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Remember to
Vote Your
WiJJ on Soil
District On
January .'Jl
vol. i wi:lvk
or Hrcckenridge and Stephens County
tic voted iii the Farm and Home, and to Kverv legitimate Interest
Terracing Aid
Offered By
County Agent
To All Who
Wish Jt
Wl-1'! 1K..V
Alter Ja
many biro- wti
quad next y> i
Sometimes 11
Willi Mi.' gun. .i
mtjvoh hull
di'-iermuiing qi,n
ly th(>M Unit
clean like vu
JACK twin ,
•' .-in U ■
tUt'l - III (piail li
dot- lit Bill 1.11
sportsman. The |
ted by Lomey :
but lin k Hi - .us
from making t< l
I lr |nade s11f j i ■
doubted i! tin >
CHOUgh till' PUbh
■ itJ i riK> i
' 1.Hi. .
i-i.l 'ft)
S'Otj Pit
Livestock. liens
IVovc lioom 10
This Farmer
'A ellingtnn M;m (Juils
(.'litInn i n r ind It
l' i. ^ Dividend
Fill lire Transportation Hi cycles fUiitt Fin- Two
u " K Tom
St r hf con,
nt 11 miles
<>n into a
n that's in
" campaign,
it ebrvd < it-
cjv.tMMl the
tin* picture.
: ••
hill a liess
i ri
.Sudan gr
main, liu
nam sorght.itm, i.>
ii;f4hlin'is. liS ados
- lor >li'ni«■ nt• 1
15-aere moiim I
II inil sheliorbct
lone. Contour til-
it ■ it !ni- straigh'.-
i all fields.
Mini has been in" i-
i'il ami good crops
III acres abundnne i
.1 good crop III
il .1 perl loll i>f th.'
ii' harvested for
urge portion ha*
i t let It'll silos t'H
An insight int.' futim iiicins of transportation is den.:nstrated by Price Control Ad-
ministrator Lien Mo rulers 3'i. Uft, and others try.r.g out the first bicycles built without the use of
strategic mateiials. Miss f> e 11 y t3,1 r 1 a 11 rides the "rumble" in Henderson's bike. The Capitol is ceen
in background.
liaptist Meeting
Opens U llanjrer
Local Keprosontath i s
On I'ro^iani For Cisco
LiIV Sentence To
I*o (jivon I nider
Habitual Act
heiv last Miiotiy
him anil his 11<i
a point by lit-- il
more than .a pup
Sport was . ii
shoohrs WVIV i
wilti tlit'•• ii t It
wuii the do;;. ' '■
dog a I.It'll fit".''
doss II. The pUp I.
coed again tow n
nioie birds floss
The pup still in
picked tip a dcai
in. saw 'hi' pup i
droplK'd tlie bird
^^unt. Mii' h ■ I.. >•
Wuil- Ui ii-
brodght n ill.- Ui
dog that hie I !u
Wont back iinil ...
-popped win:.
'#t was great • |,n
will be no pirlur
, AM,:
In- in
Guy Kwin. del.
lut on ii iia> vvh
hard to tiuik. 1
answer another
I IKK i. .ui) : : - - . • M :
Mi i Ii-.- nl Fort W'm loun
Itimsel! m nta t lit aut'i'.Kn i it. i n >
w bea I he ti i iving n • i*. i ill .1
tically limited their sal. was pi
iti'ii eileet
U ill ike other 'IV s in Me •
so found hlm-elt adtrimistt' "i
tile tnr I iitiuUlii.: plan I'm' ':
state !!•■ was appointed by il.i
Cuke 11 Stev en.-1 <11 NeWi I i i
be available laider present a
at net tons only for doctor-. nur-
and veleriiiai'iaiii tint lor la.
rationing officers.
So Med.,' M.iiuht a w.iv .mi
his dilemma by callitit; his lit
'Otiipan> m l-'oit W'.ittli .nut as;
m'4 tbi' dealer in ie;re;id sniii
tires tnr the Mei.i'e autotnobUt
Jew ilavs later, the 11ie . olitpJUl
liotiJied him that the rein ad tin
were reiidj
"Sliall w, lirinjj them nvet
you," said the tire company re]
Ii-entai ive.
"Hell, no' sail I Meti. . 1
1 time hy and -et "em. It sonivtHir
jsavv you deliver thusi- tire-., tin v
.say: "well. I see that the III
thillK Midee dill as tire ildmillt
trator was to get htftiselt a tie
Set o| tires." "
si'l of titi"- which thr state ail-
dltor ti'porteil thai liis stall
was unable to iK'ftte when it made
an audit ot liu1 state liibor depait-
nii'tit wits found in the original
wrappers where the tires had been
l^ored in a ciipitol basemenl room
file labor department reports, The
department .shares storage space
Willi other departments and the,
tires had been covered over by
things pluced in the t\.om.
11. ia !..• 1.1 of register1' !
Ii' ... fiureh-'ise • 1 hurt •• •' I'
, j lay Ilia li-ns were oh- a m Mrs I
f ippVmen.t the" ort-.J.-a! land.
acr.' 11,1 1 mrd was plant • pri'siil
; .I .'\ ii .a -Is . ui; r. at. d
illl tills pi arhl'S, p'ums.
: apt ■- mil bert ies and
I -1.1 i t pr. ilurinr; in 1 ■ ■. 1 >t 1..11
11 \, ■ u;i, mi«.k| i:i t!
tins, tall to serve <
'rop .(111:114 the hi/.h pot
pi e
'lite I'lseo I.ptist Assoeiiilioiial
\V M, I' Quarterly ('nnfea u.v
opened today at Hie First I:. ptist
'r beginnitig at ,1'!
Crawford of Kart-
.1 (11i 111 • y tried Wednesday,
eh..i".ieil by indictment with theft
ear. the property ol S. 1!.
Former Resident
Claimed By Death
Funeral Thursday II. re
For .Mrs. Ida Ci.ok
Ol" Bor cr
Ida Cook. 70 years nil.
Wright, was loiind guilty by jury former Stejihens enmity re ad■ -ti 1,
ii district court
• died Wi'duesdav idlerniiou at 1 > i
1 Alti.rney Hen .1 1 Jean .;ei, the body in be bmuyhl h 'ix
Meetings Slated
IV) Explain Soil.
\\ ater District
V t (inj.v On .lannary '11
To Decide D.'sliicl
Or-'ani/.atioii'.v meetings liil'.e been
ar;ui-.t"l by members nl the Ste.
pla ns County Soil Coi1m'|'\ ill 1011 ■
Advisory Coauhittee a'nd County
I A«eiit W. 11. 1 .ace. for the pui po.-i
o! explaining tee provisiims nl ill
Texas Soil ('onservalion and
j the 1 leiiel its that w ill likely come
iron". Hie eication ot the pmposed
j si iii t'oiiserv at ion district
j The election has been set t.u
j J; 1 in ui ry .'II.
i M'eliuus are selteduled as, to I -
i lows:
.littuiary 2 1 Urcckonrid^e l.'is-
trii t Court rooiii. Satin day alter-
1 in.1.11 :: 11, in.
■ i ulnars In Necessity .s'ehool
house. I■ 1 iiia\ al'ternooii. 7:,"!(/p.m.
•liiunars 11) Crystal Kails
Si hi.iilliou...' Monday atteriiuon,
; 7 :.*>i 1 p. 111.
. t. 1111'; i;I'll Oakley School,
house, I'liesday allernoon. 7p.
: 111.
1 .lieiuary 1: i Ilarpersville
Schoolhouse. Monday afteinooii,
; 7 :.".i) p. 11:
•lai.tiary :>i f.'oliiiti School-
house, I- I'iday iifteruoon 7 ■ .* i> p_ m.
Tlie important points of the law
w ill I*,' explained and op| ortunits
will he u 1 ^i n to all to ask (|iies-
! ions reuardine the pros iisotis ot
, the law.
The proposed districts will he
composed ot most of Stephens,
east two-!birds of Sluiekelford.
and north one-hall of Callahan
count ies. This is largely a stock
lainiuie aro'i.
Virgil E. Havens, pictured
above, field worker of tlie
United Christian Missions will
speak at the 5:30 o'clock ves-
er service of the First Chris-
tian church Sunday. The pub-
lic is invited to attend.
Assi .-..'ittonal W. M, U. te.sliiiry live limes before, sshii
pt esiiiine.
,j' l)s Applicants
I' illinu Out Terms
The tlvme ol the nii'etm
I. ■( Your 1 aelit So Sltiiie "
The wiis to iiictod.-:
vy Mis Ii. M. lleiiril of
Hi et ken rid 41" (•reelings by .Mrs.
1 .lavid A1. I'ililitps ot lviin .i l, re-
11 til.' ; .fill W. M. K,
Hie assoeiailoiiid presi-
lents. 11.1 r. •'pnudm.4 s.'eretary-
speeial music by Mrs, ,1. II. If
Low cry .>t lireckeiiriflue sermon >'
by lie's II, 11,'. usoeia 1 ir,1 char
1 Continued on Page Font ■
s.'iiil liiiley hiis been to die peiii. lomorrow for burial.
Mrs. Co.ik has been ill for suit.
' '11*■ 1"'I 'bid-:.' I.rsiin Atel j :i time. She formerly lived at fink-. j[ t ArniV 1
to sentence him under the habitual moving to '.'.etf^r'svitii her family * -
ei 14i 11 years a"o.
Kutieral serv ices will he held at
Horner today, and here lomorrow
at Thompson.Kiker funeral horns todtiv I'resident
■ • if.-v. C. 1" '
criminal a< t, this bein^ tor life.
I'lii - 11aid .,-ompli'ii I 1 hose set
for this week in the local district
court, two oilier cases bciiis-I tried
with two other conv ict toils. These
were Marry Rpflyers who was «iv-
en Unity years on two counts tor
;ci atiaek on a Hieekeui id4e 14i 1'I,
;d Hubert Tarrant uisen two
year.- suspended sentence on a
• I theft til il cow.
i 0 ue Bucks To Open
Doubled At Once SeaSOIl Toni ht
t poMiH/n^ it tln'y
I itk re hav f hern
< 'harnlM-F « t i 'otn ■
it was
What Safety Is
Told Students
School Play Cast
Selected By Nail
al o'cbick, li-s. (Has m n
Gt'iiy ot I iciant 1114.
Mrs. Cool, is sursived lis three
sons and five 4iand ehildien. The
sons are (', M, Cook of Hi ek n-
rid'41': K. T. of Moiiiiluins, and 11.
l i, ot l tdessil.
Pull bcai'"rs will be A. A. liar-
dee. (I. I'. Gray, li. A. Sncath.
L. '1'. Hies 111s. Y> H, Clili. and
Ilomer Uranium.
WASHINGTON'. .Inn. 15, U.R
•Si'ere!ill's ol Viir llenrv Stiinson
lioose. ell has
iiaihorized iiureii-e on Hie army's
strength to "ilil 1(1,1 It It) men 1 his
yea1', file arms now totals about
1 7<km)00 * r.ii'ekenridse I.uckiiroos
Ilitdil will open the ha
it. would involve dotibhnsi - M'aS(,n l"',v' content,ice panics t
Slephenvillt* To lie Mot
At Basketball; Win
Over Graham
I'm!: 1. itllrtl t/iit shtiw- "What is safety'"' In answer
: anaist u , ' '<n • -i ap|ilaant- if that !.• m, Si r,t;«Mnl Toni ' •>
.' ..-if; - h Mpt ii later on. aw ay. highway |. at rolrna.n l
hi^h school si. in Ion is WVdarsi
a it or noon, "Salt': \ is your '1m
Court Appearance i,.n n. i ,,
Warninii- Issued r!
Cast lot tile hi 1411 school play to
I" eiitei■ "i.I in the iiiiiiiiiil contest Ked Cross Class
1 ' . ; A eel nest lay by Rob- <%.« . * .
i Albany. I O i>leet At >
S'■11 .■:•"t wi-r, l'lir. 1 i;tn Aber-
1.a 111'. Pal McN'allen Pat Ilenrv, "Ml'' 'l:"; 111
i-'.-y Williams Jo Ann Kl- l,'"";ln ; :'"i ""
Stimson fold il press eonletenec
ssould involve doubling the 1111111-
ber ol armored units, more t ban ! ho as in_t. .ol ha 11.
t lot tilling ait* f:,unbal iniits. and '1 oni^ht at « .. () oelock they
ad led SJ new triangular divisions, j meet Stephenville al'tei- meeting
a lai-v proper!itm on them eoni- (jraham in a non- onlort-nce gmie Wj,jch a|.t, hi,ld<kn ii
pltdely motori/ed. to the present night. Curtis will start rain- rjOC;4>,|rl 'iTail tnd 01
, . 1...-. ...l/l V-* I .. 1 1. r 11 I . . 1. *it .ri f/1 \ ! _
J1 nil in 11 ry divisn in.
Two Texans Die
hi Paris Crash
len at center, and Luke and Hay
loi'vv aids.
Hreeketirid^e determined capers
proved their superiority over the
, .l ive tickets for
s and tio not ap-
■ and place dt'si'4-
it'l i sfed for such
1- .when they tail
p. life <>11 if .fuck-
set . Gas-.,ass as si,it'-
ll someone ss.i-
• every I 1-- hours, and so
ss.'i-. injiu'ed every 1-' m
in t itr ;n;iiden|s A sl.iori p
"Th" Parade of i lhainpioris"
shovvn 'o the students This
lure sjressei! ii:e irupoli.'.i'.
I id vine Comipeti co itdmittiu
miriii nil hotly to lie till
in spin ts and in driv inc
I '.entoii Weill herloi"!
1 d stiu;e manauer
mid.-r hi eel ion of Miss Hal.
I'o Civiilan Work
a ola-i which 1. heinj; organized
aj tiic V M. C. A. and spousattti
h\ th.« lad us auxiliary <f the
(tin ha rn -Steers last nmht b> . .... 0 .
, , ,. 1 1. 'arrived. 1 ho Bittish ha\e an-
swtfpin^ both ends ol a double- , . .
PVFUS. Jan la Two nor- . . i .. 1 . 1 n nounced th« \ tio not inler.u to
vut 1 luu i"1 header. 1 >olh scores indicated the ,
on-, weiv killed and si< others in- ,a m.v;V n(- lhl. disi^oso movements ol ai.cral; and
lured seriously last nmht when " ' " this miylil apply likewise i ,i fliers.
Iwi) au!omol)iles 'olJided head 011, In the main event ol the even- Defense Line Shortsned
Work 1.1, the play opened Thurs- An"'n,'i"- 1 li ntdes .south of Paris. in- tlie Hltekiiroos took the Steers, ..Imperial, troops, establish:d a
•v" '• ^'at'"-:, I noinpsni., cerlilied •pii-., < I ■ < I were Curl is Ilawson, l'7-l'l. Wilde, who was hii^li point shorter Malayan del'ensv line north
aist i ui t-1.. i.. iht. An it i I' an he < I [j ^ .j- Texas, anl Kslelle Smith, man for the 14 a 111 e with 10, ss;is .a- svest ot lias island lorlre s t on 14 a 1
, . . 1 jSnlnhiir I'.luff. Texas. The injured 14a in the spark phi- of the Graham and act horit ies disclosed that o- ly
illtlbergh Assigned I , ' 1:1 v' :" ^ -xl,t 'include Dixie and Kafhorinc Oos- outfit. Thus Iar he is the only in. one remaining federated state
'outlay i aiia W ine-alay s ; t, Stdpliur Springs. dis idtlid able to make any head- ueichboi iii'4 .lohore. remained ttn-
I- m i'ir 1 aid ' \t book- ' wiiv with the Green stout defense, (lei* effective l.ritlsli control.
One New Patient
In I .peal Hospital
d liospitat today B|,
•i 1 tetii'in of Fort i ,,
,111 I'tlti'l'Set;. v \
t Hrecltenride.e !•■,
"Asleep In
k To Me of" I.
-vmerica." ai
d! Stewart,
Itosle Grasc
ed S 41, GiiSsi
, t
The L'
si'," and "
,. , , has i be i; ortlereri and instree-
W .'.SUING 1'fiN .fan. I . U.R1 , .. , ,. ,
, tioi-i All] still ; will" the hook-
; A, l''!"1,";-h 1 . i.v; h,n-. British forces
A minimum ol persons lie -• i.m 'r.mbu
st i,.. ih. war uepar menl , , . iH'dt .Ml) I HUKS
• |V| . i . • i v 11 > i i • i li,- I 11. i i ■!. i ^ - .111(1 ■
iriieivshNl and \'.ill seiv
aeit \,
III) EVKLYN Slli. t // IA
.s.'ci-etai\ «il war
ed today,
t elaborate, « \-
it i I antlbei 'j,h would be
i n! iicr flui ies w lien t he
Mj-'Ct is completed.
• d Lindber^li has nut
Mntni.Nsionetl as a lke-
if. isterei. I<
seen ret ; Hi-
th<! Cl;eN and
text books
\\ i
id Lout war I* ooil
> a ilal part in the
w.ii Whai are >ou
v in Poultry and
■ ot ilic principal
•"III a s?.-p up ol
in .a nt Is i eipiested
>r paidti> and poiil-
i favorable to the
tlie i„ \t lew yeiirs.
mi'.'- ui mind, fiie liuildint; Tlie lion
Mr 'I'rumat! i-, on Wed-
.Ian 11, Mr- ('lint ' ';|S is. I 'f"si-
deiil. Was ill charge "t tlie tneat-
iii., l'i I. I 'a I„ Yearbooks s ere
41S01 1 1 member-; and study of
I he ss 01 k tor IHI'J ssns I >y
file lileiiibers 'file re'41l!i r lit 1 ■> 't ■
1114 date for tile clllh ssa> ehaii ;etl
to ih. Jnd and lib Monday in ■ ach
nil nil' a t t h Cry -1 a| I - alls seliool
IS County Schools
Now Accredited
The Bucks lead 12-11 at half lime Th" m-ss Hrilish lin ■ ssiis form d
anil prolecled their slim margin in a illetiehiii^ rain sform. Presum-
tlirouuhoilt the second period, ably it was in lower Neuri Semhi.
liaiold Allen led the Pucks vvilh Ian state and tin * adjoining straits
9 points. Hues Kainhro and Georjje sellletnent ot Maliiccii. Both Ihese
SIN< lAi't >H.hill. 15 (U.R) • Luke, labbine 7 each, and Jack slat -s bortler on .lohore.
I'-ael: person if. the i la.--; v. ill 1' 1 ini] . ttal land and air forces to- : Hiiy lofalitiy 1. Two days a^o the British lroa|s
'•'•'lUirai! t. !ne ,. .. ha,.!: and will . ;,ti;ll k,-,| and defeated a ,hip- In the opener the Bucks "IV had held a temporary line
have |.. pay .*v loi' it. i.,,:k e >11111111 iii the Malaya squad defeated the Graham second Seivmbnn. lite eapitul ol No ,ri
Ne inor.i ihai; 2." rn anhei will ,, j.,,.._ drove enemy bom- li am 25-1!), TIiitiukIiouI the entir. Seinhllau. 151.1 miles Irom Siii'.a-
id loss et, in .any class, n s a- ...j.. ^ anil blasted tussle the Bucks played clean and p"i.\ lint .a.uiiin the;. withdrew
'■ 1 oil stores tai't .lapanese he'd al he.'id-up ball. .Murray I.effini4Well southward bet.ire superior Japan
I ho interest.'.! may on!! Mis. . Bweilenham into « ronring of the Green clicked 17 tallies to e-> forces.
I hompsoii, s7!i of the \ . M i A. , m;iJjS ni- 1m. s. become high scorer for the affair. | • A Tokyo broadcast said Hie
— j - — - — - - - Japaiie-e troops ssere lighting th"
All Between 20-45 I Ui i\\ T() |?|, I, I) CfY ()\ |7(. ^Itd'S-h
I'o Register Soon I n 1 h, u were sviu.dr.;,syin« iNe,,-,
Senibilan into .lohore state nl
LKBPOCK 'U.R The Home' The depart menl oilers t liese re. (ieinas, I 111 miles nhovo SinKtipore.
IVxas : eipes for spoon bread and cracked
all- - should look forssaird lion A^ent uasi
linn; chick; ... Iu4h quality "Food for Freedom.
an know i produetior: ancestry,
i eiiiemlie.' tlie . ibincs: Buy on YOlT;
oiialits iintl not on price, buy from FOOL1
reputable hillcheiy. For lurlher GRAHl
infprtiii-ttion about poultry so.
"a -t hool disii". is m Attention 11-41011 today svi
the I'd Kits Tw 0 ot these dl'-triets (,(j 1,, the resist ration here oil I'.ci iti; im ies deparfnien! .it
are 1 „ e'and have two schools ,n Febrnars lit. when all who base "1'eehii..1 . „ al has dex.soH ' wheal eookies. For spmin bread the
" '" <•" -' a,..lined then iwenlieth year. be. a six.meinber lam- 1'cms vvtlosc 1 >'mCntS Ot Pol
• ^ ' n < • n; -ui accredited with the not I heir lath will be ivtjuuvii t t , . . , '* • . rnmino' I ti Qlawl'7
S! ! i. ■ j 1, e 1111, ■ u t ,,| p.: lueat IIII. 1 i^t.-r ea,.,io. 11 cents a day lot cornmeal. two mid I svo-thirds e.nps t OITIIIlft 111 i)IO« I '
w ; ncli n can enter school it .'xpecied Ih.1t Isso or tin. ' ' 1 milk' b'iispoon of salt, two Poll taxes payitieefs are slow, it
e w hen. \ has UIK to take re-islri plan s sx ill be esUib. ' '• " '> silrplus eommoditii- tablespoons o! sUKiir. two eg'4 vus said at colleetol-assessor
an .1 ' 1 aii. e exaniuiatioii. Mrs. il.. eoiuiiv bs the local Hi" menus feature w, II.balanced yolks one pound of sausage; and oil ice ibis mnrniiiK. and those
Kill., Brockman .'oiiiity superin- dralt board ''v'"' I'l'-'nty of viliitriins for and one and one-hall teaspoons ot wiiitinu may liiul themselves in a
1 iei 111 'i 1s11,1 - 1 n |i a ,.n,| toil,' 1 v - .health. A one-das sample menu: moiled butter. last minute rush.
.1 lectin * ■ on ' _ , * * | iii, , , I I Ire'ik; asl: Cracked svheiil sviili ' The erf./aked wheal cookies re- Less than Win base paid their
Virst .-\I(I v ItlSS J milk, hi t biscuits and molasses, eipe: taxes out ol a possible ."'.300.
|*/j Open Tuesday . mill? lor Chi'dren and coffee for One clip cooked . racked wheal.
Pit Nazis Heavy 1 * J niltills. y I one ex« lM,>alen. oiif.-half cup of fat Mastodon Molar Found
Attention was called today in j limner: Spoon bread with sail- one-half cup suj$[>', one-fourlh SANDUSKY, O. "IMH A ptvhis.
LONliON Jan 15 fJ.P Soviet the first aid •'lasses that will open j mi 40 topping baked sweet potatoes,, tablespoon of cinnamon one-eishlh loric foofli found by a party ol
Will supply your family with warships, lighting in cooperation 'I'liesday evening id (be City Hall boiled cabbage, cracked wheat tablespoon of nutmeg, one-eighth engineers on 111" site ol the army
Soviet Warships
GAItlil.'N A Nil T' r:
FOIt KHKI JX M !..(>■
yoiii' County Home Iiemoiistraiisin vegetiible.. thiit are juci-r, liner w ith the Red air force, struck Jack Black will give standard Rod. cookies, cambric tea.
Aeen: o: iigrieiiltuiti Agent.
Th • Cry sin'. Fall, llom - I) m- th
. i ii' a..' 1 In", 1 It I. e . me
in flavor and texture, richer in heavy blows to Germans holding Cross instructions, the program to
vitamin am, other nutrients than Hie arctic coast against ndvnoefiv; open id 7;.">u o'< ,e. k.
usiiallv hoiiidii no the "iar- llijssiim troops, a Mosc nv re, oil- 'I aa'tl i; ' t' ■ '4I1I ;i eum-
I tad.iv'. her s.ill wi b .0 t .k I ! work
tablespoon of all-spice, one cup of new Plumbrook ordnance works
.Continued or. Pa^e Four)
Supper: Cream of carrot soup, chopped raisins, one cup of flour, near here is as Inure as a man' -•
tpen t ■•! '-(! n"ti"e :i"il tr'.i- one-half tablespoon if -.oda. one i'i ' ■< 1 I ' • t en'''1'1:')/md
■at liu.tei • ar-'sv'. Iv-s, Utrnip 'vK t;-' Y- o'" !.; '•' 'or. " " • .: ">• ' ' r;r ' • I>r.
a al. ,ii(-!' !:;!i'. S|)'i'„n o ' salt F. J. V.'l" '•! ■ Ulls'.' .'.i
71 f
Aircraft Carrier
Sent To Bottom;
Mac Arthur Holds
WASHINGT* IN. Jan. 15 'U.R An American stth lias sunk a
17,000-ton Japanese liner, which possibly svas being used as an air-
•rtil'l carrier to sup|Hir't Japan's southwest Pacific offensive tlie navy
reported today,
not disclose exact location.
M'he sinking occurred in Far Fastem waters, but the nnsy did
Il probably occu.-eii iu sv,'iters not from the Philippines
.shere Cit'tieral Gouglas MaeArthur today reported his men standing
*last under persistent and heavy
To Speak Here r,wk Japanese
liner of fiie Way at eltlfss, was
built ssuii ;i sic svto conversion as
iin aii'iral't ciirirer. A navy spoke<
mint said lie understood one el
, Yawata ships is 111 sers a-o as a
tarirer, hut it vsas not cerliiin
wlii'li of tlie Yawatns was sunk.
The vessels are the pride of 111"
Japanese NYK line ant! have a
speed 01 22 or 23 knots a fas 1
tai get for a n lalisely slow rnov-
.114 sub,
A ship ot I i 1 is el,a s broke tlie
.speed I'ecofd between Yokabail'.a
ied -"siiii Francisco 1;*st year.
I lie slop is the largest yet oa.4
| - t' I is Hie American sub fleet op. r
at 111; iu Asiatic s'.iiieis under com.
Hand ol Admiral Thomas C. ilai'i,
'I.let ol the I nileil Nation's sea
! 1 orces 111 the Soulhwest Pi.-'ifie
i The sinking of Hit Ynsvala ship
i I a'iii'-'ht the cet tiiin toll taken bv
nlis since the start ol the war to liatisporls. a nunc ssvecpoi'
e.e supply vessel.
I'. S. eoneminique.s also claimed
, . rah,,hie sinking of ,a destroyer.
1 ", seaplane tender, and
three lllJlOO-lon eitrgo ships.
The Yasvaia. hosvevcr, is 111"
■ est ol lot. The ships are huge 557
. I''el long SCs.sels V. 1. Il .1-foot
| "'am built only three years ago
:iiy Mitsubishi in!crests. They are
ell equipped svilii direction find-
's, cello sounding devices and
nod.'rn gy rn compulses.
Burma Stronger
P.olli air and land reinloreemeiit'i
(the lii's 1 10 roach the British Fill'
Fast in more than a month of war
ssith Japan have arrived in ;i11—
iniportant Buriiia. .More are on the
A11 olliciid annountcment said
today that II10.-.0 included iin'i-
iiirerafi bat torn, s lor Hang ion and
other key points and additional
i.roiind crews for air units land "I
al Burmese air field, some I
111 the jtaigle
, .. . ,11'iimbonrd for
bro and Slaughter al guaiil, Al- , ,
... .... .1 iijiii 11 s drive on Siiigiipore.
1 The svordi ig ol this di,'-pnieh
may indicat :,1' a ;emit arid avi-
ation personnel apart Irom 1110 e
making up the ground crosss have
I hit-.
, bi.|
'phi if
A |
) '!!
11 1/
on «h
d i|J
h fl

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