The Olney Enterprise. (Olney, Tex.), Vol. 13, No. [42], Ed. 1 Friday, February 16, 1923: Searching Inside

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... is safe! Yaqui laved her! Rojas is done for! Yaqui Jumped down the wall and drove the bandit off the ledge.... He stood up, dizzily but unaided, and he gazed across the crater. Yaqui had reached the side... of Mercedes, was bending over her. She Btirred. Yaqui lifted her to her feet. She appeared weak, unable... to stand alone. But she faced across the crater and waved her hand. She was unharmed. The Yaqui waved, too... the Yaqui go after Rojas?” Did I?” exclaimed Gale, grimly. The finish was all that saved me from runnin

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