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children in Dallas.
1st DooY N. Lona Star Gas°
Mrt Bell Jennings of Abilene
Many hoe hands at work
Avant* • and -family.. year
Mrs Tip Foster Sunday
Amerson. Mrs Dave Glenn.
of Kress and Mrs. Grace
Mrs Gene Terrell of Shreve-
Stamford Junior
Sheriff's Posse
Shop now at your favorMa appWanca store.

Texas Cowboy
enrollment Bate, August 21
Reunion Arena
AUGUST 9,10.11
8:30 Each Night
First National Bank
ABILCW 1-ST 1-711
Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Smith
visited with Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Mrs. Ulric Ferrell of Albany
spent Saturday night with her
RUTH BERRY Pumps Sales
and Service Weak* Plumbing
Co. 312 S. Wetherbee St. Phone
773-3371 Stamford, Texas 50-30c
there for extended treatments.
She is the wife of Rev. Charles
Gafford, the Baptist pastor of
They came at this time to attend
the New Hope Reunion last
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Finch and
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Whaley
and two children, all of Houston
Come by WTU .local office
and pick up your FREE copy
REDDY TIPS booklet.
other points of interest in the
Dallas area
cordial welcome to the Baptist
Revival all this week thru
Sunday. Rev. Price Mathleson,
chaplain of Hendrick Memorial
Hospital is the evangelist and
oplis, Wyo., visited with the
Wiseners a day and night this
Karon Speaks and Dianna
Macon of Abilene were guests of
J /AfTknd Mrs Cody Thompson
of Ft. Phantom Lake were
exists in the
City crews worked late into the night on Monday to resolve a break in a water line near
S. Anson and Gould Streets that affected the water in Dodson-Hill and at the hospital for
six to eight'hours. Workmen installed a valve near the end of Gooch St. so that water
could be provided to the affected areas while repairs at the break continued on
Tuesday. Service was restored at 12:15 a.m. Tuesday with repairs continuing.
Electric appltaaces cm b« bsiit-i*
* uywWn »af mntdticmcneiaf
mm tine, eierfj >*f bmcj. Cats
fewies trip Is tkepscerj stere. He!
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Lind-
sey, Dana, and Quint and
Lawton Bates of Stamford were
in Grosbeck Thursday visiting
Walcpme to the
birthday dinner Edward wqm
Torres' of StamfoA was Mb S~ paren
dinner guest. _._..Csaad
The report was delivered to
educators, researchers, pro-
ducers. processors, and indus-
trial leaders as they met in the
Textile Research Center at
Texas Tech University on July
and store in the coldest section
. of the refrigerator Use cottage
cheese within 3-5 days others
within 2 weeks, advises Mrs. -
Gwendolyn? Clyatt, consumer
marketing specialist, Texas
* The Haskel) Miss Hey Day
contest will be at 8;30 pm.
Friday with 46 Haskell County
girls competing.
Mr. E. ABusheU of Stamford -
visited Thursday with her
daughter, Mrs. Jack Buske, and
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grey
‘Visited Sunday with Mr. Can- '
trail at Childress, Texas. They '
J him well and enjoying 1
g' there. He is former I
lent of Stamford having |
F there for several years.
Mr. and Mrs boc White were
in Anaon Sunday to attend the
golden wedding anniversary of
Doc's brother and wife. Mr. and
Mrs. Johnny White. The Johnny
White's used to live in Avoca.
Mr and Mrs Doc White and
daughter, Mrs Mary Young
and children of Abilene visited
Mrs White's brother, Mr. and
indicated all are available.
■ Dr J. E, Simpson, director of
lhe USDA * Agri-business Pro-
gram. which sponsored And
directed the investigations, said
that the two national consulting
firms had made the investiga-
tion under contract with
Electric Appliances

Walter King has returned
from a trip visiting his two
daughters in Missouri
Mrs. Chuck Gafford is back in
the hospital at Dyess Air Force
Base. She is to be flown to San
Antonio to the base hospital
t eBile plant in the Texas High
Plains area is feasible and the
pospects for it to be a profitable
enterprise are good, giving an
economic boost to cotton-
producing areg* such as Stam-
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Thompson
were in Rotan Saturday to visit
their son and family, Kelly
Thompson, Jr While there they
attended a play night rodeo at
Roby where both their grand
children were entered. Kelly D.
Friday night Mr. and Mrs ±
"FBreaU^Fotmtain entertained *on f,rst ” ,n JumP

DE coordinator
attends mooting
In Houston
Jerry Schuchert, coordinator
of the Distributive Education
department of Stamford High
School, has returned from Hous-
ton where he participated in the
annua) workshop and con-
ference held in the Astro-World
Purpose of the conference
was to aid the coordinators in
preparation and nothing
changes for the coming year
and 558 were registered
Becky’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Leon Garvin, Sunday. They also
attended church Sunday
morning at Avoca.
Mr and Mrs Tony Ham and
children of Sweetwater were
luncheon guests of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Houston Ham,
Sunday. They were on their w*ay
being increased from 7 percent
to 7-% percent effective August
1, 1873.
The rate on rural residence
loans is being increased from
7Mi to 8V« percent.
The local association makes"
and services loans in Haskell,
Jones, Baylor and Knox
Counties. Officer and directors, -J
of the association are O. G. ’
Lewis, Rule; E. H. Burnett,
Haskell; J. E. Nix; Weldon ,
Walker; J. P. Jones and Ralph

Mrs. Parnell- Andersen re-
turned Saturday from a visit
with her two brothers, Ed Crow
in St. Louis, Mo., and Howard*
Crow in Carpentersville, III. She
also went to Lake Geneva,
Wise., and toured Six Flags
Over the Midwest in St. Louis
Mrs. Parnell visited her daugh-
ter, Mrs. Jim DeLoach, the ____.
former Diane Anderson, In Fort sister-in-law, Mrs R. T> Terrell,
Worth before returning home.;?1 ih Stamford.
W. 6 Garvin of Hollis Okla.,
is visiting his daughter and
husband, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Cafl Sim>
attended the Ferrell reunion at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. . I
Ferrell in Stamford Sunday. 1
There were twenty-seven in
attendance .
boys, Brad and Kyle, from
Lafayette, Ark. Mr. and Mrs.
Glenn Sylvester left Sunday for
Ft. Worth where Mrs. Sylvester
will be taking medical treat-
ments Monday and Tuesday,
returning home Wednesday. •
Becky Garvin and Rose
Oliver Irani AbUaot visited
Mrs. Carrie Spurek and
daughterRosii, from^W
were luncheon guests of Mr. arid
Mrs. Forest Fountain Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs: Fountain took I MH............
them home Saturday afternoon. Kotch al Lueders Sunday night.
sister and family, Mr. and
i. James Black.
Of the 85-year olds, there are
1.65 times as many women as
Many Avoca residents
travel to visit relatives
Mr. and Mrs Harold Owens
and family of Houston have
been here visiting her parents, Avoca.
Tuesday afternoon she and Mrs.
Bert Jennings visited in the
Millon Jennings home at Syl-
development program
John Reilly and Chris Chapin
of Booz, Allen and Hamilton, the
principal contractor, presented
data showing ample fnarket
opportunities for the denims
and twills, availability of labor,
water and other utilities, and
the general impact upon the
region's economy and environ-
ment. —
It was pointed out that the
short staple High Plains cotton
is particularly suited for the
heavier fabrics such as the
denims, with national produc-
tion of men’s and boys' trousers
and work clothes approximat -
ing 82.9 billion annually
Hubert Jones and Larry Mc-
Dowell, representatives of
Lockwood Greene Engineers.
Inc., gave engineering data on
plant design (360,000 square
feet), equipment needed (about
38 million), and other costs for
an optimum size plant to manu-
facture cotton denims, seeming-
ly the major market outlet in
the foreseeable future.
Dr. Simpson said the final
report on the project should be
available within 30 days. Indus-
try leaders said it is believed
the report will help materially
in decision-making by the
several firms actively con-
sidering establishment of a
plant in the High Plains area.
of electrical living is
recommendation enough
you can have aH the
added comfort and
convenience all-electric
living offers at
conservative cost
Guests of- Mr. and Mrs. -
was Hillard Easterling and Joyce
About 60 "persons concerned
with the production and utiliza-
tion of cotton 'recently heard
highlights of a joint study made
by the U. S. Department of
Agriculture and two national
consulting organizations to
determ ine the feasibility of such 26
The report indicated more
than sufficient markets for
cotton denims, cotton denim
blends, cotton twill blends and
cotton twills to support a $15
million plant employing some
400 persons.
The Texas Water Develop-
ment Board has assured that
Sunday afternoon visitorfr of (
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hughes. '
. . Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Young
and sons of Abilene visited her
parents Mr and Mrs. Doc
While, Thursday and Friday, j
'also again Monday afternoon. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Neatherlis I
and sons are on a week vacation I
trip to south Texas. They will I
visit with several relatives' i
while gone. I
Mrs. M. T. Neatherlin of I
Arlington is visiting with her 1
son and .wife, Mr. and Mrs. 1 1
Elmer Neatherlin. |
Mr and Mrs. Monroe Young 1
and sons of Abilene visited Mr. g
and Mrs. Leonard Young Thurs- I
day. I
Henry Rials visited his daugh- * ‘I
ter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. 1
Bill Little of Tuxedo, Sunday. -|
Cube Eidson is very ill In the Mollie Grimes was a children of Hurst reisumed
Stamford Munoriri Hospital l^heonguert 6f her daughter home last week after visiting
We hone for Cube a soeedv antf husband, Mr. and Mrs. bar mother. Mrs. Fay Fudge,
day night to attend the gradua , „ . ,
tion of Joe Bob Whitworth from
the Texas State Technical Insti-
tution of Sweetwater. - .
Luncheon guests of Mr and
Mrs. Archie Whitworth Sunday
Mn DdbertJ^Tand famil? da»«h‘e«- M'LDo™ Vineyard
of Breckenridge, Mrs Adelle * Mrs Grace
Jones of Page. Arts., Mike Armstrong of Pecos
Jones and family from Corpus Mrs. Mildred Baize Is home
Christi. Jack Lindsey and, ,fter several days in Stamford
family from Oklahoma, City, Memorial Hospital' thia past
Delores Sanders and children of week
Irvin, Ted Hurst and son qf <»-
Irvin, Mr. and Mrs Don Mr and Mrs W A. Amerson
Clevenger and family of Abilene of Canton, Ohio, were guests of
and Mr. and < Mrs. Tommy Mrs. C. P. Amerson Saturday
Lindsey and family. night.
Stamford Texan, Thursday, August 9, 1973
.......................................................... ..... "
T^SL SIKH I., m nome w ~
of Stamford Saturday. Other Mr and Mrs Theron MvNatr Jewel Harns and Mrs- rasie •
- --- , ansbee and girls from Brown- I
Stella^srtoyandAleneMerria wood Their children, .•
of Anson were visitors at the Mrs. Jim Bounds and Sandy of
Avoca Baptist Church Sunday Tacoma. Wash , Billy Eastqr-
night. They are cousins Of Mrs. ling and children of Coahoma,
Dewey Rister. Mr and Mrs C. L. White of "
Hamlin, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn
Massey of Del Rid, Mrs. Peggy
lenders and children, Mr. and
Mrs. Curtis Elliot and children
.and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dlaacyfc - ; .. , t ... . -

theirgranddaugh Cotton textile plant seen
Hadland of Marietta. Ga. <

"jfil BdutXce and in High Plain's future
Bobbie Easterling and family at
Rochester Friday.
Joe Caudle and daughter
Laura Jane of Abilene visited
his mother, Mrs. J. R. Caudle,
*n area fields
tq-attend the-orientatioei-at- J W O8MENT Mr and Mrs. Coyt Arlorf
Manroftbp farmers are busy Smith and children of Abilehe
sfXjHII enter lor Aug. a. with hoe hands at wdHf in were Saturday afternoon vis-
She will be a freshman Uus fields and also with extra itors of his parents, Mr. and -
cultivation of small careMff Mrs. Coyt Smith. Success of the plant would
weeds after last weeks rah®-- ----- , require experienced manage
-------------- petty McDougal and rnent and compe'tTtively priced
T water, electricity, fuels- './
Father of Billy
DoBusk dlo'i
Funeral for R. R DeBuak, 72,
retired Anson farmer and
father of a Stamford man, was
Tuesday afternoon in First
United Methodist Church in
Anson. ’
The Rev. C. T. Jackson,
pastor, and the Rev. R B. Hall,
pastor of First Baptist Church
in Anson, officiated. Burial was
in Mount Hope Cemetery.
Born Feb. 3, 1901 in Brown
County, Mr DeBusk grew up in
the Cross Cut community. He
married Elsie Koeing Dec. 23,
1922, in Cross Plains
They moved to Jones County
n 1926 and settled in the
Plainview community north of
S Anson They moved to Anson in
. 1964.
, Survivors are his wife, Elsie;
one son,, Billy DeBusk of
Stamford; two daughters, Mrs.
Carl (Phylecia) Bailey of Has-
kell and Mrs. Bill (Nettie) Lee
of Anson; two brothers; three 773-MM
Lindsey and family.
Mr and Mrs Odell Kilcrease - Mr and Mrs. James Franklin
and son Stephen of Henrietta of Tahoka visited recently with
were guests of Mr. and Mi>. parents. Mr. and Mrs E. E
Millon Martin Sunday and Link.
Mrs Milton Martin visited port visited with Mrs Henry
her mother, Mrs. Jack Barnes Bishop Friday.
of Abilene, Wednesday. Mrs. Mr an{) Mrs jess lyegdweu
Barnes >s from t(wlaheir grains. Barry and
eye surgery Hill, who have been visiting
, . . here the past month with their
Land bank ups grandparents, to Midland Wed
Inta rest rates needay to take a plane to their
Joe Harper, manager of the a* Bakersfield, CalH.
federal land bank association of Mrs Bill Campbell is visiting
Haskel), announced recently her daughter and family, Mr
that the billing rate of Federal andbOlrs Sherman Daniels and
Land Bank farm and ranch daughters at Rotan.

They also visited at Stearp
Boat Springs-, Colo . with Mr.
and Mrs. Leon Wisener and
Tana They returned home last
Weekend visitors of Mrs Mrs McDougal and sons
were the following Mr. and Bostick were her grand- spent two nights and days with
her parents before returning to
Mrs. Dor. Bomlfardtef and **
Joe Murff of Hamlin apd their daughter and fanuly,. Mt and
guflu. two sisters Or Mrs. Mrs. Royce Randall ana boys,
Murff. at Plains. Tesas, by Tatum,
N M., for a visit with Mr. and
JimGlennanddaughter. Mrs Mrs Aud,e wisener Pueblo. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Don Welch and
Mitzi have returned from San
Antonio where Don attended the
Mr. and Mrs. Woody Huffaker vocational agricultural teach
left Thursday for Flagstaff, its convention last week
Aris. They will be attending a ,,
reunion of the Wise family and Mrs Ctaud Williams has
all relatives plan to meet there. h<M?e lrwn viaiUn«
- children in Dallas.
Robert Shelton from Gallup, _. ,, , , ■
N.M., visited his sister and f^e‘ a
husband, Mr. and Mrs T. A. “ ‘ ““ - - - -
Masters, last week.
Mr and Mrs. Frank Rennels
of Abilene visited Mrs. Glenn
Rennels last Wednesday, after- Wayland Bingham of Asper-
noon. mong is song leader.
Tiw wwnvn wn iwraa 'spent me weekend at me inks y n Klv wont u---r — ---------
(& thehomecoming at ^t<m sons. .Darryl and Brian, gf — -
Mrs Watts'Iwntlwr . Jack I jnrf- Woodrow Simmons of Anson Sunday They report ■ a most Don Howard of Stamford was Houston came July 21 to visit supporting services. The survey
sey and family returned home was a luncheon guest of his enjoyable time seeing many old speaker for Church of Christ her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. E
with them for a visit from s'8ler a,x) husband, Mr and friends. services here Sunday Among Wisener They joined her for a

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