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... , > . ■ There was a row over in a colored -""'■jhborhood in North Sherman lost it, but there ia no due to tho par its... real eetate in Sherman, and prospecting party* will be in eoon, it is expected. eetate dealers... of Sherman atinue to receive communica live to the purohaee of proptierman and vicinity. the weeds' out... little Rock to Sherman, {h a fine field. Jy bursted ordinance in i Sunday law, ahows the what... the officers them in trying to i of liquor on Sun other disturb ttitiliij Sherman demanda as tha officers move

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..., Com Sherman Order Anoiettf Order of meets overy 2nd month. F. Widmiíñ^ Poleman, Beoorder. Sherman.... flchweer, Oommander; Harry Jones, Sec'y. Sherman Lodge, No. 45, I, O. 0. F., meeta every Saturday night..., in Opera House. J. B. Oole, N. G.; John W. Hopeon, Seo'y. Sherman Encampment, No. 21,1. O O. P., meet oh 2.... Freeman, E. 0 ; W E. Oxford, Becorder, Sherman Lodge, Np. 080, Knights of Honor, meeta tho 1st and 8d.... Knights and Ladies of Honor, Sherman Lodge Ho. 88, meet 1st and 8d Fridays in each month. "W, G. Meginnis

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... •: ■•. V . i r— try .' ' ;. ■ &' DRUG STORE, South Travis Street, SHERMAN, TEXAS. jr. H. XJE-TT GOODS.... % ~ SOUTH SIDE SQUARE, - - SHERMAN, TEXAS .A-lSriEIETTSEIR, - BUSH BREWING ASSOCIATION E. ARNOLDI, AGENT... to suit occasion, or. Houston and Walnut, - - - Sherman, Texas E. S. JONES & BRO # ■ • DEALERS IN ITAPLE... their rtctorjr i8 Marion Skinner of Pilot P :i lS # ^v? If ¡■PPM •> • - -| ■^^I|^^!!4pasir- T-e That daily... Franklin vs Mo P By Co. ' "vMf - ' 55551 James Nairy vs tho City o Sherman; 5562 Charles Sumner vs JRWal

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... trade of Sherman the IndUn Territory. press association to visit i sbsjs ««'i 1^ not the civil gov w... Sherman as a people. How many ragged and Uttered forms they have clad; bow many hungry mouths tbey have... orphans they have aided we cannot Mil, but if every good deed tbey have done 'for the sufferers of Sherman... woman's heart inf. all Sherman which does not beat in unison with tho sacred purpose, and whose best...>e done by charitable iudivid uals. Remember that among the 12,000 people iu Sherman, there are many who

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