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... as a Spanish trading post and fort, the Old Stone Fort is now a museum, located on the campus... and active games. Registration will begin 12:30 to 1:30 p. m., Thursday, June 23, and camp will close at noon... in the hospital. Sunday with her father. Ralph Johnson, and attended the Midway Memorial Sunday. Ricky Lynn Rash.... Preston Bonner and baby. Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson of Tyler attended the memorial at Midway Sunday... and the home of Mrs. Effie Steele and attended the memorial at Midway Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lee

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... mobilization base on which the country would build its force in event of large-scale war. Texas’ 49th Armored... County); seven races for county attorney; two for county clerk: 12 for county tax assessor; two... and 36th Infantry divisions are both part of this "reinforcing reserve,” as is the 90th Reserve Division... 65" health insurance cov- j thods to cotton yarns and fabrics. Davis Termite Control 12 Years

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...-6. in the field included Mr. and .Irs. Joe Work>hop Thursday. June It. at | Memorial Student Center... Bonner as- Besides being an annual affair, it! s‘steth birthday... Monte Whole or Cut 303 Cans Green Beans - 4 for $1 LIPTCN >4 lb. Tpo - - 39c 12 For $1.00 FRESH Ground

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... Cemetery Memorial Set Memorial services will be held at Day Cemetery at Ward Prairie, Saturday, June 27...). Lakes Chapel Memorial Set Memorial services will he held at Lakes Chapel Cemetery Saturday, jeJuly 4.... Lunch will be served at rnoon and everyone is cordially invited to attend. A St. Elmo Memorial... Memorial services will be held at ination. “An attitude of do... primary, Inspread spread attend and everyone is invited to Antioch Memorial Memorial services and dinner

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... GIANT NIBLETS OR MEXICORN - - - 12 Oz. Cans 5 lor SHURFRESH 4* a* VANILLA WAFERS l< oz. I5t PETER PAN...- --- quart can NABISCO CHOC. CHIP 14 Oz. Cookies - pk. 49c 40 OZ. PKG. Bisquick - - - 39c FOODKING 12 Oz

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