Brenham Weekly Banner. (Brenham, Tex.), Vol. 12, No. 6, Ed. 1, Friday, February 9, 1877 Page: 1 of 4

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VOL. XII. ' Jjtf
The Weekly BnnSf frustrated.
J. a. Kteix.
'tiers and I'nyuJjRrs.
rnaiT 9. 1S77.
Iou-e iw crowd-
i;ht to listen to
1 and wisdom
Rev. Dr. Sears
urleson. We
every man
it State but
Jtire South.
the telliiiir
m the lips of
u-tly dUtin-
ropi?ts. Dn
and elear-
ty of the
r the pri-
ad vantages
own i-
ver will
jKhnrsdaj N'gbt
ml IH.
troni V
And tlHDte
hearti fH
not ojB
is BHHllllllllllllHtllVl
ttli -hz
rily illustr
eminent n
ve an
WS ban
extended nfl
inss but
of the ndv
"WrT . ' fsiitli t.i
g.Tj?-W are
teachers art'
uar .
-. .- T-
tauglit n.'
itir i .
V14 Ut J .
Sears in tu
"iers oi t tic
Tlie meet
jir.iyer by
Misakers we
Gen. Saylcs. ol our
my.anp on tli
Il). to
bv their rjve
BK nt.
appreciate tjiej
tared bv tliSec
It was
nVlorlc when t
lKi n rr
purned the bl
f pronounceu uj
Tlie Xadics Cl
soeiation ot tbis c:
per-Friday nigh
JlaU. In conscq'
.dy staets
Ik T.
ilUU H
...J -BV
tlie ntteB
notliind-P' rari
n!c circumstances.
itself was very nice.
Uv arranged by
Li-m; of that depai
Wvoto was takei
:Fvt!?v attractive u
voung ladWbo sin
h vote of
bled to be tlie m
-iriflinir grafuii
en with the vote.
ur. was adjudged to
.... s.nirb. who recer
IWh - .---j
itcs. lnis an.uu.
st beautitul"' did not c.
tL ..1.
iiWbling ladj
rvvi Jiuiu;
afiisliingTJfcioro with ainod-
y as becoming as it was unaf-
ted -while rivals bowed a
il acquiescence to the re-
popular suffrage.
ther handsome cake was
ed to the gertlcmon.
y the same popu'ar token
be declared the most
gentleman when Ir. L.
kctt was adjudged to be
riable personage.
discussing the solid com-
lirtSf the table and devoting
lionrs to promenading an
iicasjnt. wuispeiiiiKo tmiiu
1 . .t- ;.rjT
the youths on 'jjfill more pleas
lire bent" adjoiJrned to a room J
adaptecLtto the torp-iuhurean
art wlffe for a few hours the
waltz .Wl quadrille were pnic-
ticed and enjoyed by those in-
clined to indulge in this gay
and innocent ainuempnt.
PAiiTiESfcntendiug to visR
Galveston Quiring mardi
would eoflHilt'tlieirown comfort
and convenience by engaging
rooms at some ot the hotels in
advance lic city will be alire
with visitoiTlie Washington
llntnl li JnSWo.iBsnd in th( Is
land city its accommodation
briii!! e-.peci.illv tinr r Indies
Jllld t'llll'lll'-v
A mob
consisting of fifty
;uen. m.ule an attempt to take
pri-oncr named Trimble from
le Kills county l til on
a. tw wvttak-y I " " w.
i illj n.iTinfv i ill mi t in
evening of the 30th instant and
would likely have succeeded but
for the noble resistance mtile by
Iter plucky officer. Deputy
Sheriff Sam Real Constable Iv.
A3 cook acting City JIarshal
Gamble and the jiilor l. Pru-
den all ot whom stood bravely
up to their duty threatening to
shoot dead the first man who
attempted to force an entrance
to the jail. This kind of a re-
ception was more than the
would bi niobbcrs expected. audN
they q'lietly withdrew and aban-
doned the undertaking giving
it up as a bad job.
The Marim says-Trimble
is a bad man he committed a
crime which will aroiue any
people t. e. the killing of Hugh
Lee and Robert Ollinger but it
was a grave mistake in attempt-
ing to inflict summary punish-
ment upon him and thereby
placing at datiauce the laws of
the land lie will now have
his trial according to law and
will be sure to reecive that jus-
tice which the enormity of tlie
erimj demands ot a civilized
and law-loving community.
Capt. Lang and the citizens of
ilarlin alio rendered valuable
assistance in dispersing the mob
tor which they have the thanks
oi" every right thinking and
peace loving citizen in the State.
Had the sheriff and jailor of
Bell county done like the Falls
county officers the disgraceful
lynching ot two men in that
county woiild not have taken
All praise say we. to the gal
lant ofik-ers of Falls county who
stood up bravely and triumph-
antly against a mob in indica-
tion ot the law.
It is gratifying to believe that
thp principal personage en-
gaged in the first attempt to
secure the office ot President by
fraud are likely to come to se-
veic grief and have condign
punishment meted out to them
their aiders and abettors coered
with everlasting shame and cou-tu-ion.
It is true no punish-
ment can adequately atone the
crime '"Iat tlie sins ot the
fathers m this case wilt cling to
their children poor innocents
until many generations have
passed away. The first hundred
years of American Indepeu-
lence it is gratifying to know.
a safely passed without any
ttempt at so outrageous a
design. Let the attempt made
o subvert the principles of our
overnment in this the beam
ing of the tecond centurv of
r existence be so severely
uiishcd and so unmistakabh
thematized hy the whole na-
1 that no second attempt of
e kinll will be likelv ever to
essayed. Benedict Arnold's
e is dwarfed and dimiuish-
omp.ired to that of Wells.
The condition of the Hon.
Alex. II. Stephens on last Sat-
urday was thought to be very
critical. His physicians enter-
tain no hopes of his recover-
lie was visited by the President
and his son at 5 o'clock. He
talked for a few minutes upon
the political condition of the
country hoped that the worst
was over and that a fair and
peaceable settlement of the mat-
ter might now be arrived at ;
id faith in the ability of the
limisMon to arrange a satis
fy solution of the problem.
The great International exhi-
bition which is to take place in
Paris in 1S7S. is beginning to 1
attract attention already. Ar-
rangements are now being male
in France fur the coming event ;
and no doubt the exposition will
be eiy attractive possibly sur-
passing that ot any other coun-
try. as the French arc proverbial
for great taste in display and
peculiar mode of arrangement 1
tor exhibition.
Rumor has it that the Rotli-
childs arc worth only 83-t0jJ-J
ono.iino. p( Mir p- n-riv tiVe'jJj
T e present critical condition
of this countrv. brouclit about
t bv the selfili ambition and
redder sreed of parties has
ueiKeiieil the confidence ot the
1 nAln .. -. .ni;i;-.. f i-
I r . .. . -
publican for of government.
Would it not be strange if this
meeting of the extremes were
tn tnniUli a solution in n. return
to the forms which have been
sanctioned by the experience of
the world since governments ob-
tained among men ? Conicana
Tlie above is almost as lucid
as if delivered by the original
l.'nnsby. Wli
many form "
experience c
got t rumen ts
men"' is Jil
"solution" of
Is it the mo'
patriarchal ?
oligarchal ? Or
I little ot -'niytl
pound of the I
ship with a c
ot the Mexican
ilie prese
tiou ot this ci
a satisfactory
means we wi
oelieve was
tratioti ol tlie'
Republican form
was capable of e:
out material injur
All this talk abor
or the probability o
ot some sort is worst.'
ish twaddle
The people are foreif
monarchies of the old wbrld to
relax their holds on the throttle
of humanity. England is more
a monarchy in name than in
fact. The lIone of Commons
is the power behind the throne
greater than the throne itself.
France is a republic an infant
it is true but give her time ;
she will grow to the .symmetrical
stature of a republic after a
while. The American head has
no fancy for the cost of gar-
ments ot other nations even if
those garments have tinsel and
gold trimming around the edges.
The American is a little too
proud to adopt discarded gar-
ments. Peuso.v.vls. Mr. J. "W.
Crump of Sempronius was in
the city Saturday. We a-c
pleased to learn from him that
Col. Landes and his lady both
bt whom have been indisposed
are once more quite well.
Mr. Richard Cocke ot Bell-
ville and Mr. Clevel ind of
Travis were in the city yester-
day. They report everything
quiet in their respective places
. f -1. ..1 . 1 ni!:ii Af
01 auoue. .11. lieu 1111. .ui.
. 1
Cocke tells us the temperance j
cause is receiving valuable ac-
at almost every meet-1
ing of the lodge.
-r r .1 1 . I
Dr. Crcath paid us a visit ves-
l r I
terdav. lie reports but little
sickness on Kentucky Ridge;
say- the farmers are pu-hing
their plows and everything
looks promising.
Tlie Statesman learns that the
late discoveries made at the old
Spanish Fort near Menardville
are decidedly interesting among
which are cannon and musket
b.ills supposed to be one hun-
dred Bid fifty years old ; the
former balls being inado ot
wrought iron. '
Col. Plumb has been elcct$
United States Senator fro-a
Arkansas. He is a rich man
president of a national" bank
and can well afford to ""p'lumb
the mark" and not snatch.
The totalshipnien&of petro-
leum tromtlc PcnriJfSania oil
regions durii.g 1S76 amounted
to' 10000000 barrels. In Jan-
' "? P w?3 S1-"17 Pey
barrel; in March it had reached
S2: in August it averaged ?.1.5.
Crude oil is now selling at $3.6(
per barrel at the wells and re
'''" -" 1
fined oil al
the sca-bor
er a profit
fined oil at $12.60 per barrel aU
the sca-boacd n
etting the rehn-
ll per barrel. j
Fruit TiiEt. Gentlemen
wishing to plant fine fruit tree1'.
or ornamental shrubbery an
hie a bill filled on advantage-
ous terms by
Bax-ntr utTee.
calling at the
The net earning- of the Ceil-
fal Rn'roi-i la-t" w. 1-".-
The Ladies
! Society of
electing a
and adopting!
by-laws for 1
ment of tlie :
1 time it has
sources donfl
from entenainfl
and h
;ive :
and Hi
ot the.
So-neW? Mrs. Dr. Ross See y.
Below are the names of those
who have been relieved by the
society past quarter.
Mrs. Cnapman $1200 Mrs.
Oilman 750; Donation to a
widow $250; Mrs. Rutlieiford
S2450; Mr. Wood expenses on
trunk ot clothing $1900; Mr.
Wood SS00.
"About the best thing we
have heard on local option hap-
pened in Hunt county a few
days since. The vote was- taken
and the prohibitionists carried
the day. When the. nnws rpjipb-
L ed rliite Rock the boys held
an impromptu meeting to dis-
cuss the situation. Alter a free
interchange of opinions a res-
olution was adopted by a unan-
imous rising vote that the whole
village would have one grand
final old drunk drink up all the
whiskey on hand and then
'swear off.' In pursuance of the
resolution they went earnestly
and energetically to work hard
drinkcrs""light drinkers and all
and each carried out his agree-
ment to the letter. In an hour
the whole male population was
a 'high lonesome' anfl a merry
time tliey had. Never was
so happy a day known in
M11te Rock. Oli grudircs and
.:.". 1 ..
CUHUUJ--3 were iorgoiieu anuioy
and haj)p;Iiess reigned supreme.
Amid the hilarious scene the
iu gray-lioacied magistrate.
himself the drunkest ofthc par-
ij. mounted a goods box and
-1 . .. .? """""-'
called the crowd to order. For
a moment tlie wild bacchanalian
shout was hushed and all gath
ered aoout tuc aged conservator
of the peace and dignity of the
State- "Boys!" he said 'you
may (hie!) have your (hie!) "fun
to-da- but I'll "(hie!) give you
(hie!) 'ell to-morrow To-morrow
came and the constable
armed with a writ tor each of
the revellers under the new
law prohibiting drunkenness.
brought them in by the dozen.
Sadly and sorrowfully each
jdead guilty and paid his five
dollars and costs. When he had
gone through with the whole
list of offenders the old magis-
trate gravely arose and address-
ing the crowd -aid : 'It appear-
ing to the court that the court
was drunk also the court will
consider himself fined five dol-
lars and costs' whereupon lie
pulled out the money and hand-
ed it to the constable." Sher-
man Jiegitter.
Mr. Lincoln was one day
during the war called upon by a
woman who pushing aside
other visitors made a very low
courtesy to the President and
z .. . .
as gradually rising began In a
101111 voice: "Jir. lancoln nu
grandfather fought in the Rev
olutionary war my iatncr rough
in the war of 1S12 I have a
brother now fighting in tlie
Federal army to put down this
wicked rebellion and I want a
commission for my son." Mr.
Lincoln looked up with a smile.
"Why ma'am you belong to a
tinting family. You have have
done vour -hare. Go homo and
! nin lo jrt- n potto."
ot Id
ubaccD can;
es of appai
are ti
'ot reading
sing up
XolB cheer-
fuliyHJpns to
of prtBliiquity
an injKcurse to
the coHBs to the
morals-Hiy ot
A goPrs
he saitHd better
11 pPmKW ho
you coinplaiuedHPP-'ted tho
special taxes tbsFwero levied
collected and misapplied for the
building of the jail ? Is not it
and its inmates a great burden
to the nnnnlr-l Who are the oc
cupants ot
Wlls? The un
educated the vicious the dram-
drinker the aloon visitor.
How are theyT be kept out?
As we were told last night by
education mentally and moral-
ly lor where refinement exists
vice dare not show its head.
Can yon not then build a school-
house! Is there not vim aud
pluck enough among the citizens
of Brenham to bear up undera
tax equal to that collected to
build the jail I Times were as
hard then as now. A school-
house is needed. Can you not
arouse yourselves as did the peo-
ple of Denison and devise ways
and means to erect to your
credit and the good of the rising
generation a worthy and per-
manent free school.
Theodore Tilton is soon to
deliver lectures at Dcnison aud
Sherman Texas.
A Sample Battle Free
If roa are troubled with llead&clie
dullnes.iucapacity to keep tU2 mind on
anj subject dizzy sleepy or nervous
feelings gliiny forebodings irratubil-
ty of temper or bad taste in the
mouth unsteady appetite choking een-
sationin the thro it pain in tho aida or
alxiut the oho-il Jers' coldnest of extrem
Hies etc. or in fact any 9Tintcma of
I.iver complaint bi loudness constipa
tion of the bowels or dye.mia jjo to
your drurr.rist It. E Luhn aud get a
bottle of Ur. Sherman's Prickly Anh
Hitters. No spirit 13 used in their
manufacture except a pine article of
It dltn I flin. ladi.-s in particular
will llnd them peculiarly adapted to
their wants in all aces nnd conditions
nf lite. The Nble tells nil they con-
tain consequently phraicnni d not
hfmte to prescribe tliem. Simple
bottle for trial free. Reuj;ular size $1
The American 1'codIo.
Xo people in the Korld sufler as much
with Dyspcp-ia as Americans. Al-
though" ears of experience in medi-
cine lias failed to accomplish a certain
and cure remedy for disease nnd it- ef
fects such as Sour Stomach Sick
Headache. Hsbitual CVistirenuss. iiai
f rotation ot the Heart Hi art-burn
11 ater brash coining up of food alter
eatiair low spirits Ac ytt etnee the
Introduction ip GHKE.s'g AUGl'srilow
Kit uu believe there is no case of -dyspepsia
and I.iver Complaint that can
not trb immediately relieved. 30000
dozen sold lat-t 3 ear without one cae
of failure reported (to to your Brujj
gist H E. I.uhn & Co and p t a Sim-
ple Hottlo fur 10 eentsand tr it.- Tim
dii--- mil riinc hu lit nlr Sle I
"1 1 tit- ' (
i'Hot (leatn
IvnTglTts of Honor is 110
other older secret associatilRs
but strives to emulate the Vir-
tues and uood qualities of them
all. Neither does it enter tho
field as an opponent of life as-
sociations. It simply takes up
the arguments that render the
value ot life insurance a stub-
born fact aud reiterates them
with new emphas's in their ap-
plication to our special purposes.
The membership is composed of
men between the ages of twenty-one
and fifty -five embracing
men of all avocations who are
honorable and honest and seek
the welfare ot their fellows.
The funds arc secured by gocd
and sufficient bonds. The bond
ot the Supreme Treasurer is
o0000 dollars that ot the Su-
preme Eeporter 10000 dollars.
Georgia Lodge Xo 127 was
organized iu Atlanta on the
19th of July 1S75 and now his
50 members. There has been
bnt 011E death in Georgia. Mr.
Miller editor at Toccoa Ga.
joined the order on the 27th of
February and died we believe
in April. IJe was a widower
and left a little daughter Miss
Ilittie Miller who has received
20"0 dollars from the Supreme
Treasurer. The order commends
itself to all .good and true men.
The combined capital of the
Rothschilds is stated by Emile.
Burnout the well-kuown puoli-
cist to have attained in the past
year to the almost incalculable
sum of Seventeen billions ot
francs or 3400000000. The
significance ot these stupendous
figures may be rudely conceiv-
ed by comparison but there is
nothing in the history of prii ate
.vealtb. with which they can be
Glu-Drcsstr and Repairer
Hempstead Texas.
Takes pleasure in annonncingthathe
is now prepared to apply to ";'ns his
new Patent Gin-Dress at reasonable
rates. Mj mode of dre-'s'ia superior to
the briar point or auy other in use; in-
asmuch as it does not nrp cleans the
.cede makes a better sample and gins
All orders sent to roe nt Hempstead
jr lelt nt the Dreiiham B11 office
will receive prompt attention.
tepidly T. B OUI.KSBY.
To the Public .
I have taken clii'grt of Sinjrcre Sew-
ing M.icliiii Co.'s business in
Washington Austin Fajette and Bur-
leson counties. All parties tiumtifr the
Singer can find machine suppl-es at
my office under the Mclnt re house.
AH parties wis'dng to iuiriiia- "W ill.
please c.ill and examine the Singer
machine at myuffice.
The Singer Sen ing Machine Compa-
ny sell more machines in a year than
all the other Gr6t-clas machine compa-
nies combined which pro e beyond n
doubt that the Sluger is the best in tho
Machines sold on monthly payments.
I will also repair all kinds ot ma-
chines nnd warraut all vrur done to
give satisfaction or no paj.
I want canva-sers in all the counties
under my control I will pie jrood in-
ducements. Address all commuuica-
tionsto S O. WHICH! I
Agent for the Singer Machine
Brenham ashington Co.
jan'.J7dA.Sm Texx-t.
Prescription Free
FOR the speedy cure ot seminal
weaknei". lost manhood and all
disorders brought on bv indiscretions I
or eces.. Any druggUt has the in- j
grcdu-nts. Address
-iti Na-stu t V"rk.
sji.t'ow'y ' i
au niiwise i mwiiHsr
ed in countries' where I.her
Distases most pre ail.
"I have given your medicines a thor.
ougU trinl and in no case ha it failrd
to give full satisiaetion." Ellen Mea-
cham Chattahoochee Fla.
"From actual experience in the use
ofthis medicine in my practice I liav e
been and am satisfied to use and pre
scribe it as a purgaiivemedicine." Br
J. Mason.
"I have ued Dr. Simmons" Liver
Regulator in my family for Dyspepsia
and Sick Headache aud regard it an
invaluable remedy. It has not failed
to givo relief iu any instance." Iter. F.
"Simmons' I.iver Regulator is cer-
tainly a siH-cific.for that class of com-
plaints which it claims to cure." Rev
Dtvid Wills President Oglethorpe Col-
lege. o2 ly
Attorneys n.t -Xiivco-
Brenham Texas
ttorney art Taarw
Barton Washington co. Tex.
Brenham Texas.
Will practice in Washington and ad-
joining counties. janlGdlmwSra
J. M. Gos. B ttes McFarland.
Lttorxxoya atXaxv
Brenliau Texas.
Office Upttairs in Allcorn building
XcarBreedlove i Cliadiiks Bank w
Attornoy-a.t-Xin.-pc- Z
Burton Texas.
Will practice in the District County
and Jui-tices Court. Pn inpt atten
titm given to tlie collection of claims
Attornoys-a t-X;a.-cs7-
Will practice in the District Courts
of Washington Lee and Burleson coun
Office upstairs over Oidding's Bank
July 16
Br nham. Chappell Hill.
Office in Onins building. East &ido
Court Uouso Square
Brenham - - - - Texas.
Prompt attention to collections ex-
amining land titles and paying taxes
for non residents.
J. T. Notris SI. 1). ' L. B. Creath M. D.
Plisicians and Surgeons.
Offer their Profr!-i"ual services to
the citizens of Bretdinm and vicinity
Ortice Wood -ic Co. Drug Store.
My I4th 1874. 3ra.
of Virginia late of Oonrales Texas.
Having attended a full Course of
Lectures Rt tl.e Baltimore Colltge of
Dental Surgery and having had supe
rior advaiiteges in Practice feel as
snrrd that he can (tuara'iti-e satisfaction
in every brancli ot his bu-intss. Office
over Wood's drug store. Brenhnm.
Te. noil'7.1
Tor ptrticulars apply jt ilii")lh-e. !
I.iiiimri Itnli. 7T 'ill 1
pens rnntnlr .- 1in -TBKT.lni.
made Matrasses of all kinds which ho
is selling al nitKlerate prices for csli.
Call at C. Wittebergs next door'to R.
Hoffman and examine my matrnses
and prices before ptirchashing else-
where as I am the best mat-
rass in the market.
septlOijl II. C. BARXETT.
and mannfacturcr of
Brenham. Ttxaa.
CSpecial attention given to ItonsK
Siioeino general job work and repair-
ing. Terras liberal. Shop near May-
nard's Livery Stable. June 18. '74.
Dealer in
Fancy Groceries Fruits jnf'
Cigars and Tobacco
CrockeryGlass and Qucensware
Under Cntral Hotel
Brenham Texas
Cash paid for butter chickens egg
and domestic fruits. The Patronage of
the public solicited.
Oct. 8 if
Groceries and Provisions
Brenham Texas.
A full and complete Stack alwavp on
hand forsale at BOTTOM FKIiJKES
Give us a trial
Dealer in
Watches Clock"
Jewelry Specla j
cles. Sliver an
Plated Ware.
Brenham Texas.
Repairs dune on short notice and
warranted. AH Goods Warranted as
Brenham Texas.
Office over H ruber Jewelry Store
Xortb East Corner of the Court House
Plates made on short notice. All op-
erations guara' teed. Ttrnn cah.
March 5 '75 3ia
Foreign and Domestic Exchange
Pirc Insurance Agent-.
Xo.43' Brcnliam Texas.
Dealer in
Gents Furnishing Gvods
Indies' and Slisseg
Ho-iic-y Hood. Shawl" lJol.c.
Jewelry Silks Satin
Lawns. iSrc. &c.
All of which will In- sold at very tea
sonable figures for n-sdv i s?h. ChU nttd
v.llU'lt in 1 'lk .tut pui- .
Sir weS5sYi
17 ii S3T5S
ki $ Jgjr y

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