Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 363, Ed. 1, Wednesday, November 21, 1894 Page: 6 of 8

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Tonr wohtii3 rcitciiAsx or tub
o woRTiisiDES rnoiiiiiTr
nil AVI1I Onernlo the rlnutUrent
Improvement VM l e Elmle Uork
In tbo Cnnrls Couimlsslonrr
Conrt officers Sworn In Touny
ttho Tort Worth fllrcet Ilatiway com
Jinny his purchased th property of the
Korth Blilo Street rtalway company
> nd H1 operato iho name In th future
Tho transfer was mado yesterday In
lb fenteentli district court Tbo
lifnitAin for which the property of the
Hallway company
old was about 130000 Tho Tort Worth
company will at once commence to
walco ixtenalve improvements on tho
line and new tracks will tot laid new
qar added and tho road will bo put In
o rirstclass condition It is proposed
to expend about JIOOOO In Improve
llio Jury In tho llrown vs Iludion
cattlcj suit In tho Seventeenth district
court were out all day yesterday but
failed to come to an agreement nnd
Judge Harris directed the Jurors to
lemaln together and probably they
can come to a verdl t today
In Ilia ault of J F McCowan v the
Houston and Texas Central Railway
company Judgment was rendered for
tbo plalntlft for costs
The null of the Texas Brewing com-
pany n J I Morton Co t al Is
un trial In the Fortyeighth district
In tho county court there were tt largo
number who pleaded guilty to various
nrronsea especially to gaming and to
keeping open on Hundaj
fleorgc Collins pleaded guilty to car-
rying n pistol olid was fined 125
Too Meyer open on flunday lined
Jinvifelley open on Sunday 520
Cvll Craig Letting w It Is due 310
Ham lrincli cahlblltng a gaming de-
vice two casos 110 each
Jack Usan selling on Sunday three
ennos t2u each
It Kuhn selling on flivRi 12a
aiall llilnson plaviiijOMs 310
C I Crouch opt n on Sunday two
cases 20 earn
Jim Irfatcf open on Sunday 520
Frlti Drefool 1 pen on Sunday 120
Tu 11 1 lied
Henry Smith l S I Ash debt and
foretiosuie note lfow foreclosure on
40 acres of lind T Tl Yoik survej
Ftern Lauer Rhohl Co in S J
J 11 and O It I ggoston debt nnl
foreclosure vrte 12017 dattd Novem-
ber 1 UD2 flTed of tinst lot JC boa
tl city of Vernon Wilbarger county
O lluclitlJers I C Cox et al-
to try llllo
llullleli < li
Anton Ootif b stems to have grit
Jft lie wni an rated for prowl n
11 round In tho Aorth Jiotol Inst light
tnd fnmmtttPil for vngraney When
nrretcd he was nun ltse only U
nhlrt llewnn tried on the vagrancy
chare btforo Justice Adams unJ
H id J3
Mnrrluitr I It en cm
Tim following couples wei emitted
marriage llctnues by the county court
ileik > i tord y
H It Moselv nnd AthcUi Hftncovk
J 11 l ahoy mil Uthel Hart
Walter llerllner colored and Allca
John on colored
roiiiiiiUtoiii r Onurl
Tlie county conurtlitalonerii wcro In
9 HflUit u short time justcrday and ad
JuutntMl to makti a vlnlt to tho poor
Xarm nnd coin let mint
A O riftiiajun wow nirtorn In n con
PtnUp of precinct No 4 Iho oilirr
county olllccrs will > u sworn In today
Ii > ri1 of iru > t
O W IUs tn Tejtan Urewlnjx
rotuiaity ft nl liquor ilfnlvra HcenM
euli on fixture rtn ut 103 Nortli
llounton Rtre tl tao
llfnt lUtittr IrnnslriM
J 1 Jumtmm to C V 1 nren part
iir it r Lurtm nultyt lk
J T J n nit son to C 1 Myers part of
11 I Cm tin iurviry J15
Nt H itfttlfn to AV It DodtfP p rt of
Jot 4 block 1 Howdal ndditan II 0
Jamna Mvert > to II Mor an lo > a
19 and UO block 17 unlot tlcnot uJdl
tlon 750
Jt A THoliaberry irtmrdlftH tn W
J Uottx lou 3 4 and UocU > AlforJ
Jfc V al mldtitmt 112th
Iol > teclinlo coUcdo to V If aidy
t 1 hlJl2k 3I l li tKlnita coilcgo ud
dltlon 150
Thomas linche to Alex Canto taut
lllrerlitlnld n addition ssr0
Tl Vlrkcry nnd a C Ah to J T
J J < I ft 23 llenwood ad
dttlon SiSD
Ikn Wllaoii et nl to Mr Kate Nash
lou nnd J block 4 J l Williams1
nddlllou 30
B M ChAmticrf bv ndmlnlatratov Co
Foiomon Ma < Icii M 3 nnl imlf ft lot 1
block 4 ClmmMtB addition
J I VillUilii Ruri wfp to J j I u
ttCre J M ° 0rO otentJ
> J H rullUn ftud wlfo to J U pul
ltati 43 ftcroi l3itto
AVblld lSnj < > >
Tlin pleaoant flaor nmia nctton and
voutblns t tTtHtd 4 f Sjrup or rip > hn
in n a r laxntlvo nnd It tho fatiW
Y n a ho 1 Itlliuuii tl
ton nmilfjbiff ivmjltfl follow Us
io that It la tlto beat family remedy
Knonn nnd eerv family BtioulJ hao
a bottle on hftnd
Hie m1t > r < iMii lllrurri Suit
Mr A J Amerum trhen appFoacbed
yesterany concernlnir the iult for di
vorce dld by hi wifo the day bofora
In t evonteentlt dUtrlct court do
cllnul to mike any utalemcnt enn
ceriilnjr th intitter aao to any that
tho publication of thi rather1extraor
dinary cbarce In the petition was n
source of morll flea tlon to him but that
he bad no fear aa to tbe opinion or hti
frlenda and thoie Intimately ac-
quainted with his domeitlc life and
none aa lo tliobe who preferred to await
the dlacloeure of the true facta rather
than rely on ex parte charges In the pe-
tition Alcd
Ott Skinner Thnrmlnr
fThfl advent of Otla Bklnner as ft tM
at theOrecnnall opera bouae Thursday
night will undoubtedly b an Interest-
ing and noteworthy theatrical event
America has o few actor today with
lofty ambltlona and high artlstlo pur
potea that tot high greeting1 cannbt be
extended to our young nclora who Uko
7Sr KUInner hao the highest dramatla
alma In view lie brlnjm to Ida new
sphere of Importance a lorn and thor-
ough etago experience aaaoclatlng with
our grcnteat actors of the past decode
dignified personal character a In
tlatlc temperament and marked accom-
plishments He has been before the
publlo many years and had achieved
many notable successes As a star
In conjunction with Madimo ModJeaHa
Inst nelson ho eatabllsta himself uh
an nctor of exceptionable power and
merit tn roles of the heroic cam bis
pptendld performance of Sbylack In
this city being especially notawortliy
During bis engagement hero be will
appear In the new charming comedy
drama by Clyde Iltch entitled Ills
lrace do Ornmmont In bis new play
Mr ritch has again gone to English
history for bis material nnd has re
lifted ns bis ttntral ilgurn tbe
striking nnd Interesting person-
ality of tho Chevalier de Ornm
mont fimoua ut tho courts of
l uls XIV of Trance and Charles II
of Jnglnmt for bis bratry wit nnd
rersonal accomplishments The action
of tho plaj deals ullll bis lift nt the
Kngllkh Cotirt lie has helected 111
cltnmeters from Anthony Hamiltons
Memoirs of Count Ornmmoit but
beyond this his play Is entirely orlgl
tin I It will bw pn vented with a strong
cast and with much elaborateness In-
setting costuming and other details
We are doing business nt tho name
o 1 stand
Han jou iwen our lino of rtlllNr
Is more com plot e than e > cr and
prlrM nwny down
Mnddox Hills m ft Co
Wo sell to uvrjono on easy paj
Nullrt ir llla > uliil ii
The undersigned nnd Mr Dillon
heretofore composing tho firm of M
Dillon nnd compiii dolme a transfer
business In the city of Iirt Worth
han dissolved partnership this day by
mutual consent the mid btiatiicss to be
continued by tho undrstgiiedj who will
oollcct nnd pay nil monies due to and
owing by said Hi in
Tort Worth lex Nov U 1S91
Ladles of Missouri Auntie church
will sere ThankSKltlng dinner and
supper NoM nh r is ai > i Main street
Publtj tonll ill > luWtod
ruiiernl ollio
Died C1 > de Infant mm of Mr and
Mrs Juhn V l iftln died nt 13 oclock
jeuttrday of dlphtherli on Cooper
Blnvt runernl senlces will take phue
ut new cemetery nt 10 a m todn
Npcrlnt lliilrN In M I oiiIm
Por the TraiiflMUslsslpm commcreht
eonnrtiss nt St Uouls Njv uih ilo
Oulf ColonulQ Hanta V rnllwny will
sill oxcutMUm llckits to m MuU nnd
return at tho rata of on fart ci tho
lound trip Dntcs of tnt < t Nn il and
SB limited fur return lo Dec 4
Chrysanthemum exhibit and sale
Thursday Hrlday niul Baturdiy Come
and bring jour frit ml
Ited loom culte
Chairs of nil Ulndf
Maddux JTtlUon Co
Hull nn easy pnjnvijnUi
Ited lounges
Holding b d
Chrj uanthemum exhibit and sale
Thursday Hi Idly nnd Saturday Come
und biintt jour frltiuls
Nun Open
M sm AUoul A MaMleU tVrfo plea
tr < ii nn miming to thu tttizii < > f
i Wttib that thu > iu openeu Cis
l tut Hub fytdlntstable njdpro In
ever > rtipcci They respectfully solU
jOir pjtinsrc
Stmtit Ireen
Now Is tbe time lo plint See our
samples UK Kit HKOS
Wo have the moat complete line of
ruuNITUHtt w ha eer bad nnd
price to suit the times
Mnddox 1 niton Co s
All goods Hold on easy pajmnts
2 J
200LnlicsICil Congress 200
8250 largo button in kid or ololli top
Mens R K 300 Shoes in all tho now
Tin roiiTiuss CITIIUDIUU
Imimnlnic Itellgloti Ceremonies tn
I It Irrsener ot Klnus and lrln >
re The llody I ucrd lu llio
While tho bells tolled and the minute
guns boomed their requiem priests
chanted the eonorou Greek lltugy
Per tho body of Ciar Alexunder III
In the Portress Cathedral 8t Iaters
burg On a Mack covered dais three
steps above the floor of the nave the
conin waa placed Candelbra blaring
about it did llttlo to rellee the gloom
in the great church
Over the catafalque was spread a
black canopy lined with ermine sup-
ported by four great pillars The mag
nenta > elvet covering tho steps of the
dais was strewn with golden eagle
and cunningly wrought wreaths of sil-
ver glittered about tho catafalque
The czars body nore a simple uni
form The waxy white bands were
crossed bijow a sacred Image of f > t
Alexander Newskl Tbe new czar Nlch
olas H his mother hi ainanced Hrln
cesa Alix of HesseDarmstadt members
of the trnporlil family and high ofllclals
of tho empire advanced In turn and
reverently kissed the Image
After tho chanting ind djpj nwny
the casket was lowered Into the crypt
and tbo opening In tho floor was closed
by a stone weighing C000 pounds
Tho whole city was In mourning
At Interal on the Neskl Prospect 40
pillars boro somber urns In which
IncLnxe burned
hong iigu the court doctors gae up
the attempt to bldo the nature of the
JT Ill 7 IUs majesty was at
tacked by llrlrhta disease of the kid
ney two yearn ago ond he received
fair warning that bis pale drtwn face
pains In the bock faint epells and
general weakness nnd purr
ing under the eyes meant one thing
He would not listen to adWce nnd he
Is dead long before old ogo could hao
touchM him
Hrlghta disease was a dreadful agent
of death long before It wns Known by
that name It was believed to be In-
curable nnd with reason until a great
remedy was put forth to combat It
Those who suffer from tho milady are
sometimes reluctant lo bellee that
nn > thing can truro them
There 1 one sceptic less eery time
Warners Hafe cure ha n chance to
show what It can do The assertion
that Ibis medicine can and does re-
pair tho mwiffei of advanced kldnty
disease In made without any Ifs and
but Nature gives jou fair warn
ing when > our kidneys re below pir
Do not reject her admonition as the
bite car did
Content tn be sick and > ou will soon
bn well If jou use Warners Hafe Cure
Tlie warmest words of praise for this
remedy come from phyrltlans vvhoae
hostility to proprietary medicines In
general Is notorious
Ibey know bow Wnrncrs Bafe Cure
arts upon the urinary orrons so that
relief Is Immediate nnd cure certain
They bavo felt Us power In their own
A departure from perfect health with-
out positive s > mptoms or organic da
vnnt l often erroneously attributed to
cold or overwork when In fact the kid
nijs nro affected Then Is the time to
tnke Warners Pafe Cure for although
It cnnqueis the wotst cast of course Jt
mikos much shorter work of the trou-
ble If no time Is lost
Hrlahts dUeus kills men In mid-
dle llfo Warners Sife Cure preserves
men tdr a ripe old nge
Mntldiir IJxrnrnloiiN tn tho Uhl
Cor the holiday excursions to the
old states tho Cotton licit route will
sell tickets Decrmber 0 21 ami 22
U1M nt one faio for tie round trip
limited good to r < turn within thirty
days from date of sale to Mem his
Nashville Dlrmlnghim Atlanta Chat-
tanooga HrlBtol ht Iouts Cairo Iou
Isvltle Cincinnati New Orleans and n
large number of other points If jou
antlclbste pnilng > our friends a botl
tlijvisit writs tout and gtt tbe lowest
iaun an I thrungh connections
Nothing will be spared In the way of
fast trains extra equipment and sure
connections to mnko jour trip an en
Jojnljlo one
Wrlta lour friends In tho oil states
who uie all nnxloui to make their
home lu this land of good things to
gtt readv and come hick with jou
whew n heirty welcome awaits them
All lines sill via the Cotttfn Itelt route
the only Hue with double dnllj train
rrom Texas to Memphis and icturn
without crange
a n WAiiNnn o r a
A A OtIB ON Tyler Tex
T 1 A loi t Worth Tex
lein1 to lilfnvo Itliout Ctinnur
> ln Hi luilta
The Iron Mount tin Roue always
studying Iho confort of its patrons
has established n comllnntlnn svattm
tf Vulliraii nnd Uigner 8eplug cars
tunning belwcn all lotnti lu Texas
and Chlcaga without ilmnge Ma the
Wftbnsh and Cdcago and Altcn rail
ro Is Uy tl Is arrnngnnxnt the crmt
est ecnvinlenco Is afforded the traveler
nnd nddn to tne Just r putatlon which
this rout > rns giln d of being the for
front In all Improvements popular with
the tru cling bubllc Tor further infor
muthunppb to John C iejsls Trnvt
lug 1 Jsa nKer Agent Austin Tex
ItiixcM nnd HtprureeiiM
In fine variety XlAKEli HR03
1 Wliniii It Iny ntif m
This Is to give notice of the dissolu-
tion of tho firm of W W Dunn Jt Son
doing a hotel business In tbe city of
IVrt Worth state of Texas on August
81 IS94 W V Dunn li authurtted
to collect and settk nil legltlmiU
claims agatnst rVr due said firm
The hotel will be continued by W W
DuniCwhere ho hopes to meet many
Hates tt per day
WV are beadiuartera for haid and
soft c > al l > eniis > lvanln und Oult < i an
thraclt9 gerulna McMester Nigger
head and other grades or Cotorado and
Indian Territory coals Hememberall
our coal la weighed on public olty
scales 71S Houston street Phona CS
IHniitethlntr rw
A place where > au can it e a Urge
ouihn of money b > sendlrg us > our
old dressos suits an J overcoats to be
dyc l cleaned nd made as eenlcoable
as when llrst purchased A t pay ex-
P sjt ctmrgd one way on out ot town
UOCHfcJt HUosvIropa
Ilethel MImIuiu
A good altendano and n ptwssnt
anlc at tkla place of worship Hat
night Uv Vaughn a member of tba
Northwest Texas conference was tha
speaker and soaaa etroa burning
words of love and truth In a bri > f
address which bad a goi4 effect upon
those who listened sevtral coming to
the altar and one profeislng conver-
sion Preaching every night Come
out tonight at 7 S
The Connfjr seliuoU Illllnir lp > nd
Seternl Opened Moiitlny
It was some time before the county
schools could get well started but the
cotton crop Is largely In and he coun-
try lads and lasses have been fovklng
to their usual temples of learning at
quite a lively rate during tiv lait two
The following county schools opened
last Monday
Montgomery No 1 Gladen Lovell
Lonesome Dove Ho 7 Miss Lizzie
Hlcele No 20 II M Illett
MIntera Chapel No S0J W Em-
ery Mineral Wells No 41 Mb Ilftttle
Wheeler No 45 0 W Avett
Littles No CI Miss Delia Rowland
Gibson No 73J V lUrger
An tncouraglng feature is the Inter-
est tho trustees are taking In the
schools anl in providing for the com
fortable condition of the school bojfes
< J Dr Flute has an trtIM ln this Uiu
of the fUxette head l Thls Is a
Fact H la ry readable and ram
bo of
Interest to jou
thu itnccrntn axd ii QtnT to
An In format Iteeeptlon To He Held
nt the Commercial Club Followed
Iiy a Ito > Haininct Ho pH Iilyn
the Watchword
Tort Worth will do herself proud to-
night and In the attentions shown her
visiting guests from Mlwourle metrop-
olis will Just about make the best show
irg ot any town In Texas She never
was behind the procession when glory
and honor distinction and credit were
to be gained and whether In politics
or In business la always found on the
side of horse sense and right leading
the van by enough space to slip any-
one of her competitors In between our
flyer and tbe one nearest
The party of moneyed and distin
guished guests will arrive In the city
at 7 oclock this afternoon They will
ISni 0 P Io n th e Kn Lnn > Union depot by Ma or
< > >
It will the long run to
pay them In
Jnteiest themselves largely In the
education of their chldren and ano
in giving encouragement to the joung
men and women who teach their
schools for them The country school-
teacher as a general thing has a dif-
ficult taste and does a great deal of
hard work for small pay and as a
general thing th y are conscientious
In ddfng their work It Is not a good
sign when a farmer takes m re In-
terest In his hogs than In his children
Iist Irlday nnd Saturday Superin-
tendent D Mcltae held an examina-
tion for teachets Thir4 were ten ap-
plicants but of thit number only three
could stand tbe examination and re-
ceived certificates Tne successful
ones were Miss Kettle lloulJln O W
Avett nnd W W Ihires
This shows tint the teachers of Tar
rant tounty schools must be qualified
for thu work nnd that not everybody
with ft mere smattrlng cf an ed na-
tion will be allowed to do the responsi-
ble work of a teacher
Kuperlntendent Mrltao will start out
on a tour of Inspection of the schools
In a short time
A new school bouse will be bult nt
Dido nnd others ore contemplated
Tliei Midland 1nlr
CoIotH W C Griffin editor of tbe
Mldltnd News nnd sccr tar > of t e
Midland Fair association is here In
the Interest of bis pap r and usj or
tbe fair there which occurs on the 12th
13th Iltb of December
The Indications are that It will Ue a
grand success as Mldlan 1 li one of the
bolt towns In wvst UVxas and is
backed by many of our m ist promi-
nent stockmen The nBsoclatloi offers
liberal purses and premium which
will attract larg crowds cicb daj
The thP e days riclng will be tine us
many flyers have alnady been en-
Tlio livestock exhibit promises to be-
ns line an any In Texas The railroads
will give cut rates nnd ell thn who
can should Visit that town anl c un
try und behold Its uprlnr advan-
tages and possibilities Doabtless an
outing at that lime woull prove mu
tualli beneficial to all cone rnei
We would encourage the inanaga
ment lu their effort to build up an
Institution So I raiseworthy Il inem
ber the datecDecember 12 13 and It
Cbitp i
Cheat t st
On priii
easy u
At v
Maddox JJUIson ft Co
i Inl ItocW ltlnnl Unto
Ior the Tmns Mississippi Commercial
congress which meets at 8t Louis No-
vember M the Cblcvgo Itock island
nnd Tixu i all way vvlll nell round trip
tlLkcta at one Tare for the round trip
Dalts U iale November 1 and 5
tlcketn g > od oiili for continuous pas
huo eucb WTiy Anal limit December 4
Chnsanlbemum exhibit and sale
Ihursdav Friday and Saturday Come
and bring your fnlonds
ll > nclnlhs tulips lilies etc should
be planted now lUKrit ItUUS
Slirdul Hulls i > ti Hie Kill
The folowlng sptclnl rates are au
thortcd over the Mlssouil Kansas and
Texas lallway
lo Han Antonio on account of tha
state Irrigation convention December
4 to 12 Inclusive nt one and onethird
fares ou the ccrtlllcato plan
lo New Orleans on account of the
Bouth and West Trade conference to be-
held November 21 to 21 round trip
tickets will be sold November 13 to 21
Inclusive at one und onethird fares
with return limit of November 25
To Houston on a count of the Ma-
sonic Orand Lodge round trip tickets
will be sold on November and De-
cember 3 and 3 at one fare for the
round trip Ilnal limit for return Do
ceniber 8t
D nt think that
We are higher than competitor
Tor our prices on ev > rytbng are
lower than ever on rUHNITUHC of all
Come and see
Maddox nillson Co-
On easy pnvmenla
rami lodK of Mn on ltnt < >
Tor tbe nice ting of the Clraml
T < ot1rte of Mnslus nt Houston Agents of
the Port Worlh nnd Denver City rail
way nro nutlmrlxcd to sell on December
3 and 3 routd trip tickets nt one fare
for round trip limiting for final return
to Pet ember 20
Ctio nitttirmumsi
Seo our chr > sinth mums
1UKUU llttoa Tia Houston St
Savo the little ones Vegetable king
dom produces the rcmed > The Juice
of tbe inenpple baa cured and will
curs tho iftrj worst cn es of diphthe-
Un a lluniplirrrs
Hook store for fine stationery gift
books and picture frames
Did jou know that
Hard times aw felt by us and we
want to sell sou
At prices never heard of before
Coma and se
Maddox nillson A Co
Bold on easy payments
Chrj aantbemum exhibit and sale
Tbursdaj Frld > and Saturday Come
and bring your friends
Why not take a turktsh bath or a
finely furnished room at the Natato
1addock and many of our representa-
tive business men and will be driven
Immediately to the elegant rooms of
tbe Commercial Club on Stain street
where on Informal reception will be-
held till about 9 oclock From there
they will proceed to the Worth hotel
where from 3 30 till overbody has
enough one nf the most admirably con-
ducted and admirable banquets Tort
AVorth ever knew will be given Mem-
bers of the Chamber of Commerce
some who are not citizens of all pro-
fessions and fair women will gather
about the festal bonrd and toast the
representatives of many of the Wests
greatest enterprises
Captain Taddock was busy yester-
day He was securing subscriptions
with which to make tonights affair a
success and succeeded admirably A
handnome sum of money was 3peed
lly raised nnd business men seemed
to vie with one another In their efforts
to sho respect for the party
noon to be thrown upon our hospitality
A happy program has been partlj pre-
pared nnd will be concluded before
noon today Mn > or Paddock will act
ns master of ceremonies and toast mis-
ter He sajn he will not make a speech
but those who know him say he will
rlie above himself on the occasion
There are a number of fine spmlcera
whose services have been enlisted nnd
the one who wants to hear oratory
would not do well to refu nn Invita-
tion to attend And the menu Thats
where ones palito will be tickled Ev-
erything one can conceive nf as an
edible everthlng a connolsneur In
wlnea would think of will be there In
nbundancc and everyone will be bid-
den to become merry
It will be something of which cverv
citizen of Tort Worth will feel proud
nnl of which every member of the
party will rememher wllh feeling of
pleasure Our city In put on Its mettle
bat the nnmes of thoe In charge of the
entertainment are sufncl nt proof of
the success they will attain
rarlor suites
Opntr tables
Hall trees
Itnttsn rockers
All sold on essv pnymens
At Maddox Ellison Co
i Hfliiii vt iuuM
Arthur Waters nnd Melville Linton
of Cleburne spent jestcrday in Tort
Miss Ida lossom ot CI Jnso who
has been l ltl g relatives here has
returned home
Mrs Don Mulllns of Corslcsna Is vis-
iting her dauBhtcr Mrs John Kevins
on mst Thirteenth street this week
Miss Itosa Jcnkln of ban Antonio
stopped o > er hero > esterday on her
Hay to Wichita rails to visit relatlies
the banquet Blien to the St Ioiils
commercial magnates nis evenlnir will
bo something of which those who are
present will be proud Tort Worth will
don her best costum and smile her
sweetest smile It win how tho re
ttlrtl V My du distinguished
party of Mlssourlins
and will be en
0able as well Mirth merriment or
atory fair women and Eood will will
So tsSt oud 0 lW oubtedy
J I Itubblns anil wife of Houston
are spending 1 few days In the city
C It Mann of Sednin Mo Is ston
Wnff in town a few dajs Ho w 1
le tomorrow for the Houston races
i1 0 on < 1 Mlnl
cell i of vv Inchcstcr Va accompanied by
< in uncle spent lesterdaj In the cllf
e rout to the
capital of Mexico where
hhuiT p le Unler ln >
I ho Imperial Clerman riub so It
Isrumored w II BUe a pleasant ccrman
cv tho e > enns of the 20th instan
fe nl r Uo hl ns bJ halve 5a
Ue ent In
question can bo eipected
t be n dellghtrul ns those that haT
n eady occurred Thero will be a larte
c wd present and one of the most
J > nbio donees of tho season Is antic
rmirenay nlnht n theater party
Mine of elBhtem couple win
ata In tho parquet nt Oreenwalls
mpllmentarj t0 Mr W N Wadsl
orth who
Ills Bklnner Tho part was cotten wllh up
> Messrs Horace Hunter
and Arch
larrold who were classmates of Mr
Uds orth nt Bncet Springs Mo sew
ral > ear niro It i a mark of the V
tern n which
the talented
> ounB
Vt1 br h < Hill nJ
hase hls utmot
r homef 80m ° < aTfei
Miss lthel Foster of Houston 1 >
suing on the south side
1 L I
who hns
siting Miss Loon Harrold been
on South
lain street has mit
gone t h
on at rort Olbon much K
rort Worth and Dallas Me ndt
Mr Drumm of the Drumm
Mslted friend Seed and
lojnlCo i Jc
rfp urne1 >
1 ho i ort Worth Musical nnd Dramai
a union ml Monday
home Of Judg ham Hunerf Weatht
rford tree with a Utga aV
lSovra 5ro r Sn
idWon < lrou M r aS S
I rAnna Moore of Mount Mens
ant Ti Is Msiting her faiht
mother Judg and Mrs McLcln
ti n on
Hlinderson street
Why do you wait
For Bomtthtnjf
you need tn the furnltura
Line wan jou can
Uuy on 7 Z rannenta of
Maddox XiIl oa Co
llemer peei l ltnten
the certliUate n < ani nethlrd fares on
haa b e uade b
the Tort Worm mntX Ien Vo Hills
Wo liavo received several shipments of now tho in
past few days popular styles You will need fool
Wo liavo it to eell and tho prices are right v
Our Btook of Dancing shoes is complete
Our stock of Holiday Slippors is very larg9 lu3
Jlall orders recoivo careful attontion
X 1 nr F hate t
1 I prturrlptlim niletl ot lit I
W 1 or Ilflli una Mutn itl ioJli
f = = = > < eplnir Iho best ik
y = = I illtnir nt low lrtrm nnd lor KOttdl ib
boro on account of the Northwest Tex-
as conference of the Methodist ii la
copal church Dates of sale Novem-
ber 20 to 23 Inclusive with return
limit of December 1
On account of the TransMlsslsslppl
commercial cowrress which con > enes
nt St Louis Noember 2B he Tort
Worth and Dener ttll Isstie tickets
at rate of one fare for round trip
Sellnjf dates November 21 and 2wlth
return limit of December 4
icvssw unitNou nrHi
Said To lie DeolillnK tpnn the Aezt
> niue nf It I a lnrt
There appeared upon the register of
a hotel yesterday written In bold char-
acters this name L D LcwelllnE
Wlohlta Kan lie came quietly and
without any of ttte bluster that 1 mid
to characterize hln actions In the stat
oer which ho and Mrs Lease have
jointly presided
IxfwelllnB is a housahnld word
throughout these United States as fa-
mous ns that of Mary Tellln lyase
The defunct Popples hae been ln tho
habit of awcailnff by both and Walte
Iennojer Leave nnd I welllnff have
been th Idols before whom they bunt
tho knee
fioernor IowelIlnff came took lunch
nnd silently went his way lie talked
no politics he cave no Intimation of
the cause of his Islt ond avoided the
reporters as he would a Iper lie
didnt een say whitherh ° was colntr
Hut the story leaked nut h had cime
to counsel with Judge Nuqent and
Stump Ashby as to the best name
they would do welt to assume In 1898
and the most l > srabe color of the
fl iff under which they will make
one more attempt to rally ther be-
fuddled followers This Is the story
those who claimed to know toll and
who also said the noernor had pro-
ceeded to Waco wh re tho clans wire
mtherlntr jestcrdaj to the watchword
of anything to belt em Nvffpnt and
Ashby for our standard bearers In
Democrats here ciy they hope the
creatura will receHe a politic chrlten
Insr one that will not sound unpoetlc
when the press writes Us epitaph and
will present a creditable appearance
when engrcnen on Its tomb It Is not
known how lonir Ooernor Levelling
will remain In the state
Our best cabinet photos only 1 5 per
dozen for a few dijs
WOItKM the rhotosrrapher
buperlnlenlent Chiles rimiiffei Ilia
Opinion buut Our liter lltitli
Puperlntendent of Water Works F
W Chiles Is ready nnd willing to swear
that wo lack a great deal of h iMhk a
water panto nt hand This conclusion
was reached Just before noon jesttrJay
without a momenta notice he
took a plunge In the water of the We t
Tork Into ten feet of the desirable fluid
He came to the surface a moment later
spluttering and stirring tho surface Uke
a biff Mississippi steamer
He could not swim so It Is std
though Capt Chllds denies this rlgor
gusIj nnd a boat was sent to Ms res
cue from Leblgs dam He was larg
Ins to a dea > ed root when It broke rnd
the superintendent was a practical
sight of the theory of Immersion Mr
Chtles says we still have plenty of
water let none think otherwise and
ns a means of a shower bath the dams
are a brllllnnt success Ho l as an
nounced his Intention to renew his
swimming exercise and will begin Just
soon us the daisies reappear
A WAV mom
Talk of Allowing the Mujoj to Ap-
point Alt Utr OnirlHl
common talk among aome
J terda > of having our ordinances re
l ed so as to allow tha to
mayor ap
point all the city ofllclals from were
tary down to
be confirmed by the
council a vote of tworhlrds or twelve
being necessary to make the appoint
m nt a no
In other wonls to give the mayor the
denfeal power ot tie president with
the council acting as the senate
While this la advocated by a few
It ta BtronBlycombaited by
many who
fp foc r1 ncM nor wani xss
That It would destroy the whole au
gZfSl L r eVfrfy
Sixth an Main Str it
ueucnil Btrnluhtromnranei
nirrfrlo Imtterle lirpoatmta
s > rtnites nnl needles irK
crit nuniHirteris tu >
irn > ar
srrlnKeN Bttoulil r l > rnrr nrJl
liitriumnt rlts In tarLt >
inenl ul low prli > p m the
irtti IluifiiiMpy
omtinut von
BlaIn nnd riClh nCreeU JL
mil nl tli I rt Unrlfa PhK2
nej onimn rut r I lfh nnd Mali
Mlredit Krult Inlilii 4ita D
IMiuiitl Ixirn cliotolittfH una cob
miner liackujces 75o ptr
Comln nnl liriinticH In at it e auort
linjiit nt 1 ort Worth llmrmiirr ij
corner Main it ml 1 lfli nlrteti Tn
l iHt lork ot KXN t toie t i rk k
rnri nnd tnrire ntnck nf nerfin
er > toilet K tla rtc etc eu b
imn nt loir itrIt en til the 1 orMWik
lhnrniiio omimn turuer Mali
iintl Illlh HlreeU
If the disreputable clasica cm ti
our city odlclals Is there urn
reason to preterit them elseilni t
t uch argument n it wrt
1 ort Worth nnd the council haim
power now It knows how to kUL
This Is about the even taw
the conveisatlon one hears coflten
clty politics and unless thereUin
cal chango of publio icrttlmcnt I
council will never have moraiTirtt
already ested In It
runernl ttce
The funeral of Mrs MoinVBtff
daughter of Mr John Katleu t
take place from the family resltoi
Kast Front street at 3J0 p
Trlends of the family are lrnrttd
The Iroa Unit
Indianapolis Jnd N 20J
Winters today hiird the attormji
the receiver and claimants unda
matured certificate brandi ot ISi
Hall else He rendered JudjrmM
fax or of all those who ha J proved i
claims for the full amount ot 1
certificates less money received
which the usual dividend t
be l > ald He excluded such cai
came from branches that are as i
counted to the receiver Inalloffi
cases Jtr Wlshard who repmti
the claimants took an appeal tl
supreme court Mr USurd npr
ed about 22Z claims Inrolflcr i
lite total cost of the recelrmhlli
shown by the court reeordj hue
1107333 01 Of this amount I3C1
has been paid to the receiver sad
attorneys Iealnic the other i
of the truit tnm 31
lteeeiver railley has bees Sw
J5OO0O for his eervlcea by the vr
IITIIli 111111
Doaz buys sells or exchanges
school books SOU Main atmtV
Dr Brolles has rcmoiej to Ul I
dee block Seventh nnd Houston av
Dr make dentist eraduate PtiW
pha Dental oolleaje office ThW a
MMn streets
Thomas Shine the eyeswM at
Mr nnd Mrs O W Shine 1W
Terry street yesterday anew e
Tuneral from the Catholic cnura1 a
Ceorce I Oause funeral fnf
nnd embalmer Full aisortmeot WJ J
dertakers Roods Takes full eU
of funerals and furnishes all wet
nqulrements No 311 West W >
ford street Tort Worth Tex
phone 157 J a
Clyde infant son of Mr W
John L Lofton died at the v
Idencn on Cooper street yeitew 11
oclock after a short M
was a remarkably brljht UtlK k
the life or the household ana P ji
by nil who knew him <
The Infant son of Judts >
II O Head notice ct l
was made > esterda > was f
the now cemetery yesterday iu r
A large concourse tolloved p
mains to the irrato and jt I
with there JT
tears ot regret
shed by the erlet stricken fuge
vciiaoMt > iimW
C W Merchant of AUl j
the city jestcrday hM
T C Andrew went to McKWWJSj
nlffht on a business trip y
J W Mathw of AlbMfW
morning for W
Mr P A Horan S
w th the Crawford I > rv OfJZ
where he will bo pleased W
many friends
W 11 1IIcr
About six we1
Ilurghardt nssaultwl MM r J
Fisher inlurlne UnfA
caped and was hj
few days ago
from him In
down jwterday and bro rf
man He was locked
tried for
3 T00 i ti TO rti
Nov 16 WOn WSS itJ
br 11 W 1 Sttl atf
sale at nearKdenconcl the Molloj f > oc Dtj f
ranch all personal prop U fa W
company JtSr Kl
head of cattle m J St
srad Ilerefojl ati
hcres tv ell < > >
menls and Jt in
fodder nnd otrft >
11 McCarthy rre
2jy a Ja ltlV h jj

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