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  • Main Title AZA Banquet


  • Photographer: Photographic Engineers
    Creator Type: Organization
    Creator Info: 9th & Main Streets, Panther Building


  • Creation: 1947-03-11


  • No Language


  • Content Description: Photograph of an Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) Banquet in the ballroom of Fort Worth's Hebrew Institute in the 800 block Taylor Street. The banquet room contains a stage and a piano in the background of the photograph. Members are seated at long tables. From left to right, the members of the photograph are: Cooks (back left, standing): Joe Zenick, Manny Solomon, P.D. Mallin, Sidney Cohen, "Uncle" Lou Cohen. Head Banquet Table (along the stage in the back, to the right of the cooks): Mary Frances Ginsberg, Robert Lidell, Ann Lidell, Rabbi Isadore Garsek, Sadye Mae Garsek, Rabbi Prero, R.D. Moses, Idelle Engelberg, Reuben Daiches, Mrs. Reuben Daiches, Mickey Goldman, Charlotte Max Goldman, unidentified, Adelene Zeff. Members seated at the foreground tables are listed from bottom right to back left. Table 1, row 1: Hy Glickman, Rose Glickman, Ada Robinson, M.Y. Robinson, Mr. Schwartz, Mrs. Schwartz, Mary Sankary, Ann Cohen, Ben Cohen, Selma Tiras, Miss Sankary, unidentified woman, Max Gilbert. Table 1, row 2: Goldie Tills, Joe Tills, Mrs. Kruger, Mr. Kruger, Herb Berkowitz, Adele Natkin, Sue Louis, Gloria Holtzman, Herbert Cooles, Mr. Gilbert, Charlie Levinson, Sam Anton, Bess Levinson, Sarah Anton. Table 2, row 1: Joe Siegel, Leon Tiras, Joe Daiches, Reuben Hillman, unidentified, Goldie Hillman, Ruth Sandler, unidentified man, Sarah Zeff, Sam Saikin, Meyer Zeff, Woff Moses, Aida Moses. Table 2, row 2: unidentified. Table 3, row 1: Abe Cohen, Roselle Cooles, Marshall Hillman, Easer Rovinsky, Lee Laves, Joe A. Sandler, Edward Luskey, Gilbert Friedson. Table 3, row 2: Samuel Sheinberg, Norman Rubin, Mrs. Friedman, Cantor Friedman, Rabbi Charles Blumenthal, Mrs. Blumenthal, unidentified boy, Mimi Bronstein, Danny Glazer. Table 4, row 1: Katheryn Spigel, Sam Spigel, Liz Spigel, Rose Luskey, Jake Luskey, Louis Luskey. Table 4, row 2: Dianne Solomon, Julius Solomon, Selma Solomon.
  • Physical Description: 1 photograph : b&w ; 21 x 29 cm.


  • University of North Texas Libraries Browse Structure: Religion - Churches - Congregations
  • University of North Texas Libraries Browse Structure: Religion - Denominations - Jewish
  • Keyword: Jewish communities
  • Keyword: banquets
  • Keyword: AZA Banquet
  • Keyword: Hebrew Institute
  • Named Person: Zenick, Joe
  • Named Person: Solomon, Manny
  • Named Person: Mallin, P. D.
  • Named Person: Cohen, Sidney
  • Named Person: Cohen, Lou
  • Named Person: Ginsberg, Mary Frances
  • Named Person: Lidell, Robert
  • Named Person: Lidell, Ann
  • Named Person: Garsek, Isadore
  • Named Person: Garsek, Sadye Mae
  • Named Person: Moses, R. D.
  • Named Person: Engelberg, Idelle
  • Named Person: Daiches, Reuben
  • Named Person: Daiches, Mrs. Reuben
  • Named Person: Goldman, Mickey
  • Named Person: Goldman, Charlotte Max
  • Named Person: Zeff, Adelene
  • Named Person: Glickman, Hy
  • Named Person: Glickman, Rose
  • Named Person: Robinson, Ada
  • Named Person: Robinson, M. Y.
  • Named Person: Schwartz, Mrs.
  • Named Person: Sankary, Mary
  • Named Person: Cohen, Ann
  • Named Person: Cohen, Ben
  • Named Person: Tiras, Selma
  • Named Person: Gilbert, Max
  • Named Person: Tills, Goldie
  • Named Person: Tills, Joe
  • Named Person: Kruger
  • Named Person: Berkowitz, Herb
  • Named Person: Natkin, Adele
  • Named Person: Louis, Sue
  • Named Person: Holtzman, Gloria
  • Named Person: Cooles, Herbert
  • Named Person: Levinson, Charlie
  • Named Person: Anton, Sam
  • Named Person: Levinson, Bess
  • Named Person: Anton, Sarah
  • Named Person: Siegel, Joe
  • Named Person: Tiras, Leon
  • Named Person: Daiches, Joe
  • Named Person: Hillman, Reuben
  • Named Person: Hillman, Goldie
  • Named Person: Sandler, Ruth
  • Named Person: Zeff, Sarah
  • Named Person: Saikin, Sam
  • Named Person: Zeff, Meyer
  • Named Person: Moses, Woff
  • Named Person: Moses, Aida
  • Named Person: Cohen, Abe
  • Named Person: Cooles, Roselle
  • Named Person: Hillman, Marshall
  • Named Person: Rovinsky, Easer
  • Named Person: Laves, Lee
  • Named Person: Sandler, Joe A.
  • Named Person: Luskey, Edward
  • Named Person: Friedson, Gilbert
  • Named Person: Sheinberg, Samuel
  • Named Person: Rubin, Norman
  • Named Person: Friedman, Cantor
  • Named Person: Blumenthal, Charles
  • Named Person: Bronstein, Mimi
  • Named Person: Glazer, Danny
  • Named Person: Spigel, Katheryn
  • Named Person: Spigel, Sam
  • Named Person: Spigel, Liz
  • Named Person: Luskey, Rose
  • Named Person: Luskey, Jake
  • Named Person: Luskey, Louis
  • Named Person: Solomon, Diane
  • Named Person: Solomon, Julius
  • Named Person: Solomon, Selma
  • Keyword: Aleph Zadik Aleph

Primary Source

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  • Place Name: United States - Texas - Tarrant County - Fort Worth
  • Coverage Date: 1947-03-11


  • Name: Rescuing Texas History, 2010
    Code: SG10


  • Name: Fort Worth Jewish Archives
    Code: FWJA

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  • Photograph


  • Image


  • Accession or Local Control No: FWJA-ORG-AZA-000-002-pix
  • Archival Resource Key: ark:/67531/metapth117197


  • Display Note: The building in the photograph (at 819 Taylor Street in Fort Worth) was razed in the 1950s.