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Ardmore, June 27.—Yesterday
fit sentence day in the Federal
Jones, a
in the
court, and for the second time in BQ&j crj
the history of the court Judge
Townsend imposed the death
sentence on Rufus Binion, the
negro convicted some four years
ago on the charge of killing a lit-
tle colored child and attempting
to burn the body. The crime
was a most hideous one and the
case wss bitterly fought. It was
alleged that Binion wss of un-
sound mind and had crazy spells.
He was found guilty and the jury
asfceased capital punishment. He
was later sentenced to be hanged
and preparations were made to
carry out the sentence when the
case was appealed to the civil
court of appeals. The court af
firmed the decision and the case
was carried to the supreme c.urt
of the United States which dis-
missed the appeal for want of
jurisdiction. The mandate of the
supreme court has been received
and yesterday Binion was again
sentenced. The date fixed was
Friday, September 22, and unless
the president interferes it will be
the first execution in the South-
ern district. i .
Cleburne, Tex.,June 27—While
chasing chickens Henry Dangler,
one of the Santa Fe’a most effi-
cient engineers, fell and broke
his left hip at his home in South
Engineer Dangler has one of
the finest bull dogs in this part
of the state and the animal was
assisting him in the chase of
chickens, when suddenly the dog
took a short cut and Mr- Dangler
fell over him, striking the ground
with violent force.
It is said that it will be several
months before he will be able to
be out, so as to get around.
, June 27—Benj.
was heavily fined
court for the unu*
of cursing a corpse,
t of the picturesque
the mortal remains
negro, Ned Hicks. As
ary, Benj. Jones was
sent for td take a measurement.
On arrival at the cabin the
mourners were horrified to hear
the sexton turn loose a
stream of expletives that would
have caused a South Sea pirate
to hang his head in shame.
Jones was arrested. In police
court he did not deny the offense
but pleaded that his son was
conjured by Hicks and that "the
old scoundrel’* ought to have died
years ago.
El Paso, June 27—'The Mexican
laborer is a much wanted person
at present- An unusual amount
of construction work throughout
the southwest is cxeating a great
demand for common laborers,
and the preference is commonly
given to Mexicans.
At the present time represent-
atives of several large corpora-
tions are in the city seeking la
borers, and the competition at
times is inclined to be rather
Berlin June 27.—The German
answer to the French note on the
subject of the proposed Morroc-
an conference was sent to Paris
yesterday. A high official near
Chancellor Von Bnelow informs
the Associated Press Jhat the
German note, while perfectly
amicable in form, insists upon a
conference and also declines to
comply with France’s request
that Germany outline beforehand
the program for the conference.
Feminine Way.
The first thing a girl does to a man
after they are married Is to get oat
his middle name, dust It off. and use
ft as common as his first nama—-At-
chison Globa
There was ‘‘a full house" at
the regular meeting of Gaines-
ville Camp, No. 12, W. O. W., last
night, and every member who
attended was glad he was there.
After the regular work of the] 30-
camp, a program consisting of
comic speeches and vocal and in
strumental music was rendered,
most of those present participat-
ing. The speeches are said to
have been very, very funny, and
the music was good.
Ice cream and cake were serv-
ed at the close of the program.
sell July 4, limit 7th
911 15 Houston and return,
■ell July 10, limit to 14th.
On account of July 4 will sell
round trip tickets to all points in
Texas st reduced rstes.
On socount of July 4 sell round
trip tickets to ell points in Indian
end Oklahoma territories within
200 miles of selling station. Rs;
add 50c to one first class limi1
fare; sell July 3, 4, limit to July 5
943 55 Asbury Park, N. J-, and
return account National Educa
tional association, sell June 28,
20, 30 and July 1, limit to return
not earlier than July 8 nor later
than July 10, lirpit may be ex-
tended to Aug. 81.
6 15 Waco and return account
Knighca of Honor; aell July 31,
Aug. 1, limit Aug. 4.
98.00 to Marlin, Texas and re-
$5.40 to Milford, Texas and re-
$5.15 to Mineral Wells, Texas
and return.
918JK) to Corpus Christi or Ar-
ansas Pass and return.
$18.55 to Portland, Texas and
$19.20 to Rock port, Texas, and
Sell daily. Limit 80 days from
date of Sale.
26.00 to Denver and return ac-
count Epworth League. Sell
June 30 to Jnly 4. Limit July 16.
Limit may be extended to Aug.
28.25 to Knoxville and return
account Summer School. Sell
June 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, July 1, 8,
9 and 15. Dimit 15 days from
date of sale. Limit may be ex-
tended to Sept. JO.
38.65 to Baltimore and return
account Christian Endeavor. Sell
July 1, 2 and 3 Limit July 15.
Limit may be extended to Aug.
H« Was One of the Quacks.
In 1828 Henry Brougham, not yet a
peer of the realm, received a letter
from Shakespeare Heed, giving him
the pleasant news that he had left
him all his property (excepting a few
legacies to relatives) In token of his
appreciation of his public services.
The Rend estates were situated In the
West Indies, where slave labor was
then employed. One day Mr. Reed,
alarmed at the progress which the
anti-slavery agitation was making,
wrote to Bioufiham, earnestly urging
him to ptit down tha “political
Quacks” who were trying to win free-
dom for tha slaves. Brougham an-
swered that he was one of the quacks
himself. A fresh will was afterward
made, and It Is needless to say that
the great advocate’s name was not
mentioned In ft
. 38 45 to Buffalo and return, ac-
count B P O E, sell July 7,8,9,
limit to 15. Limit may be extend-
ed to Aug. 4.
5 65 Corsicana and return, ac-
count Hood’s brigade, sell June
26, 27, limit to 30.
For special tourist rates to Pa-
cific coast points account Lewis
and Clark Exposition and various
other meetings during the sum-
mer, call on or write
W. L. Grkenhill, T. A.
A Genuine Snap.
If yon want a second hand sur-
rey, something good for the
money, call Saturday, June )7.
It carries six passengers. Call
for Maddox to show yon.
Stevens, Kennerly &
Spragins Co.
But the rich aod the poor mast scratch
just the tame.
O, why should the children of Adam
An affliction so dreadful, when Hunt's
Cure does cure f r"
All forms of itching. Price 50c.
Have yon visited Mr. A. CL
arner, to see the samples of
beautiful goods in S. E Perlberg
A Co-’s tailor made clothea? You
should go and get you a suit.
Room sizd rugs from $10 up, at
Bass A Harbour’s.
No. 1607.
The State of Texas.
To the Sheriff or any Constable
of Cooke County—Greeting:
Henry Stone, administrator of
the estate of Queen Duncan, de-
ceased, having filed in our county
court his final account of the con-
dition of the estate of said Queen
Duncan, deceased, together with
an application to be discharged
from said administration,
Yon are hereby commanded,
that by publication of this writ
for twenty days prior to October
2nd, 1905, in a newspaper regu-
larly published in the county of
Cooke yon give dne notice to all
persons interested in the account
for final settlement of said estate
to file their objections thereof, if
any they have, on or before the
October term, 1905, of said coun-
ty court, commencing and to be
holden at the court house of said
county, in the city of Gainesville,
on the first Monday in October,
A. D. 1905, when said account
and application will be consider-
ed by said court.
Witness J. R. Jordan, Clerk,
of County Couit of Cooke Co.
Given under my hand and seal
of said court, at my office, in the
city of Gainesville this 24th day
of Jane, A. D. 1905.
J. R. Jordan, Clerk,
County Court Cooke Co. Texas
By J. A. Scott, Deputy Clerk
A true copy, I Certify:
EL P. Ware,
Sheriff Cooke County.
By S. K. Rudolph, Deputy.
Safety )i(
Dr. King's New Life Pills, a sore cufo,
for all bowel mad stomach disease*,
nidi as headache, biliousness, costive -
ness, etc. Guaranteed at H. W.
Stark Drug Co., only fjc. Try them.
__ _ __ _ R
For the greatest values in the
history of the dry goods busi-
ness attend J. R, M Patterson’s
special sale, now on.
the right trains between
St Louis
Kansas City
Junction City
la the North
San Antonio
Fort Worth
In Texas
No. *71, Dallas Kzpr«t| Dally 10:00 a. n
connects with flyer a ¥ and T. A P. east
No. >74, Local.......dally;U:4B p.n
connects with na sue north and south
No.7U, Local......... . ....dally4:90p. n
oonnaots vWh flyer south.
wwn SOUND.
No. TOR, Local dally, oxoopt Sunday, 0:B0 a.m
No, 371, Express................dally 6:90 pm
Good connection atlRlngold . and Wichita
Scdgvrick Co.,
suffering a grrej
l to try Ballard’s Snow l
er using thre
1 to i number cfl peraoew an euprana
a great daal of pain.
Ballard’sT V ‘
thraa 50e bottlst. XT 18 THU
I EVER USED; have me-
a number of persona, ail
THREs'sEEESrSflct SOo AND $1.00
ST. “
* Job Printing.
With four steam print-
7 ing presses, a very large
assortment of type, lat-
est designs, all grades
of stationery,
Is prepared at all times
to meet legitimate com-
petition in commercial 4

-a- -a-
How to Keep a Friend.
If you have a friend, for goodness
sake don’t mention It to him if you
want to keep him. His knowledge of
the fact Immediately rusts the grap-
Eels Resist Desiccation.
The so-called eels in vinegar have
an extraordlaary power of resisting
desiccation, and the eggs have been
kept alive in a dry state for fourteen
Egyptians Used Fine Tools
When the pyramids were built the
laborers did not work under such dis-
advantages aa have long been attri-
buted to them. Researches show that
they had solid and tubular drills and
lathe tools. The drills were set with
Jewels and cut into the rocks wUh
keenness and accuracy.
A New Longest Word.
What is believed to be the longest
word in the English language has Just
been discovered by an enterprising
druggist It is “ortho-ethoxy-ana-
mono-benxoyl-amldo-qulnolln,” and is
the correct scientific name (or a well
known proprietary medicine.
Trafts that Strike Bone
I Trans
Your grocer is honest and—if he cares to do so—can tell
you that he knows very little shout the bulk coffee he
sella you. How com
▼err littl
he know, where it originally came from,
how it was blended—or with What
' when roaatedf If you boy your
to the Cool, Health^7, Invigorating Vacation
Resorts in the North and hast
Now on Sale Daily Via the
Through Slooport„ Par/or Cufo Coro, Choir Coro (with Froo Soots)
Woking Convsnisnt Connoetiono ot MU Junction Points.
For full information ro.
mtion rogardmg Ratos, l
ask tho Cotton Bolt Ron,
or writo
Sohodulos, oto ,
Travsling Possongor Agsnt, Traroling Possongor Agsnt,
• Ft. Worth, Tmos. J. W. FLAM AGAR, Woco, Taos.
Gsnoral Possongor A font,
Tf/or, To os. '
coffee loose by the pound, bow can
you expect puniy ana uniform quality!
. For IVB A
An Advertisement In
, I
‘ M
Reaches People Who
Trade in! Gainesville
Stevens, Kennerlyi&SpraginslCo
---—ms n finis ismsimsmm§1,n
If yon live on a Rural Route yon have a daily
mail delivery.
, If yon have a daily mail delivery yon want a
daily newspaper.
If yon have a daily newspaper yon want one
that is printed the same day yon get it.
Call and order
The Daily Hesperian.
In Advance.
We are receiving car al-
ter oar of the best
‘ f -
that money can pur- \
chase. Our trade de-
mands good goods, and
we have them. If you.
are not one of our cue-**/-
tomers now, price thro*
our stock and yon will *
be. Our Buggy rooms
are* full of the best Bag-
gies, Hacks, Carriages,
Phaetons, etc., that are
to be found in this mar-
ket. We have the bear-
ing and Walter A. Wood j
Mowers. Each ranks
and both Mowers are folly guaranteed. Also plenty of extras each if you need^them*
We have been here for years and carry the largest stock in North Texas We aonr*!
date your trade and solicit same. *
• 0 _ I ■
I ■ »
Stevens, Kennerly &Spragins Co.

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