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OmrE-Low Building comer Sandy and- St. Charles Streets. Entered at Postoffice Brenham Texas as second class matter.
ix " i 4?
v lr'k'i
Havino- selected the newest largest and most attractive line of
ever brought to Brenham I am prepared to offer
STARTLING BARGAINS as well as nice goods.
My "stock was bought for SPOT CASH that alone means from 15
jto 20 per cent less. I have started the business to continue it ; to do
I this compels me to compete with any house in the city; not being satis-
fied with .this I am going to offer 15 to 20 per cent reduction of LW
PRICES. When I say this I mean it ! If you will call and exam-
ine I am satisfied that I can make it to your interest. My stock of
k Mens Boys
15 '
Is very large. I can show you the prettiest as well as cheapest line
- to re found .in the city. Respectfully
H&E&Jjq. SS1;
Every old man is a sign-post on
the road traveled by the young.
The TJnlveraal Verdict of tle People .
"Who have used Clarko's Extract of Flax
(Papillon) Skin Cure award it the first and
hignest place as a remedial ageni in ail cases
of Skin Diseases. ' Erysipel as Eczema Pim-
ples unsightly blotches liumilating eruptions-.
Boils Carbuncles Tetter etc all
p yield to this wonaerlul .preparation at once.
Mf Price SX for a large bottle at Tristram's drug
Clarko's Flax Soap is rood for the Skin.
Try it. Price 25 cents.
p p i
publicans of th&8th'dis-
ominated Wm. Green of
jet In Popular. ?
vepjts absolute merit
because it has an un-
g because its business
jghly honest manner
Ijmes economy and
jly medicine of which
Wf' is true-i-these strong
flood's Sarsaparilla the
Seine ot the day.
lie a great man for
reel weak
out take
a .are very in-
wropg your-
Brcfles in the
B would by
or jneaicine
d narticu-
om know-
i proved a
&dm a
- .w
. m . -Tiawi!aB
Shoes Hats &c.?
and Children's
BroialieLiox Tex
There are two reasons why a wo-
man can never be a man. One is
her carefulness of others and the
other is her recklessness of self.
Corn on the stalk is an emblem of plenty.
A corn on the toe is an emblem of woe.
Kemove them quickly by using "C C. C
Certain Corn Corn Cure" the great remedy
for Corns and Bunion?. Sold by Joseph
A fool won't take a dare and a
man of sense won't give one.
Rheumatism was so bad that James In in
ofriavannah could hardly walk from pain
in'his shoulder and joints of his lees. P.P. P.
(Prickly Ash Poke Boot and Potassium)
was resorted to and Irvin is well and happy.
Sold by Jos. Tristram.
Sold by Jos. Tristram .
m m
A fair is like a picnic. They say
there never was a good one.
Abbot's East India Corn Paint removes
quickly all corns bunions and warts without
Sold by Jos. Tristram.
It is said that Louis Jennings will
be editor of the London Morning
Post in place of Sir Willian Hard-
man who died on Sept. 13. .
Sugar Chill is as sweet as sugar. Children
cry for it. Sold on guarantee. Ko cure no
pay. By Dr Jos. 6. Rogers.
Growing palras in ornamental
pots and jars are new wedding gifts.
Milton Fla.
This to certify that 1 have been afflicted
with. Scrofula or Blood Poison for a number
ot years. The best physicians of Mobile and
this city caidriothing could be done for me.
I also took a large quantity of but found
do relief in anything that I took. My limbs
were a mass of ulcers and when I was sent to
ft physician in Mobile my entire body was a
mass of sores. I had given up all hope and
as a last resort tried P. P. P. (Prickly Ash.
Poke Root and Potassium) and after using
four bottles (small size) the sores have en-
tirely disappeared and my general health
was never Setter than at the present time
and people that know me think it a wonder-
ful cure. Respectfully ELIZA TODD.
bold by Jos. instram.
Baldwin President of
Mr Association has
constitutional law
Los Angelos county Cala. has a
cucumber that measures seven feet.
Preston's 'Hed-Ake.' certain and imme
diate cure for nervous neuralgic sick dys-
peptic and chronic headache. Ask your
oruggist lor it bo cured 'while you wait or
have your money refunded.
A Jewish boy in Russia who stole
a pear was brutally punished. The
word ''thief' was branded on his
forehead in three places.
Death and taxes are not the only certain
ties: "C. C. C. Certain Corn Cure"' is a
"Dead Certain Cure" for Corns and Bun
ions. Sold by Joseph Tristram.
A man's better half lays down the
rules in the house but she usually
allows her husband to lay down the
Ladies vou will find in Lone Star Blood
oyrup tne greatest remedy on eann ior dis-
eases peculiar to Women. It makes home
happy and your existenco a pleasure. Sold
ny Lfr.jos. u. rsogere.
The most inflexible woman-hater
is usually some other woman.
lilmira Uazette.
Indigestion and Stomach disorder" use
All dealers keep it a per bottle. Genuine has
trade-mark and crossed red lines on wrapper.
Dudelbohy Aw are you fond of
leaves you know .'
Miss sharleigh les; some peo
pies. Judge.
Guaranteed tree from Verdigris or other
p p p
impurity containing the rich properties of
malt. Unases uariey man nnisKy duiius
up the system and strengthens the lungs.
Sarah BernharcH's corsage liovrer
is the Cleopatra lotus.
Preston' "llerf-Ake."
UUUtu J i-X.9 i'll Jl wi .iiivun. j u wt
T..4-n T IT 't'.T -. v AtfnrnAT.nAn'i
uT. U...1 .l.. .1 roc4 mHlininAfn. Tiarl
Ac I tvw saw." Cures anv headache. For
sale by all druggists 50c
It is proposed to erect a monu-
ment to Miss Emma Willard in Troy.
Her hobby was the higher education
tof women.
Sherman wants a first-class
race track.
Large crowds are attending the
Dallas Fair.
Thirty bales of cotton burned at
Abeline Saturday night.
Corsicana has a board of trade
with 300 active members.
Electric lights will be in opera-
tion some time this week in Terrell.
Work on the dam at Austin will
commence on the 1st of November.
Beaumont will have car works.
A Boston syndicate is at the head of
There was a biff auction sale
of lots at Corpus Christi on the 22d
The residence of Hon. P. S.
Ford of Cameron was burned
John Chandler ai San Antonio
Saturday night fell down and broke
his neck.
Henry Nolan a boiler maker
was drowned in the Gulf in Galves
ton Sunday.
A fire at Cleburn Friday night
destroyed a new dwelling before its
-The Presbyterian synod which
has been in session at San Antonio
has adjourned.
-Chas. Henry tried for the mur
der of his wife in Dallas Saturday
was justified.
Houston's bank clearances for
the past week show upwards of
-The howling of wolves make the
nights hideouR in San Saba says the
News of that place.
A new hotel is going up at Gib-
town Jackson county and a large
number of residences.
Five prisoners escaped jail at
Dallas Sunday night. They sawed
out with a notched knife.
Navarro corn averaged twenty-five
bushels and cotton will make about
a half bale on the average.
A still house near Paris was
raided Saturday and considerable
liquor stolen therefrom.
John Haly stabbed and it is be-
lieVed fatally injured a Sam Henry
at Mount Vernon Saturday.
Dow en Owenby was crushed by
a falling elevator at Paris Saturday
and it is believed fatally injured.
The Fort Gibson (I. T.) and
Fort Elliott (Tex.) military reserva-
tions have been ordered abandoned.
The Sherman Herald was sold
under a deed of trust Saturday and
brought' 81000. It cost near
The local blacks held a conven-
tion at Kyle but decided the Demo
crats were too strong and failed to
The jury in the McDaniels case
in Bowie county brought in a ver-
dict Saturday sentencing him to the
pen for life.
Miss ' Addie Cullen left Fort
Worth Sunday morning to join W.
S. Pendleton in New York where
they will again be married.
Jim Walker a negro was ser-
iously stabbed at Waco Sunday
morning by Bert Crawford who
made his escape.
The mills in Eastern Texas find
a difficulty in getting enough roll-
ing stock to deliver the lumber they
are turning out on order.
Gen. Foster a negro boy of
Piichmond drank eleven drinks of
whisky in succession and fell to the
pavement dying soon afterwards.
At Moody Saturday Diek Col-
lins accidentally shot and killed his
sis year old daughter while trying
to get a cartridge out of a Winches-
Jer rifle.
H. H. Stewart a saloon man of
Gainesville made an assignment
Saturday. Liabilities about 83500
Assetts will almost offset the
Two men giving their names
as Miller and Pate were arrested in
Cleburne on a charge of stealing 880
worth of whisky from a car at the
Santa Fe depot.
Parties freni the lower Eio
Grande report a terrible drought in
flinf spnfinri- find if mill it nor. lifirl
very soon there will be great los of
stock this winter.
The residence of Mr. M. Levy
known as the Southern college was
almost destroyed by liro at Texar-
kana Sunday morning. Damage
J 3000. Insurance 82000.
Andrew Payne was killed at
Ledbetter Sunday by James Burns
who struck him on the head with a
Corn in Coleman county is mak
ing about twenty bushels and cotton
about an average with a scarcity of
The counties of Brown Cole
man .Eastland Uammanche and
Callahan want to "chip in" and
create a new county.
-After all there is nothing in a
name! A man named Outlaw is a
candidate for justice o the peace
over in Bastrop county.
The Waco Day has -started a
coupon prize contest for the most
popular lady in Waco to whom will
be given a 850 diamond.
The synod at San Antonio re-
ferred the matter of evangelizing
the Jews to the synods and urges
them to adopt such steps as they
deem wise.
A number of copies of the San
Antonio Express were seized Sunday
by the postmaster at San Antonio
because they contained drawings of
prizes in a raffle.
The citizens committee of Jef-
ferson have turned over all the prop-
erty donated to" the Lone Star iron
works and the entire plant will soon
be in full operation.
George Blanc and wife regis-
tered from Silver City Col. were
found dead at the 3t. Charles Ho-
tel in El Paso Monday morning with
a bullet hole ha the head of each.
Mrs. McBrearty of Taylor drop-
ped dead Sunday night last while
lighting a lamp. She had eaten
supper hartily and was apparently
as well as usual.
Western stockmen are complain-
ing of too much rain. It is said the
grass is growing so fast and is so
tender they fear it wilT not cure be-
fore the first frost.
Saturday at Dallas the Blaken-
ship & Birde company manufactur-
ers of underclothing- assigned to
J. D. Baker for the benefit of credi
tors share and share alike.
The synod of Texas recently in
session at San Antonio selected the
third Wednesday of October 1891 as
the time of the next meeting in the
First Episcopal church of Houston-
Will Thurman was shot and fa-
tally wounded by Anderson Kosse
at Columbus Monday. He was shot
three times in the left breast and
both arms shattered.
Jas. Archer of San Antonio ad-
vertised for a wife about two
months ago secured oae from Phpa-
delphia. They lived happily 'to-
gether a few weeks but she has re-
cently skipped for parts unknown.
Mrs. A. Michael a Jewess at-
tempted suicide in San Antonio
Monday by cutting her throat with
a knife. She is a widow and her
attempt at suicide was the result of
The Geyser City Guards of
Waco disbanded Monday because
they were not furnished arms by
Adjutant King. At a banquet they
expressed great indignation at the
treatment received.
Ed Braden the contractor for
the new city hall in San Antonio is
threatened with being relieved of
the contract if he doesn't go on with
the work. He claims that the city
ows him So0000.
The Mexicans who murdered
the cowboys near the '-Texas" Eanch
in Upton county and effected their
escape into Mexico have been cap-
tured by the vigilance of Sheriff
Allison. They were arrested and
are now in jail.
The following charters were
filed at Austin Saturday: Edison
General Electric company of New
York: capital stock of $12000000.
The Young Men's Industrial associ-
ation of Fort Worth; capital 827-
000. The members of the Supreme
Council of Railroad Employes -who
met in Houston to consider the dif-
ferences between the Houston and
Texas Central and some of its labor-
ers returned home without acting
on the case at all.
Sunday Wm. Knapp proprietor
of the cotton factory at Blanco and
Robert Collins a leading citizen had
a difficulty. Six shooters were used
and four shots' were fired. Knapp
fell dead at the f oui th shot. Collins
has surrendered. A woman at the
bottom of it.
The Sunset Brick and Tile com-
nanv are now erectihjr a drvinjr
' shed 100 feet square with a capaci-
ty of 210.000 brick and a new kiln
4000 feet. The company new em-
ploys twenty-live men and when
' the improvements are completed
' they will give employment to as
many more.
J. J. Finly a few davs asro took
what he supposed to be quinine and
died in a short time. Since his death
the medicine has been analized and
found to be arsenic.
Preston's "Hed-Ake."
Mr. T. H. Simon of Simon & Gee. Bren
ham says: "I have used Preston's "Hed-
Ake" and found it the-beet I have ever used
for curing headacne." For sale by all drug-
gists 5o cents.
There are only two red slate quar
ries in this country. One in Ver
mont the other m Virginia.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup
We guarantee this to he the best Cough.
Svrup manufactured in the whole wide world
T"hi3 is saying a great deal but it is true.
For Consumption Coughs Coldi Soro
Throat Sore Chest Pneumonia Bronchitis.
Asthma Croup Whooping Cough and' all
diseases ot the Throat and Lungs we posi-
tively guarantee Ballard's Horehound Syrup
to he without any equal on the whole face ot
the globe. In support of thii statement wo
refer to every individual who has ever us'sd
it and to every druggist who has ever sold
it. Such evidence is indisputable. Fors 'e
by Carleton & S ash.
. p
The Mississippi Valley Medical
association is in session in Louis-
ville. Try Lone Star Catarrh Cure. A sure cura
for Catarrh and colds in the-head. Soli by
Dr. Jos. D. Rogers.
The base ball associations are- hav
ing a "monkey and parrot" time in.
their attempts to combine.
Comfort and ease in walking is a great
Iururv and can be secured if you are trou-
bled with Corns by using "C C. C. Certain
Corn Cure." Warranted. Sold by Jos.
Mr. Gladstone has a library of:
about twenty-five thousand volumes.
V For seven long years I suffered untold
agonies with a sore leg. I used six bottles
of Lone Star Blood Syrup and am entirelv
cured. I am 65 years old and weigh 16B
Wilijam CtnuiY Gainesville Texas'
Sold by Dr. lot. D. Rogers.
The real estate sales at Austin
last week recorded and to be re-
corded exceed $100000.
" -
John H. Bolton ex"-Commander
of the State Post of the Grand
Army of the Republic and ex-member
of the city council of San Anto-
nio has failed in the furniture busi-
ness overdrawn his bank account
sold two lots for another man and
skipped it is believed for Australia.
p p
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This wonderful Liniment is known from
the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the
Lakes to the Gulf. It is the most penetrat-
ing Liniment in the world. It will cure
.Rheumatism Neuralgia Sprains Bruises
Cuts Wounds Old Sores Burns Sctatica
Soie Throat Sore Chest and all inf animation
after all others have failed. It will cure
Barbed Wire Cuts and heal allwounds wher
proud flesh has set in. It is equally efficient
or animals. Try it and you will not be
without it. Price 60 cents. Sold by J. D.
Before marriage a woman is inter-
ested in everything he says; after
marriage she is interested in the
things he does.
Rev. F. C. Iglehart Sfrark N. X writes:
"A corn on the tee is a thorn in the flesh
which C. C. C Certain Com Cure" most
mercifully removes." Sold by Jos. -Tristram.
A woman will not say she is bet-
ter or worse than other women; she
says she is "different."
Terrible blood noison. bodv covered with
sores and two bottles of P. P. P. (Prickly
Ash Poke Boot and Potassium) cures the
disease making that patient lively as a ten-year-old.
sola Dy dos. instram.
p p
The fair at Uvalde has been post
poned until December 2.
m p m
if-o fliJll Crfa ?a a coV o-l Til(Mlflnfc
remedy for Chills and Fever perfectly taste-
less. Sold on a guarantee. Don't fail to
try it at Dr. Joe. D. Rogers.
The astronomers on Mt Wilson
Cal. report a snowstorm on the
planet Mars.
A Valuable Itemeily
A letter from S. P. Wardwell Boston says
"I used Clarke's Eitract of Flax (Papillon)
"Catarrh Cure in June last for Hay Fever
"with great satisfaction and find it the only
"thin!? I hove 55en which would allay with-
out irritation the inflammation ofthonos-
'tnls and throat. Its soothing and healin"
"properties were marked asd immediate.
Large bottle $1.00. Clarke's Flax Soap is
the latest and best. Try it. 25 cents. Ask
for them at J. Tristram's Drug Store.
Xhe fashionable London woman
now dyes her hair a mahograuy
I new! I.onfi Star Catarrh Cure for Catarrh
of the head of 20 years standing and must
av that it perfected a permanent cure and I
believe it to be the peer of all Catarrh reme-dip-.
. A
A. A. Uaols St. 00 Mesas. "
Sold by Dr- Jos. D. Rogers.
Tlie Dute cf Fife is accused of be
ing a poetical plagiarist.
1. puriiics the blood and thus permanently
cures wauuiiu
Sold by Jos. Tristram

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