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... years old 4-2-1853 6-12-1893 Dallas, Texas Missouri Bloomington, IN Dallas, Texas Baker ) Newton Co., GA... Baltimore, MD Texas Dallas, Texas Germany Dallas, Texas Tennessee Campbell Co., VA. Missouri Texas West... Cem. Kansas City, MO. Greenwood Cem. Greenwood Cem. Oakland Cem. Oakland Cem. Oak Cliff Cem. Oakland..., Cem. Hubbard City, TX. Duncanville, TX. Lisbon, Texas Oak Cliff, Cem. Greenwood Cem. Oakland Cem....C. Greenwood Cem. Five Mile Cem. Oakland Cem. Greenwood Cem. Bryan, Texas Dallas, Texas Negro City Cem

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... Oakland Cem. Georgia Lomita, Texas Mississippi Smith's Hall Missouri... Alabama Texas Texas Dublin, Texas Houston, Texas New York Indiana Richmond, VA. Oak Cliff Cem. City Cem.... Oakland Cem. Oakland Cem. King's Daughter City Cem. Oakland Cem. Greenwood Cem. Greenwood Cem. Oakland Cem... City Cem. Waxahachie, TX. Dublin, Texas Oak Cliff Cem. Greenwood Cem. Oakland Cem. Oakland Cem.

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... Kentucky Missouri Trumble Co.,Tenn. Dallas, Texas Tennessee Lavaca Co.,Texas Dallas, Texas Ardmore, Okla... North Carolina Missouri Alabama Kentucky Dallas, Texas Italy Sweden Missouri San Antonio, TX. Dallas..., Texas New York Tennessee Kentucky Missouri Ohio New York Carlsbad, Austria Dallas, Texas Temple, Texas

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... Congregational Church, 1902-52. [R285.8]. Confederate Cemetery, Dallas, Texas. [R929.3/T4Dc]. County and city..., 1856-1920. [R976.428/C924e]. Municipal handbook. City of Dallas. 1913. [R924.2/ D145m]. Dallas Fire... Department, 1970. [R352.3/D145Fd]. Dallas. (Dept. of) City Planning. Parks and open spaces, Dallas... metropolitan area. Prepared for the Dallas Area Master Plan Committee, by Dept. of City Planning and Dept.... of Parks & Recreation. Dallas, 1959. [R711.558/D145Cp]. Dallas, Dept. of City Planning. Thoroughfares, a

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... for the city of Dallas. [R711/D145mL]. - - - Dallas, Dept. of Planning & Urban Development... system of major parks linked by landscaped boulevards. Adopted by the City Council by Ord. 13263, April... 19, 1971. Prepared for the City Plan Commission by the Dept. of Planning & Urban Development. [R711... Development. Population projections for the city & county of Dallas. 1970-1985. Dallas, 1972. [R301... city of the hour"/The Dallas Chamber of Commerce. ca1910. [R917.6428/D145Cda

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... of yesteryears, 1862-1924. [R976.428/H314d]. The Kessler city plan for Dallas: genesis and development..., and a map of the city. Dallas, 1925. [R917.64]. A city plan for Dallas (with report of Park Board..., 1910/1911). [R711/K42c]. Dallas, 1856-Dallas 1956; an address deliverd by H. P. Kucera, City Attorney..., City of Dallas, Tex., before the Dallas Historical Society on April 6, 1956. On the occasion... and Private: aspects of an American city. 1964. [R976.428/L637d]. A history of greater Dallas and vicinity

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... about the local government; a handbook of facts about the local government - city, county, school... of Dallas; the facts about Dallas city government. Sponsored by Dallas Civitan Club. 1953. [R352.0764/S979r...]. We rule ourselves; a study of governments of the city and county of Dallas, with some facts... planning Survey in cooperation with the City of Dallas and the U.S.Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Public... River area committee to the City of Dallas and to the railroads serving the city of Dallas for a new

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... high points in the history of Tyler Street Methodist Church. Dallas, TX (1962). [R287.6/A545s]. City... of Dallas mayors and city councils (1856-1963). [R352.008]. Art work of Dallas, Texas, published in twelve... parts. In portfolio. [R917.64]. A basic financial and improvement plan for the city of Dallas, Texas. [R...]. Directory of the city of Dallas, carefully arranged and prepared for the year 1875. n.d. [R312]. Pencil... sketches of Dallas. c1933. [R917.64/Cl32p]. History of the old cemetery, Dallas; city, Masonic, Odd Fellow

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... Central Texas Region. [R352.0764/N867f]. Business, professional and commercial directory of the city... of Dallas, Texas; containing county and city governments, county and city officials, post office, societies... now' Dallas, 1957. [R917.6428/Q7t]. Register of motor vehicles and machines in the city of Dallas

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..., 1970. [R929.1/D5TEDJd]. Diaper Days of Dallas. c1966. [R976.428/D279d]. Getting into action for a city..., City of Dallas. Dallas, 1911. [R917.6428/D598]. Dallas County boundaries; Ferris field notes. Copy

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...) Harris, N.; Co. E; Regt. Forest Reg.; Forest City, AR.; p. 190 (TN) Harris, R. J.; Co. E; Regt. 22 Cav..., S. J.; Co. A; Regt. 11 Mo. Inft.; Webb City, MO.; p. 5 Harrison, W. I.; Co. H; Regt. 10th Ark... (AR) Harwood, M. P.; Co. A; Regt. 3 Tenn.; Hubbard City, TX.; p.144 (TN) Hasapple, Jim; Co. ?; Dibrell

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... REUNION Continued Henderson, U. H.; Co. A; Regt. 29; Johnson City, TN.; p. 190 (TN) Hendricks, A...; Regt. 16 Mo. Inft.; Hubbard City, TX.; p. 2 Hickman, I. M.; Co. D; Regt. 9; Utica, I. T.; p. 158 (TN.... Cav.; ? Lensing, TX.; p. 236 (AR) Hindman, W.; Co. C; Regt. 2 Ky. Inft.; Cave City, KY.; p. 57 (KY...) Hindman, W. H.; Co. C; Regt. 2 Ky. Cav.; Cave City KY.; p. 56 (KY) to be continued JUN 1977 115 I

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....; Mountain Spring, TN.; p. 167 (TN) Forrest City, AR.; p. 226 (AR) Earvin...) Oklahoma City, OK.; p. 15 Edgeman, T. R.; Co. D; Regt. 43; Weatherford, Elliott, G...; Regt. 38 Miss.; Star Edmonds, Capt. W. B.; Co. Picketts Staff; City, AR

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