Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 363, Ed. 1, Wednesday, November 21, 1894 Page: 8 of 8

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injhcU of all in Lcieabjr rowersLatest US GoVt Report
rlty tifll
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Mr Dtake ug
in i cue ot
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p hi roh o I
f thin oraini
n pi in In Mm
whb ii provid
rff t and t > irt f
1 his t < ei tlott
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SU to tirO per
row 100 to 1111
nlfei from 75
< tr tury ratsel
est d that the IVr
11 a till treat tho
ihut < i s icnse w 1th
I i m iltnnnther
d ttd raising tho
ii ni1 th > dtlver
wh he sijd were
i h mm
ot > l rtnwn and
rh thi otlleors left
r m ui
un H lid been nt
in th nn ration
m h d w ih caught
m stetlon No 2
t ie t M iim n ttikw
f iT p tta pmnrtim
i d n lrtually
didng nvay t ii the nrllnnnee
The itajoe ui i murk 1 tiottn voce
a tow intn a bif r that it wouU
tie er beiuin o livv N iv he Rail
ti tf vcv n rt sai hint the truvthle of
A t ng n veto
h i erei ry was Instructed to Ii
tio fl n > te foi S5WV tn Ui Klftit Nft
jonfll Innk and aomo entailer amount
he report if thu ftnnuce oomntltteo
prett ntmg thee matters was then
I ot d
The report of the committee on cUlmn
wffls th n adopted It roeommendel
l e foIotvtng ccaunts Max T31vr >
teleyram HC1 v t > ninyon aiC03
lanre JUG IX lort Worth eonl com
innv 1517 extra flflo4 pamn house
The following report ws then re
icly d from tho ftatenvorks comwtltee
ttauig nmong other things thit the
Highest Honors Worldo Fair
Jl f tc Gwpa Groin of Tartar Powtler Ftee
Ktn AmwaU Aliwti or any sCie aJultcrwt
axmm omaLT
A Ion IniereMlutf Htruaste
Willi lit Uu tton of Slnklnir tir
OQfMi klertlitf hr Council
AmemltuenU to tlia Charter
II ay or Tad lock presided at the meet-
ing or Hie city council last night ami
all the member were present except
Mr JLMllcr
The minute vt tto last meeting
were read and approved
The llnanco commute presented the
annual budcet Commenting the
major explained that Urge amount
ut tne tnceaae waa on uooount ot the
exp n e In ntllnc up the tlty hall
buuutnff The total expenses lor the
jvarner estimated at > The
r nut bo derived irotn different
suurtia Mai placed at ffil4l This
h tin uti a uounl to be rallied by
iiuauon at I Mv t2 W Ihe question
or injj cuHwtUon ot delinquent
tin wo broaified in connection wtm
tl report and Mayor Paddox mated
tout tin mayors o Texas eUle were
eodiavojini to fo rnuiale an effective
plan tor collection
Mr Huberts ahl he wa not pre-
paid to vote on the adoption of the
buuBQt without further consideration
Amonc other matter which ho
wanted to netlffale was whether
there van any way to set an addi-
tional allowance for streets and Alleys
in addition to lha proylslon which hud
been made
The mayor wild he could not tell
wh ro that buditet was golntr to bo
tut Ho thought Tort Worth hnd a
od Htntttn as tin > city of Its fixe on-
t ip or the tarth and said tojle who
talk 1 about Iwxd streets hero ought to
j to ChltUKo
The total allowance made for ho
dtr t w rk for the coming jeftr in tho
liudMt U 115 000
Jho budget wit then adopted with
uut turtln r dlscUMSlnn
Tii allowance tn the different de
rirtmnt ore aa fnlhivis City otllcera
piy r 11 ttstAO iwllct pay mil IIS 000
pmii department tnJaeellaneout ex
I n i Jioon lire depart mint payroll
Ju m > lire department expenevit I6WH
en u tltpnrtment pav roll 12 000
etr t deptirunent tnlm ellanr iiua t > x
P n jjooo iity cnxlnufroi bny roll
SUiOO stationery and adxwltHln 1mh
City hull current expense 2l i leclrlc
llant my roll nnd expensem t7 0 p u- >
pi r xpttiseii 1000 sewer reprtM 1800
mix ilintoui exptnucrt IlflOO nldermim
pay roll JJOOO board of eiU > illxntlon
Itutt sthnol furd JSfiOO hind Inter
fit SUO00 sinking ft < nd 110 000 bills
pa abli V > 1000 Judgments InUrest
tt t oo a J lines contniM I Hunt
sir rt rxtJiiiilon 9130 anme J lokjHin
i < Imp itimeiit JC3t 81 lutta tei
rha nublicr Mantifacturlng oompanyi
llftOO J A Mirrlmnti contract Hip
Urt hurh sewer apprdxtnmiely Itoo
A J Anlorsiin Ilght tlxturod eon
tract Approximate JIOJO telling over
hind mlaboo e tnlnt 13 CH SI
wiiitutel revenues art as frl
Wws lUtu itlnn tax 13000 jk > Ir do
piircnittnt t uue J10WJ0 city pound
rvvvmie llWfl revtmie derived from
njndamus ense tii tKlfi revenue
t > in uaurVtorlts JfJOUO totnl eitlnitled
pn t nuft for the year IM 41J 15
Tir lutiti viluatlon U 119 767 610 The
> tmi u it to h < rilavd bj ttuatlon Is
Ion 68 TI f rato of tuxntton la f I 65
nt ftftO
The Hem r f itreet sprlnlOIng U omit
t < l nnd the adoption of n new street
ii tnktiiiR orUnanee nrummended tn
to fftct it the iXplratlon of the
p l rrtl noo In lehruiry 1S9C
it II lxlng tu > selarles tif
r ill doming yonr
t oliangns were
nalnrlea The
t made City
cost ot dami could d lessened by the
use of grtcl It was received and
To the Major ttid City Cauncll Tort
Worth lex
Port Worth Tex Nov V t l Gen
tiemen w e your committee on irater
euppiv b g tcave to rport progress
as foliowa
Aa toon aa possible after the epcclal
meeting of the council to consider wa-
ter toerkn matter Noember 1 men
were put to work under the duectlon
of the consulting engineer digging
let pits At the > art jus pQMlble dam
attea on the Clear Kork In order that
the extint and levels of tock nt bot-
tom anl 6ldes might t > e discovered aa
vell na tho nature of the other mate-
rial composing the banks of the rlter
After the completion of these pita the
arloua Mtea were oxhmined by > our
committee together with the otty en-
gineer consulting crglne > r and several
oity officials unl from the many the
following three locutions decided upon
ua moat suitable
1 A point about 250 feet eoulh of the
Texas an < t Pact tic bridge near station
No 172 Clear Iork survey
t A > olnt near station No 335 Clear
IVrk survey
2 1 point near station No 413 Clear
rvrk survey said location Mng on the
nlle of the largo dam mentioned In our
former nporL
1lans and speclficitlona for these
dams ure progressing
Air llawley hus mide a trip to Dal-
las to look Into the matter of using
the rier gravel for concrete In dam
construction and finds that artr a
jeafa Investigation and sttily ut tint
subjuct assisted by Jom of the mont
cmlmnt cngtneerlnr talent In tho coun
tiy JJallas decMM to build the large
dam on Urn Turk now In course of
construction entirely of gravel con-
Tho cost of the Clear folk dnms will
be materially cheapened by IM expe-
dient althouuli grnel comrole will
uiily be need for titling and not for
outer surface
Together with the work of locating
nnd planning the Clear fork dams we
have cnrrleit on tt p work of surveying
the bed of the valley of the Clear Pork
nnd Mrtry creek above the Junetlon of
the two and on this work the following
progiesa ban been made
The nitln transit line hoa bun car-
ried up the Clear IVik tu a point six
mllea ubove tJ Junction A transit
line has bten carried up Mnr > a ctnk
to u i > olitt Hvo and a half miles above
the junction
A line of levels lm been rtiu and
bench marks established over the
length of Ihith of thefle trntmlt lines
tievtral poislble eltes fur reservoirs
me noifd una the work of crosn sec
Honing In ordtr to dlRpbver the
lulgltts nnd lengtha of dams nnd ex-
tent of lloortel arens has been going
un since the 17th Instant unl should
In our Julgmint bo tontlnued tn coin
llellon on tutli of tho sites am It U In
i u wa > Interfering with olhtr work
lte > ecltilly > outs
H M 1 111
Tito scwu committee asKed tnal tho
esttuiata of tuu city nljinetr for the
J In milium ion street ttuwef b allowed
In thtt ttinount of ut In fu > or of J A-
Men iimui
the quuHtlon of ekctlon of city oltl
cera by tho to until cinm up undui the
Mead of unilnikiua bualnei
Mr ClententH ihougltt the major
ought to tuko aonio uf the responslbll
Uy upon liimnUC by uppuliiting noma
of tho oiUcem
The lesolutlon on the subject lntto
duted ut the luxt mtetiug by Mr
ltoborls was as follows
UlboIvciI Ihut the Judiciary com
tulltto mid the city uttorttey be lu
atructtd tu dud tut amendment to the
tlty ilMtter to be presenttd at the-
n xt ittHnloii uf the stale legislature
miihoiUhig the tlty council to tlott
tho following city oltlcem City ut tor
it y city matshal city secretary and
thut tho tipreaetilatlica In the hgl
hiiutu mid tttittc stnatc be rwtiueated to
use theli Intlui ucotn hne suld utnend
mint assed by Httld Ifclstnture
J li noillIUTH
The revolution wan nnumUd ho as to
Include all the otlktra m w Ucted byt
the people the amendment being
agreed upon by Mr ltobeits and
Mr llobertfl nrguid thnt It would
improve the public service Ho said
among other things thnt candidates
had ns n uilo a pay out Considerable
amounts for election and tlmt In the
lampilgn they were apt to incur nuU
nations which would cmbnrrast them
Mr Hpoonta mid the trap sltlon was
i sort of two edged uvor 1 ind enltrgoU
upon dteidvantAges which would re-
sult in the election of nllermen at
the polls If the electhm of the city
cMeera ahould bo given to the alder
n en
enHo thought the nllermen were the
moit Imnortart city odleer an i nny
thtnf < hUh woull deter uoml men
from beeomtrg indldatee for alder-
men woulrt not be for Hie litteretts of
the city and he w mid therefore op
pose the resolution +
Mr Clement wanted tli major to
appoint the omenr In question ard tho
council to confirm
Mr ITj wanted the city secretary
and the city treasurer elected by the
M Jiarr said the council was n
apt to make mistakes us the people
and moved to tay the wholj matter
on tho table The motion wai lost by
4 aye to 13 noon
Mr Fry pioposUlon for the council
to elect tho city secretary and city
tretsuwr thnn tame up
Mr Bnooiitx oppoewl tho election of
tie treeaunr t > y the couutll tu It
would toinovo the lust check the peo-
ple had on the council tn respect to the
expenditure ot money He dtelt on
he importanio of having the treasurer
reenonslblc to the iteople
The mayor then made tome remarks
in wwhlch ht > held that tho mayor
should have something to say In the
veleetton of city otttccra He imtanccd
tho eauo of the present tlty treasurer
an otiu fit which the iontrol of public
oiricea should be vieled In the louncll
1U thought that nuch nrrogant conduct
at the treasurer had Indulged In would
not take itnce In conrltuion he Md
tint while Alderman Itoberia resolu-
tion was gnod he thought that Port
Worth should get In lino with all other
rltlefi and thut tho mayor shuult nomi-
nate the officer who should be con-
tinued by the council
Mr Try ottered a resolution that the
mnvor appoint the oftlccra bud the
council coiiflrm by a two third vote
Mr ffpnotitft tiki not believe in giving
the Anointment of officers to the may-
or but wti wtdlng to concede the pow
et to veto appointment
Mr Drake c Hed for the ajes and
nn > a on the vote fir Vlderntan rrya
aubitltute whi < h waa lott by a vot of
7 a > ea and lo toes
Mr tjpoonts then moved that the
council elect the city secretary In ddl
tloi to the oftlceu now elected by thu
MBETl l 1801
couni 11 and that the mayor l > empaw
and to eto appointments This waa
offered a u Rubstltuto for Alderman
Jiobetu resolution The substitute
was lost by a vote of 8 aye and 19
noe The ot wa then taken on
Alderman IXobcrU resolution which
waa lost by a vote of S ayes to 9 noe
The resolution of Alderman Uobert
to suspend further eurvcya on the
Cleir Fork until the dam were built
which had come over from the last
meeting then came up
Mr Tiller moved to receive and file
the resolution and the motion was
Alderman Clements moved to re-
consider tho vote on Mr itoberts retto
lutlon tn regard to tho election of Offi-
cers by the council which had been
voted down by a majority of one The
motion to reconsider prevailed
Alltrman Clements mocd to amend
by adding the power or veto by the
miyor to the nsolution The amend-
ment was nccepted by Alderman Hob
irt and adopted
Mr bpoonts moveil to except the
city marshal from the officers to t > e
elected by the council Iost 7 ay en
to 10 noes The vote was then taken on
the amended rrtblutlon of Mr Itoberts
Jt was adopted by a otc of 10 ayes to
7 noes as folliws Ayes Ward 1 isher
Van Zandt Hudglns McOrath McCtil
loth Clements Tiller Williams and
Itolwrta Noes WaJlIs Uarr Essex
Drake Hpoont Try and Head
The council accepted an Invitation to
attend the reception of the St Louis
business men at the Commercial club-
room this evening and a number of
minor matters were disponed of at the
close of the meeting Die orlluaitie
providlnr for written repotts of ihfec
tlouv and contagious diseases by city
physicians was passed The reports
are to be mnje to the board of health
un penalty of paying a fine not to ex-
ceed 100
The secretary was reading the fol-
lowing when the mayor put a motion to
adjourn which was curried
Wherens Watei Works Superin-
tendent Chiles fell Into the waters of
the Clear Fork toduy unl had a nar-
row eccnie from drowning therefore
be It
Ilesolvrd Thit tho water works
committee bo authorized empowered
uttd Instruct d to purchase n life pre-
server for his especial use In tho fu-
ture DKAKC
utin nut iviinnom
llnrtl llmei it TIiIiik ot the In t
If you arc jliort of money and would
like to own n pica winter suit Just dig
down In your wardrobo and bring out
your last winters suit and take It to
Innton IJros nnd after they clean t
you cant tell It from n new suit
Hrlng your suit a few da before you
n d It so thit you will bo prepared
for the cold wave
AT UltltAU ti i
> 1pn llelluht M
Tho play was Lju and Law It
has bien seen hero upon more occa
pious thun om but it never gets
Milton Nobles nnd his able assistant
Dollk with excellent support fire ut
way pleasing and most welcome vis-
itors to Fort Worth HicatergoLrs
The play possessed n plot where an
lilshmun and his nfftcilotis were ln
olid Mr Nobles ns Felix l > Iibb
altniney at law was ull the critic
coutd expvet of the character Dolllo
Nobles as Hlta an Italian street
singer won the admiral loir of the
highly npprcelattvu and InteitHted uu
dltoiai Her acting wu hu niturul that
una would think alio was really a
sheet Binder In fuel Hmnehuw or
ollur wit I lu nhe was doing tho singing
und tamboutlno act upon thu stuets
with u regular Mull t louKinn Digo un
lilshmnns uttenilon was attracted to
hei beauty Ine Irlsttmaii who wits
no one else than Mr tsobli hlmstlf
fell In lovo with tho Italian strict
singer It la useless to tell the rest of
the tale for ovtryone know thut Cod
Iovch the Irish and win never a son
of the Lmerald Islo fall In love he I
In dead tamest and will lruve
himself tn bo under any timl all clr
cunistuiiLes qu l to tho emergency
Tlmt la the wny tho play of Love and
Law ended last night and tho nudl
t nco showed Its iippritlatlon by ftc
mtuit applause
Nil Ihuraday night Otis Skinner
pitsentlng Clyde Fitchs brilliant and
BuccoBHful eomcdydrama entitle 1
ills time de aramiuont will ap
ptar Oils Hklttner is quite a cele-
brated actot in the North nnd llust
nnd Mr Crecnwnll feels especially
gintllled at being obte to engage such
n talented comedian
thu viinioniHt tnniuv i
Hie VtrllmrM lllatrlet l < i Convene
nt llllUloro
Httlslor < > Tex Nov SO Delegates
to the Northwest Tetns Metho M
episcopal church conference which
convenes In tltUt city on the 22d In
dtanl aie arriving There are alretdy
about ISO here and more are expected
on evry train There wilt be about COO
In all Nearly all the presiding ilders
are In
liishop M K Ilnrgrove nrrlvol Jant
night anl Is domicile 1 nt th nsOnco
uf lr H U Vaughn on Franklin
Among the presiding riders who hava
arrived are M K Little Vtrnon dis-
trict O 8 Wyatt Curatena district
L L Armstrong Abilene tlUtrltt J
T L AnnM Wtntherford district
Bam F light eorg tonn dlttrkti
L A lUlley Cisco district U T
lloone CMatesvllle district U
Nelmr Fort Worth district
There are about IS young preacher
here upplytng for license to pretch
An examination will probably be held
Scoffs Emulsion
of codliver oil presents a
perfect fopd palatable
easy of assimilation and
an appetizer thc c are
everything to those who
are losinjj flesh and
strength The combina-
tion of pure codliver oil
the greatest of all fat pro-
ducing foods with Ilypo
phosphitcs provides a re-
markable agent for Quitk
Flesh JJuildtug in all ail-
ments that are associated
with loss of llesh
Lost Manhood s S
f N1ck C4Dnawi lettWotUkTss
Head nnd Scalp Itaw tvlth
Place Size of Silver Hollar Va
rlous Remedlcaoiilycauied Freh
Eruptions AppUtdCUlILUKA
Changs In Twentyfour Hours
Icrfcct Cure In Two Week
Hf llttl son ce < l three was Terr much
troollml with a trcaxlnif out on hi tcilp
anU l bln < l hit eir 11 I laeea affected eta
stout u larpt u a silver doiur tlw neih
ecrned raw mid 4 6 eret with little blisters
Ttio clilt t siilTenNl conai ienddy anJ wa n t
unUly wy irctlul t tried several remedies
wiibontoltUinlnji lay tenctltlal results U
twt the eruptmi I seemed to be attending
ad new i Uces t reskino out I contladeu l
try ttia Corictsa 1 surotrj I wsslied tbe
Ing fm Mt to irriuie the neih and at tie t
CCim uit I noticed a chanen lor the better
In the p tarauce of tbe erurtions In twenty
four bourse and in two wnm tlie eniptlons
er tirHydliiaprflat Ml Tlnfftiek nIUO0lb
and iho main cImii in fact a prrfert cure
as 1 hate not wen any indications of any
eruption or bretiUnK oiitalace I cave tho
child only a few d of the tenet Iln
wwbti ir n Wory urrTicLiiA it ems
pi ts ery valuibte I twllete CtTltlOA
vfimIltoMrellootfor rityinetoln ect bites
wlitch sro ery unnovlntf In this cnuntry
C A AUVISTKONO wlft Island Na
Bel I throaehoot the woriJ PrlceCoTietnu
Wo H < ur2e JtcsoLfsaf fl lonnaDnoa
amu Cum Cour Bole 1 roi < liotton
f How to Core Every Eklo Ulneaw free
Klulit lenrs In Dnlltia
li tn ru fi u
tui h iiiltW
r ifr lalaal
tlMi > 1
The Dim lit
trrrl I or
I > UIIIlllOtt
Young middleaged
and oil single or mar-
ried men and all who
suffer from
NLItVOUH Dblllty
flexuil Decay 1 ailing
Memory Iack of Hner
gy Impedimenta to
Marriage also Dlnod and flkln diseases
hyphlllls Hruptlons Hilr Fjlllng
Hone Fains swellings More Throat
UulcerK Cftecti of Mercury Kidney
and Hladder Troubles ak Hick
Durnlng Urine Gonorrhea Gleet
Stricture receive searching treatment
and prompt relief
1ite FlsluH Fissure anl Itupture
cured by our new methods Rend for
Dm llotti A 11Mt 111 Itnln rcet
1 > i n11c I lip IniloltHr Diillrtn In
Fomalo Pills
l taulHlrlVeurrl > tnl fi > Via imr
jiltr l t > w ir i n > ir > Clnu
Ur 11 Alri aindrlj < hrnlFH 4 0 n r l
Atonur rtl U a aCkUBtla Chicago 111 or jou
rtntiiiy ibntitol
t ul 1T ni larmiu
rrd lyllON iLk > K
Jtlul rt > n edy
cure all t ttmlr raV
it aa4 Crarrul l kllli
tfrlna 1 iiurtirri It
M i aIJ Minirrlr n
ibMlt nt Hilt
naloHtptrtmont oIr
lor sale by J 1 Mcks
Main tr et Fort Wntth T tas
Miss Maria Parloa
Btrongly recommends the
use of
Extract of Beef
nnd she ha wrllUn a
Oooic Boolt
uhlch will be sent free
en application toDiuchy
t Co 27 lrk llace
Makoa Poops Woll
just received and are ready
for your Inspection
Both Coa and Wood
Ranges and Heaters
Suitable for your parlor
sittingroom or bedroom
Howard W Peak
10G talon sifbbL
Greemvafs Opera House
engagement of
Otis Skinner
IrcscDilnff ihf llrllllsnt > ew tom
rd > Drama
HisGrace deGrammont
II CH 111 llTCIt
tioulIrlelt rlni > > n
P iolmtHl f tlif rtcrnt
LliKntro ltroancllou
mais U HAlll
Friday and Saturday Nov 2324
The I union eiv rU Cnniinnr In
AueUBlu Tlioiuu Mnleriilrce
The Urent Orlulnnl tnsl Ueuutlful
Scenirr ni il Ilffects
SUA13 > 0V ON SAIn
bucFmor I 1lrl lKl r tnnl Co
lletnll nnl Cup lot Urnlr In
Texas Colorado Hft A T D
and McAtester VJUXlUPi
Ar Itnndle tlir Ste nn Conl TliU
In < lrrldftlly the llenl coal mined
In Mail ItriTitre of ImlUtllous
They ure on I he iiiurUet
it j ti mc
Mnnnser oud Genrrnl > nl it Citfnt
iMf County Coal In
A Can oad Just
Very low i > ricea in box lota
Corner 1aln snd Flllccnlli Streets
H it Fredrick
Merchant Tailor
Imported Cooes ol ths lalssl
Styct tlwayl in Slolt
Siills Med lo Order and Fit
212 Main St Fori Wortli Tbi
Riding Habits and
Evening Dresses
Waltrftiit cor suit ul mutii
2 tt3OS 0 0 0 0 C COt9
a I am ofXerlng at e st for caeri
Ine A J Anderson stock c duni Q
lliou Ammunition nnd Sport
O Ins Ooodi of all kinds Also a
laree anil complete stock of Elee S
ni Eoode To dealers In either 3
line I am prepared to offer extra 5
orjlnarr Inducements Writ me
Z > f quotations O
W Q NCWBY Trustee 2
oo o so o o oo s o ai a
We are dolnir Nenl
n tleun
C < li > mer > r lrlutl u
nt ttmall l rutlt IMeave let us
tlll ron
c o iiismur jl co
PUen 211 jj
delphla Vienna > jfi ffi
I3 Cincinnati
fairs Ulca grad
all tho stat
t low trad
Our Slstl una 1m U V lkr II liiu
Elegant Shirts
> SHIRTS That Fit and Wear
< Woll
J SHIRTS That QivoSatlsfat
lien aro Made at 212 Main St
JennIajrsAo and Fourteenth St
lore urtli Tcini
Fine Old ttrhiskies
People In the country now hae a
chance to buy Whiskies b > the gallon
at wholesale prices We quote
Touryearold ATUkies j CO per
rit earold Whiskies J3 00 per gal
Old Hje Whlakten 3 CO per gallon
Send Money by Express or Poatofflce
Money Order
505507 EOCStCl st Fortwcrtu Tei
Iteoled Car of Port Llmon ban-
anas largo fruit j also car 1 lorlda or-
anges nnd fancj SCOb lemons Mave en
route car Meilcin nranrjea nt prices
to meet all demands Arrled Three
cars cf choice npples also x olees of
Slalaea crapes In Icces Catawba
Rrapea In S pound basliets To orrlve
000 baskets of Concords JO pound
baskets Mrs 10 pound boxes dates
chestnuts cocoanuta on hand rull
lino ot fireworks 1 rlto for pamphlets
T Seed nr Al
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Baker Bros
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I hat jou can get If Jo vMirnll
Jennlnas near TcnnsylvanU avenue
> Uti UH
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An Elegant Line of Goods or Woddingpmei
Dr J 11 rlIIOTT Professor of the
lane UnUrslty of Louisiana New Orl
UltlOHT S DISI3ASC anil so much I
DMiruL nnsuLTs obtained h
TUIU1 heforo his CLASS nt the COI
sa > s TATrOItD SPltlNaS WATCH
Tllll IIM J KM1UN lltl roil I11IIO
Our Pamphlet will surprise > ou Ireo
druggists In this clt Beware ot
Theory and
Prartlc or jM
euns aj STirFORB
MIItnsSED Is he
leans National nt
has cured nta of a
iits nitntsu iiuniTp
to any address Wat i
imitations BM
Fruits and Western Produce
Commission 3VEeroliailts
Drs Abdill Matt
Corner 1 Iflh and Mala Ma
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ritUIT3 rtorlla Orargcs California Seedling Orange CallfomlivB
Orangey lort Lemon Uananas Messina Lemons Cocoanut MalagiGtiM
VLairrAHLLS New Yok Red Hose Seed Potatoes Fasten Roc
rotates W extern Itose Seed Iotatoe Burbank and Teertess M pfltj
Greeley Noting Totatoes hweet Iotatoea for Seed or Hating Purpofctt
New Iet
baga Turnlpn New Fancy
SUNDKinS A rull Line of Dried Trutts amInn Dates Fin lt
of Kvery De crlpthm Chewing Gum Can 1 Its Complete i Af segment it
ccrs SundiUs Write fr prices
Krs 11C BRIDGES Prop RBi St OjjKlli TS1JTO Cffiiiiii
Noat Cool Rooms FlntCtaij Excellent Table Moi riu I
Centra ly Located
j Geo D BryU frf
Cor Fifteenth and Main Sis Fort Worth Tex
rrairtt or tarty a Tranlitz Si esain cctiticlal ten tttusitl ts trjtt
Rates S2 Per Day
Thoroughly Firsttil
The Merchants Lunch Room and
WM MORRISON Proprietor
Just Opened Everything New Neat and Comkr
Comer Ninth and Jones Sts Fort Worth Tex i
Quotations Cheerfully and Promptly Furnisj
leelU wllhnnl pl l
Corner 11 ito J
Dr A J
oiir niB 72EJ
OIL Selenllncollrst1
I Alleailed t
in irunuaij
Cures female diseases sM s
pile nstuias SLn >
fectum without i M5
ness urttul i ST
onT all disease 1 of IM Vf
organs j
Office 510 Ifom SK Mt
Mention the r tWortJJ
I had cancer ana jII
seernl phj olflaim wJYo s
SmalllM W Cook j
I had dropsy tot t
cured In tno w0 1
Sl < <
llrs Vrotb
Dr Bmalll ia
disease after all Mr a
V m Pack
Bkln olseaes curel or F
7 v
The Excels
Board per asr tf
per week Ji cIrp
310 CalhounjwBg
I ifea
S auerlttl l rsTli
J btreet

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