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... Biographical Sketch of the Author Dr. Rudolph Menger, of San Antonio, is a native of Texas..., and was born in that city in 1851. He is the son of Simon M. and Augusta Louisa \Menger, both parents being... natives of Thuringia, Germany, who came to Texas in 1846, landing at old Indianola. Mr. Menger had been..., and many other old line companies. He was married in 1879, to Miss Barbara C. Menger, a native of San... Antonio, and daughter of William L. Menger of the same family name, but no kin. HIer father was an old

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.... Menger,"'' in which the contributor had said: "''I have been reading with considerable interest Dr.... Menger's articles on ''Nature observations" for the past year or so. etc.

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... Menger, Engineer on the S. P. R. R., presented me with a large live specimen which was caught around

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..., which show more faithful and e'- ficient interest in nature than those from Dr. R. Menger of San

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.... This happened a few years ago, whilst iin my private office on East Commerce street (now the "'Menger floor

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...[enger, " in which the contributor had said: "I have been reading with considerable interest Dr. Menger's articles

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.... and Simon N. Menger, A. Nette, G. Duerler, Kaiimpniiani, Mlaveri(k. Towig, Stumbnierg, I)aieihaulliae(r. F

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... was covered all around with tule, north and close to the old Menger Soap Factory, where we boys, including my

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..., Max Menger and A. ITaubold. It was a beautiful, oval-shaped nest of some weaver-bird, inside a dense

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