San Antonio Daily Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 5, No. 317, Ed. 1, Monday, January 11, 1886 Page: 1 of 4

Jobbers In
Cigarc and Tcbacco
asd state Aor.NT. or tub
A.DBLPIT Factory New Orleans.
Will Receive In a few days
San Antonio Daily Light
At Factory Prices.
3 West Commerce.
Volume V Number 317.
Only $5 a Year.
We take occasion to mention to our friends and
customers in the City and Country that since we
are through with our annual Stock-taking we have
made great reductions in ali our departments and
are offering Bargains to all those in need of any-
thing in
Dry Goods Clothing Shoes Hats Etc.
Come to see and be convinced that wc mean what we
Gao. H Kalteyer Prosldont - Otto Koohler Sec. and Managor.
One Car Upholitoreil Goods
new styles very line.
One cur Chamber Sultt) and
NoveltleH from CI rand Kuplda
unlqno mid elegant in deiii
and Mulsh.
One car Fine Cheap Furniture
from beat makers.
Erastus Reed.
Oysters Flh and Game.
Riverside Cafe Restaurants
And At
Behols'a Hall Corner of Commerce and Losoya 8treeta.
aawl.unch and Uuli at all hour. Kvervthlna? served In Flret-Cli Style.
Polite wller In attendance. 7-J8-6m
Thla Establishment Is now Replete with All tne Novelties for the
Fall and Winter Season.
Fall and Winter Silks and Satins
Can be wen la Blaak and Colored Plain and Brooaded. Cemmeres (black
ind colored) Tricots Diagonals Stren eta. Camel Hair and Wool Sat-
eens. Velvet! and Velveteen In all colon plain and brocaded. Silk
Pongees Dress Plaids In ilngle and double widths aid
sag-Trimmings to suit all Dreu Ooodi.-i
Gloves Laces and Fancy Goods.
lie li now bowing tbe 1 argot ttock of Kid Gloves Mill Laoes and FancyJOoode
ror bauies ana i;niiuren ever uroiigm io uur cuy. la out Hosiery
be baa an endless variety and cannot be undersold.
Fall and Winter Millinery
All tbe latest Fall and Winter styles and makes of Bonnets and Hats
Ostrich Plumes Tips Klbbons and Trimmings will be found
there. Tbls department Is under tirst-clsss artistes
who will please tbe tastes of all.
Flannels Blankets Linens Cotton Goods
Towellngs Domestic Prints Qlnghams. Alpacas Comforters. Canton Flan'
nels and Hosiery. Among tbe other things which were very extensively
purchased by bis agents was tbe most magnificent stock of Dress
Goods of all kinds ever seen In any dry goods bouse In Texas.
Espeotal attention was given to purchasing Kali and Winter
bilks and can he also give the greatest bargains In
Clothing Boots Shoes and Hats
llll took or rail ana winter luioininir n me nrfMiewr nrouitni 10 ixua ma rm-
bnwei la tuu Utoit pdttenu 1'rlaoe Albeit Cutaway. Frock and Hack fctnitf.
t A verr tar-re and complete stock of Indict'. Mluea' Men's and lloyt
t Bhoes and Boots. A full line of Hie turn Sort and Stiff Hat.
Also a full stock of Gentlemen's t'urntsblnfr UooU.
Ilia FiirnltuaVnADArtraBnt Ii com diet a with llouiehotd Qnodi. and he will suit rerrbodr
in this Hat. Aaoof nttorrood wo dnd Pluth Parlor dulu. Mohair I'arlor Suits Walnut and
uurvauas wioaow naaaes. dw. iruuuirjr uruirs uuvu pruiupur imimmou ajurnii
hm tor samples.
Main Plaza and Acequia Street
Is the Root ot all Evil Without a '
Doubt. I
You see tbosesmall uuiinof dirt
pon tbls quarlw" remarked Dr.Menger
a I.iout reporter this morning. " I hie
coin has been ten long In clrculallon
and all these black Incrustations on the
surfarce of coins In tbe depressions be-
wren tbe Images are nothing hut
nlcro-erganlinis algae and bacteria. Mr.
Itelnsch of Krlangen bas lately lulled
this subject and his Investigations have
tnbrared the copper silver and gold
coins ol all the states In Europe. If ynu
take a needle and scrape oh" this ln
crusted foraisllou and placing It In din-
tilled water and then place It under tbe
microscope you will at onoe see that
tbls Is true. Here are some specimens
reaaatked tbe doctor and be Invited the
scribe to took Ihrougb his microscope.
The appearance was quite startling the
Inute specks revested under tbe strung
msgiilHeailon frsgmente of textile Ultras
and numerous grannies which Dr. .Men
ger said were composed of starch wheat
and cellular algae. Tbe power was then
increased and numerous spots appeared
wbleh were in a slate of active motion
and here and there could he seen elonga
ted or rod sbaped apeolinens.wtiicn nau u
peculiar oscillating motion. These the
)oclor iniormeu tne i.kiiit rcponer
ere what were called vlliiio spirillum
globular forms of uilcrococcoiu
bacteria lteiumlng bis convcrsallin
the Doctor said that Mr. de
clared that bacilli are almost nlwavs
found upon ami sllvcrcoins.
The algae or water plants art- met with
only on old coins new pieces containing
bacteria only. In addition the Incrusta-
tions upot coins tire found to contain
01 luugi nae iuobo iuui.u m
I. This Incrustation s not onll
observable on silver coins but tbe same
bas been discovered on paper money on
surface.i'be vegetation on paper money.
aceoraing 10 me researcues 11 air.
ItenUcb consist or the following plants
tbe names or which are long hut 1 do
not know bow to popularise tbe sclen-
tIHe nsmes so as to render them Intelll-
Ible to tbe unscientific reaiier: rirst
llcrococcus (various forms) Hacirrium
.ran llaccliiia (various lorins.) I.en-
tothrlx (species.) Saccharomyce Cere-
vlsae.Chrncoccus Monetarura.l'leiuoroc-
cue Uonetarum. i nn suoiect is a very
Interesting and also serious one as It es-
tablishes without doubt that tllthy lucre
s a fertile agent ror the spread or con-
avion It Is hlsrnlv nrobable
that even the musty old tome that the
bookworm dellgbts In has spread dis-
ease In a virulent font hut books ol
course do not circulate like money ami
it is of ureal Imuortance to uiililio by-
Slene that this fact should be known.
Ir. ltenltrh deems It prudent that In
tunes or epidemic sucn as smaii-poi
etc.. coins that have become coated by
too long a circulation should he cleansed
bv being boiled in an alkaline solution.
The reporter left tbe Doctor and the
aublect lubllsnt. feellne that all newspa
per men were invoiuniory puiiaiiioru-
puis irom lue isoi oi u uciuk luipuaaiuic
or them to spread or eaten any con
ceiving or paving away money being
ludrlcrous. This is inueeu anoiuer in
money ii
Arier tieilay the I.iuht olllee wilt le
j . . t. . . . The County Judge's Views on the Rosd
round at No. 4 Commerce street. In '
the room lately occupied by II. Tranter
The Bllnsrd.
Chicago January 0. The billiard
raging at present throughout Illinois
lows Kansas Nenrasta uaaoia ami
Minnesota is declared to be or wider
extent and more fierce in obararter than
my known before In years. All Western
trains are behlid time. Many have been
loweu in ana aoanuoneu anu very in
tie can be learned concerning them or
of tbe .fleets or the storm owing to lbs
blowing down or telrgrapb wires and
Doles and the stoppsge of telegraphic
einimualssllon. Tbe temperature In
UaKOIA is saiu IB urn now m iu u ur
irteea below zero with a wild billiard
blowing. A telegra u from Fargo says
Ike thermometer registered 27 degrees
below at noon yesterday. It was de-
scribed as tbe roughest experience that
tbe city Das yet nsa in me way oi oois
rerous weatber. lllsosarck reports
high wind with the thermometer 3d be
low. A nign wiuu is prevailing allium
City ana tue temperature is ai argrees
below xero. Omaha registers 20 degrees
below. Telegraphle communication
with Omaha bas been cut off nearly all
day. A telegram from Des Moines la.
aata Ilia cold wave continues there with
Blgu wma ana ariiuug snow j uruugu
trains west of tbsie are blocked and
branch roada are Slowed nuder CM-
esgo and Burlington trains are stuck
Isst In the snow about 16 miles soutb of
Des Moines. Tbe Wabash road south
from that city is badly drifted. The
Fort Dodge and tbe Xarrow-Ouage
roada have been abandoned. A snow-
ettrna prevailed throughout Illinois all
dav. but the bad weatber has not been
very severe so far. It Is growing colder
to-night wits an tne roaas to umani
reported practically blockaded In crn
irai i.wa.
Crock and Indian Affairs.
Washington January I). Senator
Van Wyck Representative Dorsey or
MebratitiJudge Carr of Wyoming and
Major I.lewelly lately agent for the
Mescalero Indians called upon the
President to-day In reference to his r.
parted purpose to remove Oeneral Crook
from tbe command of troops operating
againsi me Apacues. i ney representeu
that much anxiety bad been created la
tbe west by tbe report where Oeneral
urooa waa neiu in nign appreciation
The President sioke admirably of Oen
eral Crook and assured the visitors that
no serleus purpose of remevlng him
had beea entertained. He said Oeneral
Crook should hava all be wa ted. tb
whole anav If neceissrv. to uuell tbe
dlsturbsuces protect the settlers and
Dunlak Ike savaares. He (the l'r
was determined that these objects should
be aeoompllshed. Tbe gentlemen tbea
called upon Oeneral Sheridan In refer-
ence to the same subject and were re-
ceived by him as by tbe President and
told thai Oeneral Crook's removal was
not conlsmplsted.
Hsrs. r.r Ssls.
A Bay bone good size sound sad
gentle under saddli or In harness suit-
able for buslaess or family use. Can be
seen it the. Caloaslen Lumber Yard
Jasl Cnnmaros street wist sf Suusel
Kallresd. Mm
hardware dealer where the three floors
of that building will allow the paper to
assume tbe Iniportsnce It has earneii.
The second floor will lm occupied by
'iupoltors. In which also will lie en
editorliljroom and one for the use of
reporters. 'I he tlrsl fi.or will he de
voted fn the buslnes- inannirer coll. c-
tors and mailing clerk with the Job
printing room In the rer. The cellar
Is amply titled for pre nml ennlne
room and will enable the l.toiir to he
even better printed than 111 the pa-t.
he growth of lu- paper has been iirad-
al and positive and the present ehange
to new quarters lias been insde In order
to srcoininodste the Increased butlnr-e
and give the establishment the position
among San Antonio's many enterprises.
hst It Is Justly entitled to. I he circu
lation of the l.iniiT has Incrrnted to I list
extent that a reserve press and a reterve
engine will he added In lltr ulrriidy
moat complete facilities of the establish-
ment In order that there will nrter be
ny delays In the way of accidents
In the dtlltery or the paper to
Its patrons and make the I.kiiit whst
It purport to hi- n newspsper In rait.
and a paper for the people.
A neirro named Mitchell died Ill's
morning in the Third Ward on l.lve (Ink
Wanted - A while irlrl as nurse and
chambermaid. Mrs. F. I. Talcntl. So.
II. Sun Pedro Avenue. l ll-JI
Mrs. Professor llalbedl celebrated
er natal anniversary yesterday enter
taining a select party of friends.
A fine Newfoundland dog was run
over on Avenue i; this morning uy a
very reckless driver In a buggy.
. roiinif man In the nursery busi
ness Is soon to wed n young lady of Han-
dera. So popular tumor has It.
Miss I.lzzle ftred. a well-known and
charming young ludy if the Second
Ward has been Indl.poied seversi dsys
but Is now convalescent.
The bouse of Adolt Schmltll on
South I.nrrili. Strict was moved bodily
this morning heing carrieu some leri
backward from Its former position.
The flurkhart murder trial which
was set ror to-day has been reset ror ibe
first ol Februnry. tbe Vance will contest
not yet being finished In the Dl.triet
Jii'tlce Crawford bound a man
named Cuellar to keep the peace t Ii le
morning fixing his bond at $200. Hi
ascuargeit wnn sinning a ooy over
the head with a quirt.
Ani-el's vUlls are tald to beofrsre
occurrence but they are quite frequent
in san Antonio ma mien weigus uj
pounds unto Mrs. W. M.O'llrlsn from
Pleassntoi at the residence of her
inner uoionei J. i. aiorriion.
Ohio Politics.
CoiA'Mni'K 0 January 0. The Com
mittee on Privileges and Flections of
the House of Hepresentatlves which
has been making an examination of tbe
election returns In Hamilton county
made a report to tbe House yesterdsy
there being a majority and minority re
port. The majority report reviewed tbe
work of the oominltlee at length and
submitted a resolution recommending
that all the vote of precinct A Fourth
Ward Cincinnati be thrown out. which
would entitle all but one of the Repub-
lican candidates for Representatives to
Ihell seats. The resolution elso declared
the Democratic members with the ex
ception or Mr. lulterlleld not entitled
to meir seats.
The minor tv renort recommended
that tbe committee be given power te
make a thorough Investigation or all the
alleged frauds.
The majority report with tbe resolu-
tion was received and a vote tak n on
Its adoption. Two Itepiibllcao members
voted against tue resolution unseating
tbe members. After the rr.olullnn bad
been declared adopted a point or order
n si raised tint one less man a ma nr IV
or members elected to the Legislature
nau voieii tur tne resolution. Alter ex-
amining the rule the sixaker chsnited
his decision and declared tbe resolution
not adopted TIih whole sublect was
men recommitted to in. t.oinmitire on
Privileges ami Elections
The Utah Bill.
Washinoion January 0. The Utah
bill ns It passed the Senate yesterday
Is substantially as reported luck from
Ih.i committee and as published In the
morning pap rs ot December 'ii. I n
only chinire consequence Is the addi
tion of a section providing that marri
ages neliveen persons witnin tne ion
devre. of consanirulultr. but not lncli
Inir thnt degree shall be deemed Incest
anu punished aasucn.
The Sunday Question.
Itev. W. II. Preston pastor of the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church yes
terday morning began a series of ser
mons uoon the Sundav nueatlon. Ills
first subject was the "History of the
Sabbath." shewing why tbe llrst day ol Holidiy.
Whether It Is Christmas New Vesr
Fourth of July or your birth day make
the most of It and have a goad time.
Vou ean't do this If your bloot. Is Impov
erlebed or your digestion poor. But by
making good use of Brown's Iron Bit-
ten the best tonln In) tbe world your
whole physical system will be In such a
condition that your holiday will be I
Joy ind a blessing. Mr. L B. Smith ex-
Sheriff of Kftlngham county Oa gained
41) pounds and was cured of dyspepsia by
using Brown's Iron Hitlers.
The only cigarettes wbleh do not
slick to the lips in Open Poa
'I he County Judge submitted the fol-
lowing communication to the County
Coiiiinlsslontra this morning at the
opening of the January session:
Totlio lion lotinly ('oiimilMUiiicr. Coilitt
Uentlemen 1 desire to call your at-
tention to the condition or several coun-
ty roads and particularly lu the Somer
set if lUcock --egum anil caleora roan..
All of said roads 1 am Informed hate
bi-eti obstructed by land owners by
fencing nnd complaints have been mndu
almost dally of such obstructions. In
aniiie case- the legally laid out roads
linvc t. -en ab.olitlely blocked by fencing
iicruas theiii; luot'irrs changed by land
owners without autborlt). Travel lias
been greatly oi slrusted to the insnlfest
Injuryof oi" nlllzens. In most of these
cases Hi' difficulty has been the
Inrgi paslures partly within tbe cor-
porate limits of the city of San Antonio.
I have Instructed all road overseers to
remove all obstructions on any road
when notllled of such obstructions
but had no authority to thus act
when within the city limits but
referred the complaining parlies
to the city authorities. The Babcock
rosd has been obstructed within the clly
llralie (north) Mayor Callaghan having
been Informed has taken steps I am In-
formed tu open the same TheSeguIn
road feast) havlnir been changed In l&SI
no objection had heretofore hern made
and said road as changed used by the
public to nltbln a few weeks when Mr.
James blocked said road entirely by
fencing. I instructed tbe rond over-
seei tu rrinove ixi.lructlons but as it is
claimed by Mr. James that this fence 1
w 1 1 It I si the city limits 1 had no author-
111 tu ord.r lis removal no streets hav-
ing been laid out by the cltyasjetto
connect with said road. The Somerset
road an old and long establl bed rosd
wss by a late order of the court changed.
After such ihsnge Messrs. -Withers.
Terrell and others erect. d femes over
the oil road enclosing latgr bodies of
land In and out or the cily limits. This
change hna caused greut dissatisfaction
with a lame pari ot our clliiens mine:
a il.l road anil s lire ssiu cnan
k.ivi Instated on traveling
old mad claiming that said change was
not legsl It being longer and ever
swnmpy lands. Tbe Calebra road has
been laid out at great expense to tbe
county but from reports received does
not give satisfaction. 1 most respect-
fully suggest that your honorable body
make a personal Inspection of the said
road anu devise ways and means to give
We must have reads and private la-
tsrest mini give way to public neces
sity. It is or vital Importance to eur
citizens that our public rosds be free
and unobstructed; that suob roads as
may he necessary ue opened togiveeaty
anil direct communication with tin
county site. I also suggest that a com-
mittee be appointed to confer with the
olty authorities In refereuce to the open
ing oi sucn sire. i as may oe lounu nec-
essary to connect with county roads.
These road nuestlons are the most
Important question oomlng before
you and at the same lime
he most irouoirsome anu inanmess
want irood rosds. Provided
they run over their nclghb r's land but
lav anr one road over their own land.
men it is a ureal ouirse-e ana sosme.
ii cannot please everybody but do
at la to the benefit of the people at
large even If private Interest must suf-
fer. Esch fomiulsslenrr bus the ap-
pointment or road overseers or his pre-
cinct and by giving his personal attend-
ance to the roads therein much gend
can be effected and cemplslnts reme-
died. U. L. W UKBACH
County .Indue
he iiimt fMiiifnrtMliU thrum Tin txt rntrrtHliimcut The rlisH8t ripci. Ttio tet man
niml. TlHMiioftt Mtniir itm.iofiiMMit rvunt in Hit ftmtliweM. Thetsikof
llii town hihI enrjr nf njrltlii.
G-033stei2jXj jfL.iDi:iaioisr. 25 Cars.
new rxtco i o-mun i
Iri.h Cornelian. I N.uliirtte ami Vocalist. I erloCSoullo Vocalist.
w itli inir Mmiatcr s4 (ii in It j- IdiiriiHtnritt. tH'tvU-d ly tht
I'lfinlfr Aitl-ln.
2-BURTONS-2-Johnnyand Lottie.
I'tatitatloi Hkctrh Art 11 a. In llielr tr-irlinl PUiiImIIom Kk.-trti. .-nlltlel. '-Ilru 0ITMNT llnue."
Ililnalucliiir llllea liitriu ler picture of Ilic hold hero Negro OirlalsaL'anip Meet-
nir Drum. llatiJo.Silua i:ic.
N. If. Nolo lho kia-n I ii luli 1 of N irni tillom. a-aaal hy Ml. a lillic llurton. the Is so
ireat Hint lho ninllnico arc often liielln.-il to iM-lleintliiit alio is a man dreaacd m In woman's
ckitlilliy. hut wpaa.un- our pat eona that audi la not lliecaa.-.
Tho Evor Popular Miss Cad Blossom
Klrat npixsnuicvut
Tim la-wltctdiur rinlKaUin.-nt nf yrsc Slut merit.
In lil.nrl
rliuil nr of dolne 8or
In Motto SonRS
Klrst ii..cnrancnor
Direct tro.n I ho MctruKilUln the Iilcat Successes.
(IVintTL'Itt: ' . . OUCIllMTirA
.tiiim-a Nenrr'a laualiahlc act.cntillcl
Janu-s Near) U.w llakcr. Vni. Hauler Ml" lloar-l.
(IVIlIt ri'lti: " . '. IIF.3THA
In Popular Songs - Miss CAD BLOSSOM
SorTo-Como Coms Mfss SusTo Stokos
"NliiTu HiuTla.l cck ot iTii-llanlot ilic-oulh. ' " "
1'hI lo Mime llfii. 1.1-41. riiHU-r
Hoiiif. ill hi ittpld t'limuinr cti
riiHi-H"ti-r An Kntfliisli Kx(iil-ltf. liHhi
nomo iitirry.
cli.-r lu rl..
Kim 1 1 oli Irlnh i)tcli Dutch anil Vsnkeo sntciotct.
Mia ttiiiot i ny unrrjr Jinmrtnr. Jiacrtiiy at
tiii'l illulii1 in which he chBlli'iijen the world
hhi r tin i ret un.t-r. Mitllcr Niiu
Mwiirthi C! uructi-r-Msrv MuAlpli
i hi In hi
ml -'"rhM Aimlnff
tint u VorkHtiho liul irnfii i
Kniinl mid
A (Tit Id
(fTLOMKAMl Hit) HIM F.lll'.Wi:i..J
tliH Itcwllt liltiir V(k-hIII.
Tho Popular - - Miss LI22I 5HELYON
KiiKstRi'tiit'iit KilriHinMtniry! The (Iitiit Jaimmiu.' Jiianlor
YASSO ! "Sti
Tho wonder of tho I Oth Century Produclnn more Orllnnl and Diffi-
cult Tricks than any other Artist In his line. Don't fall to see him.
OV KUWiuT . .. "HToliTniiU IiiTi rinT.t.ln . . . tUtCUKHTHA
The (icrfcn
-oncliidd Mlth John Ilurlon's ijiuirtrnMn A fit'! nli'tv entitled
Jiiiiifs Nt-iiry 1 Mm Kwiin
m w Ildkerl Mn.Shttury
Other clumtclcm hy the rntnnny.
Antdo Howard
little llurton
the Mayor and City Council at the next
meeting ol that body.
His CivTl Docket.
Justice Anton Adam called over his
civil docket this morning consisting of
50 cases wheh were set for trial and
continued except the following case.:
I'. C. Frost vs. K. II. Steward et. al
suit on note for $04. Judgment for
r u. laroioera vs. iiiram Aioyi sun
i account for $10. Judgment for plain
Kaianual Abrahams vs. William Craft.
suit on draft ror $29110. Judgment ror
Emanual Abrahams vs. J. W. Holllng
suit on draft for $17.38. Judgment ror
Charles Hummel & Son vs. William
Schmidt suit on sworn account lor
$'21. 7(5. Judgment ror plaintiff.
Kmannel Abrahams vs. J. Watt suit
on sworn account ftir $00 31. Judgment
for plaintiff.
Kmanuel Abrahams vs. Olesler suit
on sworn aocount for $80.SQ. Judgment
f.r plalntlR.
Kuianual Abrahams vs. Kd. Korn-
rumptr suit on sworn account for $49.
Judgment for plat tit lit.
William lloelltlng vs. Arthur Brae-
eeoke suit oi note ror $110. Judgment
ror plalntlll.
('. F. Frommer vs. M. M. Mooney suit
on sworn account $."1 HO. Judgment
Tor plaintiff.
II. K. Faust vs. Mary Thomassen et.
al.. suit on account for $20. Judgment
lor piainnn.
Jacob Schuehle vs. Henry Lumberarer
Sr . suit on sworn account for $03.80
Judgment for plaintiff.
A. J. l'lckard Jr . vs. John Eokferd
suit on note $193. Judgment fui
Oeorge Koerner A Co vs. Otto llett-
man.berger suit on sworn acceunt
fij..-r.'. jiiugment ror piainnn.
Polk A Orsnirer vs. S. (IraUani Watts.
suit in ante $40. Judgment ror plain-
Wolf & Marx"
TO buy ahtiquitie:
We are Not Selling Old and Shelf-Worn Out-of-
Style Goods but New and Desirable
Articles in Plenty.
Special Importations
FOB Till".
Fine Dress Goods
Silts Satins anil Velvets
(Ms anil Wraps of all Mi.
Jerseys for Ladies Misses Cbildren.
Silt Lisle Thread & Cottoa Hosiery.
Kid Gloves Handterciiiefs Pans.
500 Boys' Suits. Short Pants.
500 Boys' Suits Long Pants.
Overcoats Etc. Etc.
Corner Commerce and Alamo Sts.
Fire Company No. t.
The rollewlng are the officers or this
company with those appointed by Fore
man Schrelner for the ensuing year:
Foreman F. Schrelner; Assistant Fore-
man II. Collmann.
Secrelsry Air U.Schlld.
Treasurer K. Krlsch.
Finance Committee. Joe Schmllt K.
.Insmeyrr S. Welfion.
Assistant Knglneer Christ Wterner
Stoker William Kcssnrolh.
Hose Director. John lllg: Assistant
Directors M. Eokearoth Tern Mur-
Jadroyd U. Kekeoroth.
I'lpe Directors John Heltgen: Assist-
ant Directors. F. Krlsch Jr. Charles
Schrelner T. K. Dattghertjr K. Meager.
Police Captain A. (. lilvss; Assist-
ants W. Heusebkel II. Insslmann K.
Fire Ward.ns-Flrst Ward Dan
Heder; Second Ward John Heltgen;
Fourth Ward Joe Schmltt.
Bill Kliger Join Kraus.
UJinter Gapclenf
Evory Wodnesday nnd Saturday Evonlngs and a 8poclal Free
Concert Every Sunday from 4 to 1 I p. m.
First-Glass Bar-Room Restaurant and Billiard-Room Attached.
Alamo Street - - - - San Antonio Texas

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San Antonio Daily Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 5, No. 317, Ed. 1, Monday, January 11, 1886, newspaper, January 11, 1886; San Antonio, Texas. ( accessed October 16, 2017), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; .