The Waco Daily Examiner. (Waco, Tex.), Vol. 15, No. 127, Ed. 1, Sunday, May 14, 1882 Page: 1 of 4

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b0 fven GUOCEK1ES
Iiir Sons Scotch fam
J Woicsershlre Sauce
c l niis
lr n > r d Arrow Hoot
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lime mid inspect our BOOT and SHOE 101 COUNTER
btiocs at a sacrifice No trouble to show Goods
La bbJbmi
Leader in Styles and Low Prices
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fSniirtigjTiiim iwiAi
mnuwt uLiiuco Ho rrathfir
Ileiilth jTiuancc ol Dnllii
Countj Arrested or
Special Trfeyram to th Erannnr
Dun Maj 13 N eelj auil MilliRan
contractors were awarded a judgment
m the district court against tho ClucaKo
Texas and lexican Central railroad for
S5U300 William Belcher contractor
was awarded 1SOO against tho sam
The rep rt of the treasurer of Dallas
couutj shows SDGOOO cash on hand and
ouly 08000 liabilities of any kind
Four i ears ago the county debt was
8135000 Two j ears apo the rate of
taxation was V2 > on the S100 The
county commissioners h < ive reduced the
rate for the coming year to 55 cents on
the 8100
A telegram from Austin to meinbeis
of the Dallas bar announces the death
lute last night < ° f Jude AVmkler of the
stito court of appeal Ho is to be
buried at Coroieana tomorrow
The Missouri press association which
made such i narrow eso ipe from visiting
eternit ou Thursdav by colliding with
a runawa > locomotio at the rite of
fort miles an hour between Parsons
and Oswego Kansas pissed south tins
morning ia Deuison aud Jlmeola to
istt Galveston
President Hal L Gosling of the
loxas picas associition and a la ge
number of Texas editorsarmed heie
this tuoruuii returning from the edito
ral excursion to San Francisco I he
report having a good time
The brmcli lush American land
league met tonight and passed resolu-
tions denouncing the murder of Lord
Caeudishand uuderSecretary Burke
Id also protesting against the passsage j
of the repression bill now before parlia
Citj Engineer Thatches whose term I
expired to di > reports 0OOO0 worth
of new buildings erected within the
city hunts during the past two ears
bhonirMajo of Brazos count left
here todi taking with him William
Jackson arrested here a few dajsago
charged with luurdermg ajil inter and
his wife in Brazos countTonr years
afero He full identified Jackson
A part of the jur m the late Cowart
trial met todirv ftor consultation
the abandoned the idea of suing the
Dallas Herald for libel lu publishing
th t part of the jur were dumk tho
night before reuderiug tho erdict
ritoii < > issi a a
Uonvrs to IimI tc tViiiklcr
Iltu < io m oi i < < > mniuiiil
Speciitr Telnjniii to thr F tmmtr
ConsicvM > Ii 11 Last eenirgthe
neas ol tin cut cil tondt on ot Indue C
il W inklf r ot tue appell ite eoiit cjst a
hidow of gloom oer his miny warm
lriends and tin inteligcnct of hisdtath
ilu morning plimguloui coiniiiiiit into
soliow and m mining Judge t mklei
liaa been a r < u nt ot X tvuio ioun i < u
ot i a ti irtr of a u ntun < nd liis pinc
tioed law mot ol th it tune and held
altuuat cey ollioe th t tin lounty could
lietow on i iiiiiii wlioindi1 honored ami
tiusted A delegation ot Ivnghte T iii
plni lelt this eening to id e e ihe ecort
trom Austin wln > ai cmnp nj ie remains
oei the Int < malum il to Hoaine md
w 11 irme witli tin tod t imglit nt VI
o ckn k on a spinal ti tin lie will b
luiiied tomorrow Irmn the iletliodit
cliuuhjt 4 ocok ml tlie o rein > nie
will be conduced by the Masonic oidi r-
ot w luci lie w is a p isl giamt m i lt l Ai
a meeling of tlie Nixmo count bar to
duu coiimuttLe was iippomlcd topir
iiiipite in the liiiti it nriaiurenients and
to dialt appiopnae ie oluiimi lo In pie
sinidto the n t < 9ion ut the thaiikt
coin t
Vw < I
> <
neon norvww
ilil Hiss
i < ns rIeai
ypenil rtfyr tm t th I x imtner
Hoi sioxMav 13 I he Missouri editors
arrived here Iter midnight On account
of tin hour ot ih < u arnval the cotton ex
tliinge annot enteitain tliem but t ji
deicd them a lecention on tin ir ntmn
They w ill not u 11 pt be ane the d > not
n tuiii this w i It is Hindi rciitted by
oui citiens ouie ot tlie Tex is < ditonil
< xcuisionists ltturned tolay fiom Sm
Fiantiaco They ay the inot < > t them
will letuin tomorn vv Col Tom Piice
ol the San Antonio 10 uli heie on a short
ritou A vrsN
itli of Iml i inUler
lulioiis l Condolence
AtnTiN May li Judge C M
WniKler died this moiiiing at one
oclock He was strii ken down Tue
day with Mux aim in pite ol al that
medical skill could di vie died His
wile and lamilv reached here liom Cor
sic ma I binday At a bir meeting
ihis morning Judge John H incoek
prodding Mi Dudlcv Wooten secretary
d Hon J
tary a committee compost ot
HMcLeari attorno general M ij A
M Jackson Gov R J Trivis Judge
A S Wilkeiou Judge Sun A Wilson
md Judge A W Terrell was appointed
to prep ire and report propel i evolutions
of condolence and respect lor the mem
ory ol the di ceased The iollowing
resolutions weie icportcd and unani-
mously adopted
Where is the Hon C M Winkler
Judge ol the bench ol appeals ot the
state of Teias Ii is deputed this lite in
the midst of bis u = itulness and while
engaged in the tuthtul discharge ol
the lesponsible duties enti listed him
by the people of the stitc be it
Resolved The Lir in attendance now
not only give uttoiance to their own
sentiments but echo tho > e of the
brethren throughout the state of Tex is
in deploring the death ol the deceased
judge a a public calamity of no oidin
ary ixioinent and that ° o long as unsel-
fishness patiiotism unsullied integrity
and fidelity to every trust and duty in
public or private life shall be held in
esteem that long will the name and
ncmory of 0 M Winkler becslnined
in the annals of Texas and the h nts of
her people
That we tender to the family ot the
lamented deceased our most heartfelt
sympith in their bereavement and
the seeretaiy of this meeting is in-
structed to convey to them a copy ot
these resolutions m addition to the
above proceeding Major C S West was
appointed topieenttne roiolutionsand
action of the meeting to the supreme
court of this state M ijor A M Jack-
son was selected to pei foim the same
duty in the court of appeals and At-
torney General McLcarv in the com-
mission of appeals Major W M
Walton Judge Jno Hancock Colonel
A S Peteis and Judge Sam A Wilson
vv ere selected to act as pill bearers
Hi remains were lorvvirded to Corsi
cana this evening The state depart-
ments elo ed today at twelve oclock
as a token of respect
The board ot education have de
tei mined to establish sixteen suiMiier
normal schools three of theui for col-
ored teachers Thev will open the 0th
of July
Tlie university regents todav de-
cided tD aeeept the pi ins of F E
Rufun < i Theeotot buildin s will be
200 OIK The west win at a cost of
f50000 will be erected at once
< iii Ai ssii iEA tis
lrocGoilin i tJie Uetliodist
ConlerenccAcn s Aolos
< ur alio Inioii
Xashville jray 13 The Methodist
conference was engaged most of the
day m the discussion of the question
of the number of bishops to be elected
Noc iilusion was reached Dr Kelley
of Nashwlle urged the need of bishops
m the western country and Mexico In
the first direction there was a crisis
coming upon Methodism that field
belonged to Methodism aud the ques-
tion for them to consider was whether
the would take their own or relinquish
tho fields to others
Tho committee on temperance sub-
mitted rules to be pla ed in the book of
discipline Let preachers and members
observe the geueril rules which forbid
drunkenness or drinking of spirituous
liquors unless m case of uecessit In
dues of drunkenness lot discipline be
administered as m cas s of immorilit
let our preachers and members abstain
from the manufacture or sale oCgjntoxi
catmg liquor to bo used as a beverage
and if an shall engage in sneh manu
fact ire or sale let discipline be admin
run DoiTons iusuntrF
Xiw YoiiKMa v 13 Tlie Times Xew
Orleans special states that the board of
health List night b > a unanimous vote
resohed not to receive an communica
tions from the national board of health
except such one as came from tlio pres-
ident thereof In explanation of this
rt solution which is aimed esieciall
against resident member Dr y M
Reims lion Isaac X Marks acting
p esideut said he was of the firm be
lief that the board woud be troubled no
more with communications from em
plojeesof tho national board in this
cit whose only object appeard to bo
to create trouble and discord between
the Louisiana state and national boards
and who are as read toda as hereto-
fore to dieln o rice fever to be ellow
fever in order to keep up agitation
wheieby the might bo continued m
high salaries as employes ot the na-
tional board
nuiornii to Fiasco
Tncsov Arizona Ma 13 Only
ninet miles of track a vmg remains tl >
I o done m Texas in order to make
through railwa connection betwe < n
San Francisco and Xew Orleans The
largest force of men obtainable is being
put at woik aud it is expected all wil
be completed b September 1 Twen
tyfive miles of the road are ver > dim
cult and require much trestle work
uioiinisiiop PERcnc
Xnw OiiLms Ma 13 Coucernng
the reported illness of Archbishop
Perche Monsigneur Allen who called
to see him tonight da s while the arch-
bishop is ver v feeble he isb no means
considered m a critical co ilition On
tho contiarv his condition is vast
improved since his return from Galves-
ton a few davs ag
wi > so utK wn
WsiiiMroMr 13 Mr WRPhil
lips Iris resigned the Washington a ene v
of the Xew York
Associated rtss Hi s
successor is Mr David McKce who
has lormmv veirs been m charge of as-
sociated ress business in connection
with the two houses of cougress The
change took eflect todav
Es vim or rniooNnus
Kincn XC Mav 13 Four United
States i nsouers m jail at AsliMlle for
terms of ten six and three ears have
made their escape and gone to parts un-
TwKsoNViiiLE Ma v 13 About fort
members of tlie Georgia Press associa-
tion arrived last night ihe go to St
Augustine todav
Sandi HooKXJMa 13 Tho steam-
ship Plinev which left Rio Janeno
Ai nl liTth for Xew York is ashore on
Deal Beach on the coast of Xew Jerse
Fassengeis and crow saved
iuom ai > tiai
W eelilj Itni StalvniviiiCot
ton and Crops
Xew York May 13 The week
statement of tho associated banks shows
the following changes Loausmerease
SwiV00 specie decrease si JT UOO
legal tender mciease 1032500 depos-
its decrease S227s 0d0 circulation in-
crease jiITitiOO reserve decreisel177
lt P banks now hold 8172050 m excess
of legal requirements
Xrw York Miv 13 Tho Posts cot-
ton repoit savs there ir nothing new to
rci ort resp ctmg future deliveries
Transactions remain circumscribed
while there seems no inducement for
Olivers for new investment neithei is
there an disposition to go short As
regards hort interest opinions nro di-
vided Should it exist to an extent full
prices wil1 have to be paid for covering
Tho market closes stoady at 12 points
lower than csterdav
August v Gi Ma 13 The weather
is unfavorable for cotton Thermome-
ter stands at GO degrees The icld of
wheit and oats in South Carolina and
Georgia will be larger than m au vear
muco the war
Gentlemen If ou want inobby tie a
silk hose fine boidcred linen and silk
heinstitchtd hindkercliiet a line fitting
white r colored shirt glove silk under
vveu hle uiideiweir goto LmvineRros
and vou will get the btst the miikt at
tords 031 ltc
< > to rNcvv Vorlc
Via St Louis and the Vanddia line
Pan Handle and Pennsylvania route
Pullman hotel and drawing room
steeping c rs are run through from St
Louis to Philadelphia and X w York ou
two fast tra ns every day in the cveek
But one change ot cars to Baltimor
Washing ou or Boston Tickets and
full information can be ob amed at ill
coupon tii ket ofli es in Texas or b
applying to Thos J Spear
Texas Passenger Ageut
dt05U Dallas Texas
Mr W P Rivieie ills just leceived a
large lot ot bangle in quliter and hall
dolir Cihtomii no d pieces whiih will
please all lovers of those popular orna-
Houston West < V Co
Wholt s lie grocers 421 and 425 Xorth
main and 20i 204 200 and 20S Vine streets
M Louis 51 o Issue a vvcekh price book
which they will furnish to meichants oi
parties intending to commence business
tree of charge on application 0227dw ly
Gentlemen it ou want a real nice
scarf a real nice white vest a real nice
suit of underwear aud at astonishingly
low prices call at B HaberH Oolltc
revv Constitutional Amend-
ment lioiM > > c lI > iiI ltu < l
Kct ol Hill
Washington May 13 The scnte
committee on woman suffrage by a vote
of three to two agreed to da to recom-
mend to the senate for adoption Sena-
tor Laphams joint resolution propos-
ing the following amendment to the
constitution Article 10 section 1
The right of citizens of the United Stat es
to vote shall not be denied or abridged
by the United S ates or by an state on
account of sex
Section 2 The cougress shall have
power by appropriate legislation to en-
force the provision ot this article The
vote was aes Lapbani Blair and Jack
sou 3 noes George and Fair 2
Washington May 13 The session of
the house to day was opened by prajer
by Rabbi Jacob Yooisiuger of Hous
ton lexas
Page Cal chairman of the commit-
tee on commerce reported the river and
harbor bill aud it was ordered printed
and recommitted Eobinsou of Massa-
chusetts reserving all points of order
Diugley of Maine asked leave to re-
port from the committee on banking
and currency a bill to suspend the issue
of silver certificates and to limit the
omage of silver dollars to the require-
ments of tho people
Ho man of Indiana objected
Crapo of Massachusetts then called
for the consideration of the bill to ena-
ble uatioual banking associations to ex-
tend their corporate limits
After rending of the bill aud presenta-
tion of various proposed amendments
for printing in the record Crapo Massj
took tho tloorin explanation of the pro-
visions of the bill an 1 in the presentation
of reasons which demanded action of
congress After discussion the matter
went over
Ou motion of Oate of Alabama the
resolution was adopted directing the
sergcautat arms to pay out of contin-
gent fund the funeral expenses of the
late J G Smith contestant for the seat
from tue fourth discnct of Alabama
tho amount expended to bo deducted
from ail allowance to be made for ex-
penses of his contest
Aldnch of Illinois introduced a bill
tenJenng the thanks of congress to
Lieut J W Darnenhover and confer-
ring upon him the rauk of lieutenant
commander Referred
llewett of Xew Yoik introduced a
bill amending the act recent passed
repealing discriminating duties on
goods produced east of the Cape of
Jood Hope so as to make it apply to
such goods as ma be in public stores
oi w irehouses or ou shipboard in port
ou January 1t lb8i Beferred
House then at 125 adjourned
Wvshington May 13 Arguments
were begun boore the bouse committee
on elections today in the ease of Lee
vs liiebardson first district of South
Carolina will be continued Tucsd i
rvvi n
ilcn nltd Xliinjjx at tlie Million
Capitol the B at IVeelt
Wvshington May 0 I intended in
iu last to correct an error in my let er
of two weeks ago concerning Gen W
T Clark I was made to sa v he was the
new 1 appointed clerk of the treasurv
which vvoul I have been a very absurd
statement as nearlv ever day of the
first ear of a new admiuistiation sees a
newl appointed treasury clerk I said
new appointment clerkXovvI daresaIf
Gen Clark knows an thing about it he
is grateful to the person who caused the
mistak for the appointment clerk is tho
unhapp being to whom appointments
are referred and to whom those appli-
cants who are uot ace ptable or desira
b e a e sent also upon whose head fd s
the maledictions of the poor a plicuits
to whom he is compelled to sav Xo
It is not unlikely that numbers of peo-
ple w ho former knew Gen CI irk will
suddenl discover that they have al
wa vs liked Clark or that Clark is a
clever fellow if he is a carpetbagger or
other sentiments equally creditable to
their heads and hearts and been in-
duced b them to ask him for some gov-
ernment ollice thus addiug to his
I cannot find out the truth of the ru-
mor about Mrs Wilcox widow of Gen
Wilcox of Texas but I have seen it
stated iu the dailies of the city that she
lias been deprived of her olerksship iu
tho postollice department for tho sole
reason that her husband was i promi
i ent aud contumacious rebel Having
heard Howe speak when he was in the
senate 1 am prepared to believe him ca-
pable of any meanness but reill tins is
1 > wer than I thought even he could
stoop Mrs Wilcox is one of the most
ellicient clerks iu the service mistress
of sevoral languages aud blameless m-
all the relations of life Evidently Mr
Howe doesnt know tho war is over but
I would respectfully suggest to those re-
publicans who are triug to disinte-
grate the south that removing w onion
from eraploiment for tho sole reason
thit their husbands or fa hers or broth-
ers were ever prominent rebels is not
the way to accomplish their puroose
Congress has been using the time
and money of the people for weeks past
making absurd long winded aud utter
ly useless speeches on the tariff commis-
sion bill aud section 1218 Of course
the tariff bill which is one wa the pro-
tectionists have of thwarting the cr of
the people for protection against mo
nopolies passed Every man who
spoke for it knew it would pass in a re-
publican congress as did every one who
spoke against it Why speak then To
put themselves ou record of csure To
make capital for themselves and get
rails split at government ex ense to
mend their own fences with Xow and
then some man tries to mtroduce a lit-
tle greatly needed ueful legislation
but uness our astnto representatives in
congress assembled see in it a chance
to advance their own interests it drops
dead fr > m the lips of him who ventures
it nereis a specimen Early in the
session Col Mills introduced a resolu-
tion excluding exsenators aud excon
gresbmen from tho floor of the house
Xow some of these are the w orst lobby-
ists that infest the house because there
is no escaping them The go to the-
m rubers desks they inveigle members
outside the enrnders and introduce
them to railroad men oi other monopo-
lists who otherwise would never grt ac
cess to some of the members Well
what bocame of Col Mills resolution
It hasnt been heard of since uor will it
appear again perhaps this congress
Now the one drawback to this most
delightful aud beautiful city is mala-
ria Well what causes it
And what causes them And Kidwi 1
nnuLp l onSfooJ tarnoo rneuat
but ahioiig tliemaU we
can tfimkoffm capef baked beans FJo gertb
cftus rodllsl
iftu iiiBtmmnnt ouU
Crosse Blacks ells Eed Current Jellv
Crosse Blackw ells lk kle ev err variety
Crosse it Blackvells Sultana banco
Crose Blaekwells Imperial Sauce
Crosse it Black vv ells Walnut Catsup
Crosse ifcRlickvv ells Mushroom Catsup
Cros = e < Blaekwells Paimwan Cleese
rrosceA Rlnckwellsl inuouth Bloaters
Crosse Blackw ell Potted Koaters
Crosse Black wells Currie Powders
Just Received Bottom Puce
bottoms are also willed tho Potomac
Flats and work untold harm to Wash-
ington They cause overflows m winter
and every form of malarial diseaso in
summer and they are caused by a rail-
road bridge which is so low that it ob-
structs the passage of large objects un-
derneath it catches and ho ds thodebns
until it becomes iu its turn part of tho
flats and sends out its deadlv poison
upon every breath of tho south wind
which should bring us health from the-
se i I have been told that General
Jackson opposed the bin dmg of this
bridge so low down on the river indi
cating the site of the present aqueduct
bridge as a proper one aud the old hero
was accused of merceuar motives and
said to own laud above the location de-
sired by the railroad compiuv Twelvo
ears ago Boss Shepherd was one of a
firm which petitioned C ngress for per-
mission to reclaim seven hundred acres
ot laud from the Potomac the land to
be their pimeat before this became a
law it it ever would have done so Shep
herd was inaor ot Washington and be-
gan filling m the fiats withsut anv
authonty from congressbut fortimately
for the cit wa cut short in his public
career befori his murderous design was
accomplished Xow ever cartload of
earth refuse or debris dumped into the
flats is a contribution to disease aud to
the danger of overllow b narrowing
tho alread narrow channel while tho
removal of the bridge and rebuilding
it ou piers high enough to permit the
free passage of ice and the debris of
freshets would of itself deepen the chan
nel sweep away the Hats and make tho
nv r now a hot bed of disease serve its
legitimate purpose of purifing the city
by taking away the filth from thesewers
which now accumulates ou the flats a
seething mass of pollution I have
visited the observatory on a summer
night when the foul vmors from the Hats
havo turned mo d < a hi ill Well
asks ni rural reader why dont cou
grebs remove the bridge
My innocent fneuddidnt I say it was
u railroad bridge > But that isnt tho
ouh reason There is a ring iut < r-
ested in filling the flats a rich and ikjw
erful ring aud it is considered a great
step that congress has refused to con-
sent to the filling up of the fiats To
snow how things are done here I will
tellou of au luvestigatiugjcomnutteo
of experts that was appointed b tho
district commissioners last fall to in-
quire into the causes of malaria an I
recommend measures for its prevention
Xow to give point to m story I must
premise that the district commissioners
or some of them are openly sus
pi cted of being in the ring Well who
appointed tho experts The com-
missioners So tho committee went
v igorously to work and after thorough
and vigorous search made the astound-
ing discovery that there was no malaria
in or about AVaslnngton that there were
no malarious diseases in the city or dis-
eases of any sort except suchns wero
common to all cities or such as were
brought here from less favored si ots
listl that our national capitol is tlie
he dtbiest cit in the world Wht ex-
cuse now remains for this absuul idea of
putting a railroad company to Bin h need-
less expene or wh prev eut the recla-
mation of such salubrious and healthful
lands Wh certaml
A tea part in the i otunda of the cap
itol is some hiug new aud proved quite
a success to the Garfield memorial hos-
pital associitian with whom the idea
originated I heard Sam Randall ask
the House for permission for the 1 dies to
hold a tea party for tne above fund but
the name w as afterwards changed to a
rotunda reception as more alliterative
aud high toned
The receut illues ° of Attorne General
Brewster is ascribed b the etipitol to
the removal of Ins rallied shirt md tho
change m his carnage of course it
cant be malaria
Senator Hill of Georgia will proba
bl lift up his voice no more against
fraud and dishono aud every
evil thing in the senate ami
his heart which beat biicti
quick lespouse to eveiy true md iiotile
sentiment will not beat much longer
Illeiltn teieption ot the information
ihit he could live but a little while in
chaniteiistic ot the in m I hae
lived ver happy vear md I am noc
itiml to tin The south will lose one
ot bei bet and mot useful men when
noble Ren Hill goe to his revv ird
The pneiit mmiter to Germany
Mr urgent Ii is i daughter who is i
phj ii Kit She l attending lecture s in
Rrlin now hav ing graduated in the
Paiilie Mcduil College
Mis Johnton loiinerly Mi = s Haniet
Lintmd nice ot Ileidcnt luchaiitn
ho name vv is on even oies lips t
theleadcrot oeietrV heie in
l ir s with her invalid son a very quiet
lite bhe must ntteu contrast the Xow
with the Then as alo intit L > neh
tmc aid lie eatid number liom
balmii s ditrict in Mississippi On
siturdav Milton Hull md another t m
c who was born in Tex is I believe but
hails now ironi Ohio gave the coloied
member a tine dinner el iborate notices
of which appeared in Simula buoiety
President Arthur is to spend thesuin
mci at Long Blanch a Gen Grant did
beti ie luni
It i now supposed that congress will
not adjourn betoie Jul but it had just
is well adjourn in June lar the hot
weather and lear ot malaria never
leaves a quorum alter tint Kor my
put 1 wish eveiy one ot them who
nppoe the rei ov ii ot that obnoxious
bridge had to sleep in an open boat on
the Hats until he vv s cenvei tid 1
fmcv one sultry summer night would
do the woik Adio
A IIMoiu
Tin < > ii > i < > eis >
ClmiiKe in Cnhlo TarillV A
Jtomlt lor Hie Lord 1In r
London Ma 13 On an 1 after May
22 the AngloAmerican teleg aph com
panvs tariff t rom Xew York and Canada
to the United Kingdom France and
Germany will be increased to 50cents
per word English French and Ameri-
can government messages will lie
charged halfrate and press messages
25 cents and 121 cents Extra conti-
nental rates remain unchanged Tanfl
lor cablegrams by direct United States
cable compaii lines t > Great Rritam or
Ireland and Prance will be 50 cents p r
word Xo alteration will b made
iu rates now in force for press news
London May 13 The Globe states
that tlie admiralty have ordered tho
chauuel squadron whicTi is now in dock
to bo ready for sea I y the 28th instant
It will proceed a day or two after that
date to the Mediterranean
London May 13 A canister discov-
ered on the railing of the lord mav or s
mansion last night was found to bo filled
with blasting powder
London May 13 Application for
police protectiou for Paruell was made
without his knowledge by auother
home rule member of parliament
Lndies of Waco s ive 1 ibor and troublo
by buing your girls a couple ot thoo
omufon sense oiescs and lit v our bo
in one ot thoe hiindsomeRiiitstiiit aie on
exhibition at Lcwine lios 051 tc
The peoples clothiers Sanger
051 ltc
It i

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