The San Angelo Press. (San Angelo, Tex.), Vol. 6, No. 4, Ed. 1, Wednesday, January 29, 1902 Page: 1 of 8

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NO 4
Knterctlln the Ban AnncloI'mtOMce m
HccomVcImih mnll lEiUter
" i iMJiii Jin
f rosDcctive Wedding.
"Speaking by the card" Miss
Kalhryn Chance and Mr.Charles
A. Farqubar will bo married
Wednesday eveniug. February
lifth at nine o'clock at the Bap-
tist Church in San Angelo.
The event is anticipated with
much interest by the entire
community as the high contract-'
ing parties are among the best
known and best liked people in
the city.
. In a letter from S. H Riley
proprietor of the Robert Lee
San Angelo Mail line and also a
merchant of Robert Lee and all
round farmer states that things
arc well with him. He is having
ii big tank put in on his place and
can water several hundred stock
from awell that formerly afforded
water for about 20 head. He has
recently threshed out over 400
bushels of cane seed. Is plow-
ing up Johnson grass roots for
his cattle has just bought 25
head of cattle from W. E. Stovall
and is plowing and making prep-
aration to put in about 400 acres
in different crops. Mr. Riley
has the right idea of farming in
this country and it is useless to
say will succeed. His busines
at Robert Lee is looked after by
his son.
County Judge W. H. Blanks
and Clerk W. W. Carson go to
San Angelo next monday to at-
tend a case in Justice Court en-
titled about as follows: Dr. Boyd
Cornick et al. vs. Tom Greon
and Iron counties.
The high winds cut off our
telephone service with San An-
gelo from Monday evening until
yesterday evening. Mr. Rust is
working on the repairs from
Angelo this way and communica-
tion is now open.
At Sterling City on Wednes-
day morning of last week S. O.
Smith's 7-year-old son was burn-
ed to death. His clothing
caught Ore from tho lireplace.
The parents were out when the
accident happened and before
the flames could be extinguished
he was so badly burned that he
died within a few hours. Sher-
wood Advertiser.
Young Americans of this day
and time are energetic venture-
some and full of resources when
it comes to seeing sights. Three
young hopefuls ranging in age
from fourteen to sixteen years
were arrested a few days dgo by
El Paso oflicers for attempting
to wreck a train on one of the
roads running north from El
Paso. They admitted their guilt
saying they did it to see how a
train would look when it was go-
ing over.
The Grant Lumber Co. meet
all competition and all figures
they want your trade.
Albert Kincaid of Sherwood
was in the city Wednesday last.
James T. Garrett of Knicker
bocker spent Friday in San
Charles Farquhar last week
sold to H. E. Howse two four
year old mares for $00.
Sewing Machines Second
hand.. good order $2.50 up at
Menardvillo has the- Small
Pox scare several well develop-
ed cases being reported there.
The Grant Lumber Co. havo
the stock and want a chance to
figure on all bills no matter how
Judge C. E. Dubois returned
from a business trip to Menard-"
ville first of last week.
J. A. Nelson a prominent citi-
zen of Bentonvillo Arkansas is
spending some time visiting his
son-in-law E. L. Rucker the well
known Iron county stockman.
My hacks ran out of here daily
to Robert Lee office there at my
general supply store here
phone 44. S. II. Rirxv.
H. D. Leffel the popular jewel
er left last Wednesday for a
visit to his old home Brenhum
Dr. F. F. Tucker was called to
Sherwood this week to see a
little boy of Jeff Miles. The
child has typhoid fever.
Was the serenade that the
County Bastile received one
niirht recently by accident or
design? That quartette is nil
Max Lnge L. Markowilz and
J. H. Wi'lke. of Ballinger spent
two days here this week taking
part in the Hermann's Son fes
Fred Webb after spending
several weeks at his home .Tem-
ple Texas has returned to the
Concho Country where the heal
ing ozone ladened breezes
The suit of E. W. McKinzie vs
R. C. Akres to recover damages
Dcntli of II-J-Kcc ton.
In the course of weekly hap-
penings it is seldom that tho
Phess is not called upon to
chronicle the passing from this
shifting scene of life of some
good citizen. This week is up
exception to tho rule.
Hezekiah J. Keeton died
at his home in San Angleo
on Thusday Jan. 20 at 4 o'clock
p. in. after an acuto attack fol-
lowing u long period of feeblo
The remains were interred in
Fairmont Cemetery at 3 p. in.
Friday in tho presence of a
large concourse of relatives and
friends who gathered there to
attest for tho last time their
love and respect for tho depart-
ed. Rev. A. L. Barr of the
Cumberland Presbyterian
church conducted the funeral
services. Tho pall-bearers were
Judge Milton Mays F. J. Adams
J. T. Thompson. S. Roach Ed
Duggan and Sam Pollock.
Mr. Keaton was a native of
Alabama where he was born
about 78 years ago. While yet
young ho removed to Texas and
at the beginning of tho Civil war
dedicated his life and fortune to
the cause of the Confederacy
which he served until the sur-
render at Appomattox. About
twelve years ago Mr. Keeton
removed with his family to San
Angelo. He was a good citizen
respected by all who knew him
anu a uevoteu consistent mem-
ber of the Cumberland Presby-
terian church.
Eight years beyond the alotted
term of three score aud ten he
had lived when the summons
came which was but a call
"from labor to refreshment'
for his life had been such as to
entitle him to hope for entrance
into that blessed home of "just
men made perfect" through
fuith in the Redeemer of man-
kind and the loving wife and
children who 'survive him
mourn not as those without hone.
The sympathy of the community
Anniversary Ball.
The Sons of Hermann of tho
San Angelo Lodge No. 177 cele-
brated their fourth anniversary
ou last Wednesday evening with
a ball and supper at Turn Verein
hall. Those in attendance were
Messrs and Mesdames W. A.
Alberthol Adolf Huffman L.
Guthals Gus Dressier Gus
Goldbeck August Pahl H. Muel-
ler C. H. Ratlije H. Rodermond
C. W. Zenker Eddie Maier L.
Maruowliz Fred Beck August
Balfanz Mrs. Mary Hennorsdorf
and Misses Emelio Daches Anna
Baches Mary Huffman Lena
Balfanz Martha Balfanz Rosa
Langbein and C. F. Altermann
H. P. Piellush Fred Boehrens
MaxArhelgar Hermann Kleck
Hermann Hagelstein Oscar
Eekrrt John Gorber. Ernest
Pahl Jacob Miller Max Lange
Henry Willeke Fred Gcrber H.
W. Feller.
The music was furnished by
those finished musical artists
Messrs McDonald Prico and
An elegant supper was served
at twelve o'clock during which
Mr. Max Lango of Ballinger
made an interesting talk.
Mr. C. F. Alterman grand
president of the order arrived
in San Angelo that night on the
1:00 train and was escorted to
the Hall by Fred Gerber and H.
W. Feller where he delivered a
snort out eloquent ana appro-
priate address upon tho object
of the order. The occasion M-ns
one to be long and pleasantly re-
mem bered.
When using baking
poy-zder it is always econ-
omy to buy the Royal.
Royal makes the finest
most wholesome and de-
licious food.
for tresspassing in his pasture
with sheep was tried Monday
day before Justice Adams. Hon.
MacTier of Pecos represented
thedefendant with Howell John-
son as attorney for plaintiff.
This case is the first action that
has been taken to recover dam
ages from drifting sheep and at-
tracted considerable attention.
The jury brought in a verdict for
tho plaintif and. assessed the
damage at 100. The defense
will appeal tho case. Pecos Co.
is theirs in
their sad bereave-
Some Cough
If you get tho wrong cough remedy
nnd It fails you lose time render
tho cough harder to cure nnd nro
out your money.
There arc a good
cough remedies but It Is onsv to
.-Li t . . --- -
many wrong
It 18
iivuiu uioiij. oraenorcana getour
Compound Syrup of White pfiio nnd
you will bo suro of nn effective
scientific preparation ono that 1b
endorsed by hundreds of people
In this locality nnd ono that costs
you nothing If It over falls.
Price 2J5c and SOc
Concho Drug Store
San Aimelo Texas
Tho fame of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve as tho best in the world
extends round the earth. It's
the one perfect healor of Cuts
Corns. Burns Bruises Sores
Scalds. Boils. Ulcers. Felons.
Aches Pains and all Skin Erup-
tions. Only infallible Pile cure.
25c a box at J W Harris
Huffman & Clark represent
tho Home Protective Fire In-
surance Co. of San Antono
and can give you good rates in
any insurance.
It is a mystery why women
endure Backache Headache
Nervousness. Sleeplessness
Melancholy Fainting and Dizzy
Spells when thousands have
proved that Electric Bitters will
quickly cure such troubles. "I
suffered for years with kidney
trouble" writes Mrs. Phebe
Cherley of Peterson la "and a
lame back pained me so I could
not dress myself but Electric
Bitters wholly cured me and
although 73 years old I now am
able to do all my housework."
it overcomes constipation lm
proves Appetite gives perfect
health. Only 50c at J W Harris
& Co drug storo.
Ashby D. Cleveland tho hand-
some and congenial drummer for
Graham Paper Company was
here last Tuesday to see the pa-
per men.
J. M. Slator who has a big
ranch-near Water Valley was
hero for several days tho past
week. He is now living in San
Antonio where his children aro
in school.
O: Frank Alterman editor of
the North Texas Press a Ger-
man paper published at Dallas
was here several days last week
assisting in tho organization of
the Sons of Hermann. Ho re
turned home Saturday eve.
In a beauty contest started
six month ago to decido who
was the prettiest woman of the
15000000 people now living
within tho borders of tho Louisi-
ana purchase tho palm has
been awarded to Miss Yeagor
of Monticelio Mo. by tho St.
Louis Exposition Committee.
Dame Rumor has it that an-
other wedding will follow close
on tho heels of tho Chance-Far-
quhar nuptials the parties
being a prominent young busi-
ness man on Chadbourne street
and a charming young lady from
the state famed for handsome
women lino horses and good
M. M. Wallace of Crews Run-
nels county was in San Angelo
last Saturday.
Tho Grant Lumber Co. carry
tho stock all kinds and want
your business call and see us
our prices will suit.
C. C. F. Blanchard returned
from Crockett county.Thursday
and went home Ballinger Fri
day eve. ..
Car of Barbed wire just receiv-
ed Painted and Galvanized. Go
my prices before buying.
E. L. McAlpink.
John Gay after spending a fow
days with homo folks at Ballin-
ger passed through Wednesday
en route to the ranch.
For Sewing Machine Extras
needles etc call at Hagelstien's
Owfi Your Own IIoiiho
Thero is no uso paying rent as
Milton Carr tho contractor can
furnish you tho money the
plans tho specifications and
build your houso. Ph6no M0.
Francis Marion Higgins better
known as Charley arrived in
San Angelo this week from Now
Mexico on a visit to relatives
and friends here and at Knicker
bocker where he knows ever
man woman child horse cow
burro and prairie dog.
The Press office for.Tob Work
f $$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$$
& & 3.00 & to wm
The Bond Shoe gI'35
is made by the best skilled workmen and first-class stock and the shoe gives
the best satisfaction Mens" Ladies' and Childrcns. Try a pair and vou
will save money. For sale at
Austin Spencer & Co.
Three men were killed and
three wounded in a shooting af
fray at Bolville Tex. last Wed-
nesday. Tho shooting grew out
of the killing of relatives of one
of tho participants and took
place at tho depot where a large
crowd wero waiting for the
train. Tho dead aro Raymond
White Milam Odam and Henry
Dippert. The wounded were
A. Gonzales prominent stock-
man of Chihuahua Mexico is in
Midland looking over the cattle
interests probably to purchuso
some of our fine bulls. Hois
one of tho most prominent men
in the state of 'Chihuahua is tho
stock broker or business mana
ger of Ex-gov. Terresas tho cat-
tle king of Mexico. During tho
last year Mr. "Gonzales shipped
into the United States 77000
Head of cattle and an idea of
Gov. Torrassas livo stock pos-
sessions will be given when it is
known that last year he brauded
07000 calves. Mr. Gonzales
was attracted to tho Midland
range country by our fine exhib-
it at tho El jPaso Carnival last
week and is hero upon; the in-
vitation of our prominent regis-
tered Hereford breeder W. D.
Watts. Ho wont out to tho Es-
tos and Watts ranch Thursday
and will bo in tho Midland range
country several days. Mr. Gon-
zales purchased 01 head of grad-
ed Hereford bulls ofFsfoc .
Watts Thursday at $80 around.
eavo for Oh huahua to.
Wo trust this may not
At Low Prices.
Wood per cord f 1.00
Sawed blocks for henters
per cord St.'iO
Sawed and split for cooking
stoves per cord 1.1.00
Wc give good measure.
Yard phono 10.1 at Terry s
Everything new
and FirstClass
at the
McDermott House.
Across Uallroad on ChadhourncSt
Meals 25c.
Rooms 25c and 50c.
My Table is My Specialty.
Mrs B. McDermott
Ho will
bo his last visit to Midland for
Midland stockmen know well
how to show courtesies to broth-
er stockmon of any land. Mid-
land Reporter.
Wood aijil Coal!
Wood per cord 81.00
Coal per ton 0.00
Sawed blocks for heaters.
per cord 1. CO
Sawed and split for cooklnjj
gloves per cord fi.00
Yard phono 0 jLcnyo orders
with August nalfanz at to
-leaner tsaioon
Leon Licardie
Open Day aud Night.
Oysters and Chili
always on hand.
Meals 25c.
Two doors above Preen Oflloe.
y ' w '--- '? 'I-'- '
'' l)
.- L tW" . 'fi-'JSm
. -.s'irj J&lfe&&jjf'(?Qi. V-i.j( -v." . j . '...n -i..-mi
M..-wTiirni ByOT.fti riinrr iiwntr nrrn rni rn

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