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If' •
on "
Pifi^'E 'mm
" -'v
_.. Union
vt #¡\*
'■idl T^í'tíV.. fMs -. r
in motion.
thif fall by all
' l^jar tne State Orphan '
1st Ibt mm tUng
I has excellent railroad I
>ught now to rustle a
> for manufactures.
f -1 t jmHHMBM
Tas mw jail ia nseded pow, bat on
of the inability to get
; delivery of atone, the building
will not be reedy foroocupaney before
No , lei
IflSW greet oetUe trade oaa be gath-
. . t ^ Cotton Belt if they will
a road (rom Sherman to
via Decatur and other ton*
m% ' '
'A mítfesi u
are proud to say that
v mmam*
• -•'!■. V
WIL <a'
inoee is wnoee
EFliE®*®®! !: '' v
•f ai Bottottar, N. Ya
'4rjw*i a • -**>h4 j cA •
MPjSe!^''/ ^
a akmrk lACiotlv •iDtiirod In Aab FrtBlllM
a imak
—.IfiT "
aooattiitftoi of CafcU Blea ta qnlt« e 4
A) Ibjh It VraMrttM* bo.plt.lltJ m a
if, and Mian* rltls«Diblp to ba
forfaited by Ingratitude to paresia
_"'_1"_'„' '_ ' ''' ' ..taa4ra4ti«at
t valuablaa, Sua palutlnfa, Jewalry, Ml
alb-ararare, m deitrojad by Mm trail bar -
of alarga atonnK bundle* la New Tarfc

N.w Hampeblra boot* of rapraa«ata
UW bat patted a bill appropriating 11,601
par jraaí (or tha east two yeare to be miri
adía prapariag tba reeprd of tb« New H«wp
ah|re aoldére and aallora la tba War of Iba i
rtlloaa. ■ ; ^ H[H|
)t la «eld there la • Iowa la Scotland *bar«
raoty-two man hara ralaaadto apaak or to
Nfrefalaa aacb otbar for ft art, baaauaa tb«j
bara dlflnraat tbeorlaa aboat tbacraaUoa of
iba world, and uoaa of tban UI glva ap ta
tba othar.
At Alazaadar, Va., last Wadaafday atgbt, a
mardartr coorlctad of manilaagbtar waaflfead
M for a slaiple saaa of aaiantt During tba
paat moatb two brutal moidarera In tba aama
bara bean giran tarma of two aad tbiaa
/ear ' tmprtaonmant for tbalr arltaaa.
TUara Ik a law la Waablaftow territory aoa-
palling tba taacbara of publla Mbool* to taMb
pbyriotogy aad byglaaa, aad U tbay da
taéob tba «mm tbar aaanot 4raw aaboot
ayi alao, If tba pupila wtilMt: ta4y
atadla tbay tan baaxpallad fraw tba aahaoL
At Dallaa, Tax., Ifoaday araalng, boodlaml
bombafdad a prohibition naatlag wltb rot Ian
tor*. Ona of tba mlaallaa bh tba aoa of Bar.
Dr. Haydta, of TU Mm¡>«M J&rM. 1
weald ratbar," (aid tba doator, "tbay atraek
lib e rottaa agg thaa gira '
r' : WÜM
MMb#0MM#b#rt H id
meet and greet u friend*
on* triiM, There ie
' • , ,
corner Dcrhape that
peae it doea hot
mamorr f émI
piottti * Ha to
of fee paat. The Brawxi
to aaj that it hat oarer
to lift into volee, feeble ae it
_ may bare been, in defefiee of the city
j|:¿ publiabed, and to whicb
We are not booming the
becanae we bope to "etand in"
anybody or uaf clique, but
beoanae we feel
home of our obUdbood and later
(not being ¿ray beaded yet.)
paat baa demonstrated that w«
true to Sherman; we ere not bnr-
ed with tlmt care,-and arery word
we aay ia jsat what we hope for;
what we fell and joet what any
Shermaniie with the intereete of
at heart will . endorse
mora nr. Yea friend Jour
ara an entfaoaiaet, bat not
oaaee, and this we can feel
mlosara fromtimj*M*
tba noise of'the saw and ham
r, and the oliok of the trowel, eech
its fait* toward
Wa need the State Orphana' Home
in Sherman, and therefore than
i large attendanse at the
I Commercial
night, when,
1, there ia to be a meat
porpoae of raising a sab
, or at laast laying tha plans for
In aooordanoe with an act of tha
legialatnre providing, for tha
of an orphan asylnm at eome
point in tba State, the com
jra appointed fay the governor
tha parpoae of banting ap a looa
i, are making tho round , visiting
tha diArent places which are candi
for the sit*. Tha eommittee
in this city the latter part of
, and the looal oommittee
to receive them, becked by
extended every eoarteey
power, and did not suffer
to depart without having ob-
j|. farorable impression of
and its sarroaadingf.JBaing
^^•■/.inslittitioo, the vnta
1 importance of «nor
not fail of being
The aaylam
a (and of several thousands
in addition to and inda
of appropriations to be made
legUlaturee, aad in addition
funds on band tobe
« snog sum has
to érsot and fnr
%. The institntion
filled with many
i orphan children of
bted that not
thousand dol
ba paid oat for its
more boaeee for oar
|i||antly inereasing popalatton,
and more houees in which to store the
goods of ths firms that are daily
their Asmes to our eommar-
ouroee. Yes, we are enthu-
aiaatio when the interests of Sherman
ail eonoerned, and we era juetified.
If, we fight harder for Shenban than
in other towns do for
their, homss, it may be beoause
we can find no dividing linS between
oureelvea and Sherman, and if we
oould inepire arery man in the oity to
fight for hie home and hiajown inter
eats, we would be willing to bear the
name of enthoaiaet or anything elae.
We make no gueeeee when we write,
and have never yet aaked the peo
plii of Sherman to loae their
time and give away their money,
when by theee tneana the object to
which we pointed oould not be ob
tained. We have never misled the
people, bat have alwaya fought for
ettainmente that were within reech,
ae many of the aequiremeute
lately added to our re
soaroea will demonstrate. We
have been exceedingly fortunate
for the people have always taken
hold of the important chancee offered,
and cloeed the fight in victory, saving
as when we asserted that Sherman
wóold act, and tbie knowledge in
apiree to proclaim auooeea when in no
other towna the presa dare breathe
nothing; not even an nncer
tainty. Yea, Mr. Journal, we
will always be entbasUurtio when
the intereete of Sherman are con'
cerned, and don't forget it please,
We are oallouaed against the aneera
of rivala, and ahall keep up the fight;
we have a good town and we Want
everybody to know it, and ahall loee
no opportunity to tell them. We are
not compelled to ridicule others to
ahow np our merits.
Everything about .the Supreme
Conrt is impresaive and awe inapiring.
Eren the two trim negro men who
Sit at the inner and outer doors and
noiseleealy open them by means of
cord attached to the door knobs, to
allow peraons to paaa in and out,
apparently perform that duty with a
deep sense of their responsibility
The eemi-ciroular chamber, with ita
stately columna of mottled Potomac
marble, its half domed roof lighte<
bJ skylights, its substantial, ol<
fashioned furniture and the rich
upholstery of the sofas arrange*
upon th sidss fiar the ae
oommodation of apeotators, reeal
historio ecenee, glorified as they are
viewed through the dim mist of time,
and ita walls ssem ready to echo the
irpiils of the past.' Ths appearance
and bearing of the nine elderly gen-
who sit'ia a row npon a raiset
hablada long dsak,ololhsd
thsir black silk robes; the absolute
isbce enjoined upon all nbt hsWng
to addreee the court, and the subdue
Rispiare gravity
w M
":¡ fe S Ú %
■ vr."''.,
Bass and
" rj
«. «fe
t. Travle
J'"11. "'"I
', ¡'' i I
.t-sai" * m:-
ttpÓood shave orFiratolaas
Hot or
My One
Well to Call at FRANK KOTE'S
■ .
Polite and Attentive Barbers are Alwayato be
tba aatnalHaa of tka JabHaa proesaali
ap to aboat six haadnd. Tbraa bi
wars aaaaa of falatlag. Orar tvaaty o
A sotag aaag by VaUl dariafbar laat «ser of
tka waat wat aoipoata by tba H-ytar aM
dangbtar af tba atata Ubrariaa at fMWTtraak
Illa aoaspoaltlon waa ao dlfSaalt tbat tha
sbilS waa adrlaad to alaapllfy & bet aba IS*
faasd, aad It
It wltb great i
loa Cool
atraka. Tbara «rara aararal brokan lagi, anua,
collar bone., aad dliloaatlona Soma
paopla auCarad coneaaalon of tba brain, acaaa
bad tbair abaata anubad, aad otbais wa a
kicked by boraaa.
tba lataat novelty In allrar It a tiny powdar*
bat of rapouaaa work, line! wltb gold, aad
daaUnad to be carried (a tba pocket by tbt
women wboaa noaaa ara apt to beeotne ablny
or wboaa cbln* aiaume a roaeata bue under a
etunmar-iaiort aun. The box coo Ulna a
miniatura powder puff and tba dalnUaat mir-
ror Imaginable la lnaartad In tba ltd.
It la related by Boa ton papera aa a faat tbat
at Brooklyn tba otbar day a Boa too man dla-
eovercd after he bad boarded a ear tbat ba
bad noobanga laea than a ISO olU, and bor-
rowing the fare from tba ooadaetor took bla
name and addreaa, aad a few daya after aaat
tha tieket-puncher a cheek for SB In apprecia-
tion of bit kindneaa In lending a nickel.
tba tbraa great featuroa In tba eelebratlon
at Philadelphia of tha cent|nalal annlreraarr
af tba adoption ot tba eoaaUtaUon of the Uni-
ted Statoa will be—Irit, an oration and poena
la eommemoratlon of the algnlng af the ooo-
atltutlon; eeaood, a grand military dlaplay, la
which atalaa, terrltorlea, and tha general gov-
ernment will Join, and third, an Industria)
proem Ion. 1
At Springfield, (X, a few daya ago a
abeoked her babr carriage to a neighboring
town where abe waa about to rtalt, and forgot
to remora the child from It J eat balota
train itarted aha atlaaed the baby, aad aftar a
frantla and frullleaa aearch auddanly raw
bared whata abe had left It She got to
baggage car Juat in time to gel the Infant aa
It waa being loaded aa iba train la lla ear
It-la atrange bat true tbtt the territory-of
Arliona la without laws; Tha lawt both apá>
alai and general, were abollabed by tha laat
leglalature, which adoptad aa entirely new
The new aode waa to ga Into elfeet July
1, but It la atlll lq the printera* banda In St
Leula. The offlclala and people of the terri-
tory are totally Ignorant of tba aoda lawa,
and all courta will bare to aloae antU tba
eode la printed and dlatrlbutaA
A typographical error appeared In Tha J%H-
Iand Sunday Timé a few yeara ago whlob re
a altad inora happily than la nanal In auab
Ia nnnounelng a chureh aupper and
eonsert, the word «oncert waa parrorted to
danca. A young man who read the Item and
waa attracted by the danca etrolled Into tba
veatry. He became ao muah Intereeted that
he altcrward attended ehureb aerrloae there,
profeaaiú religion, and la now a highly aa-
A roaldant at Ocean Point, Me.,' reporta
great light between two mona tar aeala, which
he tbua deaerlbea: "I think they woúid
weigh one thouaand poonda; tbay tore at aae
another fearfully; laahad the water Into foam
aad leaped boldfr Into tha air. It waa a bat-
tle of glaata, fearful to behold, and I daaot
wonder tbat tha anotante created a mythology
out of auch marine tuaalea. Finally attar a
leapt rate enoouuter of fir a mlautea, both the
eombatanta dlaappearad beneath the Wavaa."
Among the auggaatlona for Aagnit In 9fc*
AmtrUan Magatim la thlat "Whan yon ga
oal of town to a euamar hotel take la yoar
dreaalngbag an onnoa rial of sattDrated eola-
tion of permanganate af potaah, which aay
draggtat win prepare for a lew aeata, aad gat
halt a dosen drope Into a tnmblar of tba drWt
Ing-water tbat la auppllad. If It tbraa bis
la an hour It la, broadly speaking, vast to
drtnki If not, It ta not at pee tally banafeL It
a aountry hotal'a aaweraga ayatf ai la anal
ta eeaapoota within 100 feet of the baaaa
near tha water aupply, take aaxl trata la a
point further on."
.thirty years ago, remarka Tht OsMsad (OaL
■ ■" THEFOL-
Lot 75 x 100 on Eeet Jonee street, and 25 feet extending to Montgom-
ery Street^) story dwelling with 10 rooms, plastered, stable, chicken house,
woodahed and well uffording good supply of water, oonvenieut to businesi
and cheap.
Lot 25 x 125 feet, boxedTdwelling with 8 rooms, situated on sonth side
of Facan street between Eeet street and B. B., choap.
j. Lot 150 x 140 feet, 1 story dwelling 5 rooms ' fruit, garden, stable, welt
affording plenty of water, sito atad on north side of Peoan street east of Oen
trél R. at a bargain.
Lot 180 * 800 feet east aide of Sooth Travia street, extending to Walnnt,
street and alleys on both sides, ordhsirds and wall, cheap.:
■ Dwslling with ¿-rooms and oellar, stable and crib jeistern, 8 aaree of land
a large orahard of a spendid variety of fruit, soil sandty, all fenced and in
a fine stote of cultivation ntuhted in Northwest Sherman, ofhred very ohsap.
Lot 60 x 150 feet, dwelling I story, 4 rooms, hall And putehea, 2 front
rooms plastered, situated on eeet aid* of South Watout street, offered cheap.
~ x 125 feet, 1 story dwelling; - 0 rooms, situated on north side of
East Oherry street, east of OsntralB.B., can be bonght cheap.
Lot 78 >150 feet, dwelling I stosyy 4 rooms, sjtnstsd on north side of
Weetfloastoo Street, in Oray's addition, ofhtwd ube^. I -
| A dwelling with three rooms, on east side of South Walnut street.
Lot 50 x 140 feet Chicken house and cow bouse. Is offered cheep.
A good lot with oomfortaMe dwelling, cistern and fruit trees, on south
west oorner of Walnut and Spring streets. Offered on good terms.
A large lot 107 x268 feet, dwelling with five rooms, servant's room,
cistern, stables, well and windmill, fruit and shade trees, on west side of
North Travie street. A Splendid home offered cheap.
A good one story dwelling on west side of North Walnut stret with 6
rooms, 2 halls, cistern and well, stable, wood and ooal house and good fruit.
Offered cheap.
A good one and a half , story d welling on the southeast oorner of Travii
and King streets, good oistern and outhouses, offered oheep.
! Throe dwellings on West Mulberry street, opposite the Sherman Instt
tote. These dwellings ars oAured cheap.
A small dwelling and good lot on North Buak street.
A larg* 2-story dwslling, with 9 rooms, porohee and oat-houaee, on the
eest side of South Travis Street, lot extending through from Travis to Wal
nut street, fronting 200 feet on Travis street and 226 feet on Walnut street.
Can be bought either for cash or part cash aad balance on time.
A grist-mill, doing a prosperous business, is offered cheap.
A lot 112 X 800 feet, good dwelling just in complete order, with net*
addtionis, all newly painted, good water, barn, garden and aliado trees, lot
ooated on east side of Sonth Travis street. Thia is a splendid opportu
nity fpr Obtaining a cheap home.
A good two story dwelling in East Sherman, five aeree of land, one-
talf grasa, the balance orchard A nioe property for the money.
Two and 1-4 aeree in northeeat Sherman, en East street, well improved,
cisterns and well, 11-2 story dwelling with 10 rooms, closets, plastered and
tapered, stable and cow boose, smoke boeue, carriage house, ooal, wood and
rash house, orchard of peach, apple, pear, plum trees end grapes Thit>
is very ohsap property, and oan be purchased on easy terms.
300 Acres of land 100 in cultivation, balance in grrss, 2 dwellings, 4 and &
rooms, 9 miles northwest of Shermsn, offered very cheap.
111 Acres, 60 in cultivation, balance in pasture, 1 story dwelling 6 rooms,
well at house and spring in pastors, offered at a bargain.
84 Aerea 60 in cultivation, dwelling 1 story with 6 rooms, a good wsll and
2 tanks, aoil black eandy, atabla and crib, situated at dordonville, of-
fered oheap and on eaay terms.
150 Acres 80 in cultivation, all fenced, 2 dwellings with 2 and 4 rooms,
ood supply of water, young orchard, UtUated 9 miles northeast of
herman on old Warren road, offered oheap.
40 Aerea just east of Sherman, 20 in cultivation and balance in grase, of
fered on good terma.
35 Aeree all in cultivation, just east of Sherman and ou north side of T. A
P. B. B., offered oheap.
Several large and small oattle ranches which can be bought on easy term/
80 Aerea of land, 114 miles south of Sherman, 21 acres in cultivation,
4 rooms, barn, etc., can be bopght on easy terms.
180 A farm of 160 aeres of land, 150 in enltivation, 10 aeres of timber
all fenoed. This is a splendid tract of land, and offered oheap.
Looation, about 2 1-2 miles west of Sherman. - *
140 A good farm of 140 aorea, 125 in cultivation, 15 acres in timber, dwel
lling with 4 rooms. This farm is offered at a bargain. Three and
one-half miles west of Sherman.
485 Aoreres. Two good farms in the vicinity of Farmington, one with
200 acres, 50 in Cultivation, 140 in grass, all feneod. 22C acres in
the other, 100 in cultivation, all fenoed. Good houses and water on
both. Can be bought on easy terms.
100 Aeres 4 miles wont of Sherman, with good improvements, oan be
bought oheap.
100 Aorea east of Sherman, about 4 miles north of T. & P. railroad, 100
acres in cultivation, two email dwellings and well affording permanent
water. This is a splendid farm and offered cheap.
300 Acre farm 4 miles east of Sherman, 150 aores in cultivation, 100 aorea
in grass, and 50 aores in timber, two good dwellings, and other housee,
springs and wells. Offered on easy terms.
178 Aeree, 5 miles northeast of Sherman, small dwelling and two good
wells and tanks, 80 aeres in cultivation, all fenoed. This is oheap
property. *
112 Aeres, 75 in cultivation, balance in grass and timber, wells and ever
lasting springs. This is a fine farm and offered very oheap.
Warehouse and Refrigerator nea*
and Pacific Yards.
... .• • .. ^
Lake lee Delivered at Ic. perl
, . ■
!Y®*n«, aiarrlaceable gltU weM as eeares b
Sea Traneteoo aa white erowa; aow tka mart ■
ta oraratoeked, aad aailoaa
s« tea
alaklas kearte year after year
dawfthtara' leads wlthsal Mastaf Iks
sa* Hr ha tkla tha* ame!. M is asls Ml
w ma SWéeHWWww
s| ssas(MUte, (ot

Druggists and Physicians,
Prescriptions Oarefiíhy Compounded at
all hours.
m s nemBwai VI
I .........
Are prepared to meet tho general demands of the retail dealers of 1.
Texa and the Indian Territory. .^^vu^chsb
:'iv : V,
112—114 East Houston Street, |
The publication HAS BliEN RESUMED because the Merchants;
Business Men of the City saw fit to guarantee a sufficiont
Patronage to justify the Publisher in again
embarking in the journalistic field.
To fight for the best Interest of Sherman-, Grayson County and
State at large until tho ond.
' ' V;%
:' ■ftmñ
' ■ J
The Register
' É
Differs from some of the other North Texas Dailies in that it hasn't
larger circulation than all other Daily Papers
in the County, but it would ,
I iyj
All Shall l>e Statod aa Thoy Really we, and in uo Cuse Shall
is a
ft ■ •
candidate for public favor, and if
• ■
... a live and energetic ptipor ienn piA
win Buoh opinions our Buccess is assured, for
sueb this paper shall be. 1' * í' it!
Has a fine assortment of Wines, liquors and Cigars, and a oorps of
Aooomodating Clerks.
W. 13L BTJCKT.W, -
i #

Orders tot jobbblff lots promptly ftUad on short notioe. |
, • ' * -v::'.*1'1* ' « , " . , ' • , , f? ' « ' f -
and we sincerely trust that business men who have not al-
ready done so will tako advantage of
East Side Square, Sherman

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