Breckenridge American (Breckenridge, Tex.), Vol. 28, No. 186, Ed. 1 Monday, August 30, 1948: Searching Inside

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... the City Park. Th? hour has been set for 6:30 o'ctoek. Alt Judge Rieger Kes Following Brief Illness Judge... John >M. Rieger, 79, veteran atornev. office holder and legisTafor, passe d away at his" residence... went to Hamilton County, where he atended si hools. His father was Dr. J. H. Rieger, a physician... seemed to "fly H- Rieger and H. T. Rieger of apart" shortly before it plunged into Buffalo Bridge, a 550.... Judfre Rieger was a member of 'the Christian Church over 60 years. Funeral .services will be held

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