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Did You Know
That I have one of the Prettiest Stocks of
To Be Found Anywhere
And yet my entire fall line of goods
have not arrived.
Don't fail to come in and inspect
my stock whether you intend pur-
chasing now or not.
H. D Leffel
The Jeweler
Fine Repairing
and Engraving. k
Lands For Sale I
The lands originally granted to the Houston
Texas Central Ry. Co now owned by Mr. F. P. Ok B
cott situated in Tom Green county will be placed
upon the market for sale Wednesday Nov. 6 1901 W
All those wishing to purchase any of said lands will A
please call on MR. JOS. SPENCE JR. at San Angc
lo Texas who is authorized to receive applications
for the purchase of the'lands.
a a gibbs 1
With Improved Face Plate and 58
?? ..... . . t
wrist rm ana
?fc Sai AijgeSo w
8 Wiu)dijiiil SUpplij Co 8j
efr Saij Ai)gclo TeX. N
H PLUMBING. Phone 213.
Chicago Live Stock Commission Co.
1 1 fits Chnneod to Tlie
National stock Commission Co.
Capital Stock increased from
5100000 to $300000.
This is Simply a Change of
name and not of Management
Wo Bolluit your shipments and
lmvu unlimltpu money to lond
on cuttlu.
rtoinumbor tho nuw ninno wlion
dilplng to cither Chicago St.
Louis or Knudtts City
Tho Pross realized the be-
ginning of September that
something should be done to ro
Hove the over crowded condi
tion of our school buildings and
with the reputution of Texas as
a state liberal in her educational
institution it clearly shows that
our citizens have not realized the
alarming conditions we arc al
lowing to continue since San
Angelo is noted for hor liberali-
ty rolinomont and hor deep in
to rest in oducational and ro
llgious quostions.
Anyone will readily admit thai
our representative people deep
ly regrot that sho has four
hundred children between tho
ages of eight and eighteen who
cun not attend school and obtain
an education simply because
there arc no benches or boxes or
oven places for ttiqm to stand
within our present school build
ings we all will admit that it is
awful and The Pross has yet to
interview a person who was not
anxious to have ward school
Our genial and ever obliging
County Commissioner AS Gantt
in an interview stated that ho
was heart and soul in tho ques
tion at issue that he had always
favored ward schools and it was
his opinion that two of the pres-
ent three wooden buildings
should be removed to wards
additions mado to those build
Ings and accommodation's should
bo furnished every child in San
Angelo who desired to attend
school and that those accoinmo
dations should bo ample enough
to guarantee as far as practible
immunity from diseaso.
Furthor he would favor and
advocate using tho presout rock
building ns a high school and as
a ward school for that ward and
would state tho reason the pres
ont wooden buildings w ore
eroded adjoining the rock build-
ing was on account of tho county
not owning any other land
availablo whore the school should
bo located
At prosont 20 por cent of every
dollar recoived for taxes is ap
proprlated for school purposes
and tho oxtremc limit of the law
is 25 cents on the dollar with a
limit of two square miles.
San Angelo or District No. 1
has a taxable valuation ol $1613
370 sho receives when all paid
in :tfiJ2B4.74 and there a;e in
District No. 1 children of school
ago 1079 for which tho stato
contributes towards their educa
tion tho sum of $4 73 por head
which would Amount to$5125.23.
The amount collected from
both county and stato would be
for tho-present year $8409.99.
It seoms tho stato does" more
for us as a county than we tiro
doing for ourselves in other
words 11 takes more intorest in
our welfare than wo do and it is
easy to soo that something
should bo done just how The
Press does not know but bo
lioves tho ladies and representa-
tive mon of San Angelo will
formulate plans to place our
little city where sho will shine
as an educationul center.
Oysters at Freeland's.
J have made arrangements to
have strictly fresh oysters on
hand regular
Yours to please
John Fueeland.
House Plover.
Milton Carr tho contractor
and builder will raise your
house or move it any where also
repairing of any kind will give
approved bond for safety of
From several interviews it is
very evident that unless some-
thing is Done and Done quick
tho boys will not care to ride
any other but a Hagolstein sad-
dle. They are fast becoming
the popular saddle aud other
brauds will soon bo Dono Gone
Don't fail to see our now lino
of Georgfa ribbon cauo syrup
Maple syrup honey preserves
aud jollies wo handle them. J.
H. Smith & Co.
Editor Press:
I send you the datu requested.
Air in the open atmosphere
has 1 25 of 1 por cent ot carbon
dioxide in it. Air alter beintr
breathed has 4 per cent of car-
bon dioxide in it or 100 times as-
much carbon dioxide as it had '
before it was breathed un j
amount necessary to cause
death from suffocation in a few
One pupil will breath about 20
cu ft. of air in 1 hour and 80
minutes then 80 pupils will
breath 20S0 cu. ft. of air In
school period of 1 hour and 30
minutes; 1 pore ntof this 2080
cu. ft. is carbon dioxide or 88.20
cu ft. Since the ordinary
school room holds about 8800
cu. ft tho air in it at tho end of
a period of 1 hour and 80 min-
utes would have 1 per cent of
carbon dioxide in it if it were
air tight. And with tho best
ventilation possible in the wintor
time thoro will boat least of
1 por cent of carbon dioxide in
the room. This is 12 times as
much as there should be.
Though carbon dioxide is in
jurious the bad effects of an
overcrowded room comes largely
from another 3ourco Breathed
air has impurities in it com mon-
ly called organic waste matter
Tho reabsorption of these im
purities is what helps to cause
drowsiness and headache The
bad odor found in crowded
rooms comes from tho rapid
decomposition of this organic
matter. So it is not only un
healthy but simply filthy.
Yours iruly.
J. S. Ahbott.
Oct. 80 1901.
There is a time when ovory
one needs somothing to revive a
drooping spirit. Ohas Zenker's
whiskey .is the best known
Judge A. P. McCurty of
Bronte wus in San Angelo this
Week looking up old acquain-
tances and attondiug to some
business. Thojudgois a staunch
democrat and thinks this imme-
diate section should furnish tho
next congressman from this dis-
trict. J. D. Rawls tho grain man is
tho place to buy your com hay
bran oats etc. a
To the Editor
At your request to look over
the field itud feel tho pulse of
tho people residing in the neigh
borhoodof the old scouring mills
and iu the vicinity of the Spen-
cer addition as lo their opinion
of the public school buildings
whether they consider them am
plo and largo enough for the
children of San Angelo. I will
say thnt I spent the gi eater
part of Monday and Tuesday in
interviewing the residents of our
It is the sentiment of all whom
I have interviewed that the pub-
lic school buildings are entirely
too small for the number of
children who at present attend.
There are a great many fam-
ilies who feel that their children
should have the opportunity of
attending a public school but
they do not feel safe in sending
their children whore it is so over-
crowded and take the risk of
bringing homo sickness conse
quently a great many are obliged
to send their children to private
The following list of citizens
are anxious for ward school
buildings: Willeko brothers. W
A Cochran W P Caldwell. Jno
Powers. Juo Jacksou Fred Beck
Smith brothers J J Crenshaw
E A Dragoo. J W Thornton C
W Ilobbs. J N Buckley. W R
Crabb F Culbcrtson L M Mc
Clendon J S Daoney G A Hoff
Thero ure 135 children now at
tending tho public school from
our district.
Very Respectfully.
Austin Spbngsk.
Ill an interview with County
Attorney Alien he said after
looking at tho law on the subject
he did not think it advisablo to
change tho present law and
mode of raising school funds
for if it was incorporated for
school purposes it would limit
us to un .area of two square
miles uud less money would bo
raised than at prosont.
He thinks tho proper thing is
a mass meetiug of men women
and children to bo held at the
Courthouse and that the money
should be raised by subscrip-
tion and no is on record as wil-
ling to contribute $50 or more if
necessary. Doputy County and
District Clerk Jim Keating is iu
favor of a mass meeting and
raising tho money by subscrip-
tion further ho says thoro ure
plenty of people who would do-
nate lots for ward school build-
ings Capt. Duggan. our popular
county clerk remarked that he
had been anxious to seo bettor
school buildings and scattered
In wards for sovoral years and
ho hoped somothing would bo
dono lo relievo the existing con-
dition. Tho spinster carries a watch
to enable hor to husband her
timo and tho married woman
for tho purpose of timing hor
Tho Pross ofrioo for Job Work.
For Hancock Texas Disc plows
soeJ.S. Miles.
A nice lino of Parlor Lamps at
C & G Ilagolslein Co's.
Handsome line of ladies' lltn
nel waist patterns iu all rolors
witn trimming to match $8. at
March Bros.
The San Angelo Tan nor v buvs
all kinds of raw furs.
John Zeukukku Mgr.
Tue pastor of the Baptist church
will preach to tho children Sun-
day morning. Parents of the
church and congregation should
seo that their children attend
this service Tho subject for
the night service will be
"Daniel's Companions passing
through the Fir'y furnace."
Car load of Hancock Texas
Disc plows. J. S Miles.
Meeting of the Daughters of
the Confederacy San Antonio.
Tex.. Dlj 8rd to 5th. 1001. Ex-
cursion ticketf on sale Dec. 1st
and 2nd. 1901 at rate of one faro
plus 10 per cent for round trip.
Limited to return Dec. 0th. 1901.
W. B. IiOI'BK.
The Ladies Foreign Missionary
soe'ety will bo organized at tho
First Presbyterian church on
Thursday Nov. 7. at three p. in.
All members enrolled are earn
estly requested to be present at
the organization. The Ladies
Aid society will meet at four
o'clock tho same afternoon with
Mrs Pollock.
Agents of tho Texas & Pacific
Railway Company iu Texas and
Shroveport La. have boon in-
structed lo sell round trip tick
els to Fort Worth. Tex. Nov.
14th and 15th. with filial limit
of November 22nd at very low
rates account Nationa' Woman's
Christian Temperance Union
Fort Wrirth. Tex Nov. 15th to
81st 1901.
A Big Business on A Small Scale
is done here. We servo a groat
number of customers with choice
Roasts. Chops Steaks etc. but
we don't keep s large quantity
of meat on hand We receive
a fresh supply at frequent In-
tervals and that is tho reason
everything is of such delicious
Uavor. The meats have not be-
come tasteless through a 'ong
imprisonment in the ice box.
Beof. Voal. Mutton. Lamb
Pork und all gume in season.
An all wool men's suit at tho Auction House
A good men's shoo $1.85.
Good men or boy's suits at $1.50.
All wool boys's suits $8.00.
A great big bargain iu blankets 75 cents. a
Blankets A and wool at $1.50.
Fine overcoats $2 50 up to $5.00.
Fine lino of gents' underwear at one-half the
regular price.
Some little boy's red llannel underwear at
73 cents a suit. They arc worth double the price.
The best lot of boys' and girls' caps at 25 and
85 cents. Look them over.
A pair of linen towels. 30 inches long for 25
An all wool turn down cap for men or boys
at 25 cents. '
The biggest line of winter gloves for men aud
children at prices you can not match.
Cassiraero suit tailor made at ?10 and $12
at the Auction House. '
The best boots in all grades at the Auction
House. It will only take a few minutes time to
look at the new goods and got the lowest prices.
A handsome sot of dishes at ono half what
others ask for them at the Auction House
Austin Spencer
00000000 $$$$$$$
w JJe Martine Furniture House $
Is in position to sell you any kind of Furniture at rock
bottom prices. It leads in this feature. Cheap fur-
niture is a specialty as thoro are more poor folks
than rich ones and wo cater to the ovoryday trade.
Big bargains in Paints Want to close out my
whole stock. It will pay you to call and investigate
if you contemplate needing paiut.
WALL PAPER at greatly roducod prices: 12ic
for double rolls. Have some othor.papors that retail
anywhere from 40cr 50c and 05c my price is 15c 20c
25c aud 80c per double roll.
Cliadbourne Street.
. ' w
Phone 237.
if7 ?'
- "' 5 0 a)
I Jr.-. k '
MiamiMIMMBI raiiii nun ifi.

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