Brenham Weekly Banner. (Brenham, Tex.), Vol. 12, No. 1, Ed. 1, Friday, January 5, 1877 Page: 1 of 4

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The Weekly Banner
o. basket n. if cciuitox.
: 12. 1S77.
and one SJuw cscacd::ironi the
Lee cnnty jail on jjj id.iy last
Mr. II ill ho sole propri-
etary r the Dallas 'Ddlly Com-
mereial having purchased the"
" interest oIeSrsrsTTCShand
- Jcnkens riiis Iprmer partners. ;
r ' -m t i
jItthPstafSi that the resolution
ii Senator lwralls: ot Kansas i
ibr.a convention to amend the
constitution contemplates an
entire revision ot the whol--in
The SoimiKuy Cultivator for
Jannary 1877 is upon our table
and "s a splendid edition atjth it.
No5onthern farmer who wish-
es to keep poted sdionld be
without it. Subscription price
2.10 a year. Address W. L.
Jent Atlanta Ga.
A negro recently bnlldo-
zealnelr Favettcvtlle "N. C
oy Tit own color .for having
yotaJtha'D ; n jcratie ticket. A
ivlilfa ss-in ona ot saveral who
stvere-'n'yiiig to protect D31110-
cr.itic no;roe had his sknll so
oovercly tractured that he will
probably1 die.
We are in reoeipt
of the
speech t f the Hon. S. I?. Jlasey
in 'he ..Senate of the United
States on the electoral vote ot
Orrgon delivered the 21st ulti-
mo. -We have.not had time to
peruse it but like ne.irly ji
the .productions'' of i -. Ii -.. In
etiifthdwlv author c hac no
doubt it is entirely equal to the
icfl-i(n. '
ij In a critis like this the worst
clasp the most passionate sel-
Hh reckless mid '(ubi:i-iu- men
bicomu most activj and prouii-
nenf. A-mtin Statesman.
Adjjjtivo? to? niach. Some
old coon three thousand years
ax.t .expressed it better -lie
said :'
Aiai.lst geditijtis antfrr-wav.-s
The'von-i of mnrt&'s "may mere to
'The Austin dailies Iiare both
interviewed theJijnorable Mr.
Benj unin Thompson whose
bead quarters are in one of the
'office rojtiis" of the Travis
county jail. The most that the
Gazette learned fronuthc Pon.
JSwij imih -iva tliat the Slates-
man. interviewer had litd. We
wndar for what epsshil merit
the "honorable Bjuj wnin is awar-
ded an "office room" of tli3 Jail ?
James GoEDoy Bes.vett Jk.
'Wae rccehtly assiulted will a
-hVvij br'FredeKck Mav the
1 -".1 I -7-l.nTT "T 1 ..
jtiirrago avith Mr. B. was re-
ceutlv annonncen as about to
takc pl.i-a: imt which according
to the public report was broken
olf at ih 6 instigation ot the
you'ig 1 idy's csnsidorato papp i.
Ii thisba the cise it looks to
us as it B-ninett deserved condo-
lence and comniisenition ratlier
-lluii a cow-hiding.
Tuaxks. The senior of the
Uanxer desires to return his
acknowledgements to ttio
veaton News for tlu compl;-
nicntary niaiiiierin whic-h it has
bspn pleased to notice liis ac-
cession to tho editorial staff of
the first named paper. The
News pays the previous .admin-
istration of the Banner a neat
but well deserved compliment
when it says:
"The Bannes has ever been
plain-spoken and fearless per-
haps a little imp ilitic at times
bnt it is always (rank and hon-
est which is the 'est policy in
the end. The Baxxer discuss-
es the causes and remedy ot
much ot the lawlessness prc-
railing in many parts ot Texas
and bays the main cause ot the
evil lies in a illful n -gleet ot
juries to do their duly and not
to judges or sheriff.
Were we to give the opinion
in which the News is held by us
it would have too much the n)
pearance of a put up job. We
d&jitt reluctantly however.
In this morning's Baxnee
will bo found the views of Mr.
Lamar of Mississippi as re-
ported from Washington the
3d inst. These views aflord a
constitutional solution of the
troubles' that have been forced
upon the country by linscrnpu-
Ions and desperate partisans.
It the course alluded to is the
plan that will be pursued and
there is strong reason to believe
that it will be there would
seem to be no imminent danger
uf disorganization or collision
of anv kind. Mr. Lamar
points out tho way or rather
me i-onsiiiuuuii jioiiiiB ii. uui
and r Lamar merely applies
stons made in that in-
xto the case in point.
od seuso ot the country
will at once recognize the wis-
dom of .the course. Ii the tvrb
f honses t.iil to agree as" they most
E ptobrtbly will from present in-
I dications the next step to be
f taken is clearly pointed out by
;the constitution itself. . Any
disorganization or demoraliza
Uon that may prevail will be
clue alone to the revolutionary
spheme3 of the party of ''great
moral yjeas." It this party
pefiit'in'throwing obstacles in
theway of a constitutional and
pcao.eablc disposition of the
question tlrey will be annihilat
ed bjy the indignant wrath of
the A
It wrll be seen bv reference
is in's Baxjjeb
jf the richest sku in
has been added to
Mr. "'Vanderbilt
architect of his
He was dis
many acts ot
ht his donations
their magni-
Litereu no re-
lioe obtained a
Lrcer in the
was 6teadily
ea long time
produces an-
Great pos-
i the hands
il locked up
Sole direction
regarded as
to the great
3nt market
imated as
In this fan with
plenty ot -Kii commit
til'- highest Aild blood-
ed nuirJerB pr any-
else HjLie
fear that oiST courts
jurors or atHdaU will
ever hurt luiBIs as true?
as it Is disgKd hurtful
to society. jHjth 10-
000 in his pocHess. may.
In Texas sliooHn whom he
pIcaso:Jie-siyBke a holo-
ast of his eneiirTes whom he
... Ktah an(1 -iut
tAm mr a ci2ar ;n ij;s mouth
nile. and look the judge square
in the face.
We reproduce tho above from
the Houston Age simply to en-
ter our unqualified dissent to its
statements. It is not true that
a man can shoot another down
in Texas with any more impu-
nity than he can in Georgia or
Pennsylvania. Snch paragraphs
do harm at home because they
encourage the thoughtless lo
hope .that they may go nn-
whipped of justice when they
commit crimj. Such statements
uncontradicted do us incalcula-
ble damage abroad for in the
older States the press is not
slow to seize on any statement
calculated to decry Texas and
les-on the many advantages
which she offers to those seek-
irg homes.
It is a tact woi th thinking
about that frica i3 three times
as densely populated as Amcri-
ci. The estimated number of
inhabitants of Africa on about
eleven and a halt square miles
ot territory i more than twice
that in America on about fifteen
and a half square miles. Ip
America the average is 5J peo-
ple t- the square mile in Afri-
ca 17-V.
'Young man" said he solemn-
ly 'I'm sorry to see yon smok-
ing tobii-co" and the young
man assured him that he wasn't
that it was a Connecticut cigar.
Harry Robinson's MinstH
ar playing to goo! hou'es ii
Bo'que connty is to have :
$9500 jail.
An ox weighing over 2.50r
pounds was nilBad off at For!
Worth last week.
The bridge over the Gand.i-
lupo river on the Sunset Kail-
way will cost 8109000..
Fifteen Jinndred buffalo hunt-
ers are now said to be rusticat-
ing on the frontier.
"Thegood citizen? of Browns
ville are feasting upon roasting
ears. x
Immiirrants from Iowa
elrlingln Jack connty.
- vgr-
Fire wood is wqrtl nine doN
lars per cord in Galveston.
Barney Carry 'a laborer com-
mitted suicide at (lalvestuii on
Saturday morning last by shoot-
ing himself in the breast with a
Ii is estimated that Texas has
500000 head ot stock.
Sugar culture is beeominsri
profitable. in Cameron countv
A San Antonio hunting party
killed trenty-wo deer "and a
bear in one day on the Hondoo
a few days ago.
Two hogsheads of sugar to the
acre is an average crop on
Brazos bottom plantations.
The office ot the Bonham
News together with almost
every building on th-j West side
of the square was consumed bv
fire last wek. 2Se.v" material
has been ordered and 'the News
will boon renme publication.
Sandy Hartgraves was -shot
and killed by Occar Sims at
Wasahachie on New Tear'a daj.
The manifestation's ot a Den.
ison Spiritualist has been ex-
posed. A block ot Wood at-
tached to a string dldthe rap-
ping. The Jos? sustained- bv the
Bonham fire U estimated at
State warrants are worth SST . t c " ..
cents at Austin.
Chamberlain Brothers bank-
ers at Beltonjhave suspended
and an assignment has been
made for the benefit of their
Letter. froa (Jiddins
Giddihgb Jan. 5 1S77.
D"r Basnt-r :
Yesterday evening about 4
o'clock oar community was
startled by tho cry of 'fire"
when it was discovered that the
residence of Mr. Lewis Harris
was on fire. The fire originated
in the kite en and before any
assistance could be rendered thi
building was totally destroyed.
Loss about $3000 partly covered
by insurance. Our citizens ren-
dered all the assistance possible
and many wimbles wsro res-
cued from the bnrningbuilding.
The Midland Farmer states
that within the lart year abont
855000 of the accumulated sur-
plus in the treasury ot the
National Grange has been dis-
tributed among the State
Granges in the ratio of $2.50 for
each subordinate grange borne
on the rolls. Inasmuch as the
grange has protty wdl occupied
all its territory it is imt likely
that the fees for dispensations
for the establishment ot new
granges ($15 for each grahgt)
will for the future form an im-
portant element of incoaiato
the National Grangefc-'
Everything has been donp
says an exchange to hound on
and aggravate the Tildcn people
to fire-eating utterances and
incendiary expressioii3vbut tlius
tar they have presented an nil-
assailable front and every hour
they withstand the temptation
to do or say violent things the
conspiracy grows weaker and
finds less and lcs3 defense among
the better class of Republicans.
We sometimes fail to get our
New York Herald. Cincinnati
Enquirer and Galveston Neioi
anil manage to get on in some
port but when the Brenham
Banneb tails for a whole week
it's just a little too much tor
us. Corsieana Index.
The failure was not intention-
al on our part. A change in
mailing clerks was the caiue.
All O. K. now bro. Bartow.
Gobi; to tbe City.
Both b.y experience anil by
innervation we know the eager
-sstles desire of a certain ehia-.
it young men oil the farm to
et away from farm life and
ome to the. city. Th -y dislik"
Irudgpry the steady h ird -A-ork
jn the farm and think it would
be much batter and nicer if they
could stand behind a counter in
some dry goads store or woik
in an office or even drive a city
team. They wouhl then bo
"among folks" they think and
would be able to see for thein
st-Ues '"what was going on."
Th?glarc and glirterf the noise
and bustle the activity and
commotion theiyut s-ptcn-
dor and ga
farm ;
not be
will do nvi
ot them :j
is ly
citv j
and 1
at i
in the
cm wtjj
tar less '
vital oil
Home thj
iJut aj?
not tiue thcl
is the last pi a'
that any man isliould thiiiK of
comiiig to. CiRs are generally
over-crowded hutvat the present
time they are unusually tall.
Chicago is as well circumstanced
as any large place in this res-
pect and in Chicago to-day by
a safe estimate there are from
- f-i-v llitA l-liiMlsmiil inn nnl n (
uuijjiiM iiicml. kjutim ui umu
men are with families who resid j
liere bat a large portion ot the
-number ate young men who
have come in from all quarters
looking for a situ itio'i because
thev wish to change their mode
of life and tool dissatisfied with
th ir pi sent condition. No one
by looking m 'rely at the out-
side can begin to tell the amount
nf magnificent misery aud gild-
ed poverty which oxi-ts within
the city walls. Tins number ol
large bnsines houses that are
making moi e than a bare living
now is very small.
To any young man or old
man who is even comiortably
situated on a farm hp bay by
all moans remain contorted.
"Better endure the evils yon al-
ready have than flv to others'
yoa know not of
The tcmn-
tations and sednctient ss of city
life its opportunities tor self-
destruction by gambling drink-
ing licentiousness and a thous-
and other i'vi'1- the peculiar is-
olation and Ionesonieness of liv-
ing and moving among people
whoso names e en yiu do not
know is not halt as plea-ant as
it might appear at first thought.
The man who ought to b" hap-
piest ol ail men islie who has a
nice farm free lrom debt and
bnder a good state ot cultiva-
tion with a cheerful loving
wife and a goodly number of
healthy bright dutiful children
to make music in his home ami
to a-sist in keeping hi- home-
Stead. Prairie Farmer.
A Good Winter Wife. A
nogro man has ju?t applied to a
Milton magistrate to know how
TogeThTs wile back. Milton i-
nly sep ir.ited trom the Virgin-
ia lino by a sm ill creek find it
Reams tho woman'n brother had
run her off trom her husband
and taken her across the creek.
'How can I get her bos- tin
what's de law -In Viiginny ?'
aske 1 the negro. "The cheip-
est w-iv" r lid the magi-tr.ite
'is to h ivc no law ab ut it ;
just go acros- the crock and
overpower her and bring her
home." "I'll sho do it bos?''
said the negro; 'a hard winter
scttin' in no wood and no inif-
lin;but dat gal weighs two
hundred. andshe gibs out heat
like a stove de only time when
a wife's a comfort." He w.idcd
the creek with a steer wh'p in
one hand ami a long ropu in the
other. Raleigh Sentinel.
.The Chero'cees have over
eighty common schools. The
Chickasaw's have four public
and about ton distrh t schools.
The Oho -taws have two public
schools and ovjr fifty di-triet
schools. The Cheeks have thveo
public schools and about thiity
district school.
pro l
- ifes'3
n thil
the conditioi
ki. j.1 nri? Tnor Tim nnrv
imposed shall be dkchargecThi
the spirit of truth aud patriot-
ism regardless ot consequences
to party but with profound
anx-ety for the whole country.
"Ift however as the coi stitn-
tion contemplates in th! as
w ell as other cases requiring the
co-operation of the two houses
!hey bu unable to agree upon a
decision whether either candi-
date has "been elected it must
follow that there pan be no con-
stitutional a-cerrainment and
judgment put upon record that
any one has leceived a majarity
of the electors appointed. It is
in effect a tailnre to elect. In
such case the constitution is
clear. It devolves upon each
Iiimscto immediately proceed to
their respective dnties the one
to elect a President and the
other a Vice President. Let the
constitufion be maintained inviolate-
and there peed be no
disorgmizitig' colli-ions and no
necessity ot resorting to force.-"
Au Arctic Eipericucc.
Tho sledging parties were the
greatest sufferers in every res-
pect as regards hardship and
sickness The position of one
of these and theendnringphys-
ical rc-ailts to the officer in com-
mand Lientenint Bsaumont
deseryes more than casual no-
tice. This young ufticcr' and
sewn men were so long in re-
turning that a s arch party was
-ent out. In this they succeeded.
Four of the party were so ill
that they cOnhl not go on and
the officer in charge was in the
direst extremity. Almost the
only alternative left was to lea e
the. tonrmen to their fate and
push 1 ack with the three still
able to go on. The feeling ot
responsibility came upon him
with crushing force. The men-
ral ago iy endured changed in a
few honiv the-color of his hair
and although a yonng man he
is now qnile gray aud will thns
carry to the rave unmistakable
evidence of an anxious and con--i-icuiions
der-irc to do his duty.
II stuck to his helple-s com-
rades and when found by the
relief party he and his three
moil were tugging at the ropes
bringing forwaid their fallen
comrades two at a time nt the
rote ot half a mile per day.
Editiburgh Courant.
Personal. We had the plea-
sure yestenlV of meeting Mr.
Robert Kidd of San Felipe
who in August last entered up-
on hi-one hundred and third
year. Though tar past the
yeais allotted to man Mr. Kidd
is in good health body and
mind. lie is now on his way
visiting some ot his children at
Beaumont. Who says the cli-
mate of TexaS is nothealthv?
Houston Telegraph.
There are said to be 5000U
Hebrews in tho city of New
York and it is estimated tint ot
that number one hundred hive
estates whoso valuation reaches
F-8" do
want of
rs is morj emi
ftmiaiu ot tne t
ich we are iniposed"iiivT
who compel us to p iy eX'
Ani prices ior wu.u. wu
. . ! A- -l. .
to buy and who in turn
ns bnt small compensation
'mr labor. We must make
oar intelligence ar a class equl
to that ot others. We must pre-
pare onrselvTis to fill the respon-
sible position in society and
the fanners will exert an in-
fluence moi'e. in proportion to
the numbers and vast industry
which theyrcprosent. Farmery
arc not lacKiug in naiurai io-
telligence. Their minds are
strong and many oltcn surprise
themselves andfjllow-nibii by
their accomplishments when
they have been cilh'd into posi-
tions which have afTjrdcd them
to di-cipline and culture which
alone worn wanting to jlve!op
theirgood qualities. It we wcrp
.very shy ot investing in patent
rights and mining stock- and
all attempts to get rich suddenly
-and would put j little money
every year into Hooks and first-cla-s
papers wo would find our-
selves growing stronger and
attaining a higher position of
influence in society and public
affairs. Hmhtndm an.
New York ""bee 20. The
amount or the default of Otis
D. Swan is set down at from
$100.000 to 300.000.- G0On0
was the properly ol the Union
League club lbs remainder be-
longed to his family connec-
tions who are reticent on the
subject and the r-xact amount
cannot be ascertained.
Coles Morris the missing
lawyer also reported as a de-
faulter was t-itind- shut up in
his elegant quarters up-towu
sick and apparently bscomc a
monomaniac on the fubjivt uf
poverty fearing to become a
pauper hough surrounded by
evi.lences of wealth lis fHii
publish a card announcing his
business all straight aud ex-
pressing belief ii: his entire in-
tegrity lie is lemoned very
wealthy. '' 'j.
A Saoipli! ButtlnFrco'
If yoa are miuUlml uritlt .HeadAclitr
iliinne8incupitciljr to keep tha nnnfl nit
11117 subject dizzy jlct-py nr ntrvnu
Inulinirs pi niny liiretio lmgp irnuahil-
ly of temper or a bail tastw in Un-
til ut!i unAivatly appetite clt tkhi; 8tt
uoi tti the iliroit.pain in llui side or
aUnnt tlte -Mio-TMers' coldt e-s of extn- it
hies etc. or in fact any Hymnwi nl
Liver complaint bi ioiUne-s-constip i
tfunof the bowtlt. or dyspe.tii ro lo
youMlrujrrit H E Lnlin and t a
Ixutie ot Or. Slierm in1- Prickly Alt
U.tters No -pirii U usid in tin i
manufacture except a pure aiticle of
II Hunt Jin. Indira 111 partilular
will llnd them peculiarly ndipied to
their nan's in all agei an I condition-
of life. The laltle le Is nil they cou
lain c taauf) lently pliysc:t:is d n-tt
liettito to prescribe t ie.n. Stmpk-
b at ii for t-tal ficj. Reuulnr eizr $1
Tins American 1'vodIc
Xo peoplniu tun vmrld vu&i rus mncli
llli Dspep-ia n Ameriiciis. .M-
lhou;h vt-aibof cxnt-rii net in .tied
ciito hnHlHtled lo acciiutlih n ct-ritiin
and ure ri-iuitl for disuse and it- ef
lecit. hucIi .tn Sinr Stnmaih Mtk
llent'arhe lUltttual Oj-iit- iihi pal
p'tit Ion of tltu Heart lit art burn
Wither biaslt coming np of foMl ntt-r
eatinjr hw idrit- A'r yet ttin-e liie
ii trolu-iin-iof fiiti.n.Vs vijausr now
nt we belit-Vf there i- no cum- of Jyjt
pep-la aud LiM-r Oiiupla m that can-
nit lb iinineiately relieved a '100
dozen sold la-t year uhlittit one case
of filiirerepnrn-d (lo to your D-"C
trirtt II F. 1 .i lut A Co and grt a Sam
pie Bottle for 10 cents and try it. Two
tlu-ca will relieve you Rrguiur biio
73 cea.9
an ar
etl in cti
Dat-n- nto.t prpeatl.
"I have piven y or ttieriidneaaftntJ trt tl and'in n ca ban it failed
to irive full wtii1 action." Elleu Jiea-
cham Chiittafioi-chee. Fla.
"Fmm arttial tn-rierl' in lite am-
nt tliittiuttUciut-inintr prartic- I ha' ts
been anjl m( natHfied to use and-ptv
HC-ilj it sa puTKalfTeiaeilicine." Dr
-I.. Matnn. .
'! have "ntl Dr. Sinim-mr LWer
Keirnlittor in my fa-nlly fitr Dyi"pef in
amf i?ie lit adaclf ami .rerJ 11 an
invaluable rt-medy It h.ta not faihd
t.i givi relit.f in any fnat Hire."' It' v. F.
"Stiumons' I.i"-er IJegnlator l cr
tainly il(t"erifiarir tlmt cfuM f mni
jdaint- which iL rliTvtn t cnnM Rev
D vid Will l'r---ident. Ojr ethorpe Co!-le-je.
net 2 wtv
'-ij-j-ui-i--jmi-i'wi iiujhlwui- wmm vmma
J..M.fl.i-B. Bates MrFarland
Ureiihaui Texas.
OJIii-e UpstalrK in Allrorn buildifl-r
XearBrewltove & CluaWkf Bank n
jSLttomoys - at-Zia-E-vT
Brenl am. Texas
- S. It KEN.vDA
iittornoy-at-Iiaw Z
Bjrtnn - Texas
Will practice in tiie Dilrirt. Count;
nd Jo ticen 1'onrl-. Pr nipt at'tT
tion iveu In Hie rollection of claiois
I. II. BO.lEliS
j3-ttor23.e-jr vs. XiOTtr
Ilurton vhin--ton en. Tex.
Hr nhain.
w a. nit i.ino-i.ka
Ullice in Oitina It aldr it. Kant oliie
Court House Square.
Brsn'iam - - Texas.
Prompt attention to collections ex-amiiun-rland
titles and paying "taxes
for non p sidents.
Will iiractice in the Ditric: Cotirte
of w'asliingloit Lee and Burleson cnt.ii
OKriCEtips'al's over GidlingV Bant
July 1C
Ileal Estate & Collecting Aged.
Xol9 Ba-ttropTtxas.
I. T. NorrN SI. D. h. B. Crenili M. R
I'lijsiciacs ncd Surgeons.
Offer heir ProfrsIonaI ge-ices to
the citizens nt Kreithttii' nd vicinity
O hce vv'ood 4 Co. lm;r Store.
May 14t!i 1874 Sm
Practicing Physicians.
The latter hav ioj; resumed his prac-
lice.) Brenhin. Texas.
OffltP at Lnhii's Drug Store.
Henry Heuriik. A. B. Uall.
HENIil' HEXH1CKS & CO.. -VOJiolooalo
Commission Merchants
llouston Texas.
Agents forthe most popular brands n
family flowv
tfb. 13.
ffol liitjl
uialtH always oa lWad.
-Octv8-3ra j
DE-I.EK IX k".
r;- . nz.:- r.-.-
AviiikHaiiUiiUBORC RirErrPi
. - W-F.HOJ
c-.. -r . f-a. . s i
j:uo jLiibunince .gent
JSo.43- Brenhatn Texas. :
wnoi.K8Atfc Ash ttci-Ait rn-tttn rjrrZH-
Qrenliara Tas.
A 'u".anl ctmptrte Stark alwars rti
hand foriale at.BOlTOM FiauIIE-'
Oiveu- atrial
RS. I). METERS ' v
Dealer irt .
fancy Groceries FrmfSj Kufe
Cigars and Tobacco"
CrockeryjG las-rand Queenswarc- -
Under Cxntral Hotels
3rrnlitm T'Xas.
Caalipatd for bntter rhickt nemfs
and nmrstie frnlls The-Patronage-of
the pnbllc'eoltdted
Oct.g if G
Katrass Masafactwer
Brenham TeiMV
Keeps constantly nn hand Maeld
made MatraBseiTif. alL kinds which he
w selling ni ta derate ptlceB Tac re!i.
Call at ('- tt i-tebrT' nextUsT n R.
Hnlfuian. and examine my ma rss-s
nnd pricesi beinre piirehnshiD 'etse- h
wlier-".s lam malt m Shu best mat- i-
rasa in the market.
septlO il H. C. BARXETT.-
033isri3:ei TjEtrs:
DR. J. W. FOOTE (v
of Virginia late nf Gnnznlei Texss.
ITsvinK attended a fallCourse of
Lectnres at ttie Baltimore. CiiHeaqf
Dentnl Surgery aqd having had supe-
rior adrnntrges In Practice vfrele a
sored that he can nata tt-e satisartlon
in every branch of his husfv sk OIRce
over Wood's drug store. Brenlirm
TeXw. Be8'i5 f
Blacksmithj Qp.
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Brenham Texas.
E"Sperial attertjni:itrrtf tnjloxss
SiU)KI.o gtneral job work antfrej air -inir.
Term- lilieral. 2$Lop nrar Afay-
naru's Iiv ery SstabTe. June 18. '74.
Dealer In .
W.ttchts Clmk.
Jewelry Spent
c!e Eilxer a
Platett Wstv.
Brenham Texas.
Re airs" done ni short liotieo and
vrarrantetl. All Guotls warranted as
represented. rllnS-
i). O. AVlLLLAifS
DEXTAL dfjpflfr SBBGE0S.
Brenham Texas
OIRcp over Oraber r Jrwelry Sinte.
Mrth East Corner cfoiie Court IIouso
Plaits uiado on short notice. All oa.
crslions fnara- tetd Terms c&h.
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