San Antonio Daily Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 5, No. 313, Ed. 1, Wednesday, January 6, 1886 Page: 1 of 4

Daily Light
Volume V Number 313.
Only $5 a Year.
San Antonio
We take occasion to mention to our friends and
customers In the City and Country that since we
are through with our annual Stock-taking we have
made great reductions in all our departments and
are offering Bargains to all those in need of any-
thing in
. Dry Goods Clothing Shoes Hats Etc.
flSrComu to see and be convinced that we mean what we
Goo. H. Kalteyor Prosldont - Otto Koohler Soo. and Managor.
Ono Car Upholstered floods
now ntjlen very llur.
Ono cur Cliuiiilier Suits mid
Xovclties from (iraiid ItapidH
unique mid elegant in ilenitfii
and IiiiIhIi.
Ono our Tine Cheap Furniture
from best miiKerx.
Erastus Reed.
Oysters Fish
Riverside Cafe Restaurants
An.) At
Scholz's Hall Corner of Commerce and Lcooya Streets.
This E-uobli3hment Is now Repleto with All me Novelties for the
Fall nnd "Winter season.
Fall and Winter Silks and Satins
Can be seen In Illaok mill Colored l'lnln nnd Jlrocadetl. Cassnneres (black
and colored) Tricots Diagonals Semes etc. (Juuiel Hair nnd Wool Sat-
eon. Velveta and Velveteena in nil colors plain and brocaded. Silk
Pongees D'ess 1'lntda In single and double widths nnd
liirTrlninjInKa to eult all Dress Gooils.-Yia
Gloves Laces and Fancy Goods.
He la now showing the largest stock or Kid (Uores Mlts I.nces nnd Pancy'Gooda
.'or I. miles nnd Children ever brought to our city. In Silk Hosiery
he baa mi endless variety and cannot be undersold.
Fall and Winter . Millinery
All the latest Fall nnd Winter styles nnd makes of llonnets nnd Hats
Ostrich 1'luinea Tips Ribbons nnd Trimmings will be founil
there. This department Is under llrst-olnsa nrtlstes
who will please the tustes of all.
Flannels Blankets Linens Cotton Goods
Towelings Dnmestio l'rlnts Olngbains Alpacas Comforters. Canton Flan-
nels and Hosiery. Among the other things which were very extensively
purchased by his tigents wns the most magnificent stock of Oresa
Goods of all kinds ever eeen in any dry goods liou.e In Texas.
Especial attention was given to purchasing Full and Winter
bilks and can be also give the greatest bargains In
Clothing Boots Shoes and Hats
I In stock of Fall and Winter .Clotb.njr
a no a run hook or uonuomcn
Hit Furniture Department Is complete with HouiohoU Gmwl hikI lie will tult everybody
in thli line Aiuoniritttitr koo.U wo Had IMuih Parlor Auila Mohair 1'arlor Suits Walnut and
Alb llodroom Hulls Wardrobo Ctulrs ItoJv Unnaols ami In if rum Carpets Uutrs Mattlnjr
Curtains window Shades. Kto. Country orders flllod promptly and tutUraotlou guaranteed.
Bend for samples.
Main Plaza and Acequia Street
and Game.
u. Kroci
M Irises' Mi
i Soft and H
lAiritlBitlnK OotKli.
Aldorunn Mick-vy to tho Foro
An Interesting Discussion.
A Stack ol Duslncss- Lockwoocl Doalt a
Left Hander to Negligent Alderman
- French and the New Member).
Vestcrdny nllernoon nn niljourneil MS
Ion oftlio City Council Has held. At
3:30 the follow log Aldermen bad pill In
hii nppenranco In addition to Ills Honor
Hie Mayor! Mi.r Gallagher Freneh
McAllister .Mneka l.nckwunil and
City Clerk C.ttiulun wns order d tu
call the roll nnd reporlcd to Hi.' .Major
that there n'ns not a iUoruiu
Alderman Giiltugher moved Hint u re-
reis of 10 minutes be tnkon.
French I move thul the City .Mnia'.iitl
lie Instrucletl tosnni'iion Hie absent Al-
dermen Mayor Who U lobe ent ufe. Ill
Marshal? I
Freneh It Is lliu duly of the Marslial
to he here.
Mayor There Is no second to jour
McAllister-1 seconded It.
Mayor Hut there Is no quorum.
At this Juncture Aldermen .Suite
Fauly and Connor In addition In the
City Marshal made their appearance
and soon after Alderman llclknnp. A
full board wns then pretelit with the
exception of Aldermen Haintileton and
tictiretner. 'lhe Major announced
that It was an adjourned session f. r
the purpose ol Introtiucliigiietv limine..
Alderman Mackay then ro.e and sub-
mitted a resolution that the I lly Kn-
gineer be directed to survi v Hie lands
comprising those of ti. tV. lirackeuridge
and others at the bend of the river vv lin
a view ofseelngif thesald piopert) runs
to nnd Includes the river In necurdance
with the opinion rendered to the Coun-
cil by Hie City Altomej ; that it survey
wan required for him to determine more
definitely the linns ol Hint properly.
'lhe Mayor called the attention of Al-
derman Malta) that the City Kngineer
said Ihat the map of 1KJS wns apparent
ly run to Include the river under which
the property was xold. The map made in
ltfitf the lints of vvhlili do not tun in
the river does not ink precedence of
that or IbM.
Mackuj said be was assured by a per-
son who oarrled the chain for McDonald
when the survey was made Hut there
were 10 vatus lees. Those mounds and
rocks weie already there and he did not
see any barm In investigating it so in to
settle It and If thoie uiounds are there
and he understood they were he could
not see how Hiey were going to get
around It
The Mayor Iflt applies to the bead
of the river It applies to the rest of the
Maokay Let It apply where It will If
the oily has any properly there we
want It.
French It Is hardly expected the oily
Is tzolnir to claim any properly on the
river. If we have any rights lit all limy
aro mere rights of exit or passage on lhe
banks of the river. Certainly no title
can be had to the river now; the city has
sold It.
Maokay intended at n point with-
out reaching the river they cannot get
to the river.
"Muckny then asked Ihat tho opinion of
the City Attorneyon the question ofihe
riparian rights of the cit which was
Eubllibed In tbe'e columns recently
e again read which was done.
Mackay I am satisfied that some of
the deeds Mr. llraokcnrldge has In-
cludes the banks of the river but lhe
question Is whether nil his property
does. If there is some properly which
does not Include the river let n survey
be made. I understand on the nutlior
lly of a party who carried the chain for
McDonald that when he carried that
chain there were two ten varas less and
the mounds were established at that
time; these are the mounds w hich Mr.
Glrnud calls for.
The Mayor I would stale that what-
ever property belongs to the city on
either side of the river should certain y
be appropriated by the city but the
question Is have we gut the properly
French: What would lie the result of
the latest survey. I hellevt. lhe property
was sold under the survey of le.ii.
The .Minor: Those who have Iherluht-
of-wny under the siatule of limitations
would own the properly.
French: I know from the inspection
of the records there was no reservation
tinon t lie river banks ainllat the II
of the sale the reservations stated
specially were lhe l.unl rock quarries of
M) acres 100 acres of sott rock quarries
tbo city cemetery and Nugalitos
crossing. 1 take it it mis reservation
was left on the bank of the river.
question arises what utility It would be
if we found it there would It annul the
right to pass along the bank of the
river or would It give us reparian rights.
Mayor: It would give us no riparian
rights as far as I could gather.
French: What good will result If we
found out that these monuments were
not set on the bank of the river.
Mackey: We know it there are III varan
between these we know It
Smye: The report simply states that
one survey went to the river but the
latter survey does not go lo the river;
mere la no ueciueu opinion on it.
Mayor Alderman Smye will bear In
mind mere are -it years' iiiiierence ut
the surveys.
Siuye We want to know whether
elthersurvey is right. I believe it would
be well to determine the allalr by an
official survey. I would like tu make an
amendment to the resolution that an
otllclal survey should he mails and a
board of survey be appointed for the
nurnose ef determining lhe whole
question and let the thing be finally
The Mayor In reference to tl
map whether that map wn right or
wrong it tne ouy eom unuer tuat map
It binds the city nnd does away with
tne mapor i;u; tne wnoie iniug urn
then be taken on the 13m! man.
"diiive: According to the old survev
mere are old cltl.ent here who claim
that Hie survey did not reach to the
The Maror: The onlv nronf of Hint I
the record the old map must govern on
mat question
Smye: Will not the monuments on the
ground or n survey aulllue.
Mayor: You will have to prove the
map wrong
Hmye: 1 think Ihi Idea or tho City At-
torney that an official survey should be
made Is a very good one.
Belknap nsked that Mackey's resolu-
tion be read again.
This being done llolkusp asked how
lurch had been appropriated for lhe
French: My opposition to this mailer
Is Ihat there Is no finality to it this
thing always arises when a new mem-
ber comes In. lie comes here as a
champlun of the public to right every-
thing that haa been done In the past.
I his tiling will never be brought tu an
end. What guarantee have we that when
we do tills thing Ihat there Is going to
be a llnnllly. The city sold the property
by tho lines of Glraud If the city has
any rights there It certainly ought tn
take advnntage orthem. 1 can llnd noth-
ing In the records where it has the right
to control the wnlers of the river. If
I Ills thing will be the finality if we have
nuy guarantee that It will I have no ob-
jection in the world lo make the survey
If the city lias any rights we ought tu
maintain them.
Markny Has the matter ever been
brought up before by a new member? If
It has the record does not allow It. When
It has been hroutjht up It has been put
down junt as It has been done now. 1
tin not see why the gentleman should
charge me with bringing the question
up as a new member because proper
itspcci siioiiiu on suown mens an .vi
llelknsn then made an amendment tu
Muckay'a resolution that n survey
hould be made. If upon due exam un
ion of the city records there was any
iktiow 01 a claim on tne water-works.
French ".Say nuy reasonable claim !"
llelknau accented the suutrestion. and
the resolution was then voietl on ami
ny uaiiagner: mat tne Mtreet com-ills-loner
be directed to repair grub ami
clear the brush on Kl I'uso street fuur
blocks nest of the Alsran ami that the
(mi of $10 be appropriated lor that pur
pose. Adopteil under suspension of the
rules Degener alone voting nay.
jiy rainy i nai tne sum oi oe ap.
ruprlatetl for the purpose or cutllngout
rush stumps and leveling the ground
u Dakota Cherry antl Nevada sireels.
.duplet! under suspension of Hie runs.
lly I.ockwood: That liereafier any
Alderman of this clly who shall fall lo
intend meetings of tho committees shall
be lined J'.' t0 unless prevented byslck-
ness or absence fiom Ihu city and Hint
te line should be levied on all tie-
faulting members of apecial committees
and that It sliou'tl be the duty of the
hairman of any committee to report
ucli uhsent mem'berto the City Cleik
iti mat uie line annum only tie rcmit-
d by Hie Major.
I.ockwood said he nflered the resolu
tion for reasons which he thnutrht vvere
good. Time after time he had come
Here anil round nn one tu meet mm
Keiiorla of committees were miulc
by lhe mntnrltv of the committee.
At the next regular meeting when
lie rtiports come before the Conn-
II one or the cetrmlttee will snj
It is Just brought before mv notice. I
never heard of It before" He thought
n iustlce to Hie nonle and chairmen
members of the committees who did ut-
tend this should be dune. Belknap
moveu tuamemi uy striking out all ui
the resolution except that portion re-
lating tu special committees.
ncn sain mere wns no authority to
pass any such resolution ns that unless
there Is a provision in the dinner. The
Aldermen are only answerable to their
'I he Mayor snld he thought the reso-
utlon was a good one. but be dltl not
mw how to enforce It.
Lockwootl admitted he had his doubts
as to the enforcing of the resolution
but ho had t lie Iniercst or the city In
view. Let the members of the com
mittees meet as promptly as when Hiey
draw Ihetr $5
trench Insisted nn his point of order.
What was the me of passing a resolu-
tion thnt can not be enforced. He
would like to get the expression of the
Council but he wanted the line part
stricken out.
The Mayor: What la the use of r.
law without n penalty t
Gallagher: Sentiment your honor
Mayor: Why; It Is now without n
i-nu I If. and no nower to enforce It. I
think It Is wasting precious time.
I.ockwood then withdrew h i resolu
Hi McAllister: That nronerty own
ers on Garden nnd King Wllllain streets
tie ordered to put down i;iuss a side
walks tne walk to oe live teet wide
with a grass walk one and one-half feel
w Ide on each aide
After some dlscutslon the resolution
as amended to require the property
holders to put down Class A sidewalks
in accordance Willi tne ordinances nut
allow them to make them ns above de-
scribed irihey so desire.
lly Bolknap: That the Street Com-
missioner reiiair loose planks in Hie
1-ourth slreet bridge Adopted.
lly Gallauher: I hat the ntreet Com
missioner build a box drain on East
street lteferred to the City Knglneer
tor estimate ot coat.
Ilv French : Tint Chanter 10 be amend
ed su as lo require a license of i't cents
irom noot macks iteierrett to uonmiit-
lee on I'etitlous and Ordinances.
lly Belknap: That the Slreet Com-
missioner cut bruth from Cypress street.
Ilv Muokev: That the Council author
ize the nurchase of a rock crusher to be
used In connection with the steam
llelknap nsked that the resolution go
tn the Kngineer for nn opinion us lu
whether our rock can be crushed or not.
The matter was so referred.
lly Smye: That the Slreet Coinmis
sloncr grade and pave a gutter on Hous
ton atreet in iront ot tbe Maverick Hot
Uv I.ockwood: That tbe roof of engine
house Nn 2 be repaired as soon as possi-
ble. Adopted.
By French : That the City Kngineer
examine uie ou'trucuons on uitiaigo
street anil make n plat ot me same
lly Mackey: That the sheep antl goat
ordinance be amended so as to provide
a pound fee of SC cents for sheep and
goats Ml cents for calves 1 for year-
lings $2 for bogs etc.
French moved that the matter bo re-
ferred to the City Attorney.
Sniyn Hiaught It would be n good Idea
to exterminate goats altogether.
Belknap thought something should be
dene au as tu Include dogs In the ordin-
ance. I.ockwootl suggested pigeons nlso.
The matter wns ultimately referred tu
the Clly Attorney to draft an ordinance
in accordance with the resolution.
By I'nuly : That the City Attorney
draft an ordinance to prohibit persons
from driving Into funeral processions
while passing along the streets. The
resolution was adopted.
lly Mackay: That ltollln ColTee be
placed on the charity roll lteferred to
the Mayor and City I'hyslcan
lly French: '1 hat tbe Slreet Commis-
sioner repair a bridge over tbe Han
I'edro Creek Adopted
Mackay suggested that hercafler the
Council should meet at 'J:30 p. m.. In-
stead oflp.'lllp.m. loonier to gel through
with the business at one session. No at-
tlon. Lurk wood nsked for Information on
the Mackay resolution ending for Infor-
mation from lhe Waler-woik. Com-
puny. He fold he had iiiailenn unfavt r-
able report Ihat lhe Council had adop-
ted a minority report and rehired the
mailer back to the same committee. He
wanted lo know vv hat lo do with II.
The Mayor said the Council expected
hltu to send a copy of lhe resolution tn
the President of the Water-works I oi-
paiiy and wait for his report.
i lie Council then adjourned.
Feait of the Epiphany
The Catholics of this clly to-day cele
brated Hie holiday ol obligation tulleil
ho Kplphany by masses In nil the
churches. It is observed In honor of
Christ's manifestation to Ihu genlllet
represented by the three kings of the
Kast. Hastier. Me chlnr and llaltaiser.
who guided by lhe Bethlehem slar vis-
ited and adored the Infant This It-u.t
su called Twelfth Day because of
being tbe I'Jtb (lav alter I tirtst tuna.
Among lhe Mexican Catholics It
cnllid "Din tie los Iteies" or the Pay
of tho Kings and Is generally consid-
ered tu he the signal of great rejoicing
During Hie holidays the Mexicans gen
tly nave nances at private nouses lit
e Interval . hut on and after Klnua'
Day for n (orlnlulit. these dances ate of
nightly occurrence.
Fence Cutting.
Two farmers named Adam Fisher and
cob Falgle were proceeding by the
old Seguln road with loads of hay to lhe
city found their passage Impeded by the
fences around John James' pasture and
t more udu. cut the fence hate-
van Sandoval a Deputy Sherill who
out in me vicimiy. saw luem com
mit the deed nnd arrested them and
irought them tu town. This morning
hev were bound over In $300 and iilHl
bonds respectively tonppcar before Jus-
;e (.raw lord next saturuuy.
The Christmas Flower.
Mrs. lleglna Ileckmanu lias at her res
idence on Casluo street a very rare nnd
leaullful southern plant or flower called
he "Nocne Biicnn" by lhe Mexican
r the Christmas Flower It Is n plant
villi a long sterile stem on the extreme
point of wiil.'h bh oms only during the
montli of Deiember or the II ml pari of
anuary a blood red llower of large size
avlng petals to the number of six or
Eastern Floods.
I'liTniuiiii January fi. A Bradford
special sajs: Heavy ruins of the past
two days ami large quantities of snow
in the timbered hills have oonaplred tu
produce the most violent llood known In
many years along Driftwood and bin-
namahonlDg creeks. Thousands of logs
Troiu the mills have broken from their
fastenings ami are going down the swol-
len streams at n terrlllu speed. It Is said
that the loss to Iiliiiuermtn will approach
$3000000. At this place there la a rise
of iwu reel of water lu tunny streets. All
telegraph communication to the east Is
lost nnd trains are obliged lo ling their
ar east llepoils irom cauieroti state
that Hie greater part of thnt place Is
under water and residents are In ureal
fearlest their hornet will besnept awaj-.
residences have been vacated.
One million' fe-'t of logs were torn loose
and swept down Hunt's Hun. Tbe saw-
mill dams ut various places along the
tre much exposed antl In Immi
nent danger of being carried nwnj'.
Heturns Thanks.
Bkui.ix January 0. Kuiperor Wllllain
haa Issued a rescript respecting tbe 'i'Ah
anniversary or his accession lo the l'rut-
slan throne in It he says: "What
touches me most Is the unbroken confi
dence of my people in me and their
faithful and unalterable affection." Ill
Majesty returns thanks for very nuiner
on. exoresslons of attachment and veil
erallon for blm nut only from nil purls
ol Germany nut troiu places lar oeynna
the German frontier wherever the Ger-
man lantruaffe Is suoken.
Crown l'rince Frederick William held
a reception yesterday In honor of Hit
Emperor and Kmpress and afterwartli
entertained nt dinner General VUcouui
Wolseley A dinner In honor of Vis
count Wolsely will be given to-morrow
bv Sir F.dward Malet British Ambassa
dor. All the generals of the German
army have been invited.
Canadian Smuggler!.
Nkw York January S. A Montreal
special tu the Tost snjs: That as n re
sult of the Investigations by the United
States customs officers warrants liav
tirea issued for Hie arrest whenever
they appear on the American side of
about u dozen of the most fashionable
furriers tailors ewelers etc. or Mon
Ireal on charges or smuggling lhe
officers claim that there being no duty
into Canada for Tears they nave ut
carrying on it thriving trade by amitg-
irllnir elnthes. furs diamonds etc.. Into
this country In trunks which have pasaetl
ns baggage. Diamond smuggling irom
Europe by tins route is said to ue exten
A Loyalist Orf an.
Ui'iu.iN January fi. The Dally F.x
press the organ of thclojallsta In Ire
land says : British rule has virtually
ceased to exist In tbe aouthwestcrti dis
trlot of Ireland. From West Cork
through the uountleaof Kerry and Claire
in iistlonal lenene lstheonlv trovem-
nient recognized by tbe people and It
is rnllnir them with a rod of Iron and
Incredltabla tyranny. A dlsclousure of
tbe victims' names would jeopardize
their lives.
What Carlisle Says.
Wa'.iiixiiion'. January B. speaker
Carlisle aald this alternoou that no coin
tnittees would be announced to-day. It
la 'understood that Hie Hat Is not fully
made up nnd that It may be subject to
change until the last moment. There
seems to be no doubt Hi at the list will be
ready for ar.nouncenisnt to-morrow
A fine $300 horse bclonKlnu to tbe
llrm or Uergitrom A dray tiled this
-Ever.' Ilrat-claaa dealer sells Opera
Avoltl in uriotia imi-
ntwHn liutcdiMMl Itn-k nnd wlo ' llivnu.- wo rmitlmio to ec in! shows iM cn
mi' Imt IUp ry I sum urliM In Aim-rU-ii. W rhurij but tvu-ntjWIte wots and for
nnntit ini t-im enjoy thrti hours of polld la 111 liter
Gi-iEiNrEiKXi .r2issio3sr 25 Cars.
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday Jannary 4 5 and 6 1886
llie p i-rnriiiniifc "III cniiiiiieiien with Ijirry llooloy's htuithalilo net entitled
tutrry llonley. linker 1-nroiiy llurton ami MI.S llowuitl.
iviliiri 111.
Sorlo-Comlc Corns
'lliel iiivt'iHilTuvuiftc I.Mtlitli vv.i kol .Mr.
rino rn'M'iir. ininm-Tin
Cliitnu'UT lliet'oiintr Actor.
iixl hi U-tlor. h.k--"My I'n
i-t it miii tiki McKllc. ii feu Ivli
nrry tniiirlli.
r llmU llrian
acarthy. ( h.m
Groat Succoss of Miss LOTTIE
Ill Itpl'IDIItl Of
uv Chanwiern. hone
n Popular Songs
.l'li Minnie In
lu l-miglmtiUt act v
n Motto Sonus
ii ttketth .Vrtl.i
linriu-ter picture of llu
nn lliiin. Ilutijit4lu4 lit.
Tho livor Popular
And first appoaranco In Amorlcaof tho Great JAPANESE JUOOLER
icier by tin-
We are Not Selling Old
Style Goods but
Special Importations
fob Tin:
Silts Satins and Velvets
Cloaks aid Wraps of all kinds.
500 Boys' Suits. Short Pants.
500 Boys Suits Long Pants.
Overcoats Etc. Etc.
wolf & nynA.Kx:
Corner Commerce and Alamo Sts.
llfinier Garden-!
Evory Wodnosday and Saturday Evoulngs and a 8poclnl Froo
Concert Evory Sunday from 4 to 1 I p. m.
First-Class Bar-Roam Rtstauraot and Billiard-Room 'Attached.
Alamo Street - - - - - - San Antonio Texas. .
" OWinSiTiA
Miss Suslo Stokos
K - nnnir m i.r.n" written
Horuc ".'m Man that f
tty ollit-n." wrlttf. mi' 1 1
tK-pli(Tl. Honir T 10 bl by
I h racier
by Harry
of (Jlennarry.'
BURTON In hor Banjo Solos.
entitle! Tin n Fairy n
A thoy Isock mo up.'
t. Ikwtlej' Puronj' Miieartjiyj
Johnny and Lottie.
Miss Cad Blossom
.-Marry Matarthy
l.ntlri' L'omjiHti).
& Marx
and Shelf-Worn Outof-
New and Desirable
in Plenty.
Jerseys for Ladies Misses Children.
Silt Lisle Thread & Cotton Hosiery.
Kid Gloves Handtercliiefs Fans.

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