The Houston Daily Post (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 14, No. 254, Ed. 1, Monday, December 12, 1898 Page: 1 of 8

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' " Vl "
gllfe cheapest and best
tfW0 tne mantci uiim
Iftiried always used.
P'hrest ingredients ao
5f.Iv combined:
ffiWWV -
l$ West results. Kpasica
seij ..i.inj
IW povn.-
B.D. Cleveland &Co.
Km- ft-.
.Vijp''a4 tMM'ttiM i
'SSSiMf fwpWM
Q. C. STRteBiP rtiini
1013 Franklin Avenue.
JLjfcr'. prices. Belting Shaft-
fog Pulleys ana an Kinds ot
IjSteam Fittings are Right.
M .
loward F Smith.
Ssiii Travl Street Houston. Texas.
'S--S '
'A -5.
3y '
feiWe arc now offering;
f$F 'aFilm.Camera or full
pfsize Nickel Watch
IS free with ioo cigars.
peeper hundred Cigars $3.50.
flH. Thompson & Co.
M Houston Texas.
Corn Mills
and Crushers
Large Capacity Small Price.
i ioueton Texas.'
Political Leaders in France Realize
Public Opinion Must Be Pacified.
m( '
TfieyRecognizc that England Is Friendly with Other
w Nations and Is Prepared for War Russia Ad -.
v; ; vised France to Go Slow and if Necessary
to Make Friends with Germany: V "
rimfrleti Mart Knallah Syn-
4- I'(JI'Mm'i Cdk(S
. t.Spocta.1 Cable' Dispatch to ins
4" N&W- York HrraJd nt Tho
4- Houston tvt. GopjciRhtoi.
1S. by Jatnc's Gordon n'ta-
4- Ei.)
4- tlaVjtiM. December 11. Anver
4 i;nn ami Rngltnh capitalist nrc
4-' bidding agalnrU each other tor
f control of HaVenf-. Street Car
trtmiw&v Stock In tbla concern
Is going rtcadlly ttpwarrt In tho
a dohlmatt & Co.
Ccon Factors
-.dTiuicts quick sales and praapt i.
MtictJuucencB soitcuro.
oil can have a Telephone
in your home for One Dol-
lar a month. In your place
of business for One Dollar
and Twenty-five Cents a
r :
Two Ilnnili'eil 'I'IkiuhuikI of Them in
Cli'oulntlon In Hid Milftftl)i)l Val-
! Arrest Soon 13ipcr.tcil
General Oliervn.tlonn. '
tfnatloas ta'Ma'by United States weatlv-
Ih'a'at.oll stai;o:i3 at s' p' iu'aovify-
RwHilan time:
wkai'ltr- Tonineraturo. Kalu.
wu ;
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Uvuln .
TOrlfins .v..".'" "'..'!.' iii
tti'J'laUeo 22
afj- h;j
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I twu p ;. ... '1U
jt- 11nli1.t Hit..
SJP;'' kast Tesns .1'hrnlonln ..ntv.n
'I'tht'pfcsj vniXmct. ugh. t"0 frcsll var(.
WJ becemmg northerly.
pWsUght snow followed ly clcar-
t'Sir MW ln "ortl"frn PortIoa; cortu-JiJlco-Fair;
not so rolj; nortl.crly
& Vlc..i.. ... .
PWl. Tpvic r. L. .. . .. .
ife'f "TOKJnoor 41. ADO VIC-
ifif I"t0r)r W!la ontlrol5r lostroyoa by
started from an unknown cause
Bfemiphis Tcnn. Beoeraber 11. 'A smoolh
panrt i oountcrfeiltcrs arc at wink in the
JKsslstilppi valkot Tlhe ooiun'terielt Is the
standard isilvcr dolar. Hnd ai ot wih'ich
Ivava ct far 'been discovered icar date ot
1SS0. It la beUcv4 Jthat aomcthtni; Illto
200000 cl thtm liavo galnoi' circulation.
Tito oouatcrclt la so aitiisttcaUy ac-complliih.'c-.l
that it voiil'd bo difficult for
aujioasi whs tuppens ia gathoM of a dol-
lar madu to 1S0O evsn by Borutinlrlng it
clcselv. .to detect it.
iRewntry a. very large number o brlsbt.
sblnv dollars Jravc bosrt floatllne arouuu.
Hnd all 'Ci tlhcm iberdU.'te of 1890. They
hxvp itlt-s soars ring apprcutly the aauia
weic'iit and ccrt-clnly tho eama external
& I niai-k off tho Rcroihro attitele.
at 'is bel'itivca among locoa rallroid men
t'hat Uvo fcSlrt'aier b ir to all Intents and
ounnojsia wKliin the i:utdrs9 toC a. Ke-jewl
dotedtilve. vtad that ItjCa only n function
6t. a Vbry ftiw hours 'belcra he will be be
hind fctlio bars. i.V8 $fio .stxwtr . kojs the
coUntertcitcr 'Is 'iu tlw.iiclKliborhood oj
Hollyiud 'liirs.. 'nnd itlut th-gFcclural
'dfetecttvo Traa jro'j!h irrttf-'fiia 'confWsitfe
nnrt la only vwCtlnK for tho "man -pith the
nllnt" to banJ ltin 200 ot tho coins ao that
be can nrreit him .in thaBct
'.Mr. JoSti Scott dlWMon passenger asent
ot tbo Ulilndl'3 Central rallfeted. says that
t'ho agent ot -lae illltocls Oeiftral at Holly-
weed tent In a VcDort Jto tho senoral ct-
fices at Chlcaso n Bhort.timp lago. and with
the cash that -vas forwarded thero v.flro
BOYCmtlcen ot jtbeso apurCoras dollars. Tho
frand nvaa dcteWtod. anl tho matter of
course .was at once referred to the aften:.
An iuvestteaWan sbowodi that thora Y!r
a larso number ot "catts iii circulation and
the covernmont took a hand as soon cs
tbese fact3 were reported.
Ll'.M .n -"
inVmtTt m?r"lns. It was owned by
HhSr' 'ofniwly of Houston an 5
ftfrKiw1"?.ut 10-OOI "u was in-
Wikm . "v naa occa "tiered and
l.7500 for it ft few days niro.
K 1
ltOllltRl) X UOTKL.
Miw.s Ciitlicrlna Ciiiniibrll an Aclrean
in y!rliUB Trouble.
St. laul). Decombrr 11. U the conclu-
sion cf tho performance at tho Grand opera
houro iapt jilKbt MIsa Catherine Campbell
an lactres ot cousldcmblr note waa ar
ro3tci by dclctotlves at the Instance of the
St. iXOchclas bold raanascment. Bho being
accused! Kit systematic icbbery. She wa
tJlttin to her rcoin to the hotel where her
tnm'ta were found to contain chtnaw.-tro
tabic" llnena and silvcrn-arc belonging to
the Jiottl. IIeb Campbell broke down end
confeseed 'that Rho Sad taken the nroporty
and ltai peeked it 'in htr truulus and was
prepaiJnK to movo from the ihotel. She
bczcei-'l to 'bo released offering diamond.-?
and mjJney 'but Manager Chapman 6 the
hcstelry -nn obdurate. Wrapped In tnuur
ncro threo(na.pkln3 'recently bought oy tbc
hotel. UH Camobell is tteUined at tie
Four court? pcpiilDB trial. She dociarei
eh Will commit sulcldo If convicted.
tapedat Cablo Dispatch to Tho Now York
Herald and Houston l'ost CopyrtalitKli
1SSS by Jam?s Gordon iienncu.)
Tiatto. Dcidtmbcr 11 Xov notblni; .can
Minder the "iMork ot tSio court- et i(3tUpn.
Tho conscrratlvcsaro'denjan'dlng tho paci-
fication of public opinion and ti can not
bo dente! tliat ihcsodenianda are "war-
ranted. Only Ura otier day a' couple ot revolver
shots 'wcro fired after ono.ot the mcctluss."
Upon another occa3lon clubs wore freely
used tuid yet -another :M. Crclle. a royalist
ienutv. rfcclvc'd a blow from a loaded-
walking stick upon tho back ot hlc nock
ithat convinced.Jjlm of tJbo danger of argu-
ing Trtth .the Drcyfusltcs v'cn if .'It has
not shaken his belief: that Dreyfus 13
list nlchL ixr. DcpouIIo tm'e4 to address
a rncctlnc of? tho- roviafowlats. He was
simply .bowled over like a. pin.'
All this elves 'weight to articles -which.
cinnoarcd in' the Matin and the Autorlte this
morning. 91. Cornorly In too former and
M. Paul do.Cassagnac la -tho latter both
protest against the folly of discussing the
matter- with Joaded canes and; revolvers.
Thdr arcuments are sill thc weigbtlcr
owing tlT'thc fact tbat iboth writers were
former combatante and have now sobared
down. Jn bis -dry way 'M. Capus points tho
igaino aiaral 3n Sunday naornlng'B Figaro.
It is Indisputable 'that Franco's situation
is precarious sulking at G-cnnany hating
England autl torn by-lntcrnciMne uti'lfc. '
Tiho.AIatln'a lLoudon" carre3indeut calls
atte'nticn to the danger tot tUs attltudo na
wtllbstbe cleverness oC Uio Bnclls1! wbo-inffbsa-a
of -wastlas tlm'c trying to iccucu a
abfinTto ulKtobe wltfrtttoTUrilted 'Stkfcfot1
certain ' epeclflc objections have ' stmply
bcld-out a fniendly hand and tabltly 'agrml
tlhat wliero tho 'interest of the two' countries
is Identical they will pull together. In ad-
dlttoa." Kcgland is seeking to arrive at a
good u'n'Jcrstcindlnj; ' with diva KaMpeau
In fieraaany scycra'l qucit:ons have been
satlsfatetorily settled;' Tbls activity even
takes In KujssUi. with whom negotiation:
ln regard to China havo bcea sci:i on
amicably and Katisfactcrlly for Fomo tlmi.
It is only toward Frinc that Bugland Is
silent and cold. Tihls dclibciuto silence on
tho part of .Kngland 1s Inexplicable as well
as unjustlflabio in the minds of tho French.
to haw .counseled a. &proaehement with
Germany although it -tma been tnip(tbo
to "find out to Wnom ithia adice -which vir-
tually amountn to -warning -was given.'
In .tho grao'il dukc'R opinion so It is i-alj'
rapproaciltc-mcnt wSlh Qcrmanr -would bo
preforablo from vcry ..point of vaw. In
order to elTcct ihls a reconclltaUon wits
litaly wua 'Indlfippusablc Tho Frunco-
.Jiallan treaty 'was too first step In LMa
rDrcyfoii to Keinrn.
r-trls December it. Lo'SoIr this ovrn-
Ing announces bo return of 'Dtreyfus uf an
early date. Ut asserts iai 4no trovcriunont
has formally dooldcd upon this courso anJ
has ordered (body of soldiers to bo in'
rtaiMmiss to escort him from tho part ot
landing 'to (Paris.
.I'loqanrt'n nclcnup OrlrcU.
iPatis Ooccmber 01; lis Xilbcrto mya
"ith!at'ho'tmpon.iirr Teliaso ot Colonel Pic-
quart has already becu ordered.
otnV market lh' conseiuenf ot
outl4Klnn.urtiee anil as a result
there is n boom in .all other
ook and b6hds ot thn island.
This UpwArd moVcnwnt has' bcpu '
'KlrB nev Inmulse hi- the urpft-
?otsvmcssaRp which convinced
business men lht all promises
ar 'jo' lm reawmed.
Tho Havana Strt Car coin-
patty Is capitalized nt a halt
.million-.. Its equipment .is ot tho
niast' tincIcrJt tyip'o niid practically
worthlcrs but its franchises
'which cover practically the en-
tire city aro of great value.
. Some time ago' nn Kugllsh
Byn'dlcnto' maita WhW wrie .then
contdcrrJ a fair' oftor for tho
vroatl. Just betor lh lcul was
.nbout to bo1 oo'mplottd an Anicr-.
loan Tidlcatb tio ruling spirit
of which In nUl to bn'l1. A 11.
vyids-ner of rhllaJlphIn ccitcml
tho ncld and ra'Jf ad thq Ktigllsh
bM. Slnci then atlll another
LVmerlcau flymllcato has
'tosbuythoroad Tha'rwult of nit
these negotiations 8 that n. meet"
WB-wlU bo hold bore WcdneaJay
a't which ail offera will bo-ron-sldcrtfl.
All stocks aro awa'y tip.
0(xsinrcnAnrrc nri'OMTioiv to J1K.N.
Hepburn of loiva' AIko Him k Mrnnnrc
Inilnr.pcl by ttccil nml lllnirlc'y.
Anne MUtlj-to !.
r Ji rt-l . iM . n .- . ic- 3i .; Tr. rwuKl
. - - l j i i x "V w . ivji - - t' 'hsiii si.ivr .i - jt ii-jii ma if.iiwi1 i-t.. m v -e v.v i n
aim. ;hmmkwik
mj - iT" J a L 1 ''W.T . ftlJkl' UiK Ittir .V i.!fiIf. "Uilirt.Mkt H ' fi. -A
Hict mn-..:k wr s JifeaM
rilPtC 111- H.S'ii rrtri4tMd-!
-w ... a a-17 VVUI11I' J 9VVHUaCi
In-liis-Last-Holirs alidlAVhile PeUrlousjHfea!pi5M
' ing Battle OrdersWas a LeaderTof'tWnlMlil
wi a r.r i a wen as 01 me .Mtsjt;
Struggle for FreedomV
a "'WaTOtwfjrSKM
... .
' V . i "J.
Ur " . urfd.'J
!.....;..:... . - -.. .M-of
v '. .(Special nlthatch to The; rost.i .. :'f- ' $:imM
Wafhlngtpn.-Dccembc tl.Caltxt'o Oarola probably the .bsst'kn
l v.m -fanJfi
owipt 'tbs'Api
It Will lie Contrary rr-cUMt.
but Other HecrlmcntK 3Uy Be Miik-
tcrcil Out llofoie tbc First.
(Special Dispatch to''TholI'osl.)
WiLshlugton- beccmber 11. Secretary ot
War .Alger has Informed Congressman
Slayden that shortly after tbo .visit of the
Texas delegation to his "oflco tho other
day in tho interest-ot tho muster-out of.
Texas troops ho rcctly'ed p. telegram from
vl . J.-ii-t. '.'V '.. . A- -- v )"
Gojiernor .culbermn asklr's that-if "ony regl-
jncol of tho Texas volunlcerti was to bo
rclalD'etif in tbo scrvico it sbo the First-
iColooccfiVabry's regiment. If acy Texas
troops aro niUiJtorld out and tbo First
rcigiment retained it w'lll bo contrary. to
all precedent; yet it is possible tho gov-
ernor's request may hold the First regi-
ment in tho army at least until tho araiy
reorganization bill is passed.
V". '. .
ON DECEMBER 20 and 21
The Southern Pacific
(SUNSET ROUTE) Will sell tickets
Hutu I return less than half rate going and returning via Kagle C3I in
ivtan.'iiifc'-iv;'"'.".:-...-....- ......:. ' 0'J.Y
"wuco .i "". "no returning via Larrco.... ........ j".ju
r?iMD.'1 "turn " - .... 30 is
ttt ill .n L"!1'.TED 0T reur ll"rty day from date of sale' with stop-over
111 . . -.mii in mcxico wunin ine limit.
f ivj 1 v ric iipvirrv miTiirvi t ru AKirrc
"tafom-r '...' yr caiw Wlinuui naiwm
ornutlnn .n- - . '
Jai '-" ""urnaarcss
Z Agent City Ticket Acent r Main.
Oen'iPajs and Ticket A&
HCEXico &ii aft
lfS"! ...AM) RB'tUBN .SDO I V
'W ;f".i 1 . . 'a ' '. .' 1
Via the
Mnter national Route.
' .J ra rt. " i " fsf.-Lfil -.
What in the kcy-lo.lbo niyetery?' This is
one of 'tbo questions jolWiuI circles aro
discussing .eugcrly even anxiously. An-
other I 'What Is tbo meaning ot tho pro-
longed stay hero raado Ibis year by tho
Rufvlnn frrnnd duko?'
fEho icoplo believe stolto reawjns nro the
cause. You will remember -when tho
Fashoda Incident wan hero everybody be-
lieved his mission was to counsel submls-
rlon for 'tho prosont. Jt Is certain England
in ready for wur now. It Is equally conjaln
neither 'Franco nor- ItussU'ia. Some even that tbe Russian minister Mur.i-
vieff informed tho' government thai Itussit
could inbt undentako war ovon with tho
help of her ally before the'end of three
.years. Grand uuko Vladimir is.neiicTca
to have bcea charged with a somewhat
nlmllar mission. .
There la e curious rumor current In lo-
ner diplomatic circles' about the Grand
Dnko Vladimir's .actual mission. He 1 aaldi
Injury tu the llutlli.-Hlilji AVornc Tltun
-Vnn First Ml'lijioieil.
(Spccl'al Dispatch to Tbo Post.)
New York Dccemucr 11 Divers today
1 examined tbo battleship (Massachusetts
I which struck bottom jicur Governor's island
J on Saturday junt aftor she left tbo navy
yarus on -acr way to Jiampioa uo.ins and
Lcc unit KrlftT llmtravoreit tu
Iltnauuilr lllm.
Savannah Gn. December 11. Gen-
oral Kelfcr who Is In command ot
tho remaining troops of the .Seventh
army corps rince G'nieral Iec's do-
parture for Cubn tonight conflrnie-d
tho rumcr of Colonel V. J. Bryan's
resignation of bis command. Both
General Loo nd General Kolfor en-
deavored to Induro Colonel Do'U
to go to .Cuba but weco unsuccessful.
arc of a
(Special Dispatch to The Post.)
WfiBh'ington December 11 Tho Nicara
gua canal "will bo wished to tho front during
tho" ho"ift session but a Jot of tltno' Is
going to bo -wasted bcroro tho matter is
dually disposal of.
Senator Morgan who it to open the
debate on tho Nicaragua caual bill baa
given out tin' Intervlow advnnoiug argu-
ments 'for thopassaigo ot tih'o bill ho ra-
.prled andi In onpoittioni to delay. Ho
says it'Groat UrJtalh .objecto to tlic legisla-
tion It -will not bp too late ito enter Into
ncKotij.-itloni after tho bill has been pawed
Hi's bl)I he bellevca U not objcctlonabln
to England.
mho Cattery plan to acqulfl- a slilp of
territory .trim' Nicaragua and to .build tho
Nicaragua canal utrder the auspices ot tho
t- tij r itKV ;Vs n a)m: m ua .
V -Multttn I'romiNVN tbnt All Dtf-
4- " fprcrfcWWHI He Settled. '
CocBtnntlnopIe DcccmbVr U.
Oscar iStr'aiif? United Stales
4 mlnisttr to Turkey bad an au-
- dlenco with tho sultan on Friday.
-- It Was'exceoil'lBKly cirdliil and It
Is nnderatood thai asMiruvcts
wcrn given to the American
f nilhltjtcr regardlrlg 11 satlfaclory
eottlomcnt ot nil pendllig quos-
-f tlntiB between tbo United-States
f and Turkey. Includlcg tlio-ipay-
mient ot indemnity for American
f Icsfos In Armcula.
-t I teuton patriots 01cfia this city .today tho result nr nn.nitx.L- n.MnUiV.i!.A'i??. sKKta
4 traotcd shortly nftur lila nrriWt In this Country as one of tho Cubtfcowmiss!ouV '. WMm
4- rrs. aionbr will bo.palJ. io-ihl meuiory by-tbc AmcrtMn Nation 'aaho .will iff '' i
4. i l'om;'tn tho annals ot Cuba as oneot'tho wort unseUtsh ot her Ube'ratota.. : a
t ' ' ''" ' ' ' tX8i'.'TH
4- . i . Pf. M
t ! liESifeS ' ' fii
1 s - nr --Si m
l tbk ; 'Jill i
fmm w flip 1 'M
SBE IB :: " -
1 f I I'fTFaiWaaMHitrirTlf fPUB I " :''M
4 ' ' ' M
' 7!y-
aaViiaaaaaaaaElRaft '
aMaaHtBBjB'il 'MM
1 iaaaHaEiPllilEM
I iaaaaa WaaHBnVJHtaS'
All kinds
It was found tut her lajurlea
Bomovyhat ncrlous nature.
Tho plates over tftrce tmpartncnts for
ward on tSie port aide -Wore "buckled" or
beclt 'InwBTd ao far that tho bead of the
rivets were sheared off' and mu42 utr
poured into 'tbo spaise between tbc cuter'
shell of. tbe ship and the inner boltoins.
'This lealcaeQ aifeot.1 three canxjartmenta
.Plates on. two. other compirtments wet
affected so that the Tlvcts were stiarteu.
The Tenorter waa told that no 'hols wus
nude In the Inner abcil of the ship. Np fu!.
account of'uhe damage oau iba had untl
tbo vessel Is docked.
Tho battles'bfp .rested on the .bottom at
tbe navy yard at low tide yestnply ;norn
Ing but this. 'l appeiara ww not rtaf to
bor-Injuries s the nrwV.ynUni Now Or
lems -'bjch 4iy' fnW ucft a'ito tou'.Ci'
bottom at law wafer.
Tbe men wore'buiy holattuft out ammuDt-
"tloa nrhonitbo reporter visltedltio yard yei-
i. terday atlernoor.. The cAJect. of tbli wa.i
'. . i v.' ".-.'-- - . - - -' i .; J
Write us i1BP ?. 5wiTwryto gofim
mrn .inn iiv irfir rvi :i tnmftrfttifi rrmn-
iuHaf - ilnB.vh?n'"ihocrtjer 'Fivt'.wii'jh'jtnow
44444 4 444444444-44444-44-r f
United. SLate? and not through the Mari-
llroo Canal company seems to bo gaining
groujd hero auiong tbo apooiwntij of tbo
Morgnn bll!..
It is understood that Coacrcrimn Hep-
burn of Iowa hitherto thought to be a
frjend of the ennui company will report
from tho coiuinlt'teo on Interstate and
foreign comme)-M of which he Ih chair-
man a bill cwentlally different from tha
Morgan bill. Hepburn's bill will provide
for tbo acquisition by the government of a
strip of land twelve miloi wide across Nic-
aragua and will placo tho construction of
thti canal directly under Federal control
This mow on tho part of Hepburn Is
reported here by the advocates of tbo Mor-
gan bill as Intended to bring about a 'dead-
lock and prevent action upou H at th.'u
session llccd and Dlnglcy are nnld to be
In licuty support ot this movement. Thoro
U no doubt ot tho cKlbtoncn of a Ktronc
opposition to tbo McrKnn bill.
E. F. Cragln head of tho Cragln-Eyro
syndicate which has an independent cou-
renlon from Nicaragua and which takes-
control of the mavanivnt If tho. Maritime
Canal company fail cr tbclr coupcuietu
lapsrt (October 18S) Is now here fightlns
the Morgan bU.
New York. December il. The Worldia
tho following special from 'vyaahinstflii;
Nont' of tho Nicaragua canal Hchymoa
now bcfoio congress or in preparation for
I trcwutatlon to cougrejis will paas through
fcf. this or any other cei'sfon as Jon; "as
tho bout.) ii under Its present leadership.
Ncne of the "ccnoosflona'' roal aud ro-
rUitcd wWI be touW by tbo "United Stfttea
ln building tbejgtihuilnn canal.
Tbcso tateiri(aU ere made upon tba
best pcsllile authority. Tho' the samo an-
IhoH.ty It can be sail:
1. That fen jsthinlan canal will be pro-
vided lor.teforo tho end 'of Mr McKIo-
Ipv' lurmi
t Thit it illlnjal) pioabHlty'.bo bulU
by the United Stateu; octiua as a i.-overu-roent
S. That tbe canal lUdf end a sufficient
attlp 'of erritory on ttlter ido will b
unocr iM). control 01 ine mioa Awe
4. Tfcat'a part of the pian Is fi-ucnventlou
with GrBrlfalp'uuUef wh.lch she; will;
. " -....-.. .
!ittiia(t no j . ooaaeasaaaaaaacccca
Tho sudden change trom tho warm ell- the president of tbo Cubia- asecmbly wb
mato ot Cuba with the htrdslilps hr. hud l"now in Havana as rojin as tbo death
there endured to tbu. wlntr weather of- J''
Now York nmMVaalilnptoa Is respoaslblu itwi ip (xiroi their condalerictw. l'riwi.
for tbo pneumonia ' resulted In his rflcwt '-cKlnley nibal(tai jhd symi'.atbv
Un.. Ho cmrocteil nBW cojd In New 'TmXi V
York which tltd mot asmimo an nluriuInK Amomr those wUw called "nwcre' Smattia
ttaito until tho irl'. part of latit wuek. j I'raker. Money pftfiitor' and 'Clinn'JW.
ii qt... ... fir.ii . I eaitl ..MaJora General lawtvn and Whcojir
On luoulay might Gc-ccral Clitrcla In 0mral aiw1ft ieft.ti.UrBn WtnllV. flnl
company wllb oihur meinbors of (he- torn- 0nc of wtem. Junto-. captain 'ot his atitf.
being w&Mi him wheaihs died: Ills' wwov
mili Ii-itt m( 1 nnArv. n HIii tiii (ti
....M v'.. n..U miiu ..i' i. ...... .. .1. and iMereodca. a:Osughlort-l7'.yean of tgi.
Honor by ae-wral MIIch and It wn a rcauU ( at -0.!!? 5 yherc tha slrl7i.
nt ... AV...tlH. .I.- Mlfllli .Klllrtlt .111. '..1. fit. . . - .ft ....- .t m! !
li. iug ..aom ti... ... uv. . qillio III. OU-Uvr Afl run lltj jpaifli v .nc.
.wlnaled In bis
hours or rooro
oral Garcia wau Uaconscious tnort of the .mentan. la naw.rllvimi :!n Parb: Cfii-
tlme. At In'tcrvals bi recognized one or cralt Garcla'fl. mother h still ajlVu ana r-
.! In lll.wlnu ' t
mnm of Hinuri fihont lllm. . ' w :: '" .."t
Mro that night which rul ' au)t0 jjj. .ju son lljyearo(. aid !a
Is death. During tho. twelve w'lth tho mother ?t Thomaavllle. atilOl!)-
..ii iu.niiini n.i. el ?ao fircla. anoUjer Mm Is In Ctiba-1
o preceding dissolution Gen- v urWm L5oaorr who married an
tlinci-al ntrclo. whetfo Ttimo'wlll be cv.T
lu bts dying momenta- us all tlirough bis '.i.Tj-Vi witb tWe cf other 'iwtrle-ia wo ?$
IMIW .ml actlvq life. Ills' thughtB wero for ft Sft&'jSSfii oudTfor .'
bis beloved couTvtry nod II- people 'a d of fcl cuniry i Iia.i ml Mf
nmone h's aHt worA wcro irrational mut- .n a .-.wi-iif .mun ir vh rh Ima JttWM
.tr.Ugl in Which ho gave ordciy .to bin t.i nont In Vlirhtlnir 'for' the cau :of.'
bod on U)s sUtf (or tbo pattM wblcb Cuban liberty. wMlch. b'oV had ths mlK
io supposed was to occur tomorrow an! n fartltm of. ecehijc aCiCmpllthed sp 'sair; '
which lio underittood tbtro were oajy 100 ' tn)0 before jjui death". Hci was a man ot .
Hpanlards to combat. Just before bo died culture and refinement; of. npleadtdi!ii.
ht t.mhriir'fvi 1H vnn. nl'nv rtnir.lirio ftvsm tfi'-llllLlnfi:ullni:l fjTH-- '
Itnv. Father MaOeo ot St. Patrick' )iy of Jlqu'anl of Santiago "Wfl 'CuM.p'rw-V Ag
rburth was ca'.fed io dbrlng the day and luce. He was. Boxn'ln' Cogtjulp' OctoberTH. mwM
'n iiir'rjrinrn in i ina uulu i. i tra t " p- j'-ivn. u
u'&fi with General (.arela .until Iftc t'llu.
admlnlkter:iig tho lut rjtt3'of the Vatholla
c.hurclu Other' members 'ot tbo comnisti
and Sir IlubtM their co'u'iitci; iii ihfBcnun-
try were also In tho bcd chombst'tWhrVlln
t;fl came. Thu rcmalnj wcro Immediately
prepared for burial and. wcro placed bu
li'.tr n tho room In' which he-tfied.- A tarsi
Cuban flag served' ps a .covering and Jbo
head reettxl on or.e ot iraa'lcr uhne.nelocK.
Tfie face and bum wore left. -c$p$icd
pub'.io view. Tbo featnrfa; ba-4 atemark-
ably lltollko appearaqcp and gave no in-
i;catloca of the suffcrjnjjs'lwbieh ihc in-
ccared nay nornc. .jtiet laoovo 'vinp.neau
rested a wasnlflueht'. floral 'piecnrotrd.Md
whtto roses and cross .palm?1 jtJeA -with"--
fiiuri. 'wbttA .rlbbnn ; .... r.
Ily dlrVclWri Pf Major General Mile
detachmfbt; lof sqldltrs troib. batleWi. "
pixthartlllory. ait' tho. barrack Iters uftder
co'mmff.d';f Utirtenant C6x"wug 'detail
on o V.nlcrtliwl'fril-i.Hn.mWnlna. "if Tl i
tii.'i- li.i ...'i-iifl riarnlL'i .'toilh BteDH-"iwr.
-r -' . -'A.:. :.z:- 7Ti.i r.--..uuii"
183!). ahd' was ditrefcrn1 Jn?W tQibuttr
fccj nrccilvsttjUfieil'tor vufi fy cjiiwitU
thifi?j " "')i "'. :';'C&
taken tb n'Mafjr the" BovcmmMrtofficUla
4m and 'aiso"th 'exoU'tlive;commlUeB;tf
tbo" Cuban 'ftw"eblylib.-.lW'.Hhfr2:
f.varlWJi ai ' M3r)nn9;;X"ub5 rPcftjiHf
tv vmnrn Krf'.thft'coiniiilrsjOH afJltUtiair ' of 'notification'' tofafeBdetCat)'M
r:.inr.ii carnn wsb' oaucaiea u mwai. .. M-iff
and in Siialn .In 186.hc'OVa 'iMV.1:f'WtV
Irabfl Veins 0?nfTM;CrcIaftfrtt; L&
Cubans against Spaliii;)n.186nanaMniitH;fM5Vfe
war. undw GomMhV(ttaitipi'tijr4iiftgr
of brigadier- gcncral;In.Qctpb5r.of3f &
hi Matured the ;towi!8.yot-;f'JMfii3y.J;JM?
state' ttttbc-'otJ.tWrtwwt4 fMHMs.' "3
Ki MmtiwKiAmwTiatnnswtm"aim.immAiuA.)!tmMm cv'' v
vfgcrMtt' the' wrrKarjr; uplifiaww :
Vort.' hewaa torwwiW pytW'!3acUm - r .
I- a
jfaftpm ibly:;:ha4. mm
BVH.tvt.K -
. .jgi''ispif i:
-.afafafaafafaV' '.ttaaaWfaaV'-'BV-iBSiO'Bami
BBaaaa i .bbbbbi taBPaBBBVaBBBBaaw ' aaaaa r&. aaaaai ?zu.ii aai
a .v.fJaalvaBVaM-A.BBHiar'tffjaam-BBB"! ".':--VI
tmvfug'imji' i
.ewrOl't iililiaV-" -m
lou aMaariW'-' .''-'31
v- ' '- "A ' ' ! '. .'SKhbIH
i V aaaai ' 'r
ft. 4;.ny.fJr--7.i sisiW-TwfL' -wr infos': s. ih.
V- MM Ma
A'V .lJ
W -5

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