Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 363, Ed. 1, Wednesday, November 21, 1894 Page: 3 of 8

5 i lu ta lx ° °
Tit N ° V
20 The roputllt
muUM committee
iwlor McKee J
1 a Thompson
met this
IH LcUy hall and Immediate-
ly lbs W to all outsiders and
H rilnr to he ° mce ot le cly
ll ln th0 nnlUre °
In iwtuM
atUnded by Bl0Ut
ln w
i Populists
III state executive committee did
Aspffaln until S oclock p in
k It held a secret meeting at the
VtTirty hotel
JW following districts were repre
llty members nnd proxies rirst
tP Alsbury Third IV r
Uai fourth W i More llfth
lLlday Sixth Harry Tracy
W r Douthltt righth c
kau Ninth C N McLaughlin
ao10 Meltren Eleventh John
C Twelfth Tn > lor Mcltca
Wb H L llentley
iMSittee at large J I Baynor
llKKulon listed until nearly mld
fit Then an adjournment was
Tiuntil tomorrow mornng
IVrMmhrs were reticent nnd de
p that there was nothing rendy to
Hrra out It Is understood tho
jute irin tsnue nn address upon
wflct the resolutions of the con
p e
late that the commit
tit CKTWd the question of A contest
liili eongresdonnl district In
Jf Kesrhr hut It Is understood
aihy included thnt little hope
lies In the effort
Jl eommlttees were appointed
t3ksii wHl s coneressloial dls
m they will report tomorrow
lthtl ot I nlr nircllon
iWJ La Nl
> f 25 Hiving
jm Ocneral Mast r Workman
B Sovereign Master loreman
Osnop end Secretay and
JferJ W Hajes nt this mTn
isIon ot the gnernl assembly
t tea were In a fair way to to
corps ot officers
X g term at this evenings
r Promptly nt 2 oclock ths
J > lae hands of Master Wo k
3 lsn called the afternoon
Jjworaer and the roll call found
UZ nll ln heir seats
J tuons ot canddites for the
rt ln
riwi were oraer Tni
irijtumbtnts were placed before
r ltand were elected with hut
lutjtlng votS The members
Si1 ho
received this hearty
t b > Allows
J riPalr Amsterdam N T
CI i7 Rt Iaul Minn C A
K arJtortuBh Mnss and Jas
t2 0nVD c > s chosen as
Sob f holdlnff th t annual
r < Cer le thn InstallM by
ittthl Allen of Michigan The
S1 distribution then aub
V touching on 1e ls
5tt 5J recommended several
CI ° Ere0 harmony a U
Sa aJ1 1c Wwderly tac
Jl 8 > he assembly An
th not Probably laka
ouVn hl rt e ilon will
S1 hl
H r anal chsrees and np
wt lh t ot lnlunctl n
M u r ot a Veneial ts
> ti iTZ sent government
Wooo will not only prove
di 2 lhat th0 aBsre
ar ccss o the
> Z uit to be A
1lWlTl > bdsare lmmedl
IhT th ° trMUr >
iif r lmf sslble to know
u Kcral
atweV opening on
VljtJrivlr of lho names of
J < mounu bid for or
w4 Tnumber ot en
Ml < h Ueni Proposala
< ° f P6r nt honds
Ejt re lcd4t the treas
fcf nSsw ° > nhec
7 ° J reW Mravrn today
from the
ubtreasury at New Tort
for the linmon of purcbasns bonds
Sk WS ot whlch W K >
miLwcnt N onal bank
by the National riink ot the Republlo
customers a Toll
Mercantile Truat and Sato Deposit
company ot Baltimore J1I5000 Na
igj I RV bnk of Boston 1100901
J > MSnntS a0al bonl < f Boston
v iT 1 8late > < of New
ri f Pt > Edwards
Tho work ot retting ut the Is
of nmrSl iWTlF Ie burcau occurrfa s section ot Weal Vlr
o erT VS5o rbrl w r pHn n aeS Sa MCUrrfd > < ° n
day and It li now eipected that ev
erything will be In readiness by neit
Monday noon when the bids will bo
Cnn < lllnt or Hpcnker
McKInne Tei Npv Jo Our fellow
townsman the Hon J K llouRh la
rBaW lh prominent members J candidate for the speakerahlp ot
so J 6 Tnenlytourth Wlsuture
The entire proceedings judge
ittejiarlr Cough on born In ColUn county about
t The following committee JSCOi ratherj one traVMJ
v mlnted to rresent resolutions citizens of our country enlisted ln the
SSL KBarber TICWnl Confederate army at the opening at
UVTalton King V the civil war and tell standing at Ma
2 KanTo 1 re Sv ti
H fc ST1 or hlank forms morning
po > t dutJ RS btfan
to l J
r conrratulato tho Icoples Par
their gallant and manly light
Tote la the slate over MU00 nnd
L toolir destroj ed the brutal Uem
ftlo majority ot Teias
ImAlBat It is tlio sense of this
ot the
that In the conduct past
u ar is frauds were
BfinOcratlc party nnd bellev
jt upon the purity of tho ballot
nation and lib
tads the lite ot the
rottltlins therefore we urge our
to make contests nhcie It
Slut they hae been deflauded
SHrelection and we also earnestly
sUUt executive committee to aid
ldcandidates In every way poa
vl 4 In the Interest of good gov
huavt sik the assistance ot all good
Ismi In presenting evidence of
ul before the grand Juries for In
ttW We heartily commend our
i chain in Ashby and the state
in con Ittee in the management
the campatan to them we pledge
uUtnnce nnd support In auch
Jnn s they think for the best lnter
oTthepeople nnd will use nil hon
illeaieanfl to assist them In bring
1 th trauds perpetrated In the re
it tlKtlon before the public-
S p ere taken by the meeting to
Jin an active organization in the
w The meeting dtclatcd Its Inten
ttorvwh and continue the fight un
ttiu Is carried nnd controlled by
> deadly flro of Iho enemy gallantl de
Marlon Martin fending his country Although berett
P1 r rdwnrds Mnl Hart of a fathers ivlse counsel and tender
lite 7V Dcarden attention and left as the only support
II Jenkins
ITff ough A C Drummond w
Ben M Tcr
iuAlW J noern
t O Iteltien J 15 Greer J B
r V Douthltt and W O Bell
cimrolttee reported the following
Mill was adopted a
THaT we can nnd do nroi
of a wldoned mother Judge tiousu
has by his Indomitable energy his
tmswerUng Integrity and an Intellect
that Is unexcelled equipped hlmselt
for tho battles of life equal to the most
fortunate He has aspired to various
liotdtlons In our country and has uni-
formly been successful both before tho
J > emouatlo party for nomination and
In the general elections He was a
member of Ihe Twentysecond leglsla
ture ind during the special session ot
and wmie we ap
put can > ass Bame je waa made chairman of tho
jiotjeoeleated still we doubled our nmittee on representatlt e and
Vr the nation and Increased enatolal appointment and dratted
the pr sent apportionment law which
contrll uted largely to the success ot
the D < nocrattc nominees In the recent
clectlo During the Twentythird leg
lslatuss he served on the following com-
mittees towlt Ruleseducatlon tlnince
Judiciary No 1 stock and stock rals
lng being chairman ot both the com-
mute s on rules and education He
nun nerved on many temporary com
mitters and as chairman ot the com-
mutes on rules It became necessary for
him to familiarize hlnwelt with the
rules of the house Ho was called to
preside over the house perhaps more
freq icntly than an > other member
It Is conceded by competent authority
that he has completely mastered par-
liamentary law In his recent can-
vass he dll inestimable good to tho
Derrocracy of North Texas and as
nn < vldence of his gieat personal pop-
ular ty he led tho legislative ticket
county and district notwithstanding
his colleagues were among our most
popular candidates He did not tem
porise with the enemies of Democracy
but In a dignified and masterful man-
ner he defended his party and fear
lesslv exposed the heresies of the op
poslflon Mr aough has received much
encouragement fron different portions
of the state promising assistance In
his effort to reach the speakers chair
Ho Is fully Indorsed by Collin count
nnd our people would be highly pleased
If the next legislature should see fit
to be tovv the honor of the speakership
on one of the most gifted eons of Col
Geriiinnr llltl It
Washington Nov 20 Officials of tho
agricultural department nay that tho
meat and cattle exports from tho Uni-
ted Slates to Denmark are Insignifi-
cant ln amount and nro inclined to Lo
lleve that Germany has induced tho
Danish government to take Ine ntp ns
a method of making Us exclusion of the
American product moie eiT l With-
out auch arrangement American meats
must find their way Into the Grinian
empire by way ot Denmark pnitlcnlar
ly since the port of CopMiugen was re-
cently made a fre port ot cniry wl erce
the cargoes of ships mav b list iimc1
to olher parts of the Kaltle U f re
colled that when Uernnny extlucrd
Anurlcau pork sho Indm ed the adjoin-
ing governments of I igium Holland
nnd H nmnrk to ollow her example
by a threat thot she would place an em
bAigo on their swine to malts sure trnt
ro American hogs came 13 her thiough
tho ports of her negaburs Coieo
quenlly It A 111 be seen Iht Iho latest
move of Germanss Inspl alln as It la
assumed to bels In accordance with her
old policy nnd tho officials will lot bo
surprised at the annjunecmejt tifore
many weeka that Holland nnd Jlpium
which nre ns closely flliM to Ormany
as Denmark have folloved her so
rnffli on Knlu
Washington Nov < > Senator Pmh
of AUbaim nrrlv1 this inirilng null
from his home He said that
standing he had lift MnnuotiKry in
Sunday last nt It Vclik h had e
eclved no Intimation nt Cvpt holbs
purpose to Usue a manltoito mil mat
n any un
he was as much aurpiised
dent If Allbama could have hon uixn
roadng tho propunclinienta In llio
rush dlin
morn lig papers
ed to discuss the matter fnthr lhan to
say that If Capt KoB 1inuirt Jtiempt
to put his plans Into execul i he fcr
ed nnd believed thlrs would be r us
troubl Tho senator In rep to it
Question sold that JovriJr Jmes wns
2 ma of courage tnddeterrrlratlor
Cosh llnlnnee
1 cinBhlnelon Nov 29 The cash bal
1ce Vreaury 10o
cem ro today was
231177 gold reserve 100711518
Chnrfers filed
Alls In Tex Nov 20The comptroll-
er registered today tho Alvln Improve-
ment bonds to the amount of SK the
J S r
Tl u > rfc Br an
n > ia of >
k med Its
< JSS I aS Mi
> are
ThV lncori oralors
ii i terlTng and JV B Thornton
NilrT > tSrSffig
S > i nn Kp > r v
VinX The total loss Is about I S
IUts supposed to have been
T The of Incendiaries and the clll
greiliy oused and threaten
ns are caught
Tengeunce lt the flrebug are
Sunilnr Ilnrg
n i Tex Nov 19 Sunday night
Ter Nor 20rutber
Sronlrn l
fou rd and nlgh Tho cau
mental aberration
to ha been
Dropped nentl
csu Nov 20 Ow > n
Sr flg Arnrmrd dead tbls
JJ i
hejond expMitaUous leaves wife and two children
scir md kiimsu nv A men
An InnrBt vtw Miner r rs the
Tenattr tor Lack ot Enxrlcner
rcond Aerldcnt of the Kind tl >
Mine Una Unfiled
i si tfisitjLS
Wheeling W V Nov JO The
most nppalllng mine disaster that ever
c r th Blanche coil mines On tho
ranhandl railroad at Collier1 tn
tlon A now miner an Italian put oft
an overcharge bta t which United to
coa duel in ttie mine and a fearful
explosion followed carrying death and
destruction in IU path There v > trf
i men in the mine at the time and Hx4
following are known to to dead
1 > AVID ltO > VIAND married
JOHN ITONHLLY married leaves
ten children
MAZZLi OUI88IDCQ parried
The followInj are badly Injured
J03BP1I R mPKXi married
THOMAS MORlUg colored
After the explosion there waa a icr
rtflo whirlwind In the mine carrjlnc
eorytlilnf before it Donelly and
ltooney wer in the mine tome dis-
tance and going toward tho mouth
Tiia force of tho explosion drovo them
nearly 100 > ards out ot tho mouth ot
mine and landed llooney on the rail-
road track kllilns him Instantly while
DonnelU landed In n gully atrlklnt hi
head ajjilnst a post Ills brains were
dashed out and scattered for > ard
around Ills wife was tho Hist to Ilnd
him and ahe swooned away and Is now
ljln prostrated by the nhock
The news of tho dlsasttr quickly
ppread and In a few momenta hun-
dred of people were crowded nbout
the mouth pf Iho mine Many heart
rendlnff scerej wero enactptl Iho wives
and children of the miners w re fran
tlo and strong men were overcome
In a short lime a rescuing party con
shtlnff of Oeurgc lienboen Nick Kemls
Arthur Ward John Muter Join Stew-
art and William lal wn organized
and went into the nines after tho
bodies When the bodies were brought
to tho surface many women swooned
Prosecuting Attorney Cotton and
Coroner Walkans of WelUburs were
soon on the ground and look charge
of the bodies and will conduct a rluld
ln estimation This Is tho second ac
cident ot the kind that has occuirtd at
thti mine Just two years ago Novem
ber 21 1S32 a similar explosion occur-
red In which three wero kltrtd and sev
en injured Tho state mine Inspector
will be here tomorrow to take part In
tho Investigation There were many
miraculous escapes when Uie explosion
occurred William Davis was in the
entry 150 fe t from the entrance and
when he heard the explosion he lay
down near the rib of the ml no and lht >
whirlwind earning rocks firo nnd
death passed over
An empty coal car standing at the
entrance or the mlno was blown 25
jardi The mine Is owned by W T
Smith of WelUviUe nnd I O Smith
of Cumberland The miners charge
that the accident was duo to the inex-
perience of tho Italian miners and de-
clare they will not irork with them
any more
ruMns rim tiju iiiiilis
Dr lliiriMTS on tlirUtlonKy nt n
Inlvcrsnl Itcllgloii
Chicago Times
The pastor of the Drat Presbyterian
church spoke on Christianity as the
Universal Religion and spoke of the
Bible as being the basis nnd ex > mpla
of Christianity In part he Mil
The world has many faiths Christ
li not yet universally e throned Ti cr
are only three relglons which are mis
sionar > In character and which aie
r < eking to becomo universal Oie of
these of course is Iluddilsm an
ethical philosophy rather than a re
llgion which seems to flourish only
in Asia among a mtMl and languid
people who are not In the track of
the worlds chief development It has
been driven out of it native home In
India and ln the countries where I
nowprevails It Is In a comatose state
Ami vho feara that Mohammedan
ism will conquer the world That ag
SSuh cruel and lnto ont 1
and utterly out of sympathy with thU
and pro rcsBlv wnluiy
belongs to racea which today are e ther
at the
or scmiclvllled or
linked with forms of
best are
deJpotlsm and types of Ignorance J
nnrrnwneS which modern < c IllXllUn
n The svvord of Frogr mu soon
All Ihe faiths o India
sweep away
Ine at almost
ethnic national pro
are which
utterly lacking In that spirit
out of themselves and sends
takes men
across deserU and oceans o teh
tnem h arts
truth to otivr
nt litegiving
I argue tne unlveaalty ot our faith
Christ the Bavlor is tho universal
once ho
versal man meeting at
thought tho nee < l tne temper the
iphrttua demands of all II is no
mofe orienul than he Is occidental the
east and the west may equally claim
him He Is as mueh nt home In the
universities by the lels and the Com-
m In those by the Oanges In cit esi by
he Iludson as In those by the Indus
We cannot think ot a western Mohanj
mcdland scarcely ot a western Hudd
hn but I find nothing provincial or
local about Jesus Christ Christ finds
L om ln the heart of all because
be a the universal man I think that
most of Hfe that la good and sweet
found the family and In society
nnd Jesus like nilsha of old Is a
amlflar and sociable prophet coming
io the wedding feast standing with
tearwet ejes at the open grave break
lng bread at the suoper blessing little
children In J us the carpenter of
of heaven do
oalllee and the prince
not ffii t and th rlcn h b ttt
and the ruler nnd fraternal
Sounol The gospel of Christ goes to
women who remember that the lr
lectlon of all womanly qualities was
found In Jesus that ho has enthroned
ourlty meekness mercy so that now
These supremely feminine Mrtuc are
at least as Idea a
becoming dominant
ZnSnd nations giving nevv signl
temple the lover and helper of Jho
young Is he not a Savior worm
making known to the whole racer Are
inr national limitation In Our
Christ Does he not as one has said
b end in himself nil race mallis and
lUusYMte in himself oil essentia hvi
and benevolence nn object which Is A
universal in Us feature a < Christ Mm
seir Its message and Its textbook Is
the universal Itlbte which hat an al-
most Infinite variety of features We
know that It Is almost primarily a
story the story of redempton a his-
tory Inwrw oven with th most U telr at
Ins biographies and nothing stirs the
blood or toucher the huma i heart ltk
action dramatic progr s lve human
action Now tho lilb a is the hlstsry
ot man on all sides of his riture from
the paradise on earth ta tha paradise
In elory It tells of every aspect of
human character fron the sliest to the
most holy When understood a the
best modern scholarship understands
It It la not ln the least exposed to tha
ob ectloni which moelctnjr Infidelity
hurls against It It Is the literature
the spiritual and chole Uttrature of a
great divinely guided pe ptff a litera-
ture full of element humtn nnd di-
vine not an Inerrant treatise by the
pen ot the Almighty but the human
record of prophets kings patrUtchs
apontles poets warrlorss ra IiO1
hearts ero m dIna > 1sj ii j ut u
with divine Tb ft
bookot mu t 6f lawrfjm Hciue > of
art ot anolal reform and alUthcsr
things are tpade Apart ot H > sublime
spiritual purpuras thfe w irldi book
of religion
Is not such a remlon with such a
Christ and such a book dtbjd to every
Inhabitant ot our planet All nations
and all religions find in Chrsttanlty a
common meeting ground and aome ot
the ethnic religious are ack nwlcdglig
and adopting the nobler truth of Chris-
tianity There la nothing which can
ultimately stand agilnst tha go pnU
It has proved Its abllty to gd ferv
where It la a worldwide religion the
universal and final faith
Tim waio mnoisr
fetTMttifour HullclmpiiU
Wac6 Tex Nov 20 The grand
Jury returned a batch pf seventyfour
Indictments yesterday afternoon ten
of which wens for ftlonles and sixty
four for misdemeanors
Among the felony indictments nra
several charging C W Whit taker nnd
it II Moulton wtli burglnry They
are the parties who were arrested sev-
eral weeks ngo on n charge ot stealing
a quantity of Jewelry from tho iaclilo
hotel and other places
Ciimtufrrlnl CiiuitrrNi Appolttlmnit
Wnco Nov 20 Mr 8am SiUigei
president of tho Commercial club has
irndo the following appointments
To the New Orleans Commercial con-
gress which meet tomorrow and con-
tinues In Hpsnlon three diys J w Cas-
tles and Wit 11 am Cameron
To the TranstMlsrilsHippl Trades con-
gress which meets In ftt IjouIs on tha
2Cth Instant J U IiIrcUe Kd Mar-
shall and George Pel hi
rickpocUrt Arrtilrd
Waco Nov 20 lato jesierday even-
ing while u crowd ot pcopW went ln a
small trnt on IVanklln street where
snakes nre exhibited n mm from tho
country detected one ot tho attaches of
tho establishment ln tne art of ploklmr
his pockets He was at rested and
Jailed by Ofil cr Sain Hall and gave
hU name a O W West
Ist night Marshal Nell repaired to
the show and had It closed up on tho
ground that It was n robbing nnd swin
dling1 scheme to catch suckers
> rr ork del n Cold Deal
Waco Nov 20 Concerning tho com-
ing meeting of the Ktate Commercial
association In Waco J W lltgglns
prrMdmt of the association sajs It
will be ait Important one and from ad-
vices received from other cities tho
plans set forth In his circular letter
cem to meet with general approval
Alt the money of tho wtst he said
goes to the east nnd we want to take
steps that wit change Us course New
York is the suckhole of money from
the west and southwest A port of en-
try on our gulf coast Is needed nnd will
naluially attract money Wo want to
bring omo force to bear upon tho
legislature and secure their coopera-
tion In our eTorts to prnntote capital
and Industry in this state The legis
lature can not fall todetoto considera-
tion to he requests of representative
men who will come before them not
In tho Intrrtst of any monopoly or
trust but for the commercial wtlfaro
of tho entire state
Tho mietltig will no doubt take
some preliminary stppt tow aid Inaug-
urating a grand state JublUe to take
place say In 1897 and celebrate the oc-
casion of Texas having JOOOdOO or 7
000000 pw > pif An appropriation of
S2SQ000 oi noOfoo at least jshould be
mil do for this object
I am told that n constitutional
amendment should be Incorporated to
secure this end but then hat must be
donn some day A sufficient nmount
could be raised by the state to make u
creditable exhibition
Iliul Cnurnd Head
New Orleans Nov 20 1ovil Conrnd
died today Mr Conrad was p native
of thU city nnd in the truest and best
sense of tho word was a selfmade man
1rlor to the war Conrad wus cngnned
In the grocery business Tito war
breaking out when he was about 20
> oars of age lie Joined the Chasseurs
ATled on of the first commands to
leave this city for Ihe then seat of war
Iensacoln In April 1861 U enreer
as a aoldlcr was conspicuous for his
personal daring and bravery not un
mixed with n fair shale of romance
nnd paying In the penalty of his ven-
turesome spirit ho was threo dims bad
ly wounded once In front of JMchmond
at the battle of rrozler Farm Juno so
1861 wVre he was afpolntid color bear-
er of ihla bnttalfon on the field by the
colon commanding lie was again
ivoundrd at Bharpfcburg tor Antletem
Bepttmber 19 181 and again at Dclle
HUdYa When the peace of Appomat-
tox tm declared the decinsed came
hack to New Orleans with nothing In
ths Tgorld but the clothes on his back
an ig lirgo reserve of energy
lit lt67 he was elected assistant sec-
retary of the finance committee of the
council whero his Intelligent adminis
tration of the olra soon promoted him
to h secretaryship Since 14S0 he has
butt Identified with tho lottery busl
ncRj From the position of a subordl
na > he rose to the front rank and on
Ihideath of It A Dauphin was elect-
ed president of the Uiulsiana lottery
Wl i the termination of the charter
wit the state the Interest of the l ou
lali a lottery were transferred to that
of le Honduras company nnd Conrad
wa put at the head of that corporation
am elected president At the time of
hlsVleath ho was Jhe comsiander of
canp Henry IauL United Confederate
VtTans and the presld nt nf the sit
Camel orphan asilum a most noble
cnalty that fliuilhl under his rue
andmayor of Waveland ills which
placl he claimed a bis home
iSfanc to the closing words of the n deed Slorked
drama of Taust The everlasting NV YorK No joA iwual on
womanliness Is leading us on The xuejay nd no tnsll from ntv < rt t
msiel ges to children who cannot for i r nj me distant markets tfco
let the Infant of Bethlehem the dPmd jor current want was o
hov Jesus In the carpenter shop and In the I ralj proportions though some fairly
r were called for
On i part of th visiting byers of
mho a good numter Is reslng In
the tarket considerable attention was
exietled to rprlng specialties such as
prlnld fahrtcs for diess purXises
sbeeric draperlt r
drrschevlots dress goods while good
and tners Am
Mldrhum KheVr ferrmao hrtlng print t
kkfLklrVr JS VSnd li ThourhXrgVa i
nll lnd fnd JKXfta of guar a M Inch cloth ha
ktordra nr m of righteousne and truth teen 11 at 1 M
I > 5UlAItU 3115 It JOIVT SCaSIOt
The Object Was to DUcn s th Cot-
ton Sltaattnn UlnU llsrryumn
Cknracs Airnliit Kent id > iliat
the Latter Has to 8ny
l iUaa Nov 20f A mmmltleo ot tho
Kaste n Union an c ecuthe orsranlsa
tlon ot tha ire tnsurt ce comimnles
which control much ot iBrbuslnesi of
tho company ha l cn In int execu
tlvo sesslhn today with the < WutI
commute ot tho Tvae Underwr sm
nsioctatlon with a t r tn UMCuml
condition of hminei1
oont nrthTrail Ji
lowing UtnSomposonho XlsUtnir cftu
> iiutr > t a T X w ot Scw Orlcatifft
> lsunt anafir ot tht UwrjKiol otid
London nld Olobei AUltoti DarBatv
folme o ii ss but now southern
manatrer ot Ibe XAncashlrp headquar
tera nt AtUntn Arthur litnhnm 6t
Uabee ft Castlftaan Ioutcvlllc and
ti V Turner southern tnCinrtBcr Qt lha
Queen Atlanta
Th meeUnjj adjbuincd this after-
noon to assemble In New Orleans next
An insurance man aatd to a Qatett
reporter ma object of lh inoctlmr
was to discuss tn cotton iltuallpn
The truth Is tha comnnnirs have tf > H-
im cotton lijsuianc thut jcar Hereto
ttro wo hu Insured It oil throughout
lho cotton crowing region but this
yeRr it had none some witve else lrob
ably tho merino tomiianlca hao se-
cured It Tho cotton business Is n blj
thlmr and worth lookinv utter 0
couire It la Konw for this season but
there Is nothing Ilka luoklns after U
for next year
Mr Mcpoinas IMnit six miles norlh
of town o arcused at S V Ihla inurn
tnff by tho bjrklns of his doff and im
KeltliiR ui he saw three inoimttd men
run awiy leavlnit ft Urue ot fat cattle
in his lan Mr McComus turned them
Into nly lot and notified Hhiritf Cabell
who now has n couple of deputies
lookinff for tho owners of the stock
Tho men that had the caitle were evi
dently rushlnrr them Into UjIUs tu utH
them on un early mornlnic market
J I Uoode editor and i rolirletor of
trudo publications that hae been U
sued t > crl < idlca > In Dallas and 1ort
Worth died suddenlj at Waco this
fir noon while en a buslnesa trip to
that cll > Ihcensed was a ontn > law
of Hov Ur ltuckuer The body will
be biouirht to Dallas
IX Barry man today made charts
before Justice Laudenlahi against lCauu
Kent thaiRtnir him with uliootlntt with
Intent to kill Mr Kent wa placed
under bond to await the action of ths
irraml Jurj Mr Kent told itport era
this cxeitlnpr story
Mst Thursday I went down to lho
rrael pit on my tnl aoilth ot ilia
air ETounli Ki WlHon was ln the
pit Jil boy dtoa un on t wnffon
which had my lump ttoarl on It I
told hlntto lake tho dump board rlRht
on lie refused to do so Then I took
it off myaeir The boy stalled off mid
nald i o was rolng to tell his daddy In-
n few minutes h r tamo I J n nt tin
other erd ct lho i t with a ehotcun
heiiI a pistol a i ordered mo to plate
Ihe boaid back on tho wacon Without
mere cdo I pjltwl my rtvolvor eh I
fired nt Id and ihen snipped the other
Ue cartridges These falliiff to ex-
plode I went home anl p > t tny Wln
When I rMuned nnd atiid in tho
c pn at h pit Wili nttl limni n
opened on mo from Ihe stable tearing
tip tho ground all around me with
buckshot I carefully located them by
the round of their guns nnd turned
my Winchester loose on them and they
came rolling out of tho stable like rats
after having fired three shots nt me
AVWIo t was shooting nt Wilson
Hrrrymtn took n dead rest with his
shotgun on the wagon bed And fired
both barrels at me and then ran I
took thteo cracks at him with my Win-
chester a he ran around the smoko
Darryinan came up to town yester-
day opening bought him a new Wln
chwUr nnd mads ailldavlt ugainst
nnMm Henry lnbian wife of ihe well
known Dallas and Tort Worth base-
ball player presented her husband
Uunday morning with a handsome baby
boy weighing JO 14 pounds Mr Fa-
bian wah heard today to remnrlc to a
friend that when ho first saw tho little
rablun Iho newcomer had a basa ball
In his right hand drawn back ready to
throw to first basis
Tho Walvation Army Is arranging to
tU a free dinner Io thf poor on
Thnnksglvlng dty I lvo hundred tick-
ets huvo been prlnUd to bej distributed
In the city
K ICaln lodged complaint wton
Justlca Hkelton against ll nry Trlngie
charring him with assault tn murder
lie said ho had had a scrap with Irln
gle In which the latter used a knlfo
cutting a deep gush In his Juw
Joo HnIlh wno aevrral months ngo
shot his sweetheart because nf Jeal-
ousy was tried loday In the criminal
district court and fined 125 and cost a
fur avsault with Intent tu muider
The criminal district court Is occu-
pied with th ess > of 13 J Itei < w
charged nPli killing Tom Jamts for
olleged Intimacy wllh Mrs llNtn
ill traaedy took place nt a dance In
last Dallas last December after
Heves had found a Utter teeming
wllh endearing terms from James In
his wlfea dress jHicKft
Of Jnili rltinre tu tlir A rmtt
Denver Col Nov SO Treasurer t
U Johnson ot lho blmttalllo league
looks forward to a meeting of tha na-
tional executive uimroltUe of the
leaguo In St Louis on November 57
as th event of siclttl Importance to
the west It Is probablu the fata f
the league will bo decldfd at the
meeting If new life cannot be In-
fused Into tha organisation Its pro-
moters aro of the opinion It should
ha abolished
jUck of interest on tha part of tha
silver producing states Is a most dis-
couraging feature about tfce work
said Mr Jonnson It Is possible we
can orrang at Ht touls for a mewl-
ing of silver men in Denver to dis-
cuss lho situation but It depends on
th silver m u themselves Unlcstf
tha silver producing and lho large
business men of Colorado and other
mountain states coma to ths front at
once J see llttli hope for tho cause of
frt e coinage for > tars to tome
Johnson aays the itepubllean parly
Is a gold monometallic party and Is
bound by Indissoluble ties to Wall
streets policy It Is bont on drawing
as large a portion of tha Democratic
party as tonal Ma into gold mono me t
mllsm < Johnson prophesies that as a
matter of salvation tha Democratic
party will V obliged to declare for
free coinage of sliver and show its
sincerity by nominating an out and
out frro coinage mon for prvsldent
There is no use he said to carry
the free coinage war Into th east as
long as the wwtt Is divided on the
bt means of curry lng on the fight
The wtst demands our Attention now
i Austin Texas
and not Until after the silver advo-
cates present united front In this re
glc > n can hope for relief oast of the
Tim cvti noitnoH
Morn Added io tha lltt the
Dtnlson Tex Nov 20 Three m6re
hava been added to the lhu of fatalities
of the Cale I T explosion which oc-
curred vesttrday
Mrs John Maleomb wife of tho own-
er of the gin died At 4 p m > esterday
Sho was blown onvi distapw and ov
eiy vpsttgw of clothing vaa torn from
htr body
Hal Morris of ius City and
AJeq Jenkins of Cale passe nway nt
3M m yesterday and U oclock
last night ltoth died apparently easy
Ocorge Tov naend om > ot the lnjutvd
will die before mprnlnj
The utile town Jxis practically aus
as No s his itlernoon
llonatun tnee > >
louiton Tex Nov fct A larger
crtwd was present than on > eat rday
nt the truck The clly Is rapidly till
inn wllh poopto trom other clUes on
excursions In tha races Summaries
Jlowell 1 1
Jonn V 2 3
llrentvvclls 5
i > ora C s
Don T C 3
Queen 3 7
Domino t l
Abdaliah Olrl 8 8
Tlrm > 318 lX 3I 3 31S34
3 Jilmito ttotilnei
IlfSPlo D i l t
Jnnlo 3 il
Osanue < 3
DICK 3 4
Joy distanced Time 333 333
3 3113
live furlongs King Craft lOi 6 to-
P won Bui to T KM S to 1 second
Jardlno OOJ even third Time 103
Hva and Aitvhalf furlong Oeorge
Miller 101 3 to 19 won Ccnteuella
119 B to l second Ada May < U 7
to 2 third lime iOS 14
Etoven furlongs rrank Oayla 107 4
to fi won Josephine 101 3 to D seo
otidi 1antnl 10 > 4 to 1 third Time
Bt AatipU ltitreti
St Asaph Va Nov to tlrnt race
llvo furlong Klta ltved won An-
drews second Hodman Ji third Time
J17 t4
Becond race one mllei I2iulty won
Assignee second Trig tltlrd Time
143 Third race atx furlongs Dead heat
between ricnty and Void It unto third
Time 133 3 4
fourth race cnehalt niUo1 Chtcol
won Hash seconil 1roglen gilding
third Time M
ltun oft atx and onehalf furlongs
rienty won Void seeend Time
1 32 34
Klfth race siven fiirlonffni Irlneo
fleorgo won Derfargllla second Time
1 31 12
BUth race five furlongai Wernburg
won Owlet second 1ilnco John third
Time J 01 13
Wilt lln lynched
Tayettp Mn Nov 20 Hundreds ot
men last night awaited the arrival ot
the negro Isotn illite who rooently
brutally assaulted Mrs Itunh ot this
city and was raptured at Clinton but
Deputy Hlmrirr Milt Williams who went
for tho wlsoner left Jalne at Iloone
vllle Masked men also met tho tialn
nt each sUlng and station between
Ilodnevlllo and hero H Is believed that
he will be ljnched when brought here
for examination
ft tit H Correct lliitlnllun
Washington Nov 30 Hosting
charge daffalrs or the Hawaiian lega-
tion stairs that Iho newspaper Inter-
view attributed to Minister Thurston
regarding tho Intentions ot Hawaii to
rid herself of Japamse laborers which
caused the 111 fueling between Ihe two
governments la not a correct quota-
Holtenf hnlunnr
Corpus Christ Tex Nov SO Meh
llngir Uros grocers and bakers hava
flled a deed of trust John Mehlliiger
being natnM as truulee Liabilities
about UH assets nbout 110000 Via
ferred creditor for taow
Vttntitl the Imic
Ryracuse N Y Nov 30 In tho
common council last nlftht Alderman
Kill presented a resolution prohibiting
any pugltlstta exhibition or auy form
of pugllsm In tho clly
inn niiKinmrii mosjuiiu
A deaf and dumb couplo have Just
been divorced ln Chicago Had such a
thing happened anywhere e o It would
have been one of th < > sensations of the
dnj but anything that comes oft in
the hre sy city has ceased tu bo ur
prlslnie Derlnlt l rci Tress
An Innovation has been made In Oil
City society The report of a lecent
noon wedding notes that the groom
und his attendants did not appear in
full evening dress as usual but In
frock coats and gray trousers Oil
Clly is fast latching up to Chicago
pace Iluttalo Kipresa
This man said the doctor who
was showing the visitor over Ihe In
saue asylum i one of our most lu
terewtltig patients Vmi will noma that
he doc no thin a but weep all the time
What sent him insaneT asked tho
victor He was a Chicago man nnd
hU socket was picked by a fellow
from Philadelphia Indianapolis
No said the forrlgn nobleman
starting back In horror I can never
Hfopr ciled tho daughter of
the ChIcUK > pork packer do not say
It Pho fell ubon her knees Never
ho went on never marry you He
stepped across a rid rivulet that
trickled over tho slaughter house floor
There Is bad blood between us Hhe
sank into the sawdust New Tork
Town Topics
During Donl Chief Justice Cole
rldgaa visit tu the United blates an
American who had been borlna him
with exaggerated praise of all tljncs
American saldt X am told tny lord
that you think a great deal of what
> ott call your great fire of London
Well I gueM tha conflagration we had
In the little Village of Chicago made
your flre look rather small Tu which
hia lordship grown wi sry of the brag
ghff responded blsnlly Sir I have
every reason to believe that the great
fire of linden was quite as great as
tha noopt at that time desired
Lord Uustell
Holmes nstl Minnie
Chlcflffo Nov 1 > The Chicago po-
lice believe H IX Holmes arrestfd In
Hostofi for attempting to defraud the
ndellty And Casualty company can
explain lho disappearance of Minnie
Williams a atenographer who haa been
rnlfslmr and Is believed to bo dead
Mlsa Williams came hire from lor
Worth Tex and at the time of her
disappearance had faOD In cash and Is
said to have been possessed of consld
erable property ln Texas Hhe was
acquainted with Holmes and dropped
out f sight about nine month u a
when UuLmaa laft CUaaa
to rntus +
Tiro Itonds Cnr toitee Icsterdai
of Their WitUdrnvrnt nnd Uthsn
Slay loltntv The W lehlU Hoh >
1ropte lulklna oi Umxtlug UoadS
Chlcitro III Nov JO Two more ta t
totliy withdrew from the Weetern Ti
aenger association tha Chicago
Owui > n
Western nnd tho IluttlnRton 0 da S
Jiaplda and Northern being the ones U
pull out
Tho notice ot rho Ortat Westetf
was rwehed by Chairman Caldwell
this httcmoon Thai ot the llurtiis >
ton Cedaf ltai > lda and NorUiern U
not been received but It Is known ti
nave bcon Issued Thts leaves ihe as
sociation only the llurltngton Illinois 41
Central Chlcii n Atitnauke nnd Bt
Paul nd the Chicago
Mldgley <
discus plana
and NortUwoav jj
ern i
All ot these lines may withdraw be
fore the nd of the week although <
Ueneral Passenger Aitont Hefferd ot
Ihe CJtieagM Mliwaukto And Ht Paul i
today ent wonl to Chairman Caldwellwi
that ihe Chlcflao Mllwaukea and Ht
3 rani would bo a member ot tho aaatw < f
4 aa long as there ts nn atocU
4 I tlon to which It can cling At the same
tln the Milwaukee road gives notice
that It
will hold Itself in position to
mwt any outilda competition that may I
r r during tho present ills organ Ian Q
tlon of tho roada Tha other n nvb rs
of tho ateocUtloi have taken similar
action In relation to tho po slblfl cut ttfi
ting of rntea ot any of the lines whiah in
Imve lately been withdrawn from th
aasociatlan Mr Herferd In hH lettet n >
ritieata Chairman Caldwell to u n all
his In mi on co to ano that none of the
roudi make contructs between now anil
next Motidaj when tlio meeting to con
t lder ixorgHnlnillon ts to be held that
will prevent tlutm from entering Into
an AiTntfmcnt I maintain rates of jtii
wages ns they Mia been heretorolr Hi
Several ot the WvM that have pulled JWi
out of tim arsoclatton Jiavfl already v v
declared In favor of rwrgaivlalng the J
association and sudi action will uu f fi
douhledly bo taken ot the meeting ou V i
next Monday Moth the Atchlion and 1 1
the Bom hern IaclHo nro anxious to I
have tho Association If formed ona lt
that will Indudd all th rnnsconU
nental bulnosn and theio Is nmonst
the Western lines a alrong feeling that
territory similar to the dlsvl lan pooy re
Work has bewt commenced again in
tho now Katy yards at HUiaboro which
was IrtJKtm some time ago with a view
to removing the shops ot the rod to
that point from Atvarado and wae tbe1
C W Merchant of Abilene will ship
three train loads of cattls io Bt Louis
today over the Texas and Piclflo and
the Iron Mountain route
J U Wlille superintendent of the
Cotton Helt with bend quarter At Com
merce Is In the city
rim nt Hiiltnnd
Holland Tet Nov 30 Some un
known Incendiary applied the torch to
the barn of W 8 Heed last night Darn
and some four thousand buhel of
corn cotton seed oota and other feed
stuff destroyed Insured to tha amount
of 500 only Mr Heed had also about
sixtynve bales of cotton stoicd In ItU
yard which wan also fired but saved
Fire occurred on his farm six mils
from here
Tfruro Shoot I uk
CalvertTex Nov WLevl Arnol
Jr shot and killed Will Wesley last
night Tha tioubla arlslnir over iv
woman The murderer escaped All
Slnrtna Nfwi
Galveston Tex Now 20 Arrtvedt
steamers fihllllto Dr Worf tharl a
ton Oak done Hr Bandal purl Royal
Cleared Steamers Camrcac Br JS a
waid Dremen
cently formulated on freight traitlo
Tho terrltir > was extended to cover
Omaha und Council Ilium and tho pro
positi > n to Include M Paul territory was
under discussion wtven the ndtetlng ad-
journed It la Intended to extend the
territory in which the divisions shall b
jnads In all tho leading polnU cast nt
lho Missouri river and ultimately to
be > ond that line
ItirooKl HerTlcA on the Fdinln IV
The Ouf Colorado und Hanla la
railway has resumed U through sleep
InJ car acrvlce fnmi Ualveston to Oh
cago which soma time nffO was changed
so ns to mn only between Kansas City
and Cleburne The present ayatcm gl
sleeper rervlu fiom ihe Oulf to Lake
Michigan and without rhnngo of cars
The lima between Tort Worth and Chi-
cago ha also been shortened by two
hours and seven minutes tho train
which now leaves bore at 10 5 nrrivlnic
In Chicago at sahie time It did when
lowing Fort Worth nnd wlO
CoiiimiUbIou Matters
Austin T r Nov 20 Mr J A
Kemp president of the Wichita KallM
railroad wan In consultation today
with tho railroad commission In ret
rrenco to the Issuinoa ot bonds nt
which mention was made some lima
ago Partner Information was ncocw
sary before the Issue was made and
IM In what brouglit the president ta
Mr h J Btory has not yet anlved
but la exprcted dilly
IKoles nnd lers uals
Homer Kads commerclut freight
agent of iho Missouri Pacific and tit
Louis I mn Mountain and Southern
with headquarter at Ban Antonio le
In the city
H H Hovey vice president and gen
frol MUperlulendnt of the Chicago
Hock Inland nnd Texas railway re-
turned > eterrtuy from a bun < n
M Murphy roadmaatrr ot the
dratide dlvMon of tho Texas and
Clflc waft in tho city yortturuay
J W Mnxwell cwneral superintend
cut of tha Missouri ICftmia nnd Texaa
Huts In Texas with headquarters at
Deiitson Birlved lit Iho city last night
on No 1 from Houston In special car
No 20
H II Kourrman a line telegrapher
Is In the city for a few days at tha Un-
ion deinit ofilca
A A Judge superintendent ot
bridge and building on Ihe Texas and
Pacific made a < lrlp to Datlis yeitci
day Tho railroads oarrylnc cotton inly
N > w Orleans hove nvirflowed their ca-
pacity tor holding U then as Kuiopeao
steamers do not arrive fast enough to
carry it away There Is a tamr fa-
mine The result will be that a great
deal of cotton will hav to be itjrout4
nd shipped to Liverpool from U lv
ton or the Atlantlo ports
Prank McNeeloy wllh Katy englno
No II Is with a MIe driver which Is
at work on the Mbwourl JCanaae and
Texas railway between lort Worth and
The Union deiftt wm full of Method
lnt ministers yesterday on their way
to conference at lllllaburo

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