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id canyon
magazine has a
>n Bill Edwin's expl
er. He wap lost on j
fht to Hawaii and
und. Rev. Eiwin con|
book on his famous
he near future.—MicL
was a big day in Canjj
the "official family i
d, as students of
ool, filled all the scht
nd city offices. Thei
ok theit jobs serioi
performed every dutj|
run of business-
3. -
of Ochiltree county ]
e polls on* Friday,
1936 to vote on ■
on of the sale of
under .the recent
ntrol laws passed byl
slature.-r-Ochiltree Ci
d. -
sion of tfwo cars
liami on highway 33 i
to others iwlhen .the i
deswiped as they
in opposite directs
Chief. -.v
pardonable pride in j
m recently completedl
sler school campus h|
rical' Elducation depr
the -ihigh school, u
of Coach Bob Clark?
laborate preparations f
dedication of the hew]
letic center on iFril
rday 'of next; .week, Jf
—Wheeler Times.
ent plans are folio*
a $17,6000.00 swit
park project will
nan not later than
ording to announcen
dnesday by D. W.
La Guardia of Ncto Y|
d a ban on articholf
ould pake Artichoke
Manhattan dish.
i awarded perfect
in Kansas City,
m Missouri, too. -
■ - •'«•
barns could be pain!
lipstick UniyewityJ
^eo*dg use "cfcyef
I so much, figuring!
each *umble-seat 1
nsects are; catmlel
irther than six fe
g ladles insist that
on the corner has
about two ankles.
rivel chair was inven
s Jefferson." Later f>
of office-hold#* i
inated the feet-ow-d
mi have had guests in your
1 have given a party, phone
pesy for visitors
; Hoien Snyder was hostess
levening of , bridge (Friday,
courtesy for out-of-town
whio were: Miss Laura
| Nacogdoches . and Miss Oi-
jrotwri, Ft> Smith,: Ark. The
jrining rooms were attrac-
pth a Christmas tree and
Us of holy. There were four
I Guests included the honor-
aind Mrs. Tom Abraham,
Id Mrs. Rush Snyder, Miss
bhaller, Miss Virginia Wil-
liss IMarjorie Snyder, Mr.
Abralham, Mr. Naceeb A'b-
Mr. Lee Shaller, Mr. H.
les, Mr. Ryssell Carver and
lerbert Hext.
C. L. Fry and Mrs. H.
|ller were corhostesses in
ry home Tuesday evening,
| New Years' party. Each
are an emblem suggesting
le of a book. Guessing con
throughout the evening
much merriment. Awards
lade to Mrs. W. L. Helton
|rs. L. E. Brown. The New
rxotif was carried out in the
tions and repeated at the
hment hour. Guests were:
aes W. L. Helton, R. 33
as, iF. N. . Sawyer, Jesse
, George Ayers, Ida, ®hal-
Humphrey, H. M. Ramp,
| Teague, IE. H. Snyder.
Spiller, John Pundt and
|Brown. ' -
Carl Studer was . hostess.
|mbers of her bridge club
esday afternoon. -Special
ft were: iMrs. Jack (Lawrence
tisses Lola Studer, Ruth and
: Shaller.
)l friends
Ferman Sawyer entertain-
lurday evening, with a din-
lests were schoolmates and
|d: Mrs. Harmon ■ Collins,
...Sides, Miss Pearl
183" iTUcrne jXrtJwaa ^iid
lelen Weidner.
and Mrs. Furman Williams
lined with a quail supper
ly evening. Guests were:
pies' Vas Strickley, G. W.
It on, ■•'J. F; Johnson, W. A.
|n, Paul Hoefle and H. E.
birthday party
IMrs. Carl Studer and Miss
Alice ) Shaller entertained t Moil
day afternoon, in the home |of
their mother. Mrs. Ida Shaller,
Their mother, was the honor
guest, it being , her 72nd .birth-
day.; M*s. Shaller ate' lunch in
the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Troy: Newton, and Upon:, returning
to her home fouhd a coterie, of
friends assembled. The afternoon
•was ppent in. conversation. , A re-
freshment plate was served to
the following guests: Mesdames
Shaller, J. . F. Johnson, H. E.
Hoover, G. W. Arlington, W. J.
Todd, J, IP. jStrader, John Nolan,
Fred Dawson, Dan Witt, RL B.
Wiggins, John Jones, John Isaacs,
C.. L. Fry, Ed Humphrey, Inez
Humphrey, Gall,} E. F. Carterton,
Ramp, Gerlach,,. Snyder, Stone,
George^ Thomas, 'Balderston, W. L..
Helton, Paul Hoefle,", G.* W. Ayj-
ers, Claude Shaller, .Ijttae, Wins-
lo|w, Jesse Lindley, and W. C.
mWeil - fO1
Miss Gladys. Strader of Pampa,
and (Mr. H. A. Houck of Fre-
donia, N. Y., were married Tues-
day evening, December 31, in
the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Strader, at
Canadian. •
Rev. A. C. Haynes, pastor of
the Methodist Church,, read the
ceremony. The young couple will
make their home in Fredonia, N.
Y. . : • , - $|
dinner thursday
Mrs. Thomas Riley was hostess
at dinner, Thursday. Guests were;
Mrs George H: Ficke and daugh
ters, Helen and Margaret, and
'Mr., and Mrs. T. C. Shaw and
daughter, Shari Ann.
mrs. cowan hostess
Thursday evening,.. Mrs. O. C.
Cowkn entertained with an even
ing of games. Guests were: Mr.
and Mrs. Chester Piper, Mir; and]
Mrs. Maurice Haynes, Robert Wi(
son. and Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Cowan
and so®..
' — o -r
Club xmas party
Mrs. H. S. Wilbur was hostess,
to members., of the A-Muse-U
Club' Friday afternoon, December
27. This (was the club's Christmas
party. Gifts were-distMbuted from
an. attractively decorated Christ-
inas tree. Miss Virginia Wilbur
assisted at the refreshment hour.
Bright novely favors Were on the
refreshment plates. Special guests
Were: Mrs. J. F. Gall, Pittsburg,
Kans., Mrs. W L. Helton and
Mrs. G. L. Addison. Cliim members
were: Mesdames E. H. S'ny.der,
George (L. Bader, Carl Studer,
Oscar Studer, A. B. Curtice, J. B.
Lindley, Inez Humphrey, Jep Todd
and. Joseph Noble. ~
■ -r——o—
Miss Doris Strader, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Strader of
Canadian and teacher in the Pam-
pa schools the past four years,
was married in a quiet ceremony
Christmas day to Frank E. Little
of Fredonia, N. Y.
The only witnesses were Miss
Gladys Strader of Pampa, sister
of the bride, and Harold Houck
iof Fredonia, who accompanied Mr.
Little here. The bride' wore
blue ensemble iwitihi touches of
white and all blue accessories,
and a corsage bouquet of pink
Mr. and Mrs. Little. left at
once for a short trip to an un-
announced destination. They were
to return to Pampa this week-
end/and plan to leave next'week;
for Fredonia to make their home
IMrs; Little, member of a. prom-
inent Canadian family, completed
her academic education at Asbury
college, Wilmore, Ky. She later
attended Southern Methodis't uni-
versity, Dallas, and for the past
nine summers has lived and studi-
ed in 'Lake Chautauqua, N. Y.
Mr. Little is in business in Fre-
donia. His parents reside in East
Aurora, Ni Y.
; ■ o .
Christmas: Dinner guests in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Pra
ter and family included the fol
lowing: Mr. and Mrs. E. O. :Mloy-
er and son, Tommie, Mr. and
Mrs. Joe IDay, Elmer Moyer, Buv-
ness Moyer, Raymond Moyer and
:Miss Beulah Moyer. Mr. and Mrs
Vivian Prater were guests in the
afternoon, making two families
of seven each complete.
IBvst Wishes
To Our Many
we extend hearty
wishes for a happy and
prosperous new year
We aire grateful for your patronage since opening
ipe tjhreie weeks ago. We hope io still merit same by
t, V j
ng staple every day needs for both men and
romen. We expect to constantly add new lines as the
yon always the best
haitfilM that n^ey < n biy-at prices that win
with your approval. Get the habit of dropping in
fhile in town—look around—ask to see new merchan-
b. We shall appreciate very much your presence and
nterest. it
The . Order of the Eastern Star
held initiation services Monday
evening, December 30, at a call
meeting. Miss Dorothy Johnson
Was initiated. An unusual privir
lege was that of the Worthy
Matron and Worthy Patron, Mrs.
and Mr. E. R. Johnson when they
presided at the initiation ser-
vice for their daughter, Dorothy.
A number iof guests from the
Higgins chapter Were present.
A social hour was enjoyed at
which time refreshments were
served. Visitors from Higgins
were: Mesdames lEva RusSell,
Bessie Tyson, H. H Hale, Alta
Mae Carmichael, Mae Hale and
Florence Vauter.
——0— ■
Z. R. 9's.
Buckner, and Ballantine in New
York.—Pampa IDaily News, De-
cember 29.
charlotte gerlach
hostess at luncheon
, Miss . Charlotte Gerlach , enter-
tained the Merry Bidders Decern'
ber 23, with a one o'clock lunch-
eon. It was the annual Christinas
-party of the club. Beautiful deed-
rations of blue and silver were
used throughout. The tree was
trimmed in silver and lighted
with blue bulbs. Blue candles and
blue, and silver place cards were
used at the tables. • Bridge: was
played following the luncheon,
then the club members exchang-
ed gifts which had been piled'at
the base of the tree. Silver cor-
nucopias, filled with blue and
silver candies, were given as fav-
ors to each guest. Mrs. Ross Tipps
made itigh score and received a
tray. Regular members were pres-
ent and special guests were: Miss
Lola Studer, Miss Elmira Tesson
ahd Miss Dorothy Gerlach.
The county commissioners have
decided to have the old Monarch
75 tractor repaired with Which
to do road work and terracing.
• J. P. Strader is ill at his home.
• Mr. and Mrs. Geforge Gterlach
have had as their holiday guest
their daughter, Miss Dorothy, of
School bells . rang again. in
the C. O. Johnson home Satur-
day eve.ning, December 28,. when
Mrs. Harold Riasorr was hostess1;
to a seven- o'clock dinner in hon-;
or of the eleventh reunion i of
the Z. R. 9.'s. This club was or-
ganized when they were stu-
dents in Canadian High School
in the years of 1924r!925.
The table was set for eight
places. Mesdames Miriam Clark
Suggs and Evelyn Whatley Lem-
mons of Amarillo; Mrs. Reba
Johnson iPhilpott of Memphis,
Tennessee; -Miss Dorothy Blan-
ton of Oklahoma City; Mrs. Vera
Chaince Jones, Miss Ruth Shaller
iof Canadian; Miss1:Helen Snyder
of Nacogdoches, Tex'as and hos-
tess, Mrs. Regina Johnson Rasor
of Borger. Members regret very
much that one; Mrs. Carrie Lee
Mathews Schwartz could not be
..'"; o ;' .' •' ■
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Crouch and
son of Pampa, spent Christmas
here with Mrs. lEinma |M|atticks,
who is Mrs. Crouich's mother.
Burl Callaway spent his Christ-
mas vacation here with Ihis par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Call-
o '
Mrs. W. E. Prichard and Velma,
Mrs. R. 'E. Payne and Willa Jean
went to Amerillo, Sunday to hear
Mr. and Mrs. W. iB. Prichard
and Velma, Mr. and Mrs. J. Di
Prichard spent Christmas Day in
Canyon, vi'siting in the home (of
Hudson Prichard.
Miss Fern Crum of Panhandle
visited Miss Velma Prichard dijr-
ing!: the Christmas holidays.
•7— 'CH,— . _ .
Mr;-and Mrs. Mike" O'Neill 'and;
Mrs; Hoefle had as their guests;
forJ Christmas Mr. and Mrs. (P.
O. .Boyd of Lipscomb, and Mr.
and. Mrs. John Hoefle of Califor-
RSv; and Mrs. A. C. Haynes
and son and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Pinson spent Christmas in Cle-
burne, visiting relatives. They
retired ito Canadian, Saturday.
Mir. and Mrs. Tom Black and
daughter of Ft. Worth, visited
here last week with Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. McAdams.
Mrs. A. O. Buckner of Mineral
Wells, visited here Ohristmas
with her daughter, Mrs. IE. R.
Charles Te&s, ..who has been
ill, is improved.
. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hoagland
and children of Perry ton, Were
here for the Canadian . High
Sdhool alumni dinner, and dance.
Mrs. Mary Blanton and daugh-
ters, Mrs. John Oakes and Miss
Dorothy Blanton, of Amarillo, vi-
sited friends here Su)mday. M5ss
Dorothy Blanton sang a solo at
the Me^hodist Church Sunday
.Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eixum of
Shamrock, spent the holidays With
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. F. Brainard.
— o——
Bill and Ben Mclntyre spefnt
Christmas vacation in Dodsonville
Mr. and Mrs. Mclntyre and child-
ren spent Christmas Day in Ca-
Mrs. George Hevron if Amarillo,
visited Sunday in the C. L. 'Fry
Miss Sadie Lee Oliver returned
Sunday from Belton. ;Slhe visited
Mrs. W. W. Olwens at Mineral
Wells, while away.
. —O— !
'Einil Tipps of Muleshoe, spent'
Christmas with his father, Jess
-o —
Cars may come and cars naay
go, but the time payments seem
to go on forever.
common colds " 1
That Hang On
No matter how many; niedlcines yon
have tried for your cough, chest cold
or bronchial irritation, you can get re-
liaf now with. Oreoimiflslon. Serious
trouble may be brewing and-you can-
not aSord to take a chance with any-
thing less than CreomulSlon, which
goes right to .the seat of the trouble
fo aid nature to soothe and heal the
inflamed membranes as the germ-laden
phlegm is loosened and expelled.
Even if other remedies, nave failed,
don't be discouraged, your druggist is
authorized to guarantee Creomulslon
and to refund your money If you are not
satisfied with results from the very first
bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.)
She*/* not a/> heavy as
'Mr. and Mrs. Newton P. Willis
and daughter, Miss Lona, returini-
ed yesterday from Clarksburg,
W. V., where they attended the
wedding on Christmas day of
Everett Willis of New York City
and Miss Margaret Wilson of
The marriage was solemnized
at the home, of the bride's par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lusk
Wilson in the presence of imme-
diate families. Miss Nancy Weth-
erall was Miss Wilson's only at-
tendant, and the groom was at-
tended by his father, Newton
.The bride, |wiho\w:as i^ven. in
marriage by her father, wore a
gown of white crystelle velvet
with a veil of ro«e poi^to,. and
oarried a prayer 'book fastened
with a shower of gardenias.
: a informal reception frith' a
ew friends as guests fol^
ne ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Wi,v-
l|ft for An ocean' trip vdeh wUl
Iter January 22 at 242 East 19th
" eet, :Ne# York City, |
liss Wilson received her edit'
lion sit Stuart hall, Staunton,
iV, iifite#:'
me 198
. si'-
-.i 'j"
Phone 198
Washington, D. G. She also spent
J yfur ™Lce PIMpie-
Cecilia Gilly. in 'France.
. Willis, formerly of Pampa
aftd Canadian, was graduated
from Missouri university and
arvard law school. He is a mem-
>r of Sigma Nu and Phi Beta
ppa fraternities. For the past
H?ee years he has been asociated
wlthi the law firm of Root, Clark,
Mfl Ala mJM • '
'A* PW 9TW ilf Plf
Once More, as in the Reign of Jack Johnson, Managers Are Searching High
and Low for a "White Hope," Capable of Beating Louis
""PHE latest pastime in Fistiana
A is a game—revived from the
days of Jack Johnson, one-lime
Negro title-boider — k n o w n as
"And the .white, hope."
: The prize for unearthing this
rare specimen ot homo will be
,the . undying thanks of boxing
promoters and that large section
of American fandom reluctant to
admit . the ring superiority of. se-
pia-skinned-Joe Louis over bis
paie-faced brethren, despite the
massacre of Baer. Levinsky. Car-
neraV and (Jzcudun.
The Detroit Brown Boy's ascen-
sion to" the heavyweight throne Is
..lopked,npon as inevitable and the
■mart fellows.already are seeking
someone to topple him, even be-
fore he- has unseated -- Jim. Bral-
>dOck.- present cbck-of the-walk:
A king's ransom awaits : this
"white hope" when he Is located
-an eventuality , ShJch seems
pretty remote at thls ^ate. We
•.have ooftr to point to the enor-
mehts of the .list '
'Oimnfe-:, ' ... '
" What, then, would he .the fans'
; ; ;-yy,'3oe; ;^twe pltteJ
«htf^%t ^MjM * «M« .chaB
of piercing the Lonis armor of
Invincibility t are, sir.
the hogs would storm the gat*e-
wlth attendance flgnres rivaling
those ot the Klddf 10s.
bo.'ttwt, brings us back to the
•p to and Includ-
Ing. the match with Ring Brad-
mer. After tools
Mm, will he, like
der. find no men worlds to
There's no one on the heavy-
weight horlson today with half a
—... >.—. ■ ...........
m I ill m
In the grcat manhnBt for ■ ^whlte hopeM eapaU« ot defeating ;
jcie lx>nls, maaagere -- are Riving eome eoasMeiisWwr to """ '
Marek U plctared ahove just after >
over Uvrrntc Green of Ncw York.
m- 1 :
y fair per*
er fancy
ehance .;-9t ,v>
Bomber, although
the crown. Abe Fetdman and l(u
' Marek are ' another pplr who
might light gooi battles with the
Pride of . Detroit Marek took a
decision from Joe when they were
: both amateura.
- In his most recent bouts, Loots
hasn't been receiving punishment
for the simple resisbn that'he's
been so busy in dishing It out to
tha infortnaatM that he basal
. one over- to a vital spot, hat this:
. Is iaet«^ speeulatioa. Whea tm\
consider thait Joe , once, tote a,
stlnger oa the aide ot the Jaw'
from one Alexander Borshnk;
alias A1 Delaner, which cracked
all the b«ck";teeth"a(:,~"' -
side, and- then came
the nod, ybdll agree
tnjlt lad's Jaw tut exactly an
h 6®/,!V-
' • 1
i ;::v'
■■■v. AvSlaM

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