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... terminer) to build to 'Sherman via Pottsboro, has abandoned tbo idea of securing that road, and is now... will not, but that is not the question. Sherman has a chanco to either secure the court at this session.... The Register is fully aware that these lines will be com mented upon by our brethren at Deu ison, and we... and other facilities are located in Sherman, and it will be a great incon venience to peoplo to be seperated... rom them. Third, Being for Sherman first, last and always, and believing Sherman to be tbe best

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... still continue to push one another in Sherman. There were prayer meeting services at nearly all... East Sherman Methodist church tonight. ■ Miss Dora Deckard, of Whitesboro, sister of Mrs. W. 0..., late of DallaB, but now managing editor of the Gaiues ville Register, was in the city today, and paid... the office a pleasant Call. The ladies of the East Sherman Methodist church will give a supper at tho church..., will be something the show gaing people of Sherman cannot afford to miss. Tickets are on sale at Lankford & Berry

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.... Cor. Honst.m anil . Wuluut, ...... Sherman, Tenuis. Carpenter & Jones, (ilíNKIlAli INSURANCE AGENTS... HANK, SHERMAN, TEXAS. / MARBLE! FBED V7". HUDSON, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN Amcricau an J Italian... and Cyclone Flours. NORTH TRAVIS STREET, SHERMAN - - TEXAS. gnu .... i 'hu-ui.. i-jl.hi.. !i i-t m'w ji... GOODS DAILY ARRIVING AT TIJK ?A VOKiTE SHOE STOKE, *> miJ "«.'iiJt ::.*r;á "ü'S3RB1WS m... WEST SIDE OF SQUARE, FODB DOOB8 SOOTH OF POSXOPFIOE. '' Sherman, ; l' ."'J m we o a i r ¡ii et < . jt

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... Monday in each month, in Masonic Temple. T. S. Freeman, E.G; W. E. Oxford, Recorder. Sherman Lodge, No.... P. Goren, Dio tator; J. E. Wallace, Beporter. Knights and Ladies of , Honor, Sherman L^dge No. 66...,' meet 1st and 8d Fridays tileach month. W. G. Meginnia, Protfctor; S. W. PortetB Secretary. ,, Sherman... iu oaoh month, J.W.Levy, President; J. E. Wal I aco, Sec'y. and Treajurer. Sherman B. A. Chapter, No... street. L. W. Button, M. W.; J. W. Stew art, Soo'y. Sherman Lodge, No. 45, I. O. O. F., meets every

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