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reenville ZDbe IBub Cit.
Ebe Unoucemcnts fferco tbe Capitalist
"foomesecfter anfc "(investor.
Greenville I Change cars for all
points north cast south and west.
Greenville Is tho hub of North Texas
with eight outlets of railroad toward
every point of the compass. Tho first
impression obtained by the traveler
is that ho is in tho center of a region
of great commercial activity. Pass-
ing through Texas it is difficult to
reach any point of interest without
traveling via. Greenville. Only three
cities in the great state of Texas equal
Greenville in tho number of rail-
roads. This is ono of the most impor-
tant points on the M. K.&T. system.
It is tho freight and passenger di
vision for the Greenville and Mineola
branch. Four-fifths of tho freight on
tho main line turn here. Tho com
pany has eight miles of track within
tho corporate limits of tho city. They
cmploy ono hundred and fifty men at
. this place. This is tho headquarters
for tho Sherman Shreveport and
J Southern rail wa y. The general olllces
round house and machine shops are
located here. It is the northern ter-
minus of tho Texas Midland railway
and an important point on the Cotton
Belt. Tho main depot of tho two
companies last named has just rcently
been completed and is the finest in
tho state. Forty-two passenger
trains are in and out of Greenville
every twenty-four liours and tno
number of freight and stock trains
is much larger. As high as six
hundred freight cars have been on tho
sidings of a single company in this
city at one tlmo. The number of
tons of freight in and out of Green
ville runs up into tho thousands in a
single -n eek. These figures are unin-
telligible to the inexperienced person
who does not reallzo the importance
of such splendid railway facilities
But to hear tho whistles of tho lo-
commotives the jumble of tho cars
and see tho smiling faces of the
hundreds of laboring men who gain
their livelihood from this source is to
know the importance of the railroad
interests of Greenville and to feel
what it is to be identified with one of
tho greatest railroad centers in tho
souths est.
and prospered as never before and
as no other city or town in the south-
west has grown. The improvements
now in process of erection in Green-
ville is a matter of common remark
by visitors to. tho city. But it is
only considered as a matter of fact by
tho people of Greenville and some
great enterprise is inaugerated new
business established and large capital
invested each week. There is now in
process of erection and has just been
completed ono hundred and eighty-
seven residences within the cor
porate limits of the city many of
them palatial homes but tho majori-
ty neat cottages which are being
erected bv tho frugal class of labor
ing people. A thirty thousand dol-
lar college is going up and will bo
opened September 1st. A fifty thou-
sand dollar ico plant has just been
completed. A now pressed brick
and stone union depot at a cost of
10000. A fifty thousand dollar opera
house is going up and tho samo per
son is erecting tw o
new pressed blick
Dallas to tho southwest is fifty-ono
miles distance Ft. Worth eighty-flvo
miles Sherman sixty miles north-
west and Paris seventy-five miles
northeast. Tho corporate limits of
Greenville includo two miles square.
Tho total area of platted land is 3000
acres. The greatest length of tho
city is from north to south Wesley
street ono of tho stylish boulevards
extending north and south is two and
a half miles long. The city has two
lovely parks. Pool's park In tho
northern part contains five acres. It
is a cozy nook shaded with natlvo
trees. Moulton park is a mile and a
half southeast of tho court house. It
contains eight acres and has been or-
namented with a fine growth of cul-
tivated trees and shrubs. This is a
lino resort for picnics and outing
That Greenville is the market for a
largo area of fertile agricultural
lands is shown from tho amount of
produco shipped from this place an
nually. In a single year Greenville
exported 20000 bales of cotton 15000
tons of hay 10000 head of fat cattle
200000 bushels of oats 160000 bushels
of corn and oats such as cotton seed
oil cake meal hides poultry eggs
honey diary products etc. Amount-
in tho aggregate to more than two
block in each direction from the Green'ilIo has just begun to put on
center of tho town and Leo street ono something of a metropolitan air and
of tho principal business thorough- has made valuable improvements of
fares 1b built up for aquartcrof a mile lato in tho lino which is calculated to
with substantial brick and stone
Tho manufacturing interests of
Greenvillo are of no great extent as
yet though commendable progress
has been made along this lino. The
nrlncipal industries now consist of
engine and boiler works the only one
in tho state oil mill plaining mill
ice factory wagon and carriage works
marblo works a number of brick
yards; soda aud mineral water etc.
There is not a more promising field
for the establishment of varied man-
ufacturing industries than Greenville.
There is no reason why the common
article manufactured In tho central
and eastern states cannot bo produced
here at the samo cost aud thus effect
a great saving to the consumer in the
way of freight rates which in bulk'
goods often exceed tho first cost
when brought from distant points.
Here can bo had water fuel tho raw
material and a homo market. All
articles of manufacture which supply
the means of every day living that
aro used in the homo on tho farm or
in tho shop will find a ready sale.
There should bo machinery hero to
Greenvillo has grown with sub-
stantial progress since the era of tho
prosperity begun. The town was laid
out in 1859 but attracted no attention
until tho first railroad came. In
1871' it was only a small village of six
hundred people. The M. IC & T.
railroad was built in 1880 extending
from Denison to Mineola. This seem-
ed to botho starting point for what
was afterwards to become the city of
which the people aro now so .proud.
New copitol camo in new enterprises
sprung up; there was a general
rattling of the old dry bones. The
era of progress had been inaugurated
and has continued from that tlmo on.
The following year the Sherman
Shreveport and Southern railway
was built. Greenvillo had now reach
ed a position of importance among the
towns of North Texas. It had a pop-
ulation of two thousand. It con-
tinued its growth of uninterupted
prosperity without any extraordinary
events to mark tho career of the town.
In 188G it had a population of 3000
that year tho Cotton Belt was put
through and it was something of a
stimulous to the growth of the city.
But tho town had not yet reached tho
point of its geograpliical position and
surrouudings warranted in making it
an important trade center and manu
facturiug place. Its growth up to
1800 was about on a paralcl with the
development of its surroundings tho
census of that year gave Greenville
4330. Since then the growth has been
more rapid and real estate somewhat
more active but tho city has never
kuown such a thing as a boom. Its
people have always had unshaken
faith in its future and have enlarged
their property and improved their
holdings as fast as their circumstan-
ces would permit always extending a
welcome hand to those from other
states who desired to Identify them-
selves with Greenville. Last year
tho Texas Midland was extended to
this place aud from the time it was
first known that the road would bo
built to this point there began a
healthy activity in real estate and it
may bo considered as having been
something of an impetus to tho
growth of the city. This progressive
era is still on and will probably con-
tinue until Greenvillois a cilyof 20000
people. Its location natural advan-
tage etc would now support a city
ofthattizo with its interests propel'
Although what has been considered
the most i-tringeiit times throughout
the country no complaint has been
heard from Greenville. It has grown.
business houses to
cost 25000 each
a large brickhotel
fifteen new brick
business houses
are being planned
tho greater num-
ber of which are
now in process of
There is not an
empty residence
or business house
in Greenville and
tho greater num-
ber of those which
arogoing up wero
rented beforo tho
work had been
Thero has re-
cently located
hero two mam-
moth dry goods
houses two new-
lumber yards a
wholesalo grocery
house capital $50-
000 two wholesale
provisions a'n d
commissiou estab-
lishments a tele-
phone exchange
new- electric light
plant wholesalo
grain house and
largo p r o s s c d
brick works.
Public and pri-
vato improve
ments contempla-
ted is a belt elec-
tric railroad
reaching tho de
pots the college
tho principal bus
iness and resi-
dence portions of
tho city to pavo
the business
streets another
fine union depot
electric fire alarm
some new church
edifices cotton
factory and wag-
on factory.
Nothing illus-
trates tho growth
of tho city better
than the half doz-
en additions
which have been
platted since tho
first of tho year
and tho largo
number ot lots
which have been
sold to persons
who expect to
build. Those
beautiful residence lots can be had at
low figures at tho purchasers own
terms ho is only asked to build and
improve the property.
This city is admirably situated on
the edge of a rolling prairie at an
elevation of 800 feet tho highest In
forth Texas where tho watershed of
tho Bed river to the north seperates
from that of tho streams flowing
south into the gulf. Tho center of tho
city is one mile and a half from
tho north fork of the Sabino river.
Tho drainago is perfect tho land
gently (doping toward- tho stream.
In the heart ot tho famous "Black
Land Belt" of North Texas tho sur-
rounding county is beautiful to be-
hold. Greenville commands a terri-
tory of unequalcl fertility and broad
in the extent. There is no 'ity of im-
portance within a ditanco of 35
iiiik. though it is surrounded by
nuiiK'rous good towns and villages j portion of tho city is not-confined to
which aie tributary to this point the public square buL extends out a
-.-. - -""'
MC-j3 MVtV LYX. .
million dollars. No other city in
North Texas rivals Greenvillo as a
supply point for farmers and planters)
and no other city has a larger number
of enterprising wide awake retail
merchants who reach out and draw-
business to their town. Asa wholesale
point Greenvillo Is most favorably
situaled but that class of business
seemingly has not been developed as
the circumstances would warrant.
However the jobbing business which
are located here aro doing a large and
prosperous business. Yet there is
room in lines not now represented.
Greenville should have a wholesale
dry goods and clothing house hard-
ware shoes harness andleathergoods
carringo rejiository furniture drugs.
Capital would do well to invest in
any of these lines in this city.
Desirable business locations and
building sites can be procured at
reasonable prices. Tho business.
manufacture tho cotton crop of the
country into tho finished article.
There Is an opening for a starcli
factory canning factory fruit evapo-
rating and drying establishment
tanner' and manufactory of gloves
and leather goods tile and pressed
brick works stove factory vinegar
and pickle works sash and door factor-
cement factory galvanized iron
and cornice works. As thero Is a vast
amount of building going on any-
thing manufactured in the way of
building material would be in great
demand. Tho people aro getting
their eyes opened to tho folly of im-
jioverishing ther country by sending
money away from homo for manu-
factured articles when tho same can
just as well be manufactured hero
tho money Kept at homo and tho em-
ployment gi en to homo labor. Tho
field naturally oilers great induce-
ments for nianufactureis (o locate
hero and tho people are desirous of
encouraging that class of industry.
add to tho beauty of tho city and tho
public comfort. Somo fine develop-
ment in tho way of public improve-
ments may bo expected as tho city
grows in population wealth anil
power. It now has a SCO000 city hall
a magnificent high school building
and five ward school buildings.
Electric light plant which belongs to
tho city furnishes excellent service.
Thero are soven white churches.
All of these public improvements
with tho many fine business blocks
and the pride the peoplo display in
making their homes attractive im-
presses the stranger and shows Green-
villo to be one of tho most substantial
and best built-up cities in ho state.
The city government while conser
vative and guarding well tho inter
ests of tho peoplo is progressive and
this spirit seems to bo in the heart of
overy citizen of tho town.
Tho assessod valuation of tho city Is"
two aud a quarter millions at a low
percentago of tho cash value. So tho
expenses of tho municipal govern-
ment are met by tho small taxof 1.15
on tho hundred. Financially tho citv
is in good condition and is kept so
without any neg-
lect of the public
so r v i c o. T li o
health of tho
town is ono of tho
greatest advant-
ages; mortuary
statistics show-
only adeathrato
of six.totho thou-
sand population.
Greenvillo is a
city of churches
schools and chris-
tian society a
place of residence
and a city in
which to rear
your family.
Moro than fifty
percent of tho
headsof families
in Greenville are
members of the
church and tho
of names upontho
church rolls of
tho city will reach
2500. Tho denom-
inations repre-
sented white aro
tho Christian
Episcopal M. E
South Baptist
Cumberland Pres-
byterian M. E.
Protestant and
Roman Catholics.
All of these or-
ganizations have
their usual auxil-
1 iary societies.
Tho Y. M. C. A.
has a strong mem
bership and maiu-
taines open read-
ing rooms. It is
a powerful influ
ence among tho
young men.
The fraternal
societies of Green-
villo aro tho
Knights Templar
Royal Arch Ma-
sons A. F. and A.
M. I. O. O. F.
Knights of Honor
Knights and La-
dies and Honor
A. O. U. AW
Knights of Py-
t h 1 a s Uniform
Rank K. of P.
Knightsof Labor
and Confederate
Veterans associa-
tion. All of these
orders are in a
J'ourishing condi-
tho intention of building their homes
and spending tho remainder of their
days and certainly appreciate the in-
fluence of all Christian refining and
ennobling influences.
This city now has a population of
eight thousand people and while tho
growth has been rapid it is not
"niagie" or "marvelous." Those who
have watched tho growth of western
cities beliovothat it is in keeping with
its great resources and magnificent
futuro prospects. The improvements
going on this season aro greater than
havo been known in any provious
year and it is belioved that the growth
of Greenville will not stop short of a
city of 20000.
With the opening of tho new addi-
tions to tho city oxcelleut opportuni-
ties aro atrorded those who desire to
erect homes and many will bo built
beforo the present season comes to a
To persons desiring to make invest-
ments that aro absolutely safe and
certain of largo returns Greenville
presents a most favorablo opportunity.
Many pieces of property havo doubled
in value within the past year yet tho
prices are low all things considered
and it is predicted by tho most con-
servative real estato men that prices
will again double within tho next
threo or five years. Tho peoplo who
have monoy invested hero aro not
desirous of creating a boom. A great
many have seen tho falacy of booms
in other cities and thoy desire to
build up Greenvillo on a substantial
basis. No enterprises havo been es-
tablished hero but what havo been
warranted by tho actual needs of tho
city and a great many moro are de-
manded to keep paeo with tho pro-
progress of an industrious prosperous
Persons desiring further informa-
tion regarding Greenville or Hunt
county are invited to address any of
tho real estato men whoso names ap-
pear in this paper.
tiouand have largo memberships.
The Greenvillo public schools are
tho pride of tho city and nothing is
left undone that will better the facil-
ities for educating tho youth. They
will have ten months school the com-
ing year and employ twenty-one
teachers. The enumeration of school
children is over sixteen hundred.
Tho courso is graded leading from
tho primary to tho high school which
is calculated to givo tho pupil a good
practical education or fit them for
any college or university in the land.
Tho now Burleson College which
is being erected on Collego Hill wiy
placo Greenville first among the best
educational cities in the state. This
building will bo a magnificent modern
structure and will accommodate five
hundred pupils.
Tho society of Greenville in point of
education culturo and refinement w ill
compare favorably witli that of any
city in the country. The peoplo who
have emigrated here have come with '
Representatives ot Croenvllto'iJrfrraljr
Woman One lrlrie and One Joy. z?
With all of its splendid illustra-
tions Tin: Banner takes moro pride in
tho "Boquct of Beauty" which adorns
a prominent page of this Souvenir.
Tho object of this paper is to portray
Greenville and its environments in
all of their surpassing loveliness. Tho
culturo and refinement of its society
circles for which we owo all to tho
ladies is tho element which makes
life's passway so enjoyable and The
Banker feels that an edition of this
kind would not bo completo without
the photographs of some ofGreen-
villo's'lovely daughters. When this
work was first contemplated The
Banner opened its columns to tho
public to procure a verdict as to who
wero tho most beautiful young ladies
in Greenville and after an interesting
and exciting contest tho honors wero
bestowed upon the ladies who com-
posoour "Boquet of Beauties." Tho
contest lasted two weeks and some-
thing over twenty thousand ballots
were cast. A short sketch of each of
the young ladies will be of interest.
Miss Florence Regan is a Missouri
girl born and educated in tho city of
St. Louis. Her parents havo resided
in Greenvillo tenyears. She attended
tho Convent of tho Sacred Heart at
St. Louis and graduated in 1893. Sho
is an accomplished musician and an
entertaining conversationalist. Miss
Regan is of tho brunette typo though
not decided sho has dark hair '.blue
eyes and a rich complexion. Her
natural wit and vivacity aro among
her greatest charms.
Miss Louise Northrop is ono ot tho
young ladies whom Greenville is
proud to claim of its own. Sho was
bom in Greenvillo and has always
resided here attended public and
private schools and was ono of tho
High school graduates this year.
She is a pupil of Miss Vinson's in
voice culture and promises to develop
considerable talent in tho art. Miss
Northrop has a sweet retiring dispo-
sition dark brown eyes and aubom
Miss Margurito Lane is the
daughter of one of Greenville's
wealthy merchants. Sho was born
nnil I'rmvn un ill Greenville. Miss
Lane has enjoyed superior advantages
in education which her accomplis-
ments shpw have been improved.
Sho attended Baird collego at Clinton
Missouri took a two years courso in
English music elocution. French and
German. In 1892 tbe entered Wards
Seminary at Nashville Tenn. where
she remained one year. Miss Lane is
tall anil graceful she has dark groy
eves and brown hair. She takes an
activo interest in church work and
is a member of tho M. E. church south
the Epworth League and Truth
Seekers Chautauqua Circle.
Miss Callie Ola Peddy is one of tho
brightest flowers in tho "boquet."
A decided blonde lilly complexion
light hair with a tingo of gold and
largo blue eyes beaming with tho sun-
shine of a lovely disposition. Miss
Peddy is the picture of health and
added to her charm of face and manner
i i pretty figure and graceful carriage.
She is a Texas girl and grew up in
Greenville graduated in the city
high school class of 1894. Sho made
her debut in society last season and
lias become a great favorite.

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