lordjce and his
guests h d open house on board th lr
haMsom train and entertained a
tiumtxr of prtrntntat cltlsens Qev
nrnor Hor was a cntraj figure al
day and he hugely enjoyed the merri-
ment ond good times which everywhere
Tonight the Jailor attended the
great Harvest carnival ball and pattl
clpated In the delight of the best ffort
of Waco society The following was
the ball program publined In th Oa
Mtte today and carried outln every
detail with the greatest success
A grand allegorlcil march symboliz-
ing the pursuits and products of egrt
culture from th sowing of the sned
to the reaping of the harvest and con-
sequent wealth produced t rehy for
the glory of Texaa Under appropriate
division were Impersonated the
various attendant god denies and ele-
ments necessary to the full develop-
ment of the cereals
Ceres goddess of asrtculture Mrs
Dr P It Hengst
Trlptolemus the first mortal who
was taught tho art of agrlcutture
William U Allen
Aurora Day Nlglit Daughters of
Time Miss Willie llikr Miss Champ
Kutmnk Miss M V Hears
Khtctf Fattier Time Hobcrt M
Tho elements
PIiivIuh 1L Itotan
Arte iA Miss D 1la Pskr
Zephjrus Mrs John P Hart
Gae tarth
Tlie goddeso of spring Miss Luta
Tillers of Urn soil esrrylng utencPjt
of agriculture Howers of tho seed
casting seed as they go
rinra goddess of flowers Miss Hat-
tie Taylor
Violets dirnatlonr lilies pansles
geraniums roses
The goddess of summer Miss riora
The harvest In maturity
Cotton ns king It II Parrott
Cotton corn wheat oats mllLt Im
Pomona goddess of fruits Mrs Ed-
ward Toby Jr
Atples grapes piliches etc Im-
The goddesa of autumn Mlsi Lalla
Tho Inrvpsters Wheat with scythes
and sheafs Oits with scythes and
shntftf Millet with scythes on 1 shcnf
Cv rn with full cars etc Cotton pick-
ers with baskets of the staple
rjVxai as a goddess Miss Hattlo
Ti Ice
Industry James I Moore
Capital B W finyden
Tim gnddws fortune MIm Cella
Tableaux on tho stage Cerei pro-
claims cott6n king of the fields nnd
master of the cnrnWal and glvei him
to wed Texas the favored AitMhtr
of htr renlm after which Txss Ii
crowned by tho goddesa of forum1
nnd King Cotton liu a a proclama-
1 Overture by th Iowa S ati band
3 Wnltx
3 Polka
i HoliottUcho 1
r Watts
C Quadrttl
7 Polka
fi WoltK tA
0 Krholtlncho
10 Lancers
H Walls
12 Polka
13 Bchotlhche I
H Walts
IS Kchnttlscho
18 WnllS
IT Polka
18 Walts >
10 Hrhottlsche1
Z0 Vatx
tieorge I > Hnrnard th well known
stationery king got left ut Athens
yesterda > nnd reached the cltv liter
on the regular truln List nlgM tho
other members of the party led htm
nrutind with a cord fastened to a lut
ton on hi 1 at They w ra ilet rmlned
not tn lose him again They IntmMed
that Mr llarnard thought tin Pops
had tarried Mentors i county and
that he remained behind to unoid a
full set of new couotj reoor 1 bookn
vipnn that county T11 towvr Is
thought to be a libel by others of tho
Oi orgs Dlehl vvn buij ev ry moment
of hts stay greeting ot 1 frl rds
Colonel Pordjee was ti > ronstunt
center of a group of friends nnd of
Waeoltes who expressed apprecUttin
of his kindly Interest In Waco and the
Cotton Palace
Mavor Walbrldge of Bt Loul was
tinavoldably detained and Ms ai nce
H generally regretted by the visitors
who decliro thy would Mka o hivo
him present tu moke ft talk when the
speechmaking begins Th fl Ltuls
Ulef executive Is pronounced a viry
clever lmprompu speaker
fleneral Pas ng r A nt Lellenums
says the trip hns been made exactly
4ecordlng to program nnd that not a
hitch occurred Anytwliere Mr Le
llealime Is voted n sucosn a perlite
1 > In all thut conbct under his supir
vPtnn and care
The parade today was o novelty
which the visitors did not fall to ap
tuntty of meeting
contributing to the pi asure of th lr
Kort Worth hlt Mr Wltla a ex-
pressed Rreat pleasure in metln t o
members of the party and slid tM
visit will boof treat lenellt to Wwco
Texas and to st l ul ant Mtwourt
V ititfttilng nf 11i < > Trip
The lslt of the Ht l ouli business
pvrty Is conrHe d of pirat import-
ance srul In view of the personnel ot I
the part unusually so It Is com
lh > cd of representative men lu every
Cohwl Vordjce Insisted that tho St
Louis business mfn who trade Urgcly
with Trxxs rhould tliemwUvs see
rumethlng of tht vast terrttorj the
l ople and the recurves of tho state
In this respect ths personnel differs 1
nUopeihcr from an that have hereto-
fore I sited Texas The re utt la the
removal of w ha lover unfavorable im
Vision that may have existed con-
fining the slate th forming of new
lde of Texas which can not fall to
be mutually beneficial and profitable
The expressions of the visitors In J
htany coses show that the > have ex
perienced pleasant surprlsoa through
the trip and formed Impressions of
Tvxts which wci havo excellent ef
Tne Cotton Iltlt railroad alto comes
In f r commendation In tho largest
measurs It > han opened the t > yr of ihi
business men
St Louis as i it x
tent and charaotnr of Its territory nnd
lis magnificent r > fulpm ni and w rvleo
The Wsltor dfil r th > > n r njoyd
a more camfortahti rallr > a < l trip Vr u
Idi nt Torrtyce and ifneral I i n r
Aetmt Lelieamn1 ar tho mlpltnt of
handsomp ctxnidlments up mi their
management the arranifcmrnts nnd
tlm conduct of the trip thUr constant
Torts o please thHr quests They
8U dcd In pwry detail
li urfft Dlehl the energetic St IjOU
iHlun fotmtrly of Waco was President
rordycVtchief nsslstaut In St I ouis
In foimtnrfithe Party and to him al-
though ho modestlj decllneH It mu < h
ctedlt Is du i IS awiiHlcU him fully
by WacoLulnfss men
H A Aolnhlv Trio
novernorwlloirir Senator Coke and
ctHoWrnorslInhhfird fortnod a parts
this mornlnff wnlch attrncted a great
deal of attention Thtfj emlruked In
a carrlafftLlanl heKiin a RlghtseelnB
trip thU morning lnternor Uovx was
In tha h U of splrlta and seemed to
hutc lv ejijoy himself Ho expressed
delight at the visit of the Ht I ouls
tuny andiwas confident that It would
do Texas n meat deal rf trcod Thi
Kovernor ejchitsaaf much Inttrest also
In the l1fttkof the Chlomro party next
Irldiy dndid dfebatlnK uJlh lilmfctf
the qiifstl m Yf remaining In wnco unt
til than to xend them greeting and
the kreat hlg ilfiht hand of Tcmih fel-
In the corridor Of the PaeMc ludel
Inst nlKht tho Rb rnor thitied pit as
until vUli numeruus friends nnd stem
cd It clneo a apec4al Interest In the
cnttlcmetts dy nt the Cott < n 1alire
Tho ffit rnor ead hy galllni he
vuntid to don onco mnr tho broad
briranicnl tombrej t > kn 1 Ivall er len
Trail tiosfl Todgs has ad ed the
name of fimernor IIoks to ills pro-
gram and Hivs a 00slime wlllbMunde
to order after lha mot approved cow
Loy stile for tha Btivemor
What Thr > Ihlnk
Col fl V Karflice ia > s thft T as
Is growing and Improving wonderfully
and tn nu part jpor Vnpldl > thin Wneo
He ndmlreil the Cotton Pulacafand said
it reflected the greatest credit bifin the
tlt > The new Iarrott mjtntorlum
pleased Mm he declared beromt ex
ptenftion He 1 contldent thrft benefit
will accrue to Texan nnd to
equally becauM of the trip
j Col It 11 Kerens spoke Inhiuch thn
same strain II was surprlsdl and de
lighted with Texas and nt tlf wonder
ful improvement and progrts he had
1 M i Donaho of Panic O Dils
Co dry goods taldi Hlxti yenm ago
we began bustneetl nnd benii our Tex
ns trnde In Hi
lt bus Inrtfased until
we now have eight Wn lilhhi atntc
more litre a clly th 11 jinny In the
imjiciiii at i iims im u lou as
HAIIT 11 MtltnUH
II10 A nnd Mt tliierlmeittnl fltilttoii
nt SlelCtnnvr lo Ho 31al 111111 oil
PutKTue < uIlI Ig nt loiim ln Siui
Itir llorlau Artv ltiu Well
Gainesville Test Nov SO Itev Dr
Woidji went to Whttesboro today
MIsaes Clara ond Xannle Ta > lar of
Tort Worth are lilting Mends In the
W H Johnson of Ardmore was here
today en route to Iarls to attend
United States cuurt
Judge Hall has appointed Major
Pipes his deputy In tho county Judges
I rank II Sherwood the fire Insur-
ance man left this morning for Chi-
A mirrlage license was Issued today
by County Clerk Thompson tu W J
Sullivan and Mlsn Lx > u Headers also
to J M Wtln nntl MUs Kate Kltvens
John Harrctt a young man who was
arrented near Itosston a few daja ago
by Conntabio Hard and placed In the
county Jail was taken to Oreemllle to-
day by on ofllcer where he Is wanted
to answer tho charge of horsetheft
The cotton market was a little bet
Ur todn > than It has been for several
days and the prices ranged from 4 to
410 Thero were about setentyflve
baled sod on the square today
John Kflhn proprietor of a hotel on
Ilast California street wns orrosted
and put In Jill today on an Indictment
return by the late grand Jurj charg
Ing htm wlih assault to murder his
Deputi Marshal Jim ChaneeHr wis
In the cl y en route to Tarls to
day having In charge Ibid Noland
who shot Joe White at Ardmore
MeKInney Tex Nov 20 Tho ngrl
cxiltural and experimental department
I Louis of th Agricultural and Mechanical
college at llryan has decided to con
continue as superintendent lie has
recent received s different varieties
of Austra tan wheat with which to ex-
periment This co led Ion added to the
216 varieties testtd Ust jear will make
631 different kinds of wheat to bo
grown on the farm this coming season
Of this number more than 200 varieties
prelate Thev lewed It with a grat wmt I nA u MT i l Irn 1 are 8ald e absolutely rust prooof
f tho I
de I don t get think
deal of Interest J we hUty varlettc of clover have proien
8 U Warner pv e > al v wnger ought to h w right morel The trade to be admirably adapted to the aoii
ptt nt the Cotton It it w s th n t J W ° ffrffttly ImproH over ten AHd cllnnte of North lexaa Thh
pleasetl man In town Tha rail o l EV5B5h bj cfcj > tl n Is one of the most lnerestlnc I
had made a big hit nnd Wrnr was LVJlVoVl SSJf tT ° < n under the control of the atato
Clad ult over lie wanted to mnke
everil > ody comfor able and his man-
ner plainly ssld There are no flies on
th Cottmi IWt
Tori Worth was reprN nte1 tmay
by a It Williams president of tho
Utat Printing compmy and nunaver
of th Oas tte Mr Wtltams I c al
man of the l < rt W01 h commtUee
Teaiw and uqro Whose
more Batlsfuctlou I nm
Wneo atipposM U only tli
scountn gle
Impih d in
terminal of
experimental bureau
An alarm of lire was turned In last
night which proved to bo a smMl
the cotton Ilelt railroad iid ne > t noVr Jifi c hni i 0alM
ly as much of a city as is it looks T y R Ic
nr more 11 an fifty tarsgrowth
W A Stlckney nf sfv Stlckn y ii i lX nU > > < and killed
Cigar Co 9 tvlll do m buiness In
Manufactnrtng C werdalia Immenre
ly pleased nlth what llfy saw In Tex-
as nud they declare thf will do more
bu intt in T xp s next jenr
The cxpurslonltts weJ uniformly ex
pre ie of tbe utmost
the Visit ond ostonlshrfnt at the won
delful resources of the
Msltors have seen
ttsfnetion with
Itate which the
fix ImllclmeuUln lllnnk
New Orleans Nov W Th grohd
jury has brought Infix ln < ftlctments
In blank for ofTensw pro wring out of
the recent labor trcuWs on the levee
three for amault wltl Intent to kill
two for shooting with item to murder
and one for assault dth a dangerous
veupon I
Ululn Mt rt y lJnu Klllf1
Memphis Tenn Kf 20 I > r Vh
son A Harris one ojthe rno t promt
bent ph > flcluns lnl he south was
thrown from his h < e and lnet nly
killed while out ridlrj near Komertilie
Tenn today Dr Iftrls waa 60 jenrs
r4d and a relitlveH United States
Senator Isham Q jarl
ItubenitiJt Dead
8t Tetersburg jov W Anton
Clrecor Itubehstcincelebrated lius
Stan pianist and ctfposer died today
ot hatttvl ot lot rhnff near this
Tho tire was extin
guished before apy serlojs damage was
wagon The wheets pasned over her
crushing her chest and breok
Ing several ribs
A R law employed at Armstrong
nro umber yard felt and broke his
ami tM morning
Th waterworks question Is being
agitated by tre cltlsens ot McKlnnes
and u vote win be asked for shortly
to ascertain whether or not a tax win
b levied Tor that purpose
T Uo fon sln Rt Weston
caught fin thU morning but was ex
tinguished before any serious damage
was done
At the same little Ullige this mom
at 10 oclook
Bailey Tex Nm 20 llalter 1 a
ffl w J Ule 0 the Cotton IWt
siaAti fcto i
Wo havo tlifjngid more salesmen
In Underwear we beat the world
Sleep No Eat No Rest
For Ourselves or Our Salesmen
Salu Our counters must ba bare by January
Caused by our only Q nuiuo llotiring
uary 15 Oomu and eoliot your fall suit or overcoat according to
300 and S350 a suit Others ask 500 a suit
At Our Sioro end Sava 50 pr cant of their Raiment
10D0 Pairs Men s Fine MiWool Paots
Aro Going Now at
Hill250 3 50 AND 450 A PAIR
Tlioy aio worth doublo that value
azi n
tvTex Nov w Ij vldson
constableelect went to Tort Woith
Jh2yhin UM V oalh or omce and
Sr evUdoe Ckl8 a CUn and
A tl1puty shcrrr from tlie Tort was
S ile ltPy Bln un a crowd of
tomonow s t0TQ b rand jary
Mhi111 J1 mrchant at Duna
gana gtnTon Ash crek lost a consid
erable amount of Rtwds about 1 tfclock
jesttrday He left hla stor > presum
some one entered the building and
carried off hit goods No Sew
r ii j hnodgrass has to
I allroaa
above the 1iriUI to pus It
high wjter Inark
ItIc noth term rtiht
latltMew Tex Nov lror anm
pat lore haie beenbrckTn
Into at Kllgore twelve muA mV of
here In thl countf n l EIU
in a double wedin a I Owen an7 tSii l bK Uep > Jolin
celebrated The VN ai kr
contractlne Dartlo > flt2anSi Sial re
ere M r J111 d Mr rercuaon
Mr Wdtn Douela and 1IU Laura
llotorn Itev > iiiier ot lUe Method
church omclatlnc
pan Macargo St an old and rccen
trio cUlun of Mtltlnner died yeter
dy rrpm the effect ot an overdoe o
mnrnWne Pm mm jear he ha
lUed alone In the uburbj of the city
la auon the wa made and dry gu > Is f oun 1
corn and fodder baa luJli
Walker a
arre ted tills mornln
hat and went into
opened a trunk natehed houie an oft
fon BrS4 u th coun
ke a min TV NoT M The Abe Mul
Everybody will be bolter surved in tho futurd
Elegant allwool Underwear going noff
four grocery stores two dry goods
houses n Masonic hall blacksmith
shop a salcon and ono boarding house
and a public school A Telegraph of-
fice was put tn here October 1 since
which time thrre hac brcn lx new
dwelling houses completed and more
are In courso of erection
There lmc been ever 50000 paid
out here for cotton Up to date there
hac been 2030 biles shipped from this
point nnd the cotton sard Is still full
This la rich black waxy soil capable
of nlslng u great variety of farm nnd
garden products but the farmerw seem
wedded to cotton and thero Is not even
enough corn and hay raised to supply
the home demand
ThU Is a decidedly healthy locality
and tho people so far havo scaped
the ravages of typhoid feer
Italn Is badly needed In this section
as the supply ot water Is falling short
A freight Londuotor had tho misfor-
tune to get one of his lingers mashed
off here a few days ago
The newly appointed Methodist
preacher Rp Goduj H well receUed
The IlapttstH gac their preacher
Uev 1enrce a mut merciful pounding
list week and to cap the climax of
good deeds presented him with 1 new
suit of clothes Sunday morning
Halley Is reaching out for aomo of
the Immigration that Is to flood Texas
this winter She cordially lnlteS slrnn
gei not loafers to come and make
thtfir home In hir borders and lclnli >
Sanger Tex Nov 10 There la
considerable lmprooment going on
here ll s Seal Is building a neat
house In Hampton addition to Sanger
It 11 AUree has Just completed an
addition to his dwelling home-
Work on our artesian well has pro-
gressed tlnely until today when the
drill broke leasing part of It In the
wel The contractors hopo to have
tlnu the experimental substation for r l 0u nnl running again by toraor
Collln county Mr John rcrguson will row
s liters Infant child died last
Cotton in this part of the
about all picked
ing commenced Saturly kabtn
considerable Interest Is raiutfulti
Is likely to do mu > h goad hgt
wlte Is not with him en scows
the recent death of ipr fiUVr
The commlsvlonerB court iui
busy several da > a canvaslnct ± ii <
of the election The officiimsl
not change tlv tlgurea sreiif
out The Populists hate ta ire
majority of over too Jt
The count ot tho otci alluri
bltlon election h < ld for the lfcmi
clncts of Wills Tolnt C nten 4
Wheeler shenvs a Tro maJorili <
The Insurance on the fctockef
phrey S Co recently burned
been adjusted >
Work on the new emiruV
been suspended till after Ct
on account of th Iron
Terrell Tex Nov 20C C
on a promlneiit citizen of Tu
In tho city again after a UK
Be nee 9
Judge John Vesry excouotrj
of Kaufman countv has ari
I ulsvlile Ky whtre hewlu
home tS
Cotton Is s tllng a wn Uf1
ond babd potwlthstsnfliriff Ct
prlcis There Is no prospect is
diminishing the acr ag
Mr D B Howard aftfrss
ofsMrrnM im has rMunwlr
family to T rrell where
He sa > s he H glnd he didnt
log his wanderings
And Moit Select Stock <

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