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... Biographical Sketch of the Author Dr. Rudolph Menger, of San Antonio, is a native of Texas... natives of Thuringia, Germany, who came to Texas in 1846, landing at old Indianola. Mr. Menger had been... Insurance Company, and many other old line companies. He was married in 1879, to Miss Barbara C. Menger, a... native of San Antonio, and daughter of William L. Menger of the same family name, but no kin. Her father... was an old and well known pioneer to San Antonio, from Germany. He erected the Menger Hotel, one

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.... Menger," in whieh -the contribbutr had said: "I have been reading with considerable interest -Di:.Menger

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... nummerce street (now tohe "Menger her of original photo-plates premerce street (now the "Menger EAGLE

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... Menger, Engineer on the and crawled like mad around the S. P. R. R., presented me with a bottom

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... in nature than those from Dr. R. Menger of San Antonio, Texas. Unlike some other correspondents, he does rt

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... Dr. Menger's articles on "na of the Texas Field: As far as I ture observations" for the past am

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... inventive modern Julius Behrens, Wm A. and Simon gun makers. N. Menger, A. Nette, G

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... supplied with fine close to the old Menger Soap artesian water, and with swimFactory, where we boys

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