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... the buyer by contracts. tracts. TEXASWEET Grapefruit (the trade name of our product) has already won... an enviable reputation over the country. And in the "Magic Valley" are produced the best grapefruit... GROWER -and Stay at Home You Don't Have to Leave Your Present Business to Grow Grapefruit and Oranges

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... that Texas had 55,660 orange trees and 79,493 grapefruit trees. The United States Department of Agriculture... estimated that, in 1925, there were in Texas 1,653,000 grapefruit trees of bearing age, and 190,000 orange... grapefruit grown-very large and of unsurpassed flavor. For this reason the growing of grapefruit has taken

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... is paid to truck production and there are orange, grapefruit and peach orchards and vineyards. A large... thousands of cars of grapefruit will be shipped annually. There is also a large cotton acreage which

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