Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 363, Ed. 1, Wednesday, November 21, 1894 Page: 4 of 8

< M
ronT lvoiiTii tcxas
Published Brery tiny I < esr
President YIeePresMrnt
C V HOCI711 Secretary
LAULLJT citv cneiiATiuf
Willi Three Usrrpllons
Untercd at tt > postottloo at Tort
Worth Texaa B condcass mall
luitvii of sumciiUiioN 111 maii
Tj Dully am Sunday Calotte one
ye 1700
he Dally and Burtday flawtte six
ro tha < Hto
The Dally anj Sunday Osteite three
mo > h to
Tho Dully and Sunday dntpetee on
nmm 75 cnta
The Bifiday aatettf on year IZM
Tho eundny llsrrtte all month
UKtivpnvn nY cAWtinn
The Dally Ossell except Sunday
JO cents a week
Dally and Sunday rjazetto 0 cents
a month
One year Issued Tuesday and Frl
i jim
Bx month CO cent
Three months 2 cents
I posimnsen are authorized to act
as sgrnta fnrjrhe flncette
Tho traveling agents of The Oasette
are W It TNrIATt j
I T TI mtY
i M Kontr
Tetters of authority are given to all
other psrltel especially accredited to
repee nt tt t mn r
iastiiiv Aijij Ts
Tht paper 1 kept rljtftl le and adver-
tising rates may bo nawrtnlnrd nt the
em or the American Nwpapcr Pub
Ushers Association Temple Court
New York or from Its Hitern busi-
ness otnee 45 Tribune building New
Western business office t0 The
JlnokerV Chliago III
H C TVcltwIth sole agent for foreign
IIUJH in itUAl
T Tlllthortord agent OHcel McUod
Tl > Ollt PATImMr
Persons trim nre tiNnldw lit lny
Tli tstt mm imlns nr trims de
livery of 111 puller nf Ikelr linmea
Is nnsmlalurlnrr still rniifer a
tnrnr by srrlllnii Ibu fnots lo Ibe
> in Msrciiirnl
Pester lsie1 rnreenst
Tho storm waves All reucli this me
rhilan and the other cholines noted
will occur at and within loo mile of
lort Worth within twentyfour hours
before or after tha sunset of the dates
November 1Cooler and clearing
November 22 Mivlrrallng
November 25Warmer
November 2t iltonn war en this
Oil At Ml Mil
A Ponnltst n till Dnllni > > irsl
Tlirre urn llirrft willturliil intra
armiliH lit rttnr Inst Issiii linn ur
ttnrjli us nliitlt to tts Plnnkt Iniiit
Uses us m tttiulsi yrwr tin Jir
run Annrotiforittlsl or Vtnlsmts
Idllivr nnil 11ml Is alluu u lirsn
Osnl fop lli astts
Imiftt ritnniil b snlil III ciilnm
Unit nf IIih Nuns for Its lllivrnllir
tt tlw Ht9 9Q6rVnenl of Alabama
f i
itr f kfr W >
lag toy hundred of honest but rots
guljed people who may be duped Into
the crime of treason by a reckless agi-
tator To convict Populism nf unfitness
for the mntgement of publlo affairs
H is only neressary to put such lead-
ers as Itsuben Kolb on exhibit
The aaielte holds Itself In readlnets
to prove by reference to a committee
of business men to be appointed In the
usual manner
1 That It has the largest bona tide
circulation In Texas
2 That Its semiweekly Issue has a
larger circulation than any other newa
paper In Texas
2 That ths sewlweekly datette has
doublo tha circulation of tho ecml
weekly Dallas Netta
The lazett will forfeit 1100 to any
benevolent Institution that may be des-
ignated by any psrty tvlio shall sue
ccssfitll y controvert either of these three
The Oszetlo will pay 250 to any per 1
son who will present at Its business I
omce a statement of the circulation of
the Pallas Newa by days for either I
of the last thres months verified by
ths alltdavlt of a representative of the
como to our tit Louis kums They
have already Msitwl several tpud
towns It la appropriate that one of
n Vnlhelf lftU UM ln Btae hOUld
made nt the youngest and beet tot
nmt tha innrknl lour nf Inilp4 TevA cUm
IKniUnpf It luis reernll miuilfsiril
Tho sound money bureau ejtali
UshH by Iresldent Cloeland Secreta-
ry Carlisle and Senator FnUlkner d
manned with tho clerks of ihe Dmlo
cratlo congressional campaign coiniuli
tee of wHcli Jlr Iaulkner Is chair-
men has A largo job on Its hands
It proposea to Inauguihle a propau n
da to accomplish the conversion of the
Demccratlo parly to tho views of
finance entertained by the president
Krnator rllieimnn and the lUpublium
parly In Renern1 In other words to
ttiskc uf It a KOld standard puty
This Is a free country and llo ad-
ministration has a right to atttmpt
the reconstruction of tardea as well
as to manage the affairs of ROtcrnmert
1 It so pleaaea Tha announcement i > f
thla atep howeveri aervea to recall
that In overy Democratic convention
held In the south and west In l J the
odvoontes of Sir Clewlnnd itaclantj
that the tariff was the patsniount
ssue and thit h would nut 1111
tagonlse the IkitnetnlUa sentiment ut
thrnr > sections It roelcclod preieili
The spirch of Mr Seth Bheppard III
Isinuui9s who was rewarded will a
Juicy fudTil apiiolutment for Itla acllv
Ity In the Olcelaud cuuse to Ihls rf
t ct was tjploul of iho arguments
made throughout Ihe south and wost
lo seuura acquiescence In the Clevis
liml movement We dari sny no one
will contend that Mr Cleveland emild
hate been renomlrntcd or that he
would huvo recclMd a respectable vole
Ju the national Deniocrntto cotuentlon
If tho future rouldluno peen fore-
What Is past Is past With the ad
mlnUlratlon actively at work for a
monometnAllo financial sjstcm what
Is tho Democrntlo party and Iho coun-
try going to do about UT
Tort Worth Iho irnlth city of the
Uer thtjr will llud the
in n r < iU riHi tMitirr f i > iiir ti t most otnii > let railroad njatetn p <
> < U h l ptiltat urttun In iIIm W ny Clty n > flOlth or
> I s Mttivie t the Urnoat manufaotbiltii
Wacos bunk clearing for one week
havA touched the three million mark
The Cotlon Tolaco Is rpeaklnff for Its
Our St 1auii KUfta will please con
eldtr the town tlielrs and take any
thlntr th y t that pleases their fancy
i nt the Union depot We really
couldnt spore ttuft
The fresh atrocltlta of mor than
n jil barburlty In Armtnti URtiet
Indumrles In the Poulh the newspaper
of largest cliculntlnn in the Bouth
uest the larfrest Domocrutlo majority
In proporthan to population in the unl
that the rnaaf appropriate meal for the how nnd will soon ret a bin special
ThRnkasHlnir of the nations would be
tho Conttantluoplo Turkey
Denmarks tnlnlatet of thelntejlo has
Issued a decree forblddlns the linpor
tatton of rattlu and fresh meat from
the United State There must be
lomethlng rbtten In Denmark
The upeilrten < Hnt pt the city water-
works cam neur drowning ln the Trin-
ity yesterday We eubmlt that one
whoa business Is so nearly reuted to
lvater ought to learn how to anlm
Our twltlcht eon temporary th Mail
Teleertm charces the Oasette with
ti attempt 4a read people out of the
Democratic party Kay nay I Tho
OaMtte merely protests against read-
ing out of the party Its ancient and
hsrsdiury plnclptes
The special edition of tb Oaiette
which li being compiled under tho di-
rection ol Mr Hil DaMd prOmUct to
ftk mte proportions In excess of any
ipcclal edition heretofore Issued by a
rxs newspaper A Tort Vorth and
t e adjacent territory will ia ln lL
The lNpul stato cxccutlvo commlt
t yrli meet at Waco today to discuss
h paat the present and the future
fht aKnt partnr lit tho enlerprlse
U Datla News n ouM have Its orlgl
iai and only chart of the election re
tiina on hand to edify and oncourage
Je faithful
Kolb th defeated Jeftsraonlan can
Udate for jcAvernor < n Alabama has
served to Utile purpose the fate of
IValt nd telling IIU mantfesto
iHrmn W eteotton apd dddarlng hU
Intention to asvimft bontrol by forte
erso and flperM olh r advantases
equally unique and attractive We
be Uiem lo remember that this Is
the spot where a few fteettn ears
ago Uw pnnther made his lalr
a iiuir ami nminruATiu
preeuwood ICnt rprlsej iho rort
Worth Oacette Is tfutucr In for tninluem
edition Well bet It wilt bo a daisy
1 Say the Oasette Is about the best
t Democratic dally In the state now
j SlniiUnr Up for the 1op
I Houston Volt In computing ths
gains and lo s s in tho rtcent state
ocvtou the Oahcscon Nciys jucglei
< the tlitutea In such a way as to n akj
the Dttmoomlla ipss appear to bj
about thr times an great as It isally
Terrell TlmosStar Tho Dallas News
hA a funny way of computing what
It terms Dmoomtin loaws it uts
Kaufman county In Its umparatlvtt
tables as losing US3 Dcmocratlo vwtes
at tho same time civ nff the D mS >
cratic vote In las lOvBnt t lee lion for
Culberson at Siii am that foj Cleve-
land m i i at 3133 Then 40 gvt tola
lihi loss that It clMmftWaj maUe by
thu Democrats it uuiU ftao d it remo
between C evelauda otf nnd the dif
ference beLweit Weavifs oo of tTl
In UM and Nagnf vote Oi till In
UOf and adds te twti toether mil
getn the li3 that It tuts a wn as
IKmocratlo loss It neve was wot
mlsiskeu thouith It u icummun for U
totmako great mtstakecv It ays not a
word about the Itepubllcan tote of
1S9J lu Us campatiujt that > ear
Harrison got l 3 olc n this omity
and nt the lit election th regular
Hepubllcon iund date lor gov rnor got
JS3 votes which it deducts ram Har
risons m in nn mak nXtoss to th
Ueptjbllcans of U7 Within iu rotes of
a many as Nugent galntd In this
county It Is t matter < as > to d m > n
bIrate that four out ot ive y tlve of
the men who oted tor Harrison the
Its publloan candidate for pre dent It
l that voted at the lat election at
all voted for Nugms and hvreu Is
newly all that Nugent galntd tn
Kaufman county ocoountel for rhey
nrarly all came from he oMor
voters who m list oud for Harrison
I for president
j Ileuerons Humbert
Rente Nov King Humbert has
aoubl hive the appearance of a harm I llre for the relief f th
rV 2 jf I WJ t JI gBSiV do na W K00oni1r J
loroCi tn tK n > vnh nnsiy prooeod uu pun dm
r U
tile gazett xorcTWona < n 133XAS TrKpyjssDAr jyorjomEK 21 taJi
Great flrltntn Is Prosen Onl Drcl
bund Will Include Itassla acrmnns
and Austria Dual Alliance lle
Ittcea Italy nnil Trance
Derlln Nov 20 There Is a creating
and groaning of diplomatic Jot u 1 >
Europe The systtm of vclshts an 1
balances which haa been kept In work-
ing order ever since 1871 Is falling rap-
Idly out of gear The acuVtlon
founded on tie triple alliance anJ dual
nlllanco havo gone to pieces on t e
hard facta presented by the war In
tho eost and tha tragedy of Mvndli
It seomed a small thing when Germany
told England flatly thai kc wt u d
not get out of Samoa It s emed cnty
n little less trivial when thi a rman
emperor forced tho British caWnct to
give up tho strip of land whlcli it had
ohtolnr d by treaty with the Conco
state Jt waa deemed rather mjrc
slgnlAcant that Germany Jerllied to
help England Intervene In the var be-
tween China and Japan and when the
I > rlln government lot Uuad wlh Ior
tugal to Keep ISngland away fio 1
Delagoa bay everybody began to rcal
Jze that Ilmperor William hal Pen d
it game of diplomatic freee nut nginn
the land of his grnndmolhar Bfc
tli ciars IHifMia tho tmpsrur has
atralnM every nerve to domooatruto
his ofTectlon for Itussla has Kept
couriers and dispatches on tho way
between Herlln and Ilvadla wlthoui
n daya Interruption has ovtrw lmcd
the czarina with condolence and sym-
pathy and hao held Irlnco Henry of
Prussia in readiness to dart away at a
moments notice to tho Crlnii with
funeral wreaths and autograpt Iilte
Under ths new Ilusalati nglme he un
doubledly will have dlstancd all com
netttnra In tho czars fnvur
Whllo this dlplomatlo drnma has
been played from llerlln u elmlhir
Pleco has been put on In Home I or
> enre Italy haa depenrttd on tho tiipplo
alllanca lo suppott her on land nnl tta
trusted to Knulond to iHIcnd n < r by
sen Iiolli by land and sea nwevcr
sho must holp defend herself and Ihcre
foro her quarrel with Frnnc linn ront
her millions yearly bc > ond wlia Ho
could afford to spend No soomr old
Premier Crlspl seo which way Iho wind
was blowing from llerlln therefore
than he decided to let all > ili In cllii
lomary go by Ihe board and make
friends wlthIrniice Onie rocivllcd
to the greatTrepublic Ituly cnuul dls
mlve her expensive nlllnmea Mlh Oer
innny nnd llngloiul and at invur v th
1 nil Uuiope could ilecrense hir trrny
nnvy und crushing taxes
The neiro t way to tuw end was a
reconciliation with tho pope Crlrpl
made a speech In Naples or tnl < ri con-
ciliation Verdi llm prlnre of Italian
tomposers was wclconed royallv 1 v
Paris Crlspl leloBTjphod to Paris ttat
this weloome infant the seal of friend-
ship between ltuly nd I runte lne
Inference wus rather fogaybut It nerv-
ed Iho purpose and Verill was honored
by the Prench president with diplomat-
ic ostentation Through Hlg Herman
the Italian ambassador In Pails Crlspl
then nslicd In diplomatic phrases what
elso ho could do lit muke Irnnco lilts
friend nnd In equally dlplomatlo
phtnscs was told that ti > ssmun us nn
anient friend of Ihe triple alliance
might be recalled This week It wus
announced that Ileesinan had IMin
recalled and would stay In Paris only
long tnougti to ptepure the busltieKS of
the embassy for his successor Tho
Trench people ore being prepared ly
the scmlulllclnl press lo look
tinsollod Trinity extends a cordial wol 1 ini iroV i ramii
fondly on tho Itullaua Tho Journal
In Hume Mliun und Naplm mo tilled
with nrtlclrn nbout our Klstrr nation
In the west
lue Unuency of this Is to a thre
t ut nu opj
with Uusjn Ou many And umna
Hungary na the allied rov t n ai d a
dual 1 lmuce ot brn ice and Ualj la
tucnt In Asl t Uirnun and u 1
hae no Intciests liy uro wiling to
let Itussla do as sho ptases In Moa
Italy Is willing to let Kiunoe du nt < rhj
pleasee The hreat quftstmii is Where
Is HnglamU Tho existing trplo a I
ance hia ulwajit tiecti o hrea use o
Hnttlnud for white not anting her a
cent u served as n ch k tn Jtu sli
As a close friend of Austria and t dy
and a blood relative of Ucrmnny ihe
felt that in any great o ah ttu
mussed armies of tie thr > o p wen
would bi boiilud her With tho trlpls
nlllanco nusHlanls il she > annot count
on any su h support toe one of Its
explicit conditions w 1 be n fieo ha id
tor Ilustla In thu Pamirs nnd on th
northern fiontltr of India Wl h I at
icomiailcd to IVtuce hngland a ecu
pntlon as protector of thu itsim i n > t-
will bo gone and with It wilt go the
promise of Hair aid In war
Ungland will be Isolated apor ex
teoi y r she hni Vnducctl othe m
tlohs to pull h r o ustnum f om hi
Ilro Tor sixteen jnara she ha nut
lapd tho peace bougM with tic con
tlnrnts enormous sncrlflo a for a mtes
and navies to push her ro enios li
Asia and Africa Wh ncer trouble
ln barbarous latuN hao threatened
her inter sts s e has bem bble u
hoodwink Nino contn ntal i owcr Into
help n her protect them The mme
boa always been lo liold out hi pes of
KngUnda suppo t in tne v nt of a
Huropean crsU but whn that < rlsa
came to redeem nord on y wltt
llmsy talk of futuro oomp clon
which dn these diya of smUloa ber
rlil s Tind smokeless powder ruears
nothing at all
choose S latt
oblln The ton
attached to Illegal votln ot prlmnriBs
XSWSA TSt hramount uaneej to make a
ffi ffl acntn s le 1 to th t form nor uw he splt plece3 of he
fact that some of the counties were wild rock usually for that purpose
subscribers to tha capital slock ot tue U ha alnays b en one of his charac
Oentral Iacinc He hen says IftM tertstlcs to make his head sae hla
bonds are foreclosed and t ie r ods heei aa much as possible When he
bid In by the government and it pays was hunting on the prairies or alk
off the nrsl tnortsse i3Vlti ttr tUe < resjt ho was taught from
that tha counties woula bo relM d childhood to gather all the stones whlcli
from liability appeared pointed nnd whloh could easl
If Ihe mortgftRes on these roads nre ly be flattened to a blade on one side
fnreeldsed and the tfovernment pur Under the microscope the rough stone
chosen them nnd takes chariro nnd con hammers which were believed to be
trola tho rends would the iate and nrlndcrs or weapoiw nro found to bear
faiw bif then bo fixed as to pay tho the same Indfesitlona of battering wh a-
in > vernment the Interest on the Invest appear on the surface of some of the
mentT If so would It not have the ef
fect ot planing a mortgage upon the
prodiieU ot the state and every por-
tion of the territory adjacent to the
railroad tines for such peitod of time
as may be > required to liquidate ihe In
dt > MednMS by the payment of such a
rate of Interest as the gmernment may
chnrge for the u or the mnnoy In
vpstnlT H nol would the whole people
of tho Uriftetl Btntos constnt tn be tax-
ed tn prpvtito a cheap rate for a pas
it nger and freight trafilc on the com
painttvftly local llnei between Bun
rranwlflot ami Omnhi and not llud
fnutt becnuM tlny could not all enjoy
such advantages
The rtport then allcge that the
government nld to the rallroid In ques
ilon was1 a war meaatire and says that
for tl > ls rr > nson th whole people should
contilbuto toward Its payment Tho
rtport goes on to state In case tho
Indebtedness of these roads bo refund
cdjby tougrem f r a rerlM of ntty or
IMi jearfliwtll not such Indebtedness
btcomo U > llret charge against the
people of thtt < slate and upin thosa liv-
ing ndjacjent to the lines or those roads
and upolC4he products and Industries
of the peoplo
Mr Hart then says that tiny of the
following arta < n the part of the gov
ci nmnt would rcll e the counties
from tlabliuyt A refunding of the tleM
foreclosureof tin mortgage and bid-
ding tn ot the roada for the amount of
tho indebtedness congress declaration
of a forfeiture under the net granting
more tne ftj > anj anBumpuon of the flret
mortgage and openlion ot the roads
In tns the government should forc
elose thtf moitgftge and th road be
fold for mirnmount sufficient to pay
Ing further Into Oeutls or mini uu
ihorltics 1 will pay that In my opinion
the counties which gae aid an nfnreV
said In the construction ot the Cntial
ltivlflo and the Wc trn Iacilflc rull4
roads will not bo Judicially ludd Hahl4
fin debt
It Him Ciiuiieil 31 eh Alarm nt lu >
Indianapolis Ind J JO The fre-
quency Win whlcii giaxcd uavu bee
but no one has been successfully rose
cuted for body snitching
up a miotics nrAUT
IlatU of m Criminal Who Bvroje lie
Uns Innocent
Kewar N J Nov SO1eter lrseb
recently Janitor ot the Larnyelteireet
school who was convicted on Frtsy of
erlmlnal assault Albertlna
Uusjla Tuna una of ihe fruits cf II years old and w ho was to havt been
the ryw cowttellallon ot the powers sentenced todar died early la tti day
are already ripening as alleged of a broken heart lh ui
What EnirUnd will h fr M to da wrlnls wer < L ra l oo in
nxes themsches This leads to the
conviction that some of the manufac
turing strokes put upon these larger
weapons were done by pounding with
hammers of stone harder than that In
the weapon Itself The finishing touches
could easllj hae been done by rub-
bing or grinding on other stones and
thai It would seem only a day would
be omployed at the utmost for oom
pieHrig the best ox head to be found
The work emtloyeddn making tho ar-
row head li much simpler than that ex
pendid on thu tomahawk It U thought
I that very much the same methods
were used ln cutting flint and other
herd stone as tho glass cutter now cin
plo > 8 In nibbling the edges of window
i pines Hard stones pressed against
j tho sharp edges of softer ones will
woilt thtm nto shape after piece of
desecrated In this city and its out stone to i
the proper size have been split from the
solid rock or from Btones too targe In
bulk to be cut down Horn and bone
lire probibly tho best implements for
nibbling stones of ntgh degrees of hard-
ness The brittle Hint and quartzlte
nro the easiest worked with a horn or
The various results which haxo been
obtained from working different kinds
of tones liavu led Mr McGuIre to
regard alt ilortilncn establishing a ril
lflon of the stone age Into epochs rep-
resenting dlffeient degreee ot llnlsh on
surfaced as erroneous nnd unfounded
There Is no great difference ln the wotk
of battering grinding or chipping a
rough pebble stone i > r piece of boulder
Into nn Implement No higher stand-
ard of Intellect Is believed to be re
quired from a savage who grlndi a
K i
an arrow head Outline forms which
agntnrft the etnintlo fnr tn h share f
the deficiency Air Hart gives It as
hi opinion that the luuntus wouM
DevcrthoKsB not be lHble as It wns
the wost Thl > U ft natu l or angu l pot within their power to make such
n debt at tho time they subscribed to
Hie Stnik
could easily bo ground Into moU any
implements aa well as ax hends be
fore referr ct to In thl3 connection aro
to be found each day In the rUers or
streams hating a rapid fait Hammer
ing or haltering one stone against the
Continuing he says Without go working ° which ° r th r ftepf In stone
a savage would be Uke
l > to discover If he cracked nuts or
crushed roots regularly between twu
rocks he soon learned that such action
wore a cavity In ono or smoothed the
surface of Ufo other Uut chipping
stone which proeesi has generally been
w t i
any part of moitgog uutl
the goMrnmont from aald companies JJaTOSJi f l ans nt fim
The report concludes as follows H B lTJPm nl usfl lne carlv Atly
should be remembered nloo that It ° f Bt Dn nWl tno most dimcult
the beconus tho 11 to Pp foim Uven In the
government owner ot
these mads the amount for which the I iJI i y m tn llmoB u ° art oi
companies now owning and optratlnit ul lZ i m vus consldeted to
them aro assessed fthd upon w hlch the JJAJ u H3 n ° WJ1 S VaJS IL w
urn within the pas two month an eYrnerC nd ° r iiS
the npparont Immunity nhlrh tin Jias been ohtalnnt hv ii Uh
ghouls enjoy from detection und ai pumice sloni iJ JJ nT Uf ot
rest hnx caused tl wldepread alan i hammer amiesr cr E 8 tt
throughout the City and surroundin itoTm V mii7i Vwn cj
country So general has this fear b rat and Kmy ot Con
come tljatthe welltodo people d i a i ThS n a i nrl a Sm ° cf > I
TAls gamo haa been played on Cler niiny uhrt Voirid i Tvairthemsel that ot ThiSK addVtothe UnofTrgtK
In M 0 1 1 0 1 tiT Amplest editor the protection thus afforded are urablt 2SiJ fth t 011 ht the earliest
1 question of tte future DO some STUDY OF AN ABORIGINAL ART tone then and have mire than their
Ihing she must If she will Htllfl her VlWlt w match In squad of Cherokees Who
prestige for she can no afford to
stond alone She has a grand navy
> ut It little stronger than th
Prencli and nusrUn or the J r Jb
and Italian navies combined while her
horns army Is a pfliole antllut ed
force of barely tOOM men without tie
proper Skeleton rornatbns or evn In
necessary train for a wool Hoi The
grossly tjagjeratrd trsdllons ct per
strength vhleh are treasured In Kon
don and New York no longr frwht 11
the armored powers of h co Inrm
Tho unanimous oplrlon In the ern
tlncntal capitals Is that she Is nnr at
ixTrnnsTWO EXPInlJI Ts 11
A stnilrnt rf the Manner nnd Cos
tools of the Amorlrnn Indian In
have been rounding them up for sev
eral days No news of an open battle
has yet reached here but there has
been a great deal of skirmish lighting
and both sides are preparing for a
death struggle rully fifteen of ths
Cook gang are together and Hill Cook
U leading them In pereon His young
vestlzntlnic Industry lu Which t Jfe or sweetheart Is with him nt the
rendezvous The Cherokees would
ho Ited Jinn Wa iroiiclui forced the fighting before now
1 but for fear of running abort of am
Washington Nois A serUs of In munition before the battle la over
question of allowing
teresung oxperlmenls are being made f ook w oy ffom thm ney
comlnrJhfnSJ lanct the National museum the result ot bMy HghVYn
S SLS t n ru td all V which up to tut time th public has afraid of getting the
thought however
they are not
worst of It It
was to ho a good
ifltr hf ne tjy ihe burertn anl not been iltpwctl to than fc lh r Alt InthB
w rt fcfr STsfant CK rutipt Enicott City MJ who lias all hU lir r Mn Jpr n hnayy and rrolonied
iunitoi > ntnT9
AllarneyOeorrAt Ilorfa View In a
been Inttrealcd In Indlnn rthes
ono of the few Individual collectors
who haa ever put hla dlscovertc to any
practical tin Hli purpose la to de
tfrcilne how lonty the Indian was en
eacramfnto Cal Nov 20 The ff ewl In maklna hi stono Implements
fittack Th > Ch rOetecu have eonB
cmrntly dpatchM Rh rlff Tlrown to
thli citv for a full sunpW nf nmmunl
ton IT t tt h re thl mornnir with
the needed supply and a strop traard
ntYAitirs advici to nunc ATi
Evening lleo publishes the foloMnt what icctlttf ho employed In their Vrtt naXT Mitorlnl llltlw Shoulit Ue
The repdrt of Attorneydecra V H majufartarc the nature of tbo tools he ra e < i ut Ome
afuJnoo flmd nl fiuH irtth SAaK U3yd flttJ a of the ancIent na > mo ov Thoma3 P
trallan ballot nyitcn find anj a that It preColumbian Ahicrlcan Btonenlaltera Ihiyird of J3elavare ambasaador to
Is unAmtrc3n In that It Injtala tho mechanical knowlMge Ho haa copied Oicat Britain eamo to IJaltlmore to
voter In a booth It also aya that th
lime allowed the voter In which lo
prepare his ballot ahuuhl be length
fi ed tfio number of pifcclncla In
creaaed and a law pawd to punish
dlbftmtst ouldala who pur poo My read
off the wrohjr name from the ballot
Attention Is calltd to the fact that
the adoption of the Australian system
has wlp d out chapter 14 of the Polit-
ical Code Thtre Is n > w no penalty
almost ecry tool or titenatl that the
red man was eer known to mnko and
the beaucy of hla experiments la that
all these various arrow points spear
headfi battle axea hammers hatchets
Brlnders mortal a and the f cures Of
other things hirh he haa turned out
have ben prepared only with the tools
found In the ancient Indian habita
tion throughout the land
day for a few hours When asked his
views upon the result of the elections
he said
I have had grave apprehensions as
to the result of the recent electons for
some time It has been by na mean a
an absolute surprise to me even
though 1 have not been at home The
path of duij in my opinion has never
been vo plum to those who believe ln
the principles of the Democratic part4
as It is now
Tho Democrats must go ahead and
ln the lime and opportunity now af-
forded them carry out what was
promised to the people of this country
tho right to export freely the pro-
ducts of tho country This cannot be
doue without gltlug countries to which
ive export a cnance to exchange trade
We might as well build stone piles In
tho harbors of this country as to pass
law a which prevent an interchange of
Mr Bayard said he had no idea that
the change of power was lasting or
oven meant to be lasting Vou can-
not tell me paid he that the people
of New York will be satisfied by a
change from Hill to Piatt for Instance
I dont want to run afoul to those gen-
tlemen who were responsible for th
delay In the passage of the tarlffblll
as I soy the path of duty is unmistak-
able and the necessity for pure Dem-
ocratic tariff legislation wus noer so
great as materials should bo passed
Immediately nnd then the country will
be able to contemplate the Democratic
Idea of the tariff In full working order
for two years before another nntonal
election rolls around If this la done I
have but little fear that the verdict
will be other than satisfactory tn
Ambassador Bajard will nail from
New York early next Tuesday morn
ing for Uverpool win ice he will go
Immediately to London to take up the
duties of his office
A Wefk Of lF
< Hy tho Konic
Ban Tranclsco Nov 20 The week of
prayer held once In three years by the
Kong Chow Chinese company on Pino
street waa concluded last night with
the most extraordinary rites About
midnight pungent odors ot sandalwood
bvgan lo fide Into thin air with In
cense from burning punk sticks and
Uie torn loms and one stringed fiddles
ctasexl their untuneful hounds The
Chinese thomselve feeling contented
because their Josses had been propitiat
ed for years to come withdrew leav
ing only their priests to pray
It was n won1erfil week of offering
Ri Jefi m WIr wlln tno Hernial
beings that tilled
the many halls with
weird lnvigej Clods of wnr peaoo and
Vengeance of fortune and Indeed ot
oery concelable attribute of deity
wire there arrayed and nothing Wsa
night filled In with music singing free
teis charity nnd obeisance or nil good
Chinese of the Kong Chow company
could accomplish the desired object
Once In three years the Kong Chow
company opens Its house a plain
whlto house with green Iron doors on
JnPlv1 nb0Ve Kparny flttcot
for a man can perform mori
ESL op I > eaBe the POd of their fore work than under any other rtfi
A WMk KO Bt md
nffht the tide of food
t L l lnn bock t1 rusty only < not Injurious but It Mb
JisX J W 6 mlnated j wntial article of food wltiMtt
w nLed r11 acy The feast I In some form man canateaj
SI IL heat nen1 rlts In Dr sotu
which j This letter from
Si Pad singers I
J < f1 Reached a climax yest r
m tn lh = or eous rooms were
i h ocaon WJlh moke and
MndalnZJiol ot > > Plees and
tJ i in V iJ Ra n Brln1 oramble
L ° hour i
R <
pease tno gods and so the crowd fer
vently burned punks and prfumed
1 rtoaed
vault otth Undortalor u niruii K1S5 ItaTi in
tme as decay ravage insuro prow cVej7bt iLlilhamni m < > t P < > < l e wore later
i T tt r I me a plenteousarrav twain opened
Hon flora disturbance Tho J
of these vaults la limited huwe capaelu tm7 K T elgarette renrtlL 0Lf d HnA
was renrt
n js Indicates lln
and tiio demand upon thm has been M VJ J b een the cnllnenta
great nlthln the < ast few lhl
llerlln knows It The empiror has to da so In the Mil unl i meehanloal and arMatlc knowlsdrs nf
had enough of it In th series ot towns within a rkdlus ot twnty ullej PreC < > nbKn America was borrowed
rnubs beginning with the samoan bual oUhls clly tho gfoerai fear haailid 3 S11 < he old world wmtowm
nea ho has let England know tha Toaether il
that ahe employment of guann at the amw
cntlnu longer have ewu tho moral terlia but dospltc the vigilance of liesd
support of his sisooom rlfes and his the dead havo bei > stolen away ail aa
Krupp guns Ills examptt haa epead rtuttlated before a search could fcejtn
as n oontaglhn When the ChlnnJsi stllutut that Identification was pilctl
onesawarcaneandlJnelali irado with Uy impostitie aravos nre riJbsd
China was threatened a great houl 1th uoh ragularlty at the poortsy
for mediation tvent up trim Ion oi lum that little attention Is paid tjth
In the mme of humanity was ths practice
pretext tn lie name ct our pocket I The fact that twentythree I Ilea
liooks was the fact Not r pons r on the dissecting table of th in
caraa from Berlin Vienna St Peters dlana tmnllcal college at Iho tlmLhat
burg or Paris a muni d echo from Institution was bumedlias called iJbtla
Home was all and there the Knjllrt attention to the alarming extel to
with these Invcstgatlons nf
mx 5k
grlnSnr iVt > ng b
SfiS IT rc klir and chipping experl
SS Te 1 < v > tief art
used for
perforating stones
used in
the manufarturo of rlpea and othi
You > < iTcJuod ShnMDB
Ana chilli ana fever uui h tt
J rf0 df nle mfaures
USwer e r i a
gion where it is nrevnT r ni
proposal eiK With fatuous dls i i Meh grav robbing Is practiced iTthls
iwtchen roncrnlng Chine victories lty and Hadden to the onsterrjllon safeguard and lo IiS i T1 e bet
and falsehoods calmloted to prejudice thoea whu Joie relatH es by truth Btrmach Tlltters v mL Joaletters
th powers against Japan Kuvland There are possibly JM medical stu enta ony obJeeUoVapX aS trom
continued her Intrigue for medlatlin In < li three colleges every wlntei
on behalf of her trade Thn Cam th l Is said each of these Is provide with
Japanese victories which threatened separate atlff To supply tb i d
the existence of the Chinese empire Jnand there must be wholesale rave
Knglanda only powerful ally and bul robbing Grave robbing Is beln
work rled and
In Asia agalntt PtrnoJi and
Uusslan aggression Again the appeal
from Irindon n the nams ot hu-
manity for Intervention The resut
has been only another universal snub
Itussla and Krone are eager to set
China drop to pVrrcs and thus leave
them alone with India on the main
land derniany and Austria are tired
ot aiding England without receiving
an > thing but words in return and
giving her tho cold shoulder compete
or the more substantial favora tf
on year after year the aces
for selling tha toodles are well k on n
o uin
and is infinitely more tftcclnal wier
ever on this
continent and In the
virulent M alnfi aro most
genera the bitten la
li M n ot mitigate but eradicate
chill and fver
remittent diim
Inquietude It Is of the greatesfemScy
behalf ot eminent elt < I medical testimony men jpf eaV S
no reasonable doubt that It I one o
the moat reliaM tamlij
medicines n
bf 1
nd ar
Vnr Ith the Cook
the Cook I
of VrdUrls
wua rush a free fight for nulla n
food Chinese
over one n
V in Ituciii hns
e and he
great feat
came to a closS
1 Condnctorn Iicnth
o he op ub o Vn n 1
aay ruUmaa conducVoi
Valley rood wa killed
nnd thrown from his tVain at McKai
n small tatin thirty mllA
west of
hero in tho
Indian Territory th
brought n here f y waa P
preparatlm for Inter
In vV i1 evidently kii > d while
berth as he was In his nlrti
° T 0 ot Si
ofrT BAh 1VOI
b iTJ off and hi face powder burneil
He left Kansas City nt 3 oclock thla
morning with J100
A Printers llenth
Houston Tex Nov 9Oscar War
picking up a gaily 0f type when ho
Jllll Ilnj strlUr
Gross Ignoranoj
Its Vain j Hial
The results oM ri s
feased chemists lT i aiL
hat we hav e nJft6 > 3
the perpetrator
t bM J
I ll
f < 0
° ll
ttacM Ju
the rlJcuW
> Heat if a
sssS > t A
spoonful of bIucom and In thV
like quantity
ot Paijtell
ulth water shake therpncslr w
to each forty drops ot S
or ludroehlorlo S
der to Imitate the
natural gastrlo Juice Ilatltf
ly finely minced a quantllr ot
raw lean beef
chlclito the to
hard boiled eitgs or ilmlUr
6 0 bte oni < > It
the bottle In
warm water in a
maintain the
content at i Ira
ture of 100 to 105 dcerwi SW
frequently shaking la ord t >
ouBhly expose the fooj to tin
of the solution X
In the course ot a er itaH
the contents of the holm ttti
laskola will be seen to note
change and In
tno or thmhx
will hao become nllro
solved or digested whertu tti
tents of the other bottle codu
the Rlucose and arlj j a
change beyond a allrat OjHre
appenranco ii
If you hao neither b funiti
the Inclination ti maks tii im
yourself we have no doubt ibiit
druggist will be gad to try lis
perlment Tho lubes hererllli ihn
results of a test made In ourlilxa
the cuts belnir from a photomplt
1 contained glucnse and Xo 1
kola What are tve to eonclaitl
of two things Elthfr tbi a
called chemists aro Ignortnt
honest >
Glucose has no digestive w
TMa Is a well known f rt >
Iaskola Is irl > Ing relief lo tte
of dyspeptics a truth atttiu4lg
unsolicited testlmortlals that f
upon us The presence ot iei
ferments In Iaskola cannot bee
mined by chemical teat No ev
eer seen digestive fermentttali
form and the only nay to dtfcr
their presence Is by ahicrvlnf o
fects which they produce npt
This Is a fact recognlaed by ets
thnrlty and will be found fte
Forters 1hyslology and other tu
Another thing which tllH li
and Jealous rivals hate laid
Taakola Is that Innsmuch a i
Is predtgested starch It 111
to encourage diabetes 3t
We cannot better answer Ibbc1
than by quoting a parsjraph fnai
port made to Mayor Cllrot
York by Dr Cj rus Udaon eoo W
er of health for tho city of Net
nnd for the state of New TonVi
Predlgested stare Is lliril i
exact condition that we find lire
by the digestive oeans for a
latlon It Is preemnenllyaWI
Ing heatprodticdng food wl
diet of predlgested alarctotl
fSn ra did the ten In answer to an tnqoirftoj
rlnctpal woik on behalf of their people mayor as to whether or notprt
tne Kong Chow
M > taxea In California would haw tl i i English clt without cessa ed starch was heallhfol i
bo deducted from the amount or gto i u iAJ ° f u Jte material 1 uppHeatlona coupled with to I Paskola certain a specil M
Milue ot asseiwabU property In th rV iLrl of ho clvlllied J Rood deeds done while the predlgested starch as Hell a r
Uta 5SSni nnrtS he 1 nro c cn ent < l KSS nl > t ln elness nnd I ferments and Is not alone a fur
S Ji mo tn < flintlock f > wrera repented Chi food but It aid the dlrt5llo oi
M t Jt ii i 1 h < I i lo TTl anJ dren > Isallel foods In the stomach Just al
Timi nUt lJTi0 n8 mu the aI l lt0v l c1 l UP ee In the above experiment IM
with hammers of crit I1 ne sticks to bco if good for
tuhTV Vhrt ° < > Is after r I by thfblts oj
rubbed ever He surface while It Jl0 a lllnK heads or tails up togeth
damp The Mexlans and some other < tktfiZX c nilca ani1 Ineenso for
nations c crna
brought thlr Implements 0f welfare
feeble Btoraach of the dyipe
weak to do lta duty It n
porter la su cted o and him la now Th negro aUc4 erful prepart0 J erf
at Ivjtnsos City mall iitnDiacsw0 a eopy t qod i
Street n
SO nesde
delegations A
sons or M ja
csted in the to < nat W pW
piny along the 1J al A
nden lirltf
In his corresi
ends in l aSSV1
him in convention t fitter
November a A JSI jV
Tex Nov 19 A strike
S l SS
ages was the couae Owners rromre ot an > jTd w
Mocethelp isewher e UX
< el l ChageT southern l r P
Hvr about twenty mile l l S2urto ItSSeV L > 1 WJlQ please KunJiit av
HJ ft tto1iJ
at W
I > 1
Send for our 5 tt
phlet and leant Ni

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