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at Christ
Bringing the spices vhtch ihey
fiad prepared Luke xxiv 1 Tka trum
pet shall sound I Corinthians xvM 52
Enchanting trork have I beforo mo tins
Easter mornnij for imitating theso women
o the text who brought aromatics to tho
mausoleum of Christ lam going to unroll
trankincenbe and balm and attar of rceea and
cardunon from the East Indies and odors
Xroxn Arabia
when we can inhale no
mora of the iierfume then we will talk
of sweet suuuds and hoar from the
music that shall wake the dead Ear
tag on othw Easters described the
nolo scene I need only in four or five
smtences eay Christ was lying flat on His
back lifeless amidtt sculptured rocks rocks
otet Him r < ks uader Him and a door of
rocks all bou n ded by the flowers and fountains
of Josephs country seat Then a bright im-
mortal baring descended from heaven quick
and flashing us a falling meteor picks up the
door of r < < k ani put ltaadeosthooghlt
were a chair and iton it Then Christ un-
wraps Himself of Hii mortuary apparel and
takes the turban from His head ani folds
it up deliberately and lays it down in one
place and then puts the shroud in another
place and eomt out and finds that the soldiers
who had been on guard are lying around
pallid and in a dead swoon their swordsbent
and useless The illustrious prisoner of the
tomb itdheharged and five hundred people
tee Mnrat oaee An especial congress of
ecclesiastics cafel pay abribo to the resusci-
tated soldiers to say that there was no resur-
rection ana that while thev wereoverccme of
slumber the Christians had played resurrec
tionists and stolen the corpse The Marys
ore at the tomb with aromatics
1 why did not these women of the text
bring tborm ana netti for these would
more thorou liiy have eSTubespd the piercing
sorrows of taemeelvestaid thsir lord Wliy
ii they not brine sera national ensign
such as iLat of the Roman eagle typical of
conquest No they bring aromatics sug
gosQvo to mo of the fact thattha Gospel
Is to swweten and deodorize the world
Rie world has so much of
putrefaction and nutlodor that Christ
is going to roll o er it waves of frankincense
ana sprinkle it all oer with sweet smelling
myrrh Thousands of years before this Solo-
mon had bold that Christ was a lily and
Isaiah had dct buvd that under the Gospel the
desert would 1 loom like the rose but the
world was duw to take the floral hint And
bo now the women of the text bring hands
fullnndanns full of redolence and perhaps un-
wittingly coufirm and emphasize the lesson of
deodorization When Christs Gospel has
conquered liu < arth the last offense to the
oKactones will hare left the world sweet
pore air will ha v blown through every home
and churches ill be freed from too curso of
iUTentflation u 1 thejprldBJU become two
greatgardAns ln es ru r l l embla2oned
aademnw J rtffliiHi > h Tes Sjnu Binz
aaaO hohnsK a dove Sin is mghtiade
r holiness ij dower If vou
a are trying
to reform the world open the
windows of that teuament house and
pour through it l draught of Gods pure at-
mosphere and i i geranium or a heliotrope
on thewindow 11 deaasethe air and you
will help tfeUM the sold How dare this
world so often insult tbjst feature of the
human face wl i ii Godhas made tile most
rsouiment featiue in human physiognomy9
iTo prove how Hi Himsdf teres aromatics I
fcring the fact Iuit tiaerrj are milhons of
flowers on pram s and to mountain fast
ncses tho frasi an u of which no human
being ever birithea ami Ho must have
grown than th re for His own regalement
And for the ounpluuent the world paid
Christ by Riwij Hnn a sepnlcher in
Josephs gardin Uu wiU yet make the
whole earth a c u ien Yes He expressed
His delight mtii fragrance in the first
book of the Cibk when He saidS The
Lord smeiled a tKcet aavorf and Be filled
the air of tbeaiHieut tabernacle and < nple
with sweet inciw and tttsu are small
bottles of perftiuH in beacon described
in Heveiation as gxhUn vials full 1 odors
I preach an ambr irtl ggspe whieb will yet
extirpate from tin vrarkl all foulness and
granoditr and tin art aoeoittemss and the
alastnsepbitic Glad am I that tiiough
igteTDrU had du It spikes for the Saviours
i f eetfend thorm r the S vioor a brow the
magiYiu fraiikiiic use upon His cradi and
the lUrys brought ffmVincensa for His
5 Notice also that Christs mausoleum was
opecod by eoBeassirju Itwasagreat earth
rjuaie that pot xLt lamed ierhito the by better Be not l
rolTedand kwyiaHime lock of that tomtit be awakened by
ICoccisswn ThaStstfae power that opens all waynof weraiai
the tomb that awflpeBod at alb Tomb of
iiaUeea Cwsnaionbetween
gland and tb > thfartetta eolonles and forth
eome3free government in America Cubcus
sion between France asd Germany and forth
comes repabbrantsm for France Concus-
sion among th roclu on iaotmt Sinai and
jpn two of them was if t a perfect lawtor all
tffce ConcosBon anumg the rocks around
Calvary and the crucifixion was made the
more overwhehiung Concussion between
the United State and Mexico and avast
urea of country becomes ours Concussion
between Isngland and France aad mosto
this otmtiBeQt at of tbe Hi n ppi becomes
the property of the Atmnttin Union Con
cusaon between weberg and iceberg lx tween
bowlder and bou IfIrr and a thousand con
enssious put tins world into shape for mans
residence Conffuvion between David and
bis enemies and out came the pwatma which
otherwise would uetei hae been written
Concussion between God s will and mans
will aadj ours overthrown we are new
reaturoa m ChriM JeMts Concussion of mis
fortnne nod trial for many of the good
and out comes their especial consecratjon
iDonottherefore be frt htened when yyu see
thegreat opbeovais thegreat agitatKrasthe
gTeat earthquakes whether among the rocks
sor among th uatioiis or mdividuil ex
perience Oat of ihm iud will brmg best
results and most magnificent conseqciences
Hear the crash ill roand the Lords
earcepnagas and soe the glorious re
anlsatson of iti < ckad mhai > iUjit Concus
aianl If ever a ne Fm iean war which
the world has been tpecbn for the last
5twenty years shemu come a concussion so
wideandaoonctusKtu so tremendous would
not leave a throno u Europe standing as it
now is The naUons of the earSa are
tired nf bavmg their Kinejs born to
them and the > w i Id alter a while
elect their Kings an I tLtra would be an
Italian Bepubhe aul a German Rencblie and
iTlussian Republic and an Austrian Bepub
lie and out of the cracks and crevices and
chasms of that eownsBkw nonld oome resor
rection f or all Europe Stagnation is < kath
f olj coneaason u Messiamc
ISotiooalso what the angel did with the
stonearter b bad rolled ft away from the
month of tbeSsviours mausoleum The book
says be roller away the stone from the door
Olid sat uponlt AH of us ministers have
preached a > sniKiei about the augers rolling
away ibe stone but we did not remark
eupontbe auburne fact that be sat upon
TVlrr Certainly not because be
was tired The angels are a fatigue
less race and tbal ouu could hare shouldered
Errrocfcaruand that touih and carried It
away and not own at t H at upon
tWIlhsnk to 4 x > i u d t > ijijw ni that
wimay iaa > < v awtliH ntataLlc a throne
jot IxrgTipfal Th mit who get their
K4xlncau3Erl sy scidoni amount to much
ThoaPwliQ Mfl to struggle for it come
CTit atop There is ni end of the story
Jof StadylBif by puieknot hghu and reading
wfcilgiJe jtinfcH jf the towpath were resting
ondjef gontgbungry and patched aad bare-
foot and sol Bfcing to all kinds cf privation
tdgetaebolMrticaavactage8 Butthedayof
gfaduatiaa Icaine and they took the diplo-
mas wttb To hand nervous from night
study aifi pale from lack of
food and put their academic degrees
inJhe ak of a threadbsxe coat Then
rigogfw another career of hardship they
y a jmrfesMoa a busmen where they
plenty of dwheartinent and no help
Yet saying 1 will saraxA God help me
for no one else will they went on and up
tmlO the world wascomperied to acknowledge
and adcilre limn
I e feet wa that the obstacle between
sucoeawasarockof aity to no by
J25J ° n 1 l ami
tOTT 2 ne < reen
taped by Alnughty 0 i fljey threw their
ann Around the oUtscb aad with the
strength or s snpemataral wrestler rolled
lade the rtoue ana Uvu t
tbaa conquerors they
< m it
Mm and women are
Pat and useful just hinrooor
tion as they had to overounie obrfaeiai Yon
SiO riSnJr0ur Suseriof > oor one hand
an the
great singers eit orswra great
poets Treat patn u h i r UmsUau
who never had a stru i That mJS
mado a throne of the U ler JtOirlsS
Jombweit back to heaven and
i warrant
yhat having l eu born u heaven and
alwaytnad as easj time be now speaks
Cfjtnat wrtUa with the rock as the most in
teresting chapter m all his angelic lifetime
0 men nnd women with jh taclos in the way
1 teajpa that those obstacles areonly thrones
IhatTOtifnay aftra wti > p r > n utheob
itacielnyonr way sickness Conquer it by
aemmplisbLng more lor God during your in
raJidism then many accomplish who have
never known an inlment Are you perse
u > dJ By your uprightness and courage
< S the world to acknowledge your moral
tostm Isitpovertv Conquer > t by be
sixtytwo cents and that He got from a fishs
mouth and immediately paid it all out
in taxes to the Roman assessor and
who would have been buried in a pot-
ters flsld had not Joseph of Arimathea oou
tribuh da place for He who had not where-
to lay His head during His life had a borrowed
pillow for the last slumber There is no
throne that you are sure to keep except
that which you make out of vanquished
obstacles An ungrateful Itopubhc at tho
ballot box denied Horace Greeley tho
highest piaco at the National Capital but
could not keen him from rising from the steps
of a ew York printing office on which he
sat ore chilly morning waiting for the boss
pnntn to come that ho might get a gob un-
til hi i mounted tho highest throno of
American journalism He rollod back
the stoma and sat upon it A poor orphan
boy picking up chips at Richmond
va sccosted by a passing tea Captain
and mnted to come on board his vesseldrops
the clips and starts right a ay and is tossed
from jort to port and homeless and friend-
less winders one day along Tremont street
Bostor and sees Park Street Church open
and siieakmg of it afterward on a great oc
tasiou and using sailors vernacular as was
usual with him he says I put in I up
helm unfurled sail and made for the gallery
and said under bare poles to the come pew
Then I hove to came to anchor
The old man Dr Griffin was just naming
liia ten Pretty toon ho unfurled the main-
sail raodthe topsail ran up the pennants
to free breeze and I tell you the old gospel
ship never sailed more prosperously The
salt spray flew in every direction but more
especially did it run down my cheeks
Satan had to strike sail lus guns were
demounted or spiked his vanouo crafts
by which he led sinners captive were
all beached and the captain of
the Lordss hosts rode forth conquering and
to conquer Before that sailor boy was
poverty but he conquered it and orphanage
but ho conquered it and ignorance but lie
conquered it and tho scoff of the world but
he conquered it and be rose till every sail-
ors bethel in the world blessed bun and great
anniversary platforms invited Imn and
Daniel Webster and Charles Dickens and
rredenla Dremer and poets and orxis
and senators sat electrified at his feet and
his gospeluing influence wlj go on until the
lap jack tar is convertedana the sea shall
gtvenp its dead All theTjblrtacles of bislife
seemed gathered into one great bowlder but
Edward T Taylor the worldrenowned suit-
ors preacher rolled back the stone and sat
upon it
Vet do not make the mistake that many
do of sitting on it before it is rolled away
It is bound to go if you only tug
away at it If not before then I think
abont 12 oclock noon of resurrection
day yon will sea something worth seeing
The general impression is that the
resurrection will take place in the inorning
The ascent to the skies will hardly occur
immediately It will take some hoursto form
tho procession fakynard and we will all want
to take a look at this world beforo we leave
it forever and 6ee the surroundings of the
couch where our bodies have long been sleep
ing On that Easter morning the marble
n hether it lay fiat upon your grave or stood
up in monument will have to be jostled
nnd shaken and rolled aside by the
angel of resurrection and w bile waiting for
v our kindred to gather and the procession to
lorm your resurrected body may at in holy
tnuuiph npon that chiseled stone which
marked the place of your protracted slumber
On that day what a fragile thing will bo
Aberdeen granite and column of basalt
and tho mortar which will rattle
out of the wall of vaults that have been sealed
a thousand years and the Taj built for a
queen m India a sepulcher two hundred and
seventyfive feet high and made of jasper
and cornelian and turquois and lapislazuli
and amethyst and onyx and sapphire and
diamond and which shall that day rain into
glittering dust on groves of banyan and
bamboo nnd palm And all under what
Cower ronderous crowbars wielded
y cunts No Thunderbolt cleaving
asunder the granite No Battel mg ram
swung against the walls of cemeteries No
Dynamite drilled under the foundations of
cenotaph and abbey Kb It will be done by
music Nothing but music sweet but all
ponetraiing music The trumpet shall sound
ou say that is figurative how do you know
But whether literal or figurative it means
music nil how I1ietrumpetthatstimngm
n < ive mighty instrument with a natural
craps from G below the staff to E above
blown above Smal when the law was given
blow u i round Jericho when the walls tumbled
hi ii when Gideon discomfited the Slidian
lUss blown when the ancient Israelites were
gathered for worslup to be blown for tho
raising of the dead in tho last great Easter
The mother who when tho ctuld must bo
awakensd kisses its eyes awake does well
But tile trumpet which when the dead are
to be sroused kisses the ear awake doe
surprised if the dead are to
jaajac Why that 1s tho
the dead Toko the stat
xks if you can of the milhons of souls that
have beam raised from tbeL leath f ml >
hymns by psalins by solos by anthems
ysy flutes by violins by organs by
trumpets Under God what hosts
have leen resurrected by Ira D San
key by Thomas Hastings by IVilham D
Bradbn y by Lowell Mason by motherly
lullalaei by church doxologies by oratorios
If we raise the dead now by music be not
surpnsei that on the last day the dead are to
be raisoi by music
The trumpet shall sound And i
ctrument shall have plenty of workgthej
the will have t3bM
dai mentioned
through ail the pyramids which fflgy wTtll
names lor sepulchers and bberate tg H
kings And through hypogean grcf money >
were limit in mounds and tbehyjfli both
graves which were dug ffter
and through the nine huilIlKIn these
mg ntfles of catacombs S
around the Roman Campagna Jarce mucil
seven muLon human beings si
throtrza all the crystal saroopu
tie and Pacific and Mediterani
plan and Black Sea deeps And
battle fields of continent untd al
Oil tho
Sharpsburg during our CivinVar J J 3
with sjnie others under the ausWl Dftho
Christiw commission lookmiv f tn8
woundiid Federal and Confalerafsl calpon
light night I was vhere I cnjfctr flowa
upon the tents of the sleemnf J Oh
what an nuponnj spectacle thafy sub-
ject calls ns to look down ui I Aghticr
host of soldiers slumlxr J Itt last
the lnvouar of W J tho
seven linidred and Qfty tjf
the Crunean war the eighth
slam in
ed thou
sand shitn in our AmorccaJpP tho fifteen
mniftm sEffi ff ne wtjpof Sesostris
the tweutynVe million Pln in Jewish
wars th thirtytwo million slain in
wars o Ohengis KUan the eighty million
dain m the wois of the crusaders the one
hundred and eighty million slam in the Ro-
man wars Aye according to Dr Dick the
deadm ar it each one occupied four feet of
ground would make enough graves to reach
four hundred nnd fortytwo times around the
The must of people are dead Theworllls
a bouse of two rooms a basement and a
room aljove groun 1 The basement has two
to one thro < one fmir to one more occu-
pants than tin viperstrurturo Sickness and
war and death uae been stacking their
harvests for nearly sit thouwnd years
tVhere are those who saw the Pilgrim
Fathers embark or tho Declaration of
Independence signed or Franklin lasso
the lightning or Warren Hastings tried or
Queen Elizabeth in her triumphal march to
Kenilworth or William Prince of Orange
land or Gustavus Adolphns crowned or Je-
rome of Prague burned at the stake or
Xamerland found his empire Gone Gone I
But the trumpet shall sound Music to
raise tho dead Oh how much the world
needs it You take a torch and I will take a
torch nnd we will go through some of the
aWes of the Roman catacombs and see the ex-
pectant epitaphs on the walls and right over
where the departed sleep You know that
these cataeoml are fifty or sixty feet under-
ground and if one loses the guide or his
torch is extinguished he never finds the way
out Soletusstayclosetogetherandwithonr
torches s we wander along a small part of
these WX miles of underground xiassages so
the inscriptions as they wero really chiseled
there on both sdes the way On your side you
read by the liehtof your torch Here rests
a liandinaid of God who out of all her riches
now possesses but this one house Thou wilt
remain in eternal repose of happiness A D
3S0 On my side 1 nad by the light of the
torch Aurelia our sweetest daugh-
ter the lived fifteen years and four months
A b 38S On your side you read Hero
hath been Laid a sweet spirit guileless wise
and beautiful Burled in peace A D 388
On my sule I read You well desorving
one he in peace You will rise A tempor-
ary ret i fmnted you Plaucus her hus-
band maris this On your side you read
Xicephorus a sweetsoul in the place of re-
freshment On my side I read in Christ
Alexander is not dead but bves beyond
the stars and his dead body rests in this
tomb Onyoursjdeyouread Here happy
yon flnl rest bowed down with years
Mrene sleeps In God Valeria sleeps ia
Peace Arethusa sleeps in God Hnvira
in peace a sweet soul who lived sixteen years
a soul Meet as honey this epitaph was mads
by her parents
But let us come out from these catacombs
J extinguish our torches for upon all
iie nuinxs and expectations of all
it sounds the better Oh how we would
like to get our loved ones back again I H
we are ready to meet our Lord our sins
nil pardoned what a good thing if this
moment we could hear the resounding
and reverberating blast I Would you not like
to see your father ngain your mother again
your daughter ngain your boy again and all
your departed kindred again Roll on sweet
day of resurrection and reunion Under tho
hoofs of tho white steeds that draw thy
chariot we strew Easter flowers Would
it not be grand if we could all rise to-
gether You know that the Bible savi
we shall not all sleep but we shall
nil bo changed What if we should bo among
the favored ones who never have to see death
and that whde in the full life of our body we
should hear that trumpet sound and these
mortal bodies take on immortality Oh how
I would hasten to two places before the close
of such a day peaceful Greenwood
and the village cemetery back of Som
ervillo And I would cry aloud Tho
hour has come the trumpet has sounded
the resurrection is here rather and mother
you wero tho best of all the group now load
tho way The earth sinks out of sight
Clouds under foot Other worlds only mile-
stones on the Kings highw ay Wo rise We
rise We rise1 to bo forever with the Lord
and forever with each other Slay we all
have pai t m that first resurrection
Io this dark world of sla aad pain
We only meet to part again
But wtiea we reach Uie hevcalr shore
Wc there shall meet to part no more
he hopo that we shall see that day
jbotil 1 eliifte our urcseut gileft ft >
When on a fragrant sandal tree
The iroodmaiis axe descend
And she who bloomed so beanteouslj
Beneath the weapon bends
E en on the edge that wrought her death
Dying she breathes her sweetest breath
As to toten in her fall
Peace to her foes and love to all
How hardly man thi lesson learns
To smile and bless the hand that purn
To see tho blow to feel the pain
And render only love again 1
One had it bat He came from Heaven
Reviled rejected and betrayed
No curse He breathed no plaint he made
But when in deaths dark pan He sighed
Prayed for His murderer and died
It is said that Mr Spurgeon is in the habit
of testing the abilities of the more promising
of the students of his college bv obliging
then to go up into the pulpit vritli a sealed
en elope in their hands containing the text
of their nddresf On one of th4 occasions a
student on opening the paper found this sub-
ject set Apply the story of Zacchaeus to
your own personal qualifications and call
And he delivered himself in the following
way My brethren the subj ct on
w Inch I lia e to address you to-
day is a comparison between Zacchaeus and
my own qualifications Well the first thing
that we read about Zacchaeus was that he
was email of stature and I never felt so
small as I do now In the second place we
read that he chmbed up into a tree which
is very much my position now Thirdly we
read that Zacchsem made haste to come-
down in which I joyfully follow his exam-
What must I do to be lost Neglect so
great salvation It is not necessary to do
anything We are lost already Je > tts of-
fers to save us but if we reject His offer
we remain as we were How shall we es-
cape if we neglect so great salvationf Es
cateis impossible if we neghSbt ths only
means of safety If a deadly serpent bites
yoa and you refnfo the only remedy you
die If you are drowning and will not seize
the lifebuoy thrown to you you sink Neg-
lect is nun Jesus alouo can save the souL
Neither t there salvation in any other 0
sinner your damnation t sure if you neglect
Jesus If he that despised Moses law died
without mercy of how much sorer
punishment snail he be thought
worthy who hath trodden under-
foot the Son of God Dost thou think God
will not execute His throatenings or that
thou canst ecape His oiercing eye or that
the rocks will cover Ihee Vain hopes
There is no escape but to come to Jesus and
simple neglect is certain perditjon Bec iuso
I called but ye ref umh then thall they
call but I will not answer they shall seek
me but shall not find ma O sinner escape
this awful tlireatenmg I Jesus now stands
with open anus He entreats you to bo
saved Come with all your sins and sorrows
Come just as you are 1 Come at once He
will in no w a cavt out Come to Jeous
On a cold dark night when the wind was
blowing hard Conrad a worthy citizen of a
little town in Germanv sat playing his flute
while Ursula his wife was prennng sup-
per They beard a sweet voice ringing out-
side Tears filled the good nu 5s eyes ashesaid
Whatnfine sweetvce What a pity it
should be spoiled > be rj tried in such
i eather
1 tlnnkiti the voice of a child Let ns
and said his wife who
ij he door see
lUon little boy not long before and
TvrjJjJljswas open to tako pity on the lit
beauflffnod the door and saw a ragged
< said Chanty good ir for
low oiir
c Sfay little one said he yon
of ot th me for the nfeht
TJnJJTsaid Thank God and ent red
b credit JSS p k supper and then he told
t vGKthat he was the son of a poor miner and
11 proba anttl tobea priest He wandered about
trooDs of th Tnirr itQm v nd sana and livedon the money peoplegave
and taL and LmaDLierS ° nihn Ilk kind friends would not let him
jan snd PersS1a TXeiS is forCC talk much bnt sent him to bed When he
the worlds battle fi was asleep they looked in upon lnm and
swer thecal Marathon comeE13 ihus JT Phased with his pleasant face that
court lomecp Blonheim7 come nK of rf thJr detennDed to keep him if he was
comexpl HoheolindenTcome igDS In the
come up Gettysburg come fen 0r
morning they found he was only too
glad to remain
They sent him to school and afterwards
he entered a monastery There he fnmd
Bible from which he learned the wav of I
He became tho great preach < r and reform
Martin Luther Little did Conrad and
sula th nk of what they were doing
they cared for thi3 least of these my
Rev J nnd on Taylor founder cf
China inland mission told the followin
the recent conference at Northileld
I have had ail sorts of experiences in
sorts of circumstances and when I h
come to God and pleaded His own prom
in His own IVord I have never been dis
pointed I have been in circumstances
great difficulty and have been led to ask
for remarkable help I was nearly
when I was going out to China or
time Our vessel wis becalmed apd
ally dnf ting upon the coast of New Gti
We could see the savages on the shore
had kindled a fire and were
dently expecting a good
that night When I was a medical
dent some of the other students used to
at me because I was going among
heathen and they w mid talk about
missionary Well it did look that nigl
if somebody was goinr to have a piece
missionary Tho captain said to me
cant do anything eke but let d wn the 1
boat They had tried to run the head
the vessel arrnind from the shore but
vain We had been becalmed for seve
weeks with never a breeze or any-
one In a few minutes we wi uld be
the coral reefs We would be at the
of those savages and they didn t lool
they had much percy
4 IVeE I said there is one thin
havent done yet Let the Christian
board pray about it There was a
man on board a steward who was a
sweet Christian man and the captain w
Christian and myself I proposed tha
should retire to qnr cabins and in the i
of our Lord Jesus Christ ask our Father
His Fatbr for a breeze immediately
agreed I went to my cabin and told
Lord that I wa just on my way to Cl
that He had sent me and that I conldn
there if I was shipwre ked and kilkd
then I was going on to ask nim for a brl
but I felt so confident about it th
couldnt ask Him So I
went up on deck Tnere
was the second
officer thechiefmateaverv
grdlessman I went up to him and said If
SSL i ° 00 mt ma to let down
themainsail forF r
I said We have been
praying for a breeze and it is coming directs
1 aad the sooner we are ready for it the
betta With an oath he said he would
rather see a breeze than hear of one Ashe
LS f 5 J ucUvely looked up and
noticed that
one of the fails was quivering
with the coming breeze Said 1 Don t you
fee the corners of tho royals are already
shaking My dear fellow there is a good
breeze coming and we had better be ready
lor If Of course the mate went to wort
and soon the sailors were tramping over the
tjecx Before the lailswere set tbawmdwai
down upon us The captain came up to ses
what was the matter He saw thatoui
prayers had been answered and we didnt
forget to praise God for so signal a deliver
ncs f > m the perils to which we
were ex
toBj mh ompaaionshipof the lord pwed T7e have been penniless in the inter
aa4 Auser rtvj tn all Hu life owned but Tu mjraluS of resurrection dawns ° rof China but we simply turn to this book
i ihe tnwujet shall eoundl And ft vmsc I 4 4rew a eh di and Itlsiiweja tesigroi
Very pretty rugs can b made as fol-
lows Take a piece of a quiltone square
yard or any thick cloth cut out of
worsted pieces a circle six inches across
ork any pretty design for center mark
circle five inches across in ccnUr of tie
foundation cloth and then cut strips of
worsted two inches at the top onehalf
inch at the bottom eighteen inches long
sew on so that they will come three in
circle revolving around the center fill in
the corners with bright colors and sew
small pieces around the edge or fringe
will be very pretty if the colors are mixed
good VTotMngUm Star
Silver articles when not in use should
be kept in prepared cottonflannel bags
to protect them from tho sulphureted
hydrogen of furnace and illuminating
gas They should be kept in a dry place
and if likely to remain there a long time
the silver should be perfectly clean and
the bags closely wrapped in stout paper
For daily care of silver it is best to use
hot water castile soap and a sttfi brush
and chamois leather Gilding ought to
be rubbed as bttle as possible and silver
etched decorated with colored alloys or
oxidized can be kept in condition by
rubbing with a damp linen cloth with a-
very little plate powder HumlBtme
The trouhleirVMiairy little grub which
is known as the I aio moth and which
is so injurious to carpets may be de
stroyed by wetting the carpets with watei
and goiuf over them with a hot ironj
Benzine will fall them but this faRMands
far examined
a yet
J appears
explosiverand inflammable and irttr JarJ a no support t0 the Darwinian theory
handled with care To avoid this house-
hold post tho carpets should not lie close
to the walls but a space of o few inches
should be left allaround the border so
that the edge can be turned up and swepi
frequently The crevices ii the flooi
should be filled with plaster or with putty
so that no hiding places are left for the
insects It is quite possible and per-
haps probable that this insect has come
for a good purpose viz to get rid of the
unhealthful practice of using dusty
carpets constantly on the floors un-
changed by which the atmosphere of the
dwelling is filled with injurious dust and
the throat and lungs become dis-
eased by it If the carpet is laid
loosely and is taken up and shaken once a
week the buffalo moth will no longer give
any trouble Km Tori Timet
Inks made with nutgalls and copperas
can be remoed by using a moderately
concentrated solution of oxalic acid fol-
lowed by use of pure water and frequent
drying with clean blotting paper Most
other black inks are erased by use of a
weak solution of chlorinated lime fol-
lowed by dilute acetic acid nnd water with
drying with blotters 3Ialachite green
ink is bleached by aqua ammonia silver
inks by potassium cyanide or sodium
hyposulphite Some aniline colors aro
easily removed by alcohol and nearly all
by chlorinated lime followed by dilute
acetic acid or vinegar All these remarks
apply to goods The removal of such
stains from tinted papers or colored dress
goods is nearly impossible in many cases
without impairing the color of the fabrics
and silk and woolen goods are liable to
be acted upon by the chemicals so as to
be seriously injured In all cases apply
the substances with camels hair brushes
or feathers and allow them to remain no
longer than is necessary after which
rinse well with water and dry with blot-
ting papers There is no reliable method
for the removal of printing ink Pen-
man t Art Journal
To make good stfirpysajftnTOeTroit
Free Pros requires the judicious blend
ing of the different flavors so that noth-
ing shall predominate Always remova
the scum before the soup boils or it will
not become clear even when strained no
matter how fine a strainer is used Sim-
mer slowly for if allowed to boil quickly
the goodness of the meat cannot be ex-
tracted Put the meat on in cold water
and allow two tablespoonfuls of salt to
each gallon of water From a pint and
a half to a quart of water to every pound
of meat will make good soup When
adding water after the boiling has com-
menced always use water of the some
temperature Excellent soup stock can be
made as follows Takealegorshinofbeef
weighing eight pounds saw the bone in
three parts and remove the marrow Put
into a kettle with four quarts of water
and let it simmer Put the marrow into
a saucepan with a pound of lean ham cut
in small pieces fry a good brown then
add to the meat bone and let it simmer
five hours Strain and set away to cool
When cold remove the fat and pour it
into glass fruit ors and set in a cool
Ito Spaniards
tfic unnersal politeness in
Speakin of
Spanish lands F Hopkinson Smith tells
a story of an incident in Mexico An
old woman barefooted ragged and dustqf
a staff once
begrimed leaning upon
crooked street
preceded me up a narrow
Sho looked like an animated fish net
hung on a fence to dry so ragged and
emaciated was she A young Indian
onehalf her age crossed her steps as sho
turned into a side street Instantly he
removed his hat and saluted her as if she
had been Queen of Sheba A los pies
dc listed senora at your feet lady I
heard him as I passed Bese usted
los monos my hands for your kisses
senorj replied she with a bowwhich
would have become a Duchess
Dancim at ElghtyfiTe
The island of Nantucket is off tha track
of the modern world The people and theu
custozns are very unlike those in any other
part of tho world the offisland part Mas
the autucketsrs are wont to call it
Oldfashionad customs and habits prevail
They know but little about the nswfanglsd
manners and methods of modern social hfe
They follow the beaten paths of a centnrv
ago live simple thrifty laborious livss and-
S uttle kusiness tor tho doctors
Thty thrive financially and physically
A vuitor at an evening gathering on the
island not long since telfi how one lady
aged ninetyone presided at the piano and
another aged eighryflve danced And
you may take my word for it adds the
vuitor that the dancing was sureenough
dancing if one might judge from the ladys
snapping eyes nervous speech and decisive
Locality and climate would seem to have
co jaratively little effect on health and
longevity if people lived simply as nature
dictates and when ailing built up with
natures simple remedies like Warners Log
Cabin Sarsapanlla instead of pulling down
the system by using poisonous mineral drugs
People who hasten to the physician evsry
tune they have a headache or expentnee
any of the minor evidences of natures surs
revolt agamst disobedience of her laws will
not be fonnd dancing at eightyfive The
mineral poisons of the apothecary lead to
early physical decay
The long lived rugged Kantucketers who
enjoy lifes pleasures when octogenarians
illustrate what the off island portion of
the world may experience if they live by
natures law and use old fashioned logcabin
remedies of roots and herbs for the ordinary
ills that flesh is heir to
It is suggested imbedding lead covered
electric cables in peat in which lead is
said to be imperishable
American tin ores yield two to four per-
cent of metal against one and a half for
those of Wales and Cornwall
The structure of the upraised coral
of formation
If a solid powder be susper lcd in a
liquid into which electrified solids are in-
troduced it tends to accumulate around
one of the poles
The artesianwell basin of Dakota sup-
plies abundant water under a pressure of
140 pounds to the square inch from a
well 1165 feet deep
It is claimed that in long lines of
electric railways over which there is a
heavy traffic the series system is more ad-
vantageous than the parallel
The electricians to the Paris Exhibition
have devised a method by which the
electric light will be thrown upon waters
from fountains from some hidden source
with very elaborate and artistic coloring
The chemical journals announce as
newly discovered solvents of Prussian
blue molybdic acid which dissolves it in
large quantity and molybdate and tung
state of ammonia which also dissolve it
very readily
The best authorities admit that beef
and mutton cannot be properly inspected
after being dressed Tho internal organs
of the animal killed should always be in-
spected in order to decido whether the
meat be healthy
The bulk of the water of the ocean ha
a very low temperature it is ice cold at
the bottom even under the equator but
on the surface in the tropics there is a
relatively thin film of warm water
with a temperature of from seventy de-
grees to eightyfour degrees Fahrenheit
The electric postal railway to be tried
between Laurel and BaltimoreMaryland
will have three rails an overhead one
for the current and two lower ones for
the cars which will be two feet square
and twentyone feet long They are to
ba built of sheet iron with brakes
regulated solely by electricity will carry
nothing but mails and are expected to
reach a speed of 100 miles per hour
A new cement has been used to ren-
ovate many stone buildingsof ParUan3
CTJ Tre ful forS7Y
purposes A powder is u uo wf two
parts of oxida of zinc two of crushed
hard limestone and one of pulverized
grit with a certain proportion of ochre
as a coloring agent A liquid to use with
the powder consists of six parts of zinc
dissolved in commercial muriatic acid
with one part of sal ammoniac the whole
diluted with twothirds of its volume of
water A pound of powder to two and
a half pints of liquid gives a very strong
L G Wilson a resident of Jerauld
County Dakota has made a disco cry
which if successful will be of vast im
portance to the fanners He has found
that the wildsilk cocoons are strong and
substantial and that they can be carded
These cocoons are so numerous that thej
have to be taken off the trees and de
strayed and while Mr Wilson was at
thi3 work last spring he stopped to ev
amine one and found it to be made oi
strong material He at once wrote to
several silkworkers and sent samples to
one in France who immediately sent an
order for fifty pounds From this amount
the silkworker will test the value of the
cocoons and report
Title Prairies
But very few if any of the hundred
or people now arriving here from inland
States know anything about our tide
prairies and for their benefit this article
is written First they are not mud flats
as many suppose but they are genuine
prairies built up on the one side by the
deposits of the ebb and flow of old ocean
for how many millions of years no man
knows and on the other side by thewash
ings of decayed vegetation from the hills
and uplands ever since the hills stood
the two mixing their deposits and wash-
ings together have grown up an alluvial
formation which is not or cannot be ex-
celled for richness in the known world
These prairies extend from the waters
ede back to the uplands and up the
various streams and are only covered by
water at high tide and even in their wild
state grow a nutritious grass which if
not fed down grows far above the head
of an ordinary man But when old oceans
salty brine is fenced off by a dyke is when
this land shows its mettle it laughs at
five tons of timothy to the acre 100
bushels of oats COO bushels of potatoes or
fiftysix tons of beets or rutabagas is no
burden whatever and year after year it
soems to increase in fertility it has no
wear out drought do not affect it but it
toils on year by year and as sure as the
farmer puts in the seed and keeps it clean
from weeds he is sure of a rich harvest
This land never disappoints the owner
but is as reliable as old ocean itself
MmUestino WaingUm VHette
Health and Strength
8oo rerhica Tf sEneS and Utte orU thattuat > l
medic ne Hoods EarsanrUIa I fairly ani faith
folly tried It Is the best medlcins to keep the
blood pure anil to eipal the senna ot ecrefnla salt
rheum and other poh n which came so much
aofferjnjr and > ooner or later undermine the general
hfalttt B itspecalia caratlTe power Hood sSar
apariUa a rcufens the ajstem while It eradicates
dioeue It k the peoples favorite eprinr medicine
I laow that Hood s Sareaparifla haa restored my
healh and prolonged my dara I was feellnsbadly
torsions time my tremblebeinsa general nerrona
prostration accompanied with chills and fever
Alter taling Ave bottlea of Hoods SarsarariUa I
felt ao well as to be able to do my houtanrcrk I am
aa well now as any one of my age 83 years Mas-
H E Tnoar St Albans Vt
lUnntlloodB Saraaparula la last themedlcina
for women cr anyone who has bad blood JrssnB
E Smith Eiat Broad Top Pa
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Sod by all dropsa a SI six forts Prepared only
fcyC I nocd ft Co Apothecaries Lowell Mass
IOO Doses One Dollar
Gathering Coral and Sponges
Gathering of coral and sponges is an im-
portant hsdustry on the Florida reefs
Both are frequently fonnd in the same lo-
cality The sponges are found wherever
the bottom is rocky generally from ten to
thirty feet beneath the surface Two or
three dozen schooners are now engaged in
the work of gathering the sponges each
schooner carrying two small boats manned
by a crew of two When the reef is
reached the small boats put off and while
one sculls the other keeps an eye out for
sponges A simple contrivance enables
the watchmen to see sponges on the reef
twenty feet or more under the water On
the side of the small boat a long barrel
sort of arrangement is built the lower end
of which is under water and closed up by
aglasshead By placinghisheadin this
barrel the watchmin can see through tho
clearwater to the bottom of the sea with
remarkable distinctness When a good
sponge is detected it is brought up with
an iron hook on a long pole
An Extraordinary ISeminlsccnce
That was a most extraordinary rem-
iniscence which the speaker Judge O
W Holmes cited from a letter written
by the late Sidney Bartlott Deacon
Spooner died in 1S18 ageninetyfour
I saw him and talked with him
He talked with Elder Faunce who talked
with tho Pilgrims and it is said to have
pointed out the rock Onlythree lives
one of them but just passed away be-
tween us and the men of the Mayflower 1
HMton Adaertiser
TbetExcItenicnt Xet Over
Iho rush onVthe druggists still continues and
daily scores of people call for a bottle of
Kemps Balsamfor the lUiroat and Lun s for
the cure of Conhs Colds Asthma Bronchitis
and Consumption Kempts Balsam the stan-
dard family remedyis soldton a guarantee and
never faSs to givo entire jsatisfaction Price
50c and SL Trial size free
PHTTAnTXrHlar banking institutions have
calls for money all over the United States
Many PeopleItefcuetto Take Cod
Liver Oil on account or its unpleasant taste
This difficulty hasbeeruovercome ia Scotts
Ksiuisiovof Cod LiveT Oll with Ilypophos
phitcs It relng astpalatiljle as milk and the
most alnable Temedy known for th treat-
ment of I onsumj > tion Scrofula and Bron-
chitis General Debflity Wasting lliseasesof
Children Chroim Coughs and Colds has
caa = ed physicians to all parts of theuorldto
ueiL Phyalcianstreport our littlo patients
take it with pleasure Try bcotls Hinulsioa
and he convinced
4 Radical Cure for Epileptic PIt
To the fditor Please inform jour review
tLat 1 have a positive remedy for the above
named dibea1 which 1 warrant to cure the
worst cases N > strong is my faith initsmr
tnes that I will sex > d tree a sample bottleiand
valuable treatise t0any6UffererwhowiUglT0
me his 1 O and Express addreee Itesptv
IIIi HOOT JL 5 1S3 Pearl at tJawilTark
Best easiest to use and cheapest Pisos
Remedy for Catarrh By druggists 50c
entanrh it serbnutir aeeei tini
fvily restated B F Ltepenen
At Drttqgists xs TJeubs
> TN P17
In 3aS31 contracted Ufooa Pofcon
of bad type aiuLwasieaied with
mercury potash tuwf eirsapanDa
inl ures t > iDgrworde all the tim
1 toot 7 trnUl bottlji > Sb which
cured me rtireJx j d no efen of
the dreadful cUaeuo has returned
J dfixcr
Jan 10 TO HobbjviDe Ind
tTy little njecrjad white rreHIna
twice PrC bottle of Hit am iCQi U
EaJm ta A toor My voice is L
lfor tlie cure of ail disorder of til
and all derangements oftllo Intrrrtat
Viscera Purely r etJlile eoiitaitiiMfj
ns mercury minerals or DELETEIl
PKKFECT DIGESTIO > srill bo ac-
complished by taLIng KAUWAIS
PITS By ao doin
BIlIOUSVES will avoided and
the food thiat Is eittea contribute its
nourishing properties roithe snpport of
the natural wasteof the body SOID
BY KVU miUGGISTS Price S5e per
box or on receipt of price will be
cent by mull 3 boxes for One Dollar
< 7C T0 8J 30 A 1IONTII fan be made working
OlO for us Agents preferred who can furnish a
a horse and plre their whole tlmo to the business
Spare moments mar be profitable employed also
AfewTaeanelesin towns and cities R > JOHN
SOX CO 1009 Main St Richmond Va X E La
dlts employed alto htver mtndnbouttending stanp
forreptv Comeqit ct yourBfarbtz B J J tCo
Best < on h Syrup Taste good USD j
IflMIT VriWYBoPa tepiDs ruice8SForms
2 UmC Penw iship M hmtic hort handetc
01 thoroughly Uu rt by SMIL Circulars fre
HryunfsColUirf 457 Main SU Buffalo > Y
atalout ± frep Send at
jtodtcatolw HeMa TONOoBTPA
finding his patient suffering from that most common of American maladies
Bilious Dyspepsia or in other words from Torpid Liver associated with indi-
gestion advised him to go to the drug store and get Dr Pierce s Golden Medical
Discovjry the worldfamed remedy for such ailments
Golden Medical Discovery acts powerfully upon the Liver and through that
great bloodpurifying organ cleanses the system oi all bloodtaints and impuri-
ties from whatever cause arising It is equally efficacious in acting upon tho
Kidneys and other excretory organs cleansing and strengthening them and
healing their diseases As on appetizing restorative tonic it promotes digestion
and nutrition thereby building np both flesh and strength It is the only
medicine of its class guaranteed to benefit or cure in all diseases for which
it is recommended or money paid for it will be promptly refunded
Copyrltht 1SSS by TTOBUs Disms KT Medical Association Proprietor
A 2TPastorofthe Olivet Bap g Sr < Ji
Philadelphia llSjJi
list Oiureh K si
Theimoft cer-
tain tand lata
raiiij REMEDY
in the wo rid
t It tatf Instantly
aturaj f tile most
exefrtic iatinp
pains It is
trnrv trie great
OF PAI9T mild
lias 4lone more
oh < 1 than any
knopvn remedy
ACHE TOOTHACHE or a ry other AX
TEKVAL PUV a i > w appieatlofis et
like matric caualng the IATl to >
In tho Small or the Bacl et more ex-
tended longer continued anit repeated
applications are ree iy to efflect a
All IVTBRVAL PAIVS In tho Bairrls
iiEARTrrr b niAiiunffis cjuit
relieved instantly nnd ULICH LI
CURE by taking Internally as direct-
ed Sold by Drasslsts Price 5 c
to tire dollars la a Itubter loivt and
m his first half h ur a experience m
a sterna itadi to his aorrrw that it lfl
hard y a better protectisn than a m i
qnlto netting not onlT feels chacrined
at beiiis bo badly Uken in but aiSO
erf if he gars not look exactly llto
Aikf rtheFI > K KKOD Slkxs
snuthVT the yisit saass send forde
vrajjsa to woee
By athorourh Knowledge of the natnralUwa
hich ovrrn the operations of digestion and nutri
tit n dby a careful application of the fine proper
> rl selected Coroa air Erps has provided
r iiat tables with a delicately flavoured bev
rax iij i h may save us many heavy doctors bJlW
It is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that
a consti tntioa may be irradually bui It np until stron r
< 3ouxh to resist every tendency to disease Hun
ireJsof sabtlemaladics are floating around na ready
lo attack wherever there is a weak point We may
nHcape many a fatal tshaft by leepimroureelves vrell
fortified with pure blood and a properly nourished
irame Civu Service uazette
Mad simply witn boilinc water or milt Sold
rnly In half round tin oy irocera labelled thus
J A31E EPPl JL CO HonvropatlUc Chemists
London Lnjriand
OMoKPMED Jesters
Prizes tf S A FantioN Cow
rmis 2 WEIGHED 280S LBS
SiNoroRBEaonitniSr aiiic or
thess famous nets aiso fowls
< Ialfl compvay sold lfc head for breeding purposes In
llAi Scad fsr facta aad msatUa thl paper
WntetoW AT bmlta
Geneva NY
for tern UneQaaled
iiciii es > fny taluatl
< ir One of ths
lr and rt known
Nu iit > nt ncoontrf
LAtahlixIied 1 4
I will nd two bottle Ires toteLhsr
reattee on this diseaee to any unlTerer Gtv Express n
T addreaa X A SLfXCM It C III rear L N Y
E guarantee no other LAWN
liHtrn tl rr orfnntlxental < n > n Tlowrr
Ixotd A St i lee 1Iaki > wa Co Philadelphia Pa
CiOIl IE L mn Acres Timber Land In Tucker
V c i i ear Hendncts on W a C R U
Ilea y timber d Toplar sh Oak Cherry Walnut
fcc In c l5npcr acre Tit e perfect ddres
I Lata Principal Examlnei
U SPenslon Bureao Aify
i at Law Vashltist Ba
Ji V smCMsfully prosecutes clalmsM > risinal
increase reratlnp widows childrens and depen-
dent relatives Experience 3 years lniast war i
yi a s in Pecaion Bureau and attorney since then
for an incurable case of
Catarrh tha Head by
the proprietors of DR SACtTS CATARRH REMEDY
sMITom OF CATAKSIIHeadacue obstruction ot nose dlschanres
falling into throat sometimes profue watery and acrid at others thick
tenacious mucous purulent bloody and putrid eyes weat nnring in ears
deafness difficulty of clearing throat expectoration of olenstve matter
breath offensive smell and taste impaired and general deninry Only a
fejf of these symptoms likely to be present at once Thousands of cases
result in consumption and cad In the grave
By its mild soothing antiseptic duntlnr and healing properties Dr Sage s Ecmedy
cares the worst cases Only 50 cents Sold by druggists everywhere
TV T Hondas name ond the price are staropBl oj tte tottonot
all Shoes adTeruse DT nun kefore leaving his UctorT thra pro WJJ
high price and inferior goods Tonr
i the wearers fchuif wftacut V 1 DOUGLAS uneui
offers jon
sn stamped gatbem and w rtae > are his Shoes or J t asroed
do not be deceived thereby Dealers mate more Inollt on nntnawn shoes that are not warranted wraBT
borfr therefore do not bMadnodtc boy thoes that 1UTC no reputation IlaT only those that have TV I
DOLOL Wnaaiearrfluepr c tampelon tho Smtoni anCyou ar sureto ttuli lnet ryonTmojer
Tcoutaada of doUarj are s eduuiuaUj In this country py tho wearers otW L IlOUuLAS UOL3
Tha reputation of this Shos is so vs3 Ktzhasfcer that it is not necsssary tn go into details
S50O GENUINE HANDSEWED SHOE srlned > eaashocinadeo theljeststoc
3400 HANDSEWED TTIXT SHOE The best Ehoo for the price In the market
S350 POLICE AND PAIQIEES SHOE Ia raade expressly for roUcemen Letter Carriers
Italtroad men and Farmers
SZ50 EXTRA YALITE CALF SHOE JIade parposely JDt heary wear and ahordd last a year
S225 iTOPKTXrjMAXS SHOE Is tp cially recommenddfor sertlce and comfort-
S OO GOODTVEAK SHOE Lool at them and padre for yonrselL
S200 and 0173 HOTSSCHOOL SHOES llare teen thoroaghly tested and glrc the best altil
When the nuestioa was BQ ested of pnttlnff a udys shoe on the xnarV t at a popular price we at omco
irxrrlrii itc J to get a pood at rriceaSIc t t > Iish sixoe to sell at J100 vner mncb trouble and expen < e we
at lat Buecerded and can now giro yoa a shoe that is in every way worthv of your coaideruioti and yoa
will find It equal to those which hare ben costing yen ti 00 aai JX These Eboes are not made of French
kid but of the best kid that caa be produced la this country and we defy any but an espert todistlijcsbti
between the two and venture to par if the question of serrice and qualitr i ones up the decision would
helntiTor of W L DOUGLAS SIOO Shoe for Ladles Another and excellent recommendation
Is they are made without tacks or nails hiTis a smooth Inner sele which rid one ot the annoyance of
soiled hose and sore feet
If your dealer will not pet you the kind or style you want end yonr order direct to the factory with th
firice enclosed and ihey will be cent you hy return mail postage free consequently no matter where yoa
Ire y u can always get W I DOUGLAS SHOES Be sure and state size and width you wear
U not Mire fiend lor aa order blank Tlnr full Instructions bow to get a perfect lit
W L DOUGLAS Brockton SVlass
> t eSer the man who wants seirict
net f ty e a caraent that will keep
hm dry in the oardeit utora It U
called TOWtSS HSII iRA > 0
SUCKLk a naae fanullar to every
Cow wy all over tlie land V ith the
the vniv periect Wind and iterpr o
Coat is fowerafl h Brmnd Micter
and ate no othfT lfyouratorfk eper
rdesciptrrecaUlorue A J Tow ttW imm n bLB4Mon a
itFvoi wn s
purchase one of the cele
arms The finest small arms
f > ver rr anufactural and th
first choice of all experts
Manufactured in calibre 3238 aid 44luo Sin
rleordouble action Safety Hamm rlts ami t
r rretmodel Constrnted entirely of h < it tsaal
ItT wreuttht fctrel carefully insperted
maneWpand stock I Ley ars unrivalM for finl h
durability andacruracr Itonot I edceivedby
cheap malleable ea tiran imitations whlcn
ar often sold for thepenn n arttrl anl areapt
onlv nnrelal > I but danxprmis Thr fs
Blairs P
to SS a day n
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