Brenham Weekly Banner. (Brenham, Tex.), Vol. 26, No. 52, Ed. 1, Thursday, December 31, 1891 Page: 8 of 8

Fbiday being a legal holiday the
banks will be closed.
WeDn.'i WINE OF CARDtH or i emals dUeises.
The little daughter of Mr. J. M.
Sallus Miss Mary is dangerously
sick with typhoid fever.
Box of Kaisins for
75 cents at
These will be a grand New Year
ball given at Berlin Friday night at
which Voss' band will furnish the
Sheriff Teague returned from El-
gin Weanesday with Milton Hill in-
carcerating him in the county jail
on a charge of burglary.
Attention is directed to the New
Tear change in the advertisement of
Messrs. A. & i. Harrison. Jtteaa
thfiir announcement to their cus
tomers and the public generally.
Mb. Jno. B. Vinson has just closed
a trade with Mr. A- D. Williams who
became the purchaser of the Jno. D.
Jakson homestead near Chappell
Hill consisting of 315 acres at $25
per acre. Mr. Jackson has moved to
The Houston Age of a recent date
says: "Judge John Alexander coun-
ty judge of Burleson county is in the
"city. We do not know that the
judge would like to be called old
but he was a lawyer in full practice
at the Washington county bar be
fore the war began.
I have used Kiber's Cough Drops
and found relief from cold and
Moses Austin Bryan
San Jacinto Veteran.
Mr. Jno. B. Vinson has just closed
a trade with Mr. Jas. G. Burke of
Galveston selling him the A. T.
Threadgill place for the sum of
SG000. Mr. Burke intends improv-
ing and beautifying the place and
turning it into a summer resort a
sort of public park or picnic ground
for which it is peculiarly well situa
ted and admirably adapted having
on it already a well stocked hsh
pond and a splendid spring of wa
McElree's "Wine of Cardui
are sold by all Washington County dealers
W. W. Seabov Esq. nominee of
the Democratic party for State
Senator returned Wednesday even-
ing from Giddings where he has
been attending District court and
from him it was learned that in the
investigation of that 8th of Novem-
ber fire a man named Jones in
whose building the fire originated
and who did keep a restaurant has
turned states evidence against the
incendiaries and implicates a mer-
chant who carried a heavy insurance
on a small stock by name Kirschner.
$100 Keward.
The readers of this paper will
bo pleased to learn that there is at
least one dreaded disease that
science has been able to cure in
all its stages and that is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
positive care known to the medi-
cal fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease requires a
constitutional treatmont. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system
thereby destroying the ionndation
of the disease and giving the
patient strength by building up
the constitution and assisting na-
ture m doing its work. The pro-
prietors have so much faith in its
curative powers that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any case
that it fails to cure. Send for list
of testimonials. Address :
F. J. CHENEr & CO. Toledo 0.
BSTSold by drnggists 75c.
The Georgia legislature has made
an appropriation for the girls' indus-
trial school at Milledgeville. Such
appropriations pay.
The entire stock of merchandise of Binge
ner Bros & Co. of Brenham Texas having
been transfered to the undersigned for the
benefit of their creditors the same will bo
sold in quantities to suit purchasers at and
below cost. Ben. S. Rogers
At all hours day and night at
Santa Fe Saloon.
Hogs for bale.
I have one hundred head of fat
hogs near Brenham for sale. Can
be seen at Bob Gillespie's place.
Price made known on application
call and see them.
W. S. Neblett.
It's a wise father that knows his
own son.
The elegant residence of W. R
Faught of Blossom was burned Tues-
day. By a fire at Hatton Saturday
night four of the seven stores were
The artesian well at Velasco is
throwing a good stream estimated
at 300000 gallons daily.
The bank of England which is the
great depository of bullion in the
realm holds at ordinary times in its
vaults 125000000.
The Austin Globe has been
adopted by the Austin Chautauqua
board as the organ of the associa-
tion and the Globe will be changed
to a school and Chautauqua paper
and used as a medium for communi
cating with the teachers of the State.
At Dallas Sunday Walter Hen-
rickson and Geo. Kruegel had a dis-
pute which ended by Kruegel
throwing a heavy stone at Henrick-
son whereupon he drew a pistol
and shot Kruegel the shot taking
effect in the small of the back and
he fell seriously if not fatally
A half dozen cowboys took pos
session of the southbound passen
ger train on tne international and
Great Northern railroad forty miles
north of San Antonio Sunday night
They boarded the train at Buda
station and their first act was to
force a Chicago drummer off the
moving train because he wore a red
cravat and high silk hat. They then
continued their depredations by
making a number of young ladies in
tne Jf ullman coach sing for them.
They enforced all their demands
with drawn pistols. They ruled the
train for twenty miles when they
steppea on at a way station.
At the State capital Saturday
the comptroller bought $10000
Tyler county courthouse bonds
$9000 Wilson and $4500 Jones
county bridge bonds. Chartered:
The Dallas and Oak Cliff company
a building and loan association.
Capital $1000000. Incorporators
G. W. Blabon John A. Bull A.
L. Kaub William George and Hen-
ry Fox of Pennsylvania and T. L.
Marsalis B. Blankenship J. T.
Trezevant and others of Dallas.
The Philharmonic club of Victoria
Capital $5000. The Blakesler man-
ufacturing company of Illinois were
given a permit to do business in the
T. In Hollandgreen who runs
the Gilt Edge saloon Seventh and
Main streets at Fort Worth was ar-
rested Sunday by Officer Neely for
robbing J. W. Bobbins of about
$125 and a silver watch. The rob-
bery is said to have occurred the
rngnc Deiore aDOUc xz ociock m
Hollandgreen's place. Bobbins was
drunk at the time and had been all
day. He went into the Gilt Edge
saloon some time in the evening be-
iore t o ciocK in a neipless state of
intoxication and says he was
drugged before his money was taken
from him. Bobbins arrived in the
city Friday night and had SW0 and
his watch. He had earned the money
Dy working ac ins trade of a stone
One car load just received
C. Halenza.
I have a large and well selected
stock of Holiday Goods at my Drug
Store on West side of public square
formerly Dr. Rogers. I offer these
goods at cost. Call and examine.
R. E. Luhn.
A good white Cook and a House
girl. Inability to speak English no
objection. Apply to
Mrs. Heber Stone.
For stock. One car load just
received by H. FISHER.
Every Monday and Thursday at
Two pounds for 25 cents.
W. H. Eldridge.
ix Years of Success
Save Money
by buying your homemade harness of
C. W. Hess.
Liquors I Liquors ! Liquors I
Just reoeived one car load liquors
consisting ol Alcohol brandy gin
blackberry brandy whiskey all
grades in barrels half barrels
and in 5 and 10 gallon kegs.
H. Fisher
Wholesale Liquor Deal or.
500 Barrels choice iust received
and for sale by H. 'FISHER.
Cotton Seed Meal and Hulls in
quantities to suit at
Brenham On. Mill.
Corn Oats Rye Bran
Hay Rust Proof Texas Seed Oats
Seed Barley. All fresh goods.
H. Fisher.
Is the place to buy your cart
harness for six dollars.
Just received a fine assortment
of Oranges Cocoanuts Brazil
Nuts Almonds Fancy Candies
Firecrackers Preserves Jellies
otc. Call while the stock is com
plete. H. FISHER.
Happy New "Year
Friends and patrons we extend to you our kind felicitations
and sincerely thank you for the many favors extendeb to us during
the past year.
We shall in the future strive with an assiduity unequaled in the
past to merit a continuance of the patronage that has been bestowed
upon us.
We are now going into our sixth year with a future that is
Grander and Brighter than Ever Before.
Notwithstanding the assertion of opposition "that we could not
last long" (no doubt they considered their own poor miserable
failures when they spoke')
m m
liprs! Lpixl Lips
Just received two car loads li-
quors consisting of Brandies Gins
Blackbery Brandy French Cog-
nac Whiskey all grades in bar
rels halt barrels and 10 and 5 gal-
Ion kegs. r. J1BENTZXIN
Wholesale Liquor Dealer.
Notice of Dissolution.
The co-partnership heretofore existing be-
tween SneU & Blackburn photographers has
been dissolved by mutual conseit V. H.
Snell retiring and D. E. Blackburn continuing
the business at the old stand.
The senior desires to return thanks to the
public for then: patronage in the past and
trusts that they will continue it with the junior.
W. II. Snell.
D E Blackburn.
Just Received
Imp'd Mngdeburger Dill Pickles
Sour Kraut
Horse Radish
Cheese all kind
1000 Kegs Holland Herring
500 Kegs Domestic Herring.
Smoked Herring
Mackerel &c
A small black doer breast feet
and neck white with collar and lock.
Reward paid by H. Bldman
x. A. Eldridge store.
For Ssilc Cheap
Lot on Church street; also a five
room residence corner Babor and
Jefferson streets.
Mrs. M. J. Ma3hik.
Readily cured by the use of Mor
gan's Inhaler. &
Mo medicine to take.
No washes to use.
Pleasant to inhale.
A positive cure.
For sale by
R. E. Luhn
Brenham Texas.
Cotton Seed Wanted.
The Brenham Compress Oil and
Manufacturing Company will pay
for the next thirty days 86.50 por
ton for cotton soed delivered at
their mill.
Best 5 cent Cigar in tho city at the
Santa Fe Saloon.
Store !
It is my greatest ambition to undersell
any competition. My knowledge of the
dry goods business is backed by an experi
ence of seventeen years. I think in this
length of time I ought to have leamcu
something about this business. I try with
a tireless and sleepless ambition to Undek-
sell and whether I under-buy or not I an
determined to Undersell. I possess fa
cilities for purchasing my goods that enabh
mo to sell cheaper than any other house in
Brenham and I intend to live down hart
words and scandal and liko tbo eveninp
star stand far above all competition.
Talk is cheap but come to see me and
you will certainly find I mean what I say
Yours anxious to please
Next to H. Frank'eg BRENHAM
STAPLE&IASGY groceries
Shackey Building opposite Nat'l Bank
I am now selling Groceries at as close fig
ures as any merchant m tirennam. ray tne
hichest market price for Country Product-
Thankful for past favors I solicit a continu-
ation of the same. Free delivery in city.
The advice we received quite early in our business career from
an experienced and successful merchant stays with us yet and as it
has its good points we give it here. He said :
Your town will soon find out whether you
are slow or not. This does not imply reckless
buying. It means get ahead of the knowledge
of your customers anticipate their demands. Be
interested interested in the development of your
city's interests producing results on a fair squared
basis on everything you take hold of.
ever S
oop to Do a Mean Wemptii
Call on C. W. Hess.
and get your buggy harness at six
Itrennam. Texas.
Has opened a branch office at Rockdale
where ho will regularly spend the week fol-
lowing the first Sunday in EAcn month for
a change for health. Those who wish his
services here will please make appoint-
ments accordingly for the other three weeks
following the 2d 3d and 4th Sunday in each
On account of the low prices offered for
cotton and the scarcity of money I now
offer my entiro stock of liquors at redur;d
rates. Liquors heretofore sold at $2 per
fallon now sold at 1.75; that sold ai
2.50 now S2; for S3 now S2.50; tho 54
liquors at $3.25. All better liquors' sold a'
proportionately low rales.
a factor in the concerns in whih thft
people are interested.
He went on to say : The master motive in
buying and selling is money. Not because men
love lucre but because money stands for the com-
modities and necessaries of life. You should be
engaged in business to make money; not to
accumulate but to enable you to live. You should
buy your goods where you can make money by
saving it; for a dollar saved is a dollar earned.
In presenting your claims for patronage before
saying a word about the excellence or variety of
your stoek you want to appeal to this master
motive. If you can save money to your patrons
on their purchases ; if it will put money in their
pockets to trade with you you know that other
things being equal you have a strong presump
tion mat you can
Win Their Patronage and Hold It.
It is upon this advice that we have endeavored to conduct onr business. "We Lave
always marked our goods at such low figures that we were confident that a comparison of
our prices would furnish the strongest argument in our favor. In soliciting your patron-
age we "do it in the confident assurance that you will save money by trading with us.
Now a word in general with respect to our stock for the New Year : "We shall spare
no pains to make it complete in every respect ; complete in the variety of goods it com-
prehends in the quality of each article placed on sale and last though not least in prices
that will be put at the lowest possible profit mark. Again wishing one and all a Happy
New Year We remain your appreciative friends
nd JU

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