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J W Scott, 1849; Alabama. Age 53. Grayson.
Wm A Watson, 1843; Missouri. Age 73. Grayson.
J W Vaden, 1843; Tennessee. Age 40. Red River. Grayson 1847.
Mrs M A Wells. Born in this county in 1850.
Ed Sacra, 1857; Kentucky. Age 53. In Sherman.
Jacob Gumm, 1856; Kentucky. Age 62. Grayson county, in southern portion.
E R Holland, 1859; Illinois. Age 37. Three miles west of Sherman.
J M Brown, '57; Missouri. Age 66. Fannin county. Lives in Fannin.
Mrs Susan Holt; '46; Missouri. Age 36. Within 6 miles of Sherman.
R H Turner, '52; Tennesee. Age 53. Fannin county. Grayson in '73.
J W Whiteaker, '36; Illinois. Age 65. In Bastrop county. Grayson county in '71.
Mrs Sophia Porter; '34; Indiana. Age 60. Near Houston. Grayson in '38.
J G Walsh, '56; Tennesee. Age 38. Lamar county. Grayson in '57.
D P Logan, '76; Pennsylvania. Age 51. At Whitesboro in this county.
S C Watson, '33; Kentucky. Age 52. Bowie county. Grayson in 1850.
David Elliott, '55; Tennessee. Age 64. Grayson county, near Farmington.
R E Elliott, '59, Missouri; age, 75 Grayson county.
Mrs. H L Vaden, Born in Cass county, Texas, in 1842; to Grayson in 1855.
H L Vaden, Born in Grayson in 1879.
B P Bowling, 1855, Georgia; age 47. Grayson county.
J A Drye, 1859, Kentucky; age 53. Grayson.
Mrs. Amanda Elliott, 1850, Kentucky; age 45. Grayson.
S L Boling, 1856, Georgia; age 46 Grayson.
James F Shannon, 1837, Arkansas; age 44 Fannin county.
P M Davis, 1857, Middle Tennessee; age 63. Eight miles east of Sherman.
S B Sivells, 1851, Kentucky; age 53. Located in northwest corner of Grayson, afterwards located Sevells' Bend. Resides now at Pilot Grove.
H J Keatling, 1854, Alabama; age 57. Grayson.
Mrs Mary E Sacra, 1857, Missouri, age 53. Sherman.
Mrs Bettie Owens, 1857, Missouri; age 27. Sherman.
Mrs Sue Goodman. Born in Sherman in 1858.
Capt. J D. Woods, 1858, Tennessee; age 47, Sherman.
Joseph E Bond, 1854, Kentucky; age 58. Grayson.
A T Cook, 1852, Missouri; age 63. Grayson.
O Bourads, 1855, Missouri; age 51. Ellis county. Grayson in 1855.
Mrs Judge Thompson, 1837, Tennessee; age 61. Grayson.
Uriah Hendricks. Born in Grayson in 1847.
J M. Cook, 1849, Georgia; age 51. Red River county. Grayson in 1872.
W H Moss. Born in Grayson in 1860.
J F Sadler. Born in Grayson in 1860.
Dr M Y Brockett. 1859, Tennesee; age 63. Sherman.
A C Turner, 1858, Georgia; age 33. Piney Woods. Grayson in 1877.
J R Crabtree, 1858, Missouri; age 30. Hunt county. Grayson in 1867.
Tom Richards, 1845, Arkansas; age 44. Fannin.
Ed Moore, 1852, Missouri; age 39. Sherman.
Jesse Loving, 1847, Missouri; age 46. Denton county. Grayson in 1852.
Mrs Lydia E Loving, 1853, Tennessee; age 40. Sherman.
Reuben Alexander, 1847, Missouri; age 68. Grayson.
Mrs Fannie Cobb, 1856, Mississippi; age 27. Grayson.
L W Conner, and Mrs. Z Conner, 1854, Missouri; aged respectively 71 and 66. Ellis county. Grayson in 1867.
J T Martin, 1836, Missouri; aged 52. Lamar county. Resides in Fannin.
S W Sanders, 1857, Indiana; age 42. Fannin county. Grayson in 1860.
D W Light, 1852, Kentucky; age 53. Grayson.
C S Dale, 1851, Illinois; age 52. Red River county. Grayson in 1854.
E J C Thompson, 1854, Mississippi; age 61. Grayson.
W F Woodward, 1849, Tennessee; age 56. Houston county. Grayson in 1873.
Elijah Emberson, born in Bowie county, Texas. Age 56. Has resided in Grayson past 28 years.
James H Parham, 1856, Tennessee; age 74. Grayson, near Kentuckytown.
B W Hampton, 1839, Missouri; age 54. Benham first, now of Grayson county.
S G Wells, 1851, Illinois; age 45. Grayson county.
Mrs Eliza Brown, 1857, Kentucky; age 65. Fannin.
Alexander Wilson, 1846, Tennessee; age 55. Grayson.
Mrs Tilatha Fox, 1846, Kentucky; age 46. Fannin.
M F Hampton. Born in Grayson in 1856.
J P Wheat. Born in Grayson in 1852.
Y S McKinney, 1824, Kentucky; age 46. Fannin.
Mrs Sarah McKinney, 1824, Arkansas; age 61.
Dr. W E Saunders, 1853, Tennessee; age 52. Sherman.
Mary Hampton, 1839, Missouri; age 51. Fannin county.
Cary Watson, 1837; Mississippi; age 60. Bowie county; Grayson in 1850.
Mrs Emily Watson, 1833; Kentucky; age 55. Bowie; Grayson in 1850.
Mrs Martha Watson, 1853; Germany age 32. Grayson.
Jessie Baxter, 1848; Kentucky; age 64; Cherokee county; Grayson, near White Mound, in 1852.
D J Collins, 1859; Illinois; age 49. Grayson 1859, near Sherman.
J A Harvey, 1858; Missouri; age 29; Grayson 1858, near Sherman.
J R Jeter, 1852; Alabama; age 31. Washington; Grayson 1873.
Thomas C Melton, 1855; Iowa; age 32. Sherman.
J W Burgess, 1845; Missouri; age 52. Ellis county; Grayson in 1867.
Mrs Victoria Moore, born in Sherman in 1846.
W H Chisholm, 1857; Mississippi; age 30. Grayson.
W W Wheat, 1842; Arkansas; age 61. Red River county; Grayson in 1845.
J S Pattie, 1855; Kentucky; age 65. Collin county; Grayson 1858, near Van Alstyne.
F H Kirkbridge, 1846; Tennesee; age 46. Grayson, five miles west of Sherman, now near Pottsboro.
Chas S Durning, 1851; Missouri; age 47. Grayson.
Dr R L Bullock, 1848; Missouri; age 62. Bonham; Sherman in 1849. Father of the first white child born in Sherman, Mr William Bullock, who is now practicing law in Decatur, Texas, and aged 31. Born in a log cabin which stood where Schneider's mercantile palace now stands.
Mrs Elizabeth J Bullock, 1843; Mississippi; age 52. Fannin county; Grayson in 1849.
A J Kerr, 1854; South Carolina; age 40. Walker county; Grayson in 1870.
J W Stewart, 1847, Alabama; age 56. Sherman.
E C Oglesby, 1849; Tennessee; age 43. Collin county; Grayson in 1852.
J T Akers, 1857; Missouri; age 33. Grayson.
R S Wheat, 1833; Alabama; age 63. Red River county. New resident of "Nubbin Hill." Grayson county.
H M Fuller, 1846; Missouri; age 48. Grayson.
Mrs. M A Fuller, 1846; Missouri; age 48. Grayson.
J Barnes, 1849; Alabama; age 43. Cherokee county; Grayson in 1858.
C M Wells, 1850; Missouri; age 36. Grayson.
J M Collins, 1856; Kentucky; age 44. Dallas county; Grayson in 1857.
R S Kerr, 1854; South Carolina; age 51. Walker county; Grayson in 1874.
William Chancellor, 1845; Alabama; age 65. Rusk county; Grayson in 1849.
Hiram Brinlee, 1824; Tennessee; age 74. Red River county; resident of Collin now.
J D Ritchie, born and raised in Red River county; aged 48.
Charles Walker, 1859; Tennessee; age 54. Grayson.
F C Vaden. [ ].
Mrs Janice Vaden, born in Johnson county, Texas, in 1861. Came to Grayson in 1866.
Sam McElroy, 1858; Missouri. Age 45. Grayson.
J W Stinnett, 1860; California. Age 56. Grayson.
W Hopkins, 1827; Kentucky. Age 55. San Antonio. Grayson in 1880. Hopkins county named after his father.
W W Vaden, '43; Middle Tennessee. Age 48. Red River county. Grayson in '47.
W L Holland, 1859; Illinois. Age 39. Grayson.
Jabes Haning, 1846; Ohio. Age 56. Red River county in 1847.
W C McKinney, 1824; Kentucky; age 75. Bowie county first; Collin county in 1847.
Mrs Margaret McKinney, 1825; Tennessee; age 70. Bowie county first; Collin county in 1847.
Mrs Carrie Yarbrough, 1854; Mississippi; age 45.
Geo S Cobb, 1858; Mississippi; age 33. Grayson.
Mrs Susan Tyre, 1851; Missouri; age 59. Collin county.
Rev J M Binkley, 1853; Tennessee; age 66. Titus county first; Crayson in 1851.
J G Hodges, 1849; Tennessee; age 66. Titus county first; Grayson in 1851.
John Haning, 1846; Illinois; age 67. Red River county first; Grayson in 1848. [This is the man who lost his eyesight in 1870 through the merciless attack of a desperado named Hous. Holt, well known to our community and now wearing stripes for murder. Mr. Haning now resides eight miles southwest of Sherman, near the head of Choctaw, his first and early home.]
Additional List of Old Settlers.
Tom Ed Bomar, 1853; Tennessee; age 34. Grayson; located now in Collin.
J Horace Lea, 1857; Missouri; age 50. Ellis county; Grayson in 1856.
Mrs. Mollie L. Lea, 1855; Missouri; age 40. Ellis county; Grayson in 1856.
J H Baxter, born in Grayson in 1858.
C R Parrish, 1844; Kentucky; age 45. Fannin county; Grayson in 1856.
D B Cappleman, 1854; South Carolina; age 41. Walker county; Grayson in 1879.
Capt T J Brown, 1846, Georgia; age 46. Washington county. Collin county in 1859. Grayson in 1872.
Capt L F Ely, 1856, Arkansas; age 42. Sherman.
W C Page, 1859, Kentucky; age 65 Grayson.
Mrs Eliza Page, 1859, Kentucky; age 62. Grayson.
Henry Page, 1859, Kentucky; age 42. Grayson.
Mrs Armenta Page, 1859, Kentucky; age 33. Grayson.
A R Williams, 1858, Missouri; age 50. Grayson.
Isaac Stroud, 1858, Missouri; age 50. Grayson.
N B Spearman. Born in Grayson in 1858. Resides in Cooke now.
S E Bomar, 1853, Tennessee; age 68. Sherman.
T R Anderson. Born in Grayson in 1856.
G M Jinkins, 1848, Kentucky; age 65. Cherokee county, 1852.
Silas Hare, 1846, Louisiana; age 53. Belton. Sherman, 1863.
P A Turner, 1858, Georgia; age 31. Titus county. Grayson in 1877.
E Y Skaggs, 1859, Kansas; age 36. Grayson.
J M Stinnett. Born in Collin county in 1853.
J M Batsell, 1850, Kentucky; age 68. Grayson.
Mrs Mary L Batsell, 1850, Kentucky; age 64. Grayson.
C W Moore, 1859, Tennesee; age 39. Collin county. Grayson in 1861.
F V White, 1858, Missouri; age 26. Grayson.
J D Owen. Born in Grimes county in 1852. Came to Grayson in 1878.
W D Elliott, 1857, Mississippi; age 33. Montgomery. Grayson in 1881.
J M Dodson, 1851, East Tennessee; age 51. Grayson.
Matilda Wells, born in Grayson county in 1859; aged 22.
P W Sellers, born in Hopkins county in 1857; aged 24; Grayson county, 1881.

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