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..., now under construction, traverses the northeastern part of the county. The Rio Grande, the only... as high as Rio Grande City. It is still navigable at most-seasons for light draught vessels. The other... of them can be easily dammed, and the water used for irrigation. Along the Rio Grande, in the valleys... agricultural products are corn, beans, peas, cotton, pumpkins and garden truck generally. Rio Grande City..., notable for its peach and other fruit trees. Some 14 miles below Rio Grande City is Grulla Ranch. so

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.... In Val Verde County the Rio Grande supplies water for several canals, and there are under cultivation... States is now being developed along the Rio Grande for Mr. G. Bedell Moore of San Antonio, whose... transmission, can be made to pump water from the Rio Grande in sufficient quantities to augment the flow... the completion- of this project. At Eagle Pass the Rio Grande supplies water for canals. Irrigation had not been... continues on the remainder of the course of the Rio Grande, there being several .stations in the -vicinity

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... climate.- The highest annual mean temperature in Texas prevails over the lower Rio Grande valley, where... it is 74 at Rio Grande City. South of a line connecting Eagle Pass and Corpus Christi the annual mean... to 60 over the extreme west gulf coast and the lower Rio Grande valley. Aside from this there is a strip... in the middle and lower Rio Grande valley. where it is 85 to 87, and the Panhandle and the Llano Estacado, where... not been worked out for the Rio Grande valley, where the number of years as well as the number of days

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... of the county, draining large valleys. The southern part of the county is generally undulating. The Rio Grande.... The Rio Grande furnishes a great volume of water There are also five important everlasting ci eeks..., running from the foothills to the Rio Grande-the Sycamore, Mud creek, West Pinto, East Pinto and Las Moras... in the Rio Grande valley in.this county and putting them in cultivation. Water will be secured from the San... and preparation of the land is now in progress. The company has bought about 40,000 acres along the Rio Grande

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.... ................. inal . Ft. Worth & Rio Grande.. Galveston & Western..... Galveston;- Harrisburg .& San Antonio... River, Texas & Southern ............... Rio Grande ............ Rio Grande & Eagle Pass Rio Grande & El

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..., level, arid valleys lying between the mountain ranges. The valley of the Rio Grande, however... for grazing purposes. The Rio Grande forms the southwestern boundary for a distance of 140 miles... inaccessible. The Rio Grande -is the- only important stream in the county. There are no lakes, though... there is an inexhaustible underground flow of water in the Rio Grande valley, and on the mesas north of the valley. Water... of excePitional quality. Pear trees probably grow to a larger size in the valley of the Rio Grande than in any

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..., and is bounded on the west and south by the Rio Grande, on which stream it has a frontage of about 130 miles... of natural or surface water. The southern portion, or that portion bordering on the Rio Grande, is broken... by boring at depths varying from 150 to 500 feet. Along the Rio Grande, on the made lands, are a few farms... being shipped out of the county. The important streams are the Rio Grande, which is a dry river bed a.... The town of Presidio, on the Rio Grande, is in this county. Here is established a T)nited States custom

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... and George's Creek.-T. B. CAMPBELL, Glen Rose. STARR COUNTY Lies on the Rio Grande, about 350 miles... traverse the whole of the county, nearly parallel to the ancient course of the Rio Grande. From the line... for the fertile valleys. Below Roma the hills recede, leaving a wide valley, until Rio Grande City is reached..., where they again touch the river. Just below Rio Grande City they recede again, leaving a still broader... in the valleys and along the Rio Grande. To the north of the hills is the "mesa," or table land, sloping gently

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.... VAL VERDE COUNTY Is situated in the southwestern part of the State on the Rio Grande. Del Rio..., the county seat, is 173 miles west of San Antonio and within two miles of the Rio Grande, and has a...'s river rises in the northern part of the county and empties into the Rio Grande 12 miles west of Del Rio... well in the Rio Grande Valley: Corn, cotton, hay, melons, potatoes, cane, rice, etc. Fruits... up the Rio Grande Valley.-J. T. COATE, Del Rio. VAN ZANDT COUNTY. This county is situated

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... in this county are three fine flowing artesian wells. The Rio Grande valley is an alluvial deposit and the soil... running stream in the county except the Rio Grande. The stock portion, however, is covered liberally... scale was inaugurated by Mr. Taylor in the Rio Grande valley, five miles above Laredo, 10 years ago... THE TEXAS ALMANAC. to be 125 miles, with an average width of 40 miles. Laredo, situated on the Rio... Grande, 153 miles from San Antonio, population 14,000, is the county seat. Population in 1900, 21

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... to the Rio Grande. A period of brackish water lakes, alternating with lagoons and peat bogs, succeeded these..., on the Sabine. through San Jacinto, Burleson. Fayette, DeWitt, Goliad, Live Oak and Duval Counties to Rio Grande... City on the Rio Grande. During Neocene-Recent times, the land has continually grown, until the shore... impracticable. It is known as the Rio Grande Plain. and constitutes the Southern Province of Texas. Owing

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... is known as the "Big Bend" of the Rio Grande, and is the. third largest county in the State. Its county.... In the southern portion of the county is the Tas Lingas creek, which empties into the Rio Grande river just below... the mouth of the "Grand Canyon." The walls of this canyon are 1700 feet high. The Rio Grande is the dividing..., wells and by digging. There are a few surveys of land irrigated on the Rio Grande and near the mouth

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..., on the "Lott" railroad. The cotton yield for 1903 was 1200 bales. The alluvial bottom of the Rio Grande, a very... was raised 47,000 sacks of rice. Their pumping plant is on the Rio Grande, a few miles above Brownsville.... It is situated on the Rio Grande, about 30 miles above its mouth, and opposite the city of ;Matamoros... ports by the pass of Brazos de Santiago, with which it is connected by the Rio Grande railway, 22 miles... terminus of the Rio Grande railway, has 600. The county has a bonded indebtedness of $34,000. The total

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..., on the Mexican National railroad, with the base resting on the Rio Grande. Population in 1900, 6837. Property... assessment 1903, $2,445,037. The south line of the county, which follows the meanderings of the Rio Grande... to the belt of soil bordering on the Rio Grande, the water for irrigating being pumped from the river. During

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... Pass, where they cleared 400 acres of brush and irrigated it from the Rio Grande by a pump having a... Pass, and have now 1200 acres cleared and supplied with water from the Rio Grande by a 15,000-gallon... the Rio Grande by a 7000-gallon pump. Cotton, sugar cane (new crops in this county), sorghum and beans... railroad in the county. The county seat is Eagle Pass, situated on the Rio Grande, opposite the Mexican

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...; at Austin from the Colorado alluvium; at Calaveras from the Tertiary clays; at Laredo from the Rio Grande... County a highly saturated salt lake occurs, which supplies the people with salt on both sides of the Rio... Grande. Similar lakes are found in Trans-Pecos. In the red beds region thick beds of salt are found

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... by the Rio Grande. It has 100 miles of gulf coast, forming its eastern, and 75 miles of river front, its... one-tenth of the total area. Along the banks of the Rio Grande at intervals are also groves of timber... hedging plant in an eminent degree. The Rio Grande is the only water course affording fresh water

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... o Is located on the east side of the Rio Grande, on the Mexican border, about 150 miles southwest... is generally gently rolling, except near the Rio Grande, where the plain breaks into rough hills that overlook..., there is no timber but mesquite of a rather scrubby character. The Rio Grande is the only constant running stream

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