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Jubilant Brownsville Merchants Hail Port as (Neu)Deal9 in Valley Business
Convinced that their “New Deal”
has finally arrived the people of
Brownsville and surrounding sec-
tions are preparing for the increas-
ed business that is expected to
come as a result of victory in the
city's long fight for deep water.
The celebration which got under
way Friday when word was receiv-
ed that the port fight was won. con-
tinued in spirit on through Satur-
day and was reflected in a complete
change of heart in Browmsville peo-
Believe Depression Over
The feeling was general that the
depression has ended.
The first news of the port victory
of the Brownsville Navigation dis-
ease to W. O. Willman. chairman
trict commission In a confidential
telegram from Judge H. L. Yates. In
Judge Yates gave instructions that
approval of the port loan not be
made public until It was announced
through regular channels and sent
here by the Associated Press.
The Herald immediately telephon-
ed the Associated Press asking fer
the news as soon as possible and
shortly before noon the “good word*
Preparations immediately were
launched for a celebration which
started with a parade at 2:30. The
parade got under way at the cham-
ber of commerce building directed
by chamber officials and parsed
through the principal business
•treets of the city.
CHy Celebrates
Brownsville people continue itt»r
Impromptu celebration on zamufh
out the afternoon and Into toe
night and the spirit of eelebratioc
was still manifest in the city Satur-
Brownsville business men ana
merchants were unanimous In ex
pressing the belief that getting the
port marks the beginning of a new
deal for this city.
They expect an Influx of persons
seeking to locate businesses here It
Is considered likely that several oil
companies immediately will make
plans for building warehouses on
the Brownsville port channel
The turning basin site located
about four miles from the city!
limits is expected to be the scene
of activity in a short time as o?o- j
pie prepare for the development that
is to take place there in the near
Property values are expected to
take on their normal figures after
several years of depression and it
is considered likely that a brt*r ac-
tivity In real estate deals will be
noted in the near future.
"We have been sitting here for
two years losing monev every day.
and Just waiting for this one thing
and now it has happened.” declared
one merchant.
“Now we can pull out.” declared
another one.
City’s Future Bright
All the businesa men of the city
declared that they felt a big future
Is in store for Brownsville.
The beginning of increased hurt-1
ness here as a result of the ty>ri
will undoubtedly be felt immediate-1
ly. And since the construction work
will go forward for at least a yea-.
Its effects will be manifest during
that time.
In addition to the $2 472.000 which
will be brought here by the Browns-
ville port work many hundreds of
thousands are expected to be
brought in by private industry aet-
tin> er/.dy for the beginning of ship-
ping into the Port ot Brownsville.
A small down pay-
ment will hold any
of the marvelous
new 1934 PHILCOS for
Christinas delivery!
Pay the balance next
year! Come in — buy
now while the selection
is complete!
Every latest development in radio including
Patented Inclined Sounding Board Super “Class
A” Audio System. Shadow Tuning. Automatic
Volume Control. Bass Compensating Tone Con-
trol PHILCO High-Efficiency Tubes and other
features. Receives police and air-
plane calls in addition to regular $
OTHER programs. Magnificent cabinet of
costly woods. Hand-rubbed finish.
$25 to
Only PHILCO canid rlr«
YM anch a rala* as this
Av saw Baby Grand! Oat par-
tarnia »ata at math higher
Pfira«- Boy yoars now!
_ I
43* 11th Street — Phone 391
—-' — .TarTTm i — .—..-... ..... ..
The above layout is a sample of the type of 'ubhcity about the Port of Brownsville that is to be broad-
cast over the country and into Latin Amt: by the Brownsville chamber of commerce and the
Brownsville Navigation district. The picture saowg at the top an air view of Brownsville center left
photograph of a steamer loading at Brownsville in the '80s. lower left Vice Pres. John N. Garner who
was a leading factor in getting the port and right a map showing the Port of Brownsville and the im-
mediate territory from which it expects to draw business.
Mexico Puts End To
110- Year Pensions
To Montezuma Heirs
MEXICO. D. P. Dec. #.
Negligence and several supposed
historical inaccuracies it was as-
serted today have cost the Mex-
ican government more than $1000.-
.00 in the last 110 years.
The claim was made in a decree
ordering that no more pension.
be paid to descendants of Monte-
zuma II ruler of the Aztec empire
overthrown by Hernan Cortez or
of the ruler s daughter. Isabel Mon-
The decree sent to congress tn
connection with a general check-up
on pensions the minister of fin
ance pointed out that the pensions
to Montezuma *s heirs — which he
said were granted only “provisicn-
ally and for the present” in 1823—
had been extended through negu-
! gence.
Further the decree challenged
; the authen^Jity \f records upon
! which the original payments were
The pensions first were author-
ized early in the seventh century
by the Spanish crown. This was in
reward for Montezuma's services to
Cortez and on the oasis oi the
Spanish conqueror's statement that
Montezuma on his death bed 400
years ago. requested Cortez to taxe
care of his children especially
However the decree sets forth
that Cortez was not present at the
death of Montezuma and that even
if Montezuma had renounced his1
rights in favor of the Spanisn
crown his daughter could not have
benefited by his renunciation since
the Aztec form of government
was not a monarchy but more of a
lepubllc and that the rights of the
rulers could not be nassed down to
descendants and especially not to
Satisfied Patients
Dr. REA of Minnesota
At Brownsville
El Jardin Hotel
Sunday and Monday Dec. 17 - 18
Two Days Only
Hours—18 A. M. to 4 P. M.
Dr. Rea. specializing in the
treatment of stomach liver intes-
tinal diseases as complicated with
other diseases without surgical op-
Some of his satisfied patients:
Mrs J. E. Edwards. Lipan. Texas.
Appendicitis; Mrs R. H. McAdams. 1
Trent Texas. Gall Bladder; Mrs. J.
E Brown. Olney. Texas. Liver
Trouble; Mrs. A. F. Downey God-
lett. Texas. Gall bladder and heart;
Mrs. G A. Smith. Memphis. Texas
Stomach ulcer and piles: Mrs. W
L. Ponder. 3114 10th Street. Wi-
chita Falls. Texas. Stomach and
nervous trouble; Mrs. W A. Whit-
aker. 1109 7th Avenue Fort Worth
Texas. Stomach.
Mrs. Frank Jakesch. West Point.
Texas. 8tomach; Mrs. W. J. Frank-
lin Heame. Texas. Obesity; Mrs.
E A. Davis Huckaby. Texas Pel-
lagra; Mrs. B. A. Gardiner New
Port Texas. Gall stones; G. E. Clare
OpUn. Texas. Stomach; Mrs. J. B.
Reynolds. Borger. Texas. gall
stones; R. S. Newby. Graham Tex-
as Stomach ulcers; J. B. Swanzy.
Rosebud. Texas. Stomach and Gall
Bladder; Herbert J. Blaschke
Schulenburg Texas. Hyperacidity.
Consultation. Examination and
Diagnosis Free medicines at rea-
sonable cost to those acceptable
cases where treatment is desired.
Married women requested to come
with husbands and children with
Drs. Rea Bros. Medical Labora-
tory Minneapolis. Minnesota. Since
♦Special to The Herald*
EDINBURG. Dec. 9— Former
County Commissioners Sam Har-.
grove who was convicted in led- i
eral court at Austin in January.
1933 on charges of income tax
evasion has been granted a new
trial according to information
received here Friday night.
Hargrove was convicted by a fed-
eral trial jury on four counts as
the result of his alleged failure to
pa. income tax on certain earnings
in 1928 and 1929. and was sentenced
to two years in the Chillicothe. j
Ohio federal penitentiary and was
fined $2.5’’0- His attorneys imrr.ed- i
lately gave notice of appeal.
According to information receiv-
ed from Fort Worth where the
United States Circuit Court of Ap-
peals of New Orleans sat Friday. I
verdict of the trial jury was re- j
versed and the case was* remanded
for retrial The new trial will be ;
held in Austin.
Hargrove was one of four men
formerly prominent in Hidalgo
county political affairs to be j
brought .to federal courts on in-
come tax matters. Three others
former Ccunty Clerk Cam Hill ! Chief Deputy Sheriff Alex
Champion and P. de la Vina for-
mer Edinburg contractor. Hill was
fined $1500 and given an 18 months’
suspended sentence. The other two
men were given suspended sen-
tences of a year and a day and
fined $1-500 each.
Rainbows d > not always occur in
the daytime.
CfepQGaJtor rajjrxtj*ratum
Tom St
5th and EL
PHONE till
A comprehensive program of ad-
vertising and publicity to call the
attention of Brownsville to the
attention of the world at large
and shippers and business men in
general is being mapped by the
Brownsville chamber of commerce
according to G- C. Richardson
Richardson Saturday issued a
statement asking all residents to
write to their friends acquaint-
ances and business associates and
to call attention to the Browns-
ville port as an opening wedge.
Interest Wide-Spread
“Due to the location of Browns-
ville on the Mexican border to
its historical background when
ships formerly plied the Rio
Grande and to other similar fac-
tors there will be more than the
ordinary amount of interest in this
port project.
The Brownsville chamber is
preparing to capitalize on this tn-
lereat by sending articles to news-
papers. magazines and other puo-
ic at ions throughout the country '
Richardson called attention to
the fact that much interest m the
port here has been shown by the
mine owners and manufacturers m
northern Mexico and said that
communications would be sent to
Varied Program
The general program to let the
world know that Brownsville is to
income a seaport Includes prepar-
ation of booklets and folders a
considerable amount of letter writ-
ing personal calls feature articles
for newspapers and magazines ana
the like.
The preliminary work along this
line was done two years ago oy
the chamber when it seemed likely
that the port was to be built ari
it will be taken up where it was
left off.
$57000 STOLEN
CHI CRASH A. Okla. Dec. 9.—t^P)
—A package containing $57000 in j
clearing house checks from Okla-
homa City and consigned lo th*
Oklahoma National Bank. Chicks-
sha. was stolen early today from
the office of the Mistletw Ex-
The package arrived here about
3 a m. While unloading packages
for city delivery the driver Earl
Richardson stepped inside trie oi-
tice to answer a telephone call
and when he returned to the plat-
form the package of cheaks and
another consigned to a motor com-
pany were missing. W. L- Bergman
express agent said.
The checks are valueless to U*e
thief unless successfully forged.
Hold Man In Slaying
Of Wife and Children
LAWTON. Okia.. Dec. 9 — TV-
Word that Robert F. Hayter ne*i
lor questioning In the mysterious
slaying more than a month ago ot
his wife and two children to in
jail at Duncan reached here today
Hayter. a traveling salesman was
arrested several days ago after
more than a month of investiga-
tion but no charges have been
At the same time It was learn-
ed that a married woman living at
El Reno also is said under arres;
for questioning in the case. Her
name was not disclosed but it was
understood she too. was held m
I Convert Your 8
And broken Jewelry which I
you have discarded I
U 8. License No 851-A
Make the whole family a pres-
ent this Christmas. A present
that will benefit every one of
them every day in the whole
year and in years to come. A
present that will actually pay
back in daily savings all it cost
and more. Come in and see the
Norge. Let us explain the plan
that makes it as easy to buy as
a less enjoyable gift.
0 0 W N
Russia Receives
\ Litvinoff Home
Without Cheers
MOSCOW Dec. 9. Not as
a conquering hero or as Soviet
Russia's man of the hour but as
plain Comrade Maximovltcn” Lit-
vinoff the foreign commtsaar was
welcomed back to Moscow today
after his successful negotiations
leading to American recognition at
Stepping from his private car
Sixty-seven pupils of the West
Bros nsvllle school were placed on
the honor roll for the second six
weeks work as a result of high
scholastic averages it whs an-
nounced by teachers Saturday
Those who made the roll arc as
First Grade A-l—' Happy' Tan-
dy Dorothy Ann Ellington Mary
Frances Hardin Marian Abney
Johanna Craig.
First Grade A-2—Frances Es- I
cobor. Margarita de la Fuente Jose
Torres Jose Escamilla.
Second Grade A-l—Lionel Wi-
nans. Vemell Billngs Elizabeth
Buckley Virginia Ford. Mildred
Washington George Smith Jr. Ma-
rinel Skelton. Courtney Schmidt.
Celia Fernandez John A. Obon.
Second Grade A-2—Eleno Capis-
tran. Jesusa Casares. Marcela Gar-
za. Roman Leal Juanita Betan-
Third Grde A-l—Jimmy Rmtfro
Lee Works Barbara Williams
Janice McKay -Bubba' Crixell. j
Dorothy Shealer Isabel Escalante i
Third Grade A-2—Olivia Char- I
les Fell pa Ramirez John Jot Clay. j
Macedonia Charles. Jose Vasques
Refugio Nieto Enriqueta Vasquez.
Raquel Gonzalez.
Fourth Grade A-l—Helen Tid-
well Manon Smith. Elmer Black.
Mike McManus. Bill Rasco Rich-
ard Sabatka Malcolm McNair
Billy Faulk Jo Carolyn Lewis Es-
ther La mad rid. Gloria Ramirez
Fourth Grade A-2—Joe Reves
Alfredo Ramirez. Claudio Swndo
val. Trino Buttron. Gilbert To.Tes
Maria Luna. Sofia Infante.
Fifth Grade A-l—Kathrine Bing-
ham. Frances Fox. Gertrude Gotke
Katy Hacker Harriet Hardin
Mary Kathryn Hillyer. Charles
Gay. Robert Undhe Henry Khou-
ri George Martin.
VERA CRUZ. UP)—The French
liner Mexique set a new trans-At-
lantic record when she arrived nere
12 days and 12 hours out of St.
Na.aire France. The voyage usually
requires 17 days.
r11 ■ —
I Faith
For twenty-one years Manautou’s Inc. has
had unswerving faith in Brownsville and
the Valley. Our every possession finan*
’■ cial and otherwise has been invested in thi
city of Brownsville.
The assurance of the Deep Water Port to
J the very door of Brownsville is the best
A news since the coming of the railroad to
this section in 1904
Let's Step Out
In One Big Unit
* "l|“l ^ *' immII n (f tTM^Ti t H
smiling broadly he greeted his wile
and two chikiren—Misoha and
Tanya—with hugs and kisses then
he shook hands gravely with nu-
merous colleagues from the toreign
office who were present In the
sub-aero weather on the station
platform to welcome him.
Alexander Trolanovsky Soviet
Russia's newly appointed first am-
bassador to the United States;
Rudolph Nadalnv. German ambas-
sador and attache* of the Lallan
and French embassies also were
there but the general public waa
not represented.
Apparently to prevent a voci-
ferous demonstration the Soviet
press had refrained from pubUMi-
ine the date of Litvinoffs arrival.
Refitting the solemn dioloraiic
character of the occasion. there
was no cheering.
**I feel fine but aw-fully *ited -:
were Litvinofrs only words to
newspapermen as he entered an
automobile to be driven to his
home with his family.
AS—Described by officers ts the
victim of a wild frensy after ar-
riving at his home in an intox-
icated condition J. R. Braud. 39
last night shot and fatally wound-
ed his father-in-law shot ami
wounded a neighbor and then kill-
ed himself.
The dead man was J. E. LeBlaru
Braud's father-in-law and the
wounded neighbor is Mrs. 1- S.
Lanehart to whose residence the
Wife of the assailant fled during the
The report to officers stated
that Braud seised a shotgun after
his father-1* late had upbraided
him for creating a disturbance and
fired twice on the elder man.
His wife fled from the house Into
the street and Braud fired after
her. A charge of shot struck Mrs
Lanehart who was standing in her
doorway and painfully Injured her.
Braud then turned the gun on
Silkworms exit grow their skim
four times during their rapid grow-
ing period. At the end of this time
they >uit eating and spin themvclv *.i
into the silk cocoon which as»k?s
it valuable to the teimmerri.*;
f M All M S
l l
I 1
6 S
■ 1
8 *5
M All steel ballbearing wagons rubber tired and
exceptionally well built $4.98. £
y Thousand Shot f I 98
jK Air Rifles— 1 = 5
S All Kinds of Toys for the Kiddies g
I’ Garza Hardware Co. %
^ * 639 Eleventh St.—Phone 473 «««■

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