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..., Minister Resident. San Salvador. Spain-D. E. Sickles, Env. Ext. and Minister Plenipotentiary, Madrid. Alvey.... Chili-Senor Don Josquin Godoy, Env. Ext. and Minister Plenipotentiary. Senor Don Carlos Morla Vicuna

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.... TAYLOR, MANAGER. 1. Leave San Antonio for El Paso, via Leon Springs, Bcerne, Fredericksburg, Loyal Valley... Station, Fort Concho, Centralia, Camp Melvin, Fort -Stockton, Fort Davis, Fort Quitman, Toro, San Elizaria..., and Ysleta, tri-weekly from San Antonio to Concho, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 A. M., and semi...-weekly from Concho Mail Station to El Paso on Monday and Thursday, on arrival from San Antonio, and connecting.... ~I., connecting at Fredericksburg with main line to Concho and El Paso. 3. Leave San Antonio

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... T J Noakes San Diego J O Luby ORANGE. Brun's Bluff J Brun Orange L C R Scott PALO PINTO... A J Beekom Milam Henry C Mound Pendleton James M Bond SAN AUGUSTINE. San Augustine A E... Baker Ashton B Marchburn SAN PATRICIO. San Patricio J Ryan SAN JACINTO. Cold Spring J W... Harris SAN SABA. San Saba D D Low Cherokee W H Handohy SHACKELFORD. Fort Griffin W H Hicks

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... chester &c., and connecting with line to Ledbetter. 7. Leave Victoria for San Antonio via Yorktown.... , and connecting at Clinton with line to Concrete, Gonzales, &c. Returning, leave San Antonio at 6 P. MN...., on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 8. Leave Columbus for San Antonio daily at 5 P. M., on arrival of trains..., Belmont, Seguin and Valley, connecting with line to El Paso, Eagle Pass and Austin. Returning, leave San.... * Mountain City, 19 " " San Marcos, 1 " No., 6. " New Braunfels, 50 " "' Selma, 66 " " San

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... ......... 4 leagues Sabine ........ Not returned San Augustine Not returned San Patricio .. 4 leagues San Saba... Patented Polk, Throckmorton, Baylor Not returned Haskell county 36 labors pat'd Live Oak, San... Patented 2 leagues pat'd 28 labors pat'd San Patricio county Bexar county Tarrant and Hunt Denton and Wise

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............1868 Repub...Wee San Antonio... Herald........ J. D. Logan &Co...... 1858 Dem..... ayW'kly San... Antonio... Express...........iA. Siemering & Co.... 1867 Radical.. Daily&W'kly San Antonio... Freie Presse... (Ger.) A. Siemering & Co.... 1866 Radical.. Weekly. San Augustine Advertiser........ J. C. Anderson........... 1870 .......... . W. & W. San Marcos.... Pioneer............ Geo. H. Snyder .. . 1869 Dem. ... Weekly.... San Marcos.... Times............. F. J. Manlove...... 1871 Dem..... Weekly. Seguin ournal

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..., Grimes, Walker, San Jacinto and Montgomery ; Charles Parker, Supervisor, Houston, Texas. Second District.... Monroe, Supervisor, Crockett, Texas. Third District-Rusk, Harrison, Panola, Shelby, Sabine, San Augustine..., Karnes, DeWitt, Victoria, Goliad, Bee, Live Oak, McMullen, Calhoun, Aransas, Refugio and San Patricio; W.... Zoeller, Supervisor, Bcerne, Texas. Eleventh District-Williamson, Bell, Burnet, Lampasas, Coryell, San

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... was taken by our people, the remainder being placed in Liverpool. The projected steamers, " San Jacinto..." and " San Antonio," were put under contract, the builders being Messrs. Arch. McMillan & Son, Dumbarton... that October came before the " San Jacinto" glided from the ways into her future element, receiving her... for December 25th. Like her sister ship, the "San Antonio," her tonnage is 1,100; her length 240 feet; beam

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... we had been under, this Col. Piedras, on the way from Nacogdoches to San Antonio, for some trivial... some 1,500 or 2,000 troops, under command of Gen. Cos, and took possession of San Antonio, when... remained at San Antonio for some time after the surrender when I returned, in company with Col. James Bowie..., as far as San i On my arrival at ho ie in Jefferson county, an election was about to come off, which had

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..., the latter was fired upon by a company of Mexican soldiers, at the Mission de San Jose, near San Antonio... to the commissioners sent to explore and work a route from San Antonio to El Paso, the success of which did... and is still doing so much to benefit San Antonio and the country at large. On returning, he reached home

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... for San Antonio via Manchac, Mountain City, San Mlarcos, New Braunfels and Selma, twice every day... on arrival of trains, at 8A. M.. and 6 P. MI., connecting at San Antonio with El Paso Company's lines to El... Paso and Eagle Pass. Returning, leave San Antonio 7 A. M., and 12 M., every day. 2. Leave Austin

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... and Depot Commissary of Subsistence, San Antonio, Texas. Major John F. Hammond, Surgeon, Medical Director... Belger, Quartermaster, Fort Gibson, C. N. Major Benjamin C. Card, Quartermaster, Depot Quartermaster, San

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.... CHARLES S._WEST ........... Austin. WM1. H. YOUNG........ San Antonio. A. M. HOBBYr... from Washington City ; is bounded on the east by Bell and Coryell, on the west by San Saba

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.... Captain N. D. A. Sawyer, Military Storekeeper, Quartermaster's Department, San Antonio, Texas. (In arrest....) Captain Andrew V. Cherbonnier, Medical Storekeeper, in charge Medical Purveying Depot, San Antonio, Texas.... Major Edwin D. Judd, Paymaster, San Antonio, Texas. Major George E. Glenn, Paymaster. San Antonio, Texas

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... of course be much greater than it now is. GALVESTON, HARRISBURG AND SAN ANTONIO RAILROAD. The original... at this end from Harrisburg to Galveston, and, on the west, from Columbus to San Antonio, the name has... millions of trade, affording a choice of markets to the West; and if extended to San Antonio, would

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... and Charleston will make these ports the terminii on the Atlantic of a continuous road to San Diego, when... the Texas Pacific is completed. The whole distance from Savannah to San Diego, by this route, is estimated... completion entirely through Texas in about one year hence, and to San Diego within two years. But even before

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... made in Texas under DeLeon in 1689. He established the mission of San Francisco at the mouth... in 1691. San Antonio, Goliad and Nacogdoches, the oldest towns in Texas, founded in 1717. Independence.... HOUSTON, Commander-in-Chief. Battle of San Jaciuto April 21, 1836. Annexation of Texas to the United

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... Dimmit in San Antonio, where he acquired and maintained a great and beneficial influence over the Mexican... American child born on the waters of the Navidad and LaVaca rivers-another was the first one born in San... in San Antonio on the 8th day of December, 1831. His widow returned in 1835 to Missouri, and subsequently

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