Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 363, Ed. 1, Wednesday, November 21, 1894 Page: 7 of 8

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There waa quite
< rylieverterfay In regard
l Vlmated that the
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V kind more satisfactory
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of nnJenM
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1 would be no unfalora
< ° knc in Chicago CI
11 Ittal the courts have rome
Sj wWch
l ne Cblcago ° a im
Uaa not > w much con
fbmil tne s limit They have
of conducing their
U Um
L In a way contrary lo tlio
M state eulhorltl s
imuliif Ji Si l ln8 guided
Lr t > > Wttlng of the abort Ir
another There
one placi to
2slarge covering Cammneka
MM wnlli ned and some sell
VJS looked on hor
2ii sere thought favorable to
S decline A ralll In Chicago
ui purchase of 2000 shares
Vli tin
a ilaplciaa Tlili stilted u rumoi
i iH W > or fop Chl < a ° i
iloa and Qui no
SrMtern fold on rumor that
w atnnent would show a very
Wfcrealelo gross earnlngsvvhlch
ilmprobabl os October 1893 has
earnings In
Lint grow
aiorf of tin compony
atop of the Texas und lnclfle
of November lucreaa
yj week
0141mrket opened moderately oct
al aimevrhst llrmer In tone ovv
fetimber ailotall ns from Jondon
ift attempts of b a s to recover
> tf tbelr abort contracts
arsaa sttung anu n account of
trdemand In the trad the wtock
iriwd not cat for bnh accounts
3aJSluna w r limit d an to trad
pterrlna to await ncllon on Chi
Burlington an 1 Qulncy dl Idend
tEJnrmoemont In Northwestern
tfoa t mwrt that the tUMenJ
HHrfHiced to Ti pr cent weak
ft market at tli c1o < l tmrtlcu <
forpanBtrv which were placed
1 tin Are by hi bears The op
ajtf vai Jiot neglected to iecoer
Vittra Union lost yesterday af
b futile attempt to knak tln
H Tlit cold neither stlmuUtrd
irtif fcellns In coalers and the
1htrst w rpduced In this
9tfttock3 du ir dtsplnjcd its
jl wi e by sudnly becoming
it i report that no tariff loglsla
iisaM be enacted In tha com Inn
Eri nrre9 The completion of
wftj movemerit was rpsponFlble
VWlne and RhoTod that thero
itftiio eiiiulne Inside support
4 utji a in demand tlitough
bjron afciunt of the earnest
a 4 lbs company to give better
ttW Mrt and faollttlea to the trav
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i cau
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eal Ui
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ftitckn 1 llitnitn
let Nov O stock a nd boudi
ItufollontnK VNiu OM
IMtafa icfi t rtd
1uMS rouoii
tuli icei iciuJ
ataeili coupon
ve in A
Jhlte tntot M lji
Crunilr 111
aJIIIoCran0o4a i >
Unrruburi and bun Anto
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Uirrl t > urK and San Anto
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l > iJ lnd Ickiw
llrst 4 > b
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Wud Iron Vlo u iitaln Veiio iiu 4
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on m Evening
uu7 w ass The stok
berally bullish
< Amerlcaiit were better 0n the
jllsht upport from N < w Torlt tin
r ° i > Americana
i un
tlrr the
beat aniwal
and trunks wn
Sll vm C Jlurn CoSao iaVr
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anil riauttt Vetohlna 103 The drain
SJ5V nu the
Sonr are1 ln < on
IMnLera Will Hnr
Po1W iriI X VMTli nvenlne
> J Informed on trut
r Vy ilr > oi lhat three
sri hS ° f ntmely the United
i SH h UC1ln ond lh < rarmera
rt A the banking boua of Urex
rlJil lBiS Co s5w Co Kuhn
Loeb Co ami Brown Urea Co
ShSif rallcy aubacrlbe tor the
Arhoi tsaue of bonas at about 3 per
centi that la nt m u from Nomor
wiJ W Interest They would
bll IndUldually and they had already
jecured the gold h es ry to make
tbo flrat paynwnt of M per cent on the
acceptance of th bid The banks It
was said would find it to their adlan
lane to provide the cold ror th re
maining Installments
Sloncr ana nsclmnae
New York Nov 0 Money on call
caey at 1 per cents last loan 1 closed 1
per ctnt Prime mercantile paper 2 3
1per cent hfrllng eichanKe stead
nlth actual tuincn H bankers bills
at J4 ST 14S1 87 1 for demand nnd at
t 86 14 for sixty days Iosted rates
It 871M 87 12 and 14 sJdl 81 Jt Com-
mercial bills II fcJOl S3 1j
Blher certlncates 81 l8a liar sllMr
C3c Mexican dollars 80 Jlc
Salei of Stuck
New York No 0 The total sales
of uttcUs to lay were 1C 91 shares n
cIuJIhb AmerlMn su ar PS1 Uur
Hnirtoit 12 7GD ChlcaRO < las 7109 U
V V 1000 Manhattan consolidated
5300 Northwestern blOO Uock Island
11403 St l aul 17CO0 Boutheni Hall
road V I 3700 do preferred 3S0W ist
em Union 10400
AmrrUnn SccurltOn
London Nov 20 Canadian lactlln
61 34 Kile 14 14 Krle seconds 75 12
Illinois Cential 93 12 Mexican onlln
ar > 14 14 Ht Paul common C2 14 New
York Central J02 14 IennsjUanla
52 2 8 neadlns 8 3 4 Mexican Central
new 4s 19 14
Isondoit Ilminee
Ixindon Nov 29 Hnr silver 23 7fil
per ounce Slone > 14 per cent The
utc of dlscfuut In the open market
for both Miort and three months bills
is 7S per cent
T tiuy UimiiIr
New York Nov 0 The National
Bank uf the Kepubllo has ulthdiawn
S1QOO0O from tho subti asury making
4900000 In all withdrawn toda >
Thu lltnJ 3IurlPt
New iark Nov 20 Covernment
bonds vtead ntalt bond InuclU c
railroad bond llrni
Ilirllit Ilseliiintte
Beilln Hov 2J Kxchimte on I on
don eight da > s alght J marka Jt
ii sincc Muticnr
Chicago Nov 20 The cattle supply
was large natives were saleable at
il 2i 0 40 western 14 7S and Txans
nt J2 403T3 40 Ihere waB llttla change
In price Choke steers wi scaice
and firm anil all descriptions gener-
ally steady Stoker8 and foders were
In good demand at full prices Veal
caUes were strong
The run of hogs today was about
111 000 and the market opened dull and
loner Compared with yealerdaja
opening prices there was a decline
of 15c heaty grades selling off to
St 104 00 light WLlghts fal Ins to It 20
T4 00 At those quutatlona there was
active business Tim pr vailing prUes
for heivy hogs were 4 GOffJI SO and f r
light weights > l 35fft00 loor s ult
sold at 11SI M ond tlifro waa trading
In culla at W 094 Ihi market closed
Tho Bheep market today was about
stead for all descriptions Ialrly lib-
eral receipts ate expected during tne
remainder of the wtk The quality
of tho receipts Just at present la u > i >
thing but good Quotations were
Sheep tl J Iambs J2JN
Itccrlpts Cattle lOfoO caUes 600
bogs 35 000 sheep 12000
Kuiini Cllr Lite Htiiek
Kansas City Mo Nov 20Cattle
receipts iOOCO shipments 2000 Jlaiket
weak 10c lower Texas ateers 0GQ >
3 25 Texas cows U5rJ40 beef steers
13 000500 native cows II M03 25
Btockers and feeders II 3503 M bulls
HngB necelpts 13000 shipments 100
Market 10C15c lovvel bulk of sales
Il30fir5 heavj 4 41f4 70 packers
14 45SJ4 70 mixed II 30JJ4 56 light II 15
04 S3 yorkers 14 25a > 4 35 pigs 12 MS
3 90
90Kheep necelpts 3500 shipments
2200 Market stead unchanged
St 1 null I tve Sloel
St Louis Mo Nov 20 Cattlertlc
celpts 4Coa shipments hto Market ao
tlvo with good demand for beat buuh
trs grades No lino hhlpplng grades
eflored Native Jteers o 11S0 to I1M
pounds brought II < SJ4 o > nn
Ight steers U O0SM 40 cows II75SJ
2 75 fine helfera 13 03 Texas steers
12 50O3 00 cows II W W 30
llogsnecelpte 12 200 shipments SO0
Market opened firm but closed lOo otr
i avy range 14 60B480 mlxesl and
light II 35ei 65 common 13 805420
BheenHecelpts 1000 hlpmenbrnone
Market steady but How Native mixed
2 J502 50 lambs II 00C3 15
ous rub rub rub that wears them out
her and a
Cloth and Hmi
Manheater Nov 20 Cloth
jama quiet ond unchanged
3 > L
tits OAJsjjTTj roiyr rfuum tjsxajs V uajauAi jsoTiramisu m is34
vTilUr firm
Peoria III Nov SOWhisky firm
high wine baala 1 123
Your Laundress Back
and her time arc not the onty tilings that
if she l uses Pearline lOUll
you save
get your clothes washed without that rum
quickly Its a gain for
in tor you and theyre washed
could be tl
a great deal
the tet soaponly
Ninore easily f f
for yourself that
SPcarliriethe original washingcompoiind the
Al these
proved to be perfectly topless
L i arc only imi
Mlers ant youre warned against
J libs
32 38 32 C3 32 3 S 32 3 8
112 35
12 62
0 33
11315 11217 112 23
12 70 13 40 12 5
7 30
0 20
I7 0 >
18 07
77 22
51 3 4
50 Si
28 58
12 20
0 15
evv lurk Produce
New York Noy 20 Wheat Itecelpts
120 900 exports 18 700 sales 7 100000
buahels futures ISC 000 bushels spot
Biwt easy No 2 red store and eleva-
tor 58 34o afloat 00SJ6O 1Sc No I
Northern 68 340 delivered No 1 hald
70 l4c delivered Options weak all
forenoon under active liquidations and
disappointing cobles The local crowd
got ahort and In the afternoon with
Dimness In corn nd aome export bun
Ineaa the coveied toadying the mar-
ket A large bualnes was done tnday
lhe maiket elosod nt 1tlflSo net de
cllne K4 2 red Janilar 60 1 lcsp
CO 7160 tinsel CO l4c 1 ebruar closed
61 1lc March 61 15164CJ l4c closed
63 l4c May 63 14U0J 1310c closed
63 6Sc July 61 11105tJ > c closed 64 78c
November doaed 51 68c December
53 7 53 7160 cloaed 59 14C
leather Quiet
Vv ool Dull
Pig Iron Market firm Scotch 119
TinWeak Htralts 314 25014 30
plates dull
Lead Kirm Urokera price 83 ex-
change price 8315
Copper Dull Brokers price 33 30
exiliange price 19 50 asked Bales on
change 5 tons January tin 114 30 fi
tons 1ebrunry III SO 15 tons Decem-
ber tit 25 10 tons April 114 25 10 tons
May 111 25
I Cotton seed oil Shows on upward
tendency on better demand and small
1 offerings restricting bus nesa Closed
I firm Prime crud 26c orf crude 2401
25c yellow butter grades 33W34c
choice yellow 23c nominal ellovv 31
J > 32c yellow off grades 28 12D l2c
prime white 310
Coffee Options opened steady at 5Q >
13 points advance ruled firm and ac-
tive on coverings and European ad-
vices closed firm at 25f30 points ud
vance Bales 33500 bags Including
November 11415 Decembr 113 35
13 00 Januar 112 8 111213 March
12 20fl2 45 May IU93Q1210 August
111 CS Heptember Ill ejoll 70
Spot coffee lto llrm No 7 15 24C
mild stead Cordova 18 l419c
Bales 500 Rio No 7 and 8 spot
15 3 4c 10000 Itlo No 8 spot 14 5 fic
Ito Sc alloat It l4e 2000 No 5 to 7
Bantos alloat IS l4c 1000 Santo No
afloat 15c 2000 Santos Nos to 8
to be shlpred 15 84c 1600 mats Pal
ernberg spot 20O20 J3c 2003 mats
Interior Pahang spot 2I4J24 l2c 1500
bundles Mocha spot 24 12JJ25C 1500
i Maracalbo and 60 Anjroaturu p t
Bantos quiet flood average Santos
11 800 necelpts two days 5000 bags
slock 404 000 bags Hamburg steady
price 14U34 pfg advance Bales 12
000 bags Havre opened steady at l2f
odvance at noon l4f advance ut 6 p
m firm unchanged to 24f advance
closed firm Total sales 27000 bags at
ltftl l2c advance ltlo ateady No T
Itlo nominal Hxchange 11 1318c
5 81C9I M c gray white J isoj i44
choice yellow clarified 3 31CCI3 l4c
prime ellow clarllled a lltlJ l oj
n A nff j eflow clarldcd 2 1316Q3c seconds
2J 7tC
MolassespOpn kettle ateady fancy
porn Closed lllibrr Tlion Openlnr
Onls lllnhrr and firmProvision
Shade Leirer The Live Slock
Market fairly Active
To r a McPeak ei Co CinnttUlon
Merchanta Kort Worth
Chicago 111 Nov JO Uqulddtlon cf
long wheat haa again been a deprsslng
factor today The matket vva week
from the very start COIH gave no
encouragement In fact Nsar York re-
ports selling orders for bMh toilcn
and continental account Thero vvero
a good many bujlng crier a at CO
low point for Mai but very llttla re-
action nu experienced Cleirancs
cnrtlnua light the agjivgHte from all
Atlantic ports but 250i > Oi wheat and
flout There was rvinil Uiable bull
new current however trd nlthough
no material reaction vv a scor1 tie
market was quite llrm at n Jellv
Judicious purchases n thise tempor
arj declines seem to us Juatrtcd and
advisable Shipments from Inla tn
tlo aid sundry port 4C14OI0 Uul ela
are a little more faviraolo belnj 51
000 leas than last weet rtewlpti ae
pr lary winter whoat tvilnti but 101
ow bushels against J5h0o llvt yar
There waa but little Uet r expoii In-
quiry at the sea boarl Utter put <
the session thlrtthree Ion tj being
reported tak n This apparently acted
as an orfnet to Brndatreete Increase
of 2000000 bushels In the worlds wheat
Corn has ruled weak and heuy
earl the liberal receipts 743 cars of
which 83 vver contract grad being
the principal ractor Prlmar rece pta
aggtegateel 320000 buahes with 111 003
bunhels shipped There was consider-
able covering of short contracts b a
noted firm the market recovered the
etrli loss litter part of the session
rrovlalons Hog products contlnipto
rule weak today acorlng a further de-
cline of 15c to 30c The heavy receipts
of hoga nt > nrda continue a weak-
ening feature Reports havo It that
farmers In many sections are rushing
thrlr hogs to the market taking what-
ever tliey can get as thouaanda have
died the pnat vve > k vvlih chole a
Packers were free sailers or sppcutn
live features being prlnclpal liquida-
tion of long contracts Market was
steady ut the decline
itANai op rmens
Opening Ht l Low Close
December 53 3 S 55 3R ft 7S 55 1 4
May CO 12 CO 58 CO 60 3
December 49 18 40 38 49 4a 3 S
May 49 18 43 3 8 49 49 3 8
13c strictly prime to choice JJtfSlc
prime 22IJ33C tnlrto good fair 3tljnc
prime to good prime JOlOo fair lo
good fair 607c Inferior to good com
tnon 495c
St Louis Produce
St Louis Mo Nov 26Hour Dull
and unchanged
Wheat Opened l4e off dropped 3So
more then rallied l85 c but cloaed
3 3o ehder estervlay Caah and De-
cember 61 8c Muy 67 l2c
Corn was weak and eased off l8rl4e
but dosed just a shade belter Caah
13 lV December 45 78c May 18 Mc
Oats A ahade better Caah 10 l2cl
December 32 6SC
Use Firm nt 32 l2c
Parle Held firmly nothing doing
KlaxseedQulet at II 47
Whisk Steady at 31 2X
ltutter Unchanged
lggs Steady at 17c
Ilagglng5 ll to 6 JSc according to
Cotton tlear4 > 7c
Tork t iwer
Lard Lower steam 6 8 12
llieon and dry silt meats quiet at
previous quotations
Ilecelnts rionr WOO Wheat 16O00
corn 25 0O0 oats 24 ooo
Mvlpmenta riour 9000 wheat Jooo
corn 7000 oats looo
ICnnnn tlly Produce
Kansas City Mo Nov So Wheat
l2o low r No 2 hard 60c No 3 red
49 l2c No I red 490
Corn quiet l2e lower No 3 mixed
41 31S42C No 2 white 41 3 4r4c
Oats In fair demand No 3 mixed 30
Cttei Nn 2 white nominal V34S3 l2o
llutter stead creanury 1C4721C
dairy 13 17c
Hgga Healv strictly freah 18c
Itecelpts AVheat 1000 corn 92 000
natB 2000 hhlpmenta Wheat 300
corn and oats none
IlveriMol Pndnre
Liverpool Nov 20 WheatTlrm
demand poor No re winter 4
11 1 21 do eprlng 5s 2d
Corn Steady demand pior spot 4
lod futures strndy demand modul-
ate November 4s lod DeoClnber 4s
10 l2d Januir > 4s 6 34d
Flour riun demand moderate St
f nej winter 6a cd
laird Dull demand poor apot 37s
Llrerponl Hoer Prmlueta
LIveriKwl Nov 20 Porkrirm de
mand fair prime mess vvcatern 63s 9a
do medium 60s 3d
Ileefllrin demand fair exliu In
dla mess C7a 6d prime mtsa 60s 3d
Hams Demand modeiat shurt out
44s demand modorate Cumberland
cut firm 36b
Short nibsSteady 37s
Ling clear 45 poll mis steady 35s 6d
long and short clear 65 pounds steady
35s ed
Shoulders Stead v
1Jrnt Kn ut leiiiaiiK
New ork No 20The flm ro
or the Benson of the new cut itefufna
lemons was hrld In this cliy today
Prices were Trom 73 to so cents more a
box than was recorded on the firn
pnln of 1R91 The reported earthquake
In tho Mwnlna district has mad a
Btronif market for lemons
> T <
thu riiKsipnucnciXAi
A Cnitinilhii iVum llaUlmorc Aiuiiea
U r Torn Uir 13iiKlnpcr
Wnshlnrton Nov 20 Oeneral Tellx
Acnus Jdiail HambWon MAm r
JtalfHl Col > nel JJdwarl Kifni ato
C Milkens Captain T v rtipy
Majtr N 11 llutton and l > m lus H
Jul Ion i cihuntttee rovtiMiUiifc tie
tprMitntM and iiiainifHctjjr a uf Hai-
ti more today atptvairdi httforo tho
board of enclneert chnritod with thu
selection of a route for the propone
Delaware and Chesapeake cdhul in
support of tho project
It neral Agnus chairman of the com
mlttee spoke of the wealth and popu
latlon of laltlmoiA an the surround
ins count and the advantages uf the
city as a weaport
Ialtmnr he said was too much tn
the tvack Bo much so that cities
south of her were taking mue uf her
trade This bijie the iJWe her tnter
prising iivit naturally lookid for a
rcmedj It could b found they
thought ln tho proposed canal
In sptaklng of th atlrantairea It
would afford from A military stand-
point he said In cas of trouble we
would hae but little time to prepare
for defence The great Kuropean
steamers could each land ati arm
on our shores wllMn r k i t t
da > a Yeata ago It ai dlff tent In
ease of wur New York vould ho the
point which ftn enemy would flrtt at-
tack and In hts ophilon New York
fti nt ptcsent cltutted ciulJ bq cap-
tured nn easily as Tort Arthur had
been This Inland line woul i give one
of lhe best lines of defenca thut could
lie desired
Taking up lht commercial Import-
ance of tho project he said tha prol
it of the great Weal their loi
nnd the way they sought un outlet
win iHrtfely controlIl iY lB cost of
transportation Jalllmore Was mors
than 10a miles nearer tlw West than
Now York and Huston and shipments
a Baltimore would shorten the route
and increase the alue f the prod-
ucts If JUltlmore wero given quick
paBsitfre n cvntral line would bo es-
tablished between here and Kurop for
commercial and pasienger juposes
wii th would be fw Horn ilio Jihk r
of northern routes
Captain fluppws read resolutlonn
adopted at a mectlnft of the committee
In Ualtimore objMrtlne to tho t3asarras
river and Chnpunk routes anl set
tlnjf forth from a shlpplnjr standp ilnt
the advantaees of the central roufK
Air Malstcr tha ship bulldr spfk
briefly of the commercial AdvanUKes
the canal would afford
A member of thu board renuentel
some memlirr of the deltratlon to
explain thS oppOFllian of tho board
of trade tf the canal a appealed in
Its annual report published a month
a co
coAIT Supplce as amember of the
bfcard of trnde said that that body
did not oppose the project but there
wa n difference of old as U th
best route The objection was not
to a ship canal but to a ditch
throuBh which vessels would have to
be laborious towed The meeting
Itcepts two days 6000 bogs Cleared l waI prolorged somewhat In expecta
for lhe United Blstes looo pags rleare1 ton tnat Senator aorman whu hal
for Europe SflOO bags stock 211009 promised to b present would put In
bags Amsterdam The sales were ol an appearance He dll not come and
at about 3c above brokers valuations oeneral Agnus In closing the hear
Market firm flood ordinary Java tie ijg Invited the board to hold on see
Warehouse deliveries from New York i0n In Baltimore
3 eetcrday 2719S bags New York stock 1 a
today 170761 bags United States 235 j llvtoa Wool
570 bags afloat foe United Htates 2 Uostcn Nov 20 The vvool market
wo bags totnl allble for lhe United hax shown a decided Improvement dur
Ftatea 49 290 bags against 427313 ng the past week Ohio and IVunjyl
baes aat year nt fleeces No 1 fleece 20 21e X
Bnarar Ptesdy Pales JftoO bags een
trlfugal 96 teat at 3 1 2c Jteflned
sjrrr Orleans lroduee
v w Orleans Nor 20 togar Open j
kettle bsrelv steady fully fair to strlct
Iv prints 9 716S12 l2c good common lo
rood fair 2 l4 2 3Sc centrifugal
Plantation granulated 3 34173 1316
tholce while 3 32SS 18e off srWie
j and XX and above 18 l3Jfl9o Ohio
< Ilslne fleeocs 1 > 20 territory wools
Montana fine and line medium lOniJc
No s medium isfjltc Wyoming lHah
Dakota Nevada Idaho and Cninrado
line and fine medium 10OllcNo 2 me-
dium lltfuot Csllforn wool spring
northern nolle ralddleemtntles prlng
wool 104J11C1 Oragoii wools eastern
fair BOiau Au USll combings super
nne llBllc average IS840C
A BULLISH FEELING IN COTTONht 20fft2e i quvrter blood at 20tT22Ci
lkLlIIIU 111
common 18IJ20C New York MIMKmi
Sale nt Lterpool Ten Thosand
Dlr > > alt < lnu Aantat llrller Pri-
ce bat the lleavr neeelpt at All
Point The X tl Market lllabrr
r a McPeak s Co In their review
of the cotton market sayi
A bullish sentiment la alowly but
surely taking hold of the mlnda of the
trading publlo In cotton on thla side
Ono strong evidence of thla fact was
thown in our markets today Whllo
tdrerpool was oil Ml yet thla bnly
had the effect to open vrlcea 3 joints
lower on thla aide and which Immedi-
ately became llrm but very dull around
last nights final Thla dullness and
llstlessneaa was the feature of the en-
tire session up to the last naif true
when new life suddenly sprung Into the
market seemingly without any cauie
other than n general bouyant feeling
and prices scored an advance of T
points and closed very steady at about
the beat prices of the day or 10 points
from the lowest and 0 points nbove tho
closing of yesterday Iargo receipts
and the usual lower Liverpool seems to
havo lost Its terror for lb bulla and
It is quite evld nt that the Dears aie
becoming rather tendertooted It la
thought by some that tho spurt ight
at the close was done for tho purpose
of favorably affecting Liverpool on lo
mnirows opening In oreier to belt ou
Mobe so bill we feel that rpeculatton
on the long si lo is broadening and that
values aio asserting themselves very
strongly In favor of buyers Spots In
New York and New Orleans were un
ebangel but firm In the latter market
with 70f0 sales Port reeelpta weto lib-
eral being 69 C53 against 63343 Hous-
ton 17000 ogalnat 13000 Llvcriioot
closed 2 to 2 13 below loat nlaht
Spots unchangel Hale 10000
5 37
6 43
5 61
5 58
6 63
6 82
High Iow Clean
r 47 6 37 6 47
5 55
6 f9
6 CO
6 73
6 77
6 83
6 88
6 43
6 61
6 60
5 63
6 74
5 fc3
C 64
6 60
6 65
f Til
r 70
6 83
6 88
1 ttrrpitnl Cotnn j
Liverpool Nov 20 Closo Cotton I
spot demand moderate American mid
dllmr 3 l3d snlis of the day weie 10
00 bates of which lftOJ wrre for spe I
illation and expnrt Including sTOt
American receipts 43O0D Includlntr 33 >
4U0 American
Vuturea opened easy wllh demand
freely supplUd but tlosed quiet but
steady American middling 1 M V
November 2 COCtfrU tl ld November
and December 2 CO H2 62 CI 1 len > m
ber nnd Tanuary 3 CO 0103 CtCId Jan-
uary nnd rebuar > 2 ClCifrs C2 Old
1ebrUary and March 2C3Cuid Marth
and April 3 101 Imyera April and May
3 1S4d t4cllers Ma and Juno 4 Ct ji
a Mid Juno and tuly 3 CCI4 701
Jul nnd Auiimt 3 8 eld
lull Nliillnle
New York Nov 20 Cotton receipts
SClt gross 11237 exports to the con-
tinent 12i forwarded 6137 sales 271
splnncra 71 atoek 91894
Total today net receipts 60 651 ex-
ports tn tlreat llrltaln 31 316 tn 1 rnnio
6 07 to the continent 35148 stocks
1049716 Conaolldated net reielpta 18 s
370 exports to tlreat lliltalu 75752 to
lrnnce 26 020 to the continent CI CM
total lncrcne 601 net tee Ipls 8160
116 exports to Gnut lirltaln SS51J
to lrance 258376 to the continent
Ivrvr llrlenii < utlun
New Orleans Nov 20 Cotton firm
anlea spot 430O to arrive 2750 receipts
34 278 exports to Ireat llrltaln 18124
rontinent 143 slock 354 OKO
Futures Bleady Sales 63 400 Novem
her 6 14 bid December 6 1906 20 Jan-
uary 6 3306 24 1ebruary 5 294T6 30
Manb 6310638 April 5 40110 41 Ma >
6 4iQr 48 Jvne 5 61U5 32 July 6 570
6 69 August I62S6 64
tNltrtoii t ulnn
lalveston Texas Nov SO CitlAn
steady mlddtlntf S 3lGc sales 1471
iHtHiie fcili exports 18V2D stock
81 I ouls rulun
Kt Ixjuli Nov 20 Cotton Httady
middling 78 saha 125 l it IpU
IS C00 balm nhlptnents 13000 stock
ttt Luuli uoI
Ht Louis Mo Nov 20 Vool
mteadyj fair demand Missouri anl Illi-
nois medium Hflc toaise An < l braid
14c fine medium llfflSc 1lcht line 19
ffljo heavy One J ft J l2c Texas me-
dium 12914c fine medium iHfltc
toATBi and low SOUci lltrht fine KU <
lie heavy fine flSo Wnstern and
Nnrthtrn medium llJ12oi line medium
JWUCi coarse and low TtflOcj lisht line
9 9 l2u heavy fine tKe
Plitlail lilili Hani
Vhlladelplilt Nov 20 Woil was
quiet but stiady Ohio IVnne > lvanla
ond West Virginia XX nnd above 18 <
li c X And above at HfJclDc medium
1 WI con ln etc I6c medium at 20W3lo
querter blood 20 j2ic common 1820c
I washed combing and delaine fine 190
20c medium 22fi23c low 3023n coarae
tvtjtre unwsahed medium lTttluc low
rnedlum 18019c braid 17018c unwasb
ed light and bright fine 11013c me
1 dlum cFlc low medium KftlSc
coarae lfftl7o unwashed dark color
light fine 971001 heavy fine 6UT8e me-
dium 12ITI4e line medium 11012c
coarse 11012c terrlicrial and north-
western light fine llOTMa heavy do 8t9
lOo fine me Hum ionise medium 124
14ct quarter blocd 12Qllc coarao 119
A r rWs III
Ono Faro For Round Trip
Will be on ale
At ll MnUans u
lift mill tos MA
T4 all road
rickrt loot Thirty > xpeclnl
1rulu > ntid Itirmiith Conches
To Illtils In ttifo KiHiflirnat vlil
HoiiDlMu mtil iWtr urlcuiiB
Write or intl on U A T tl A cnU
for InfitriitnlUiii
t A Ill IN M Ij iionimi
Trunin MnniMPt P A 1 A t
I A tttlMsN lr > rrvhltlftil
Now Run Solid
Wagner Buffet sleeping cars
Ju Hud Mill
lbs nevr ulahl trulu on
Santa Fe Roule
llclvrrvn Vttrt Worth mud rJatves
R lhl TpallhulM Iraln nlll Iruvi lort
1l4jtrli mI 7iU3 mt Arrlvlmr In
alvoMiiia nt iJ5 piuktutf lliv
mlrkital limn h iiren l urt Wurlh
HiiU Utilvvaion ink 111
Santa Fe Red Express
To tho Coast
At II 11 A si mm irrr
raiaeriKcr Aueut Mil Mutt t
Via have tender Meats we
mean 1U Oool tender Juicy
steaks Mutton lork eta
Ihtst of Lard Give me one trial
White Front Meat Market
Alabama Georgia
North and South
nnd th v
tale th
Atlanta and New Orleans Shat
Ling and Western Ry
Atlanta and West Point BM
Is Orlrnna Sluiituumery nnd W
l iInt lhe ahorteat nnd ulfU t
tun ir Iulliitan IaUiu aicevtui
nuil ltntn f nr
Main UllLU > riO MflW OllK
j Mr a < ii
O 1 Aw AtlitntN tie
i J UiiuanMi
A j Drlvuua Ut
Value 170 our price t1 which In
tludeu the bCtnlW Muj jatttts to tn
address for one > cm
Lxtra altathment in velvet litfrd
center drawer are Inluded
ihese attachment era superior to
those made by any oher manufioiurr
bclnx Uio only ones that are on th
maiket that are warranted steel
throiiuhouL Other sets arv made prin-
cipally ot brass iitcklt plstod the plau
lug servintr to hide tl e Uuo charaOU
of tho metal underneatlu
The Uaitfttes machine Is stronir and
simple tn construction There are but
r w working tarts It the arm hence It
Is easy to keep properly cleaned and
olltd and almost Impossible fur It ta
eet out of working order
the machine U finely finished and
beautifully ornamented and can be d <
pended on to do equally well the Uf ht
est and tht1 heaviest work
Thf lasettos premium machine and
the HetntWeekly Oaxette for one year
121 CO
Thd Oatettea premium machine
and the dally and Sunday Oa
let to by mall for one year 127 00
lhe Uaxtttea premium machine anl
the dally and Sunday Ouette by mail
lx months tSW
Fort Worth Tex
Brewina Capacity 260000 Barrels Per Annum
St Looisd Chicago 1if 3
TIia Ttfi niul rncltlo Itntltmy tl
Hit uitli linn hmtlluir 1 tmlOISKl
Mrviliift nn aiitl FunrUt imrm Is
t litvnHn Mn St I ouIh Hltorit
rhniiRp Inr further purlieu Ur
eull > ftr uililress
U 11 It li J V ytltN
llrkft Aitent Ticket Alient
limnn Itepnt Tlilrl nnil JUlA
i um woutii nvs
For a Low Price
Tho Gazelles
High Grado
High Arm
1 t iw > > i
IM > J
J Ml
J vl J
if A
J4j s js

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