San Antonio Daily Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 5, No. 321, Ed. 1, Friday, January 15, 1886 Page: 1 of 4

L.M. dil QUESNAY JR. & CO.
.minimis in
Cigarc and Tobacco
Ami Plate in ids of Ilic
A. DELPIT Factory New Orloans.
Will Recolvu In a Tow days
San Antonio Daily Light.
At Factory Prices
3 West Commerce.
Volume V Number 321
Only $5 a Year.
We take occasion to mention to our friends and
customers in the City and Country that since wo
are through with our annual Stock-taking we have
made great reductions in all our departments and
are offering Bargains to all those in need of any-
thing in
Dry Goods Clothing Shoes Hats Etc.
UrSComu to see and be convinced that we mimi what vc
Thoy Tako Their Trial for tlio
Murder of Young Russell.
Incitement In the District Court One
Wltn.ii rined $500 -Description
of Accused Their Anlccodents.
About :IC0 or 4(XI people had asscm bled
In I he District Court this iiiornlnir.
some of them prospective Jurors cllu rs
witnesses but Hie grest bulk consisting
of spectators who bad been drawn by Washburn. Mr.Sherman replied In quite I less be lias something :f sell or pledge
tlio morbid curiosity that usually nl- i a lengthy speech In which he returned
tracts people to anything outside the thanks for the renewed honor and con-
Ian of nature and possibly this Is never fldence of having been again elected to
more obv ions than when a man or i tneonico 01 t nueu sin ca -cnaior irom
..M..nnri...r.r..ill .1 ri! I Dhlo I n I he course of h Is remarks ail
' 7 dressing lilinseir
t lie day fixed when Cllll' Cook and Lily
unison take ineir trial lor tne mimic
Coo. H Kaltoyor Prosldont - Otto Koohlor. Soc. and Mnnaiior.
Olio Car Ui1h1kU'1m1 (IihmIk
new styles very line.
One ciir Cliiimbor Suits nnil
Xovcltics from
(.mini Knpiils
ill lll'Mull
uulijuc nnil rlrjpiut
nml llniHli.
One riir I'inc C'liciip I'lirnittiie
fitmi bent milkers.
Erastus Reed
Oysters Fish and. Game.
Riverside Cafe Restaurants
Bcholz's Hall Corner of Commerce and Losoya Streets
Kft-I.nnnh ami Meals at all hours. Kvervthlnir served In Flrst-Clars Style
f ollte waiters In attendance. 7-iS-lim
This Establishment Is now nepleto wltli All the Novelties lor the
Fall and Winter Season
Fall and Winter Silks and Satins
Can be seen In Black and Colored Plain and Hrocaded. Cnssimeres (black
and colored) Tricots Diagonals Serges etc. Camel Hair nnil Wool Sat-
eens. Velvets and Velveteens In all colors plain and brocaded. Silk
Pongees Dress Plaids In single anil double widths and
&Trliniulngs to suit all Dress Goods.-TnH
Gloves Laces and Fancy Goods.
He Is now showing tlio largest stock of Kid (lloves MltB I.acrs and Fancy. Quods
for Ladles and cuiiuren evor urougui 10 our city in oiik Hosiery
he has an endless variety and cannot ho undersold
Fall and Winter Millinery
All tho latest Fall and Winter styles and makes of llonnets and Hals
Ostrich Plumes Tips Klbbons and Trimmings will bo found
there This department Is under llrst-olnss artistes
who will please the tueteB of all.
Flannels Blankets Linens Cotton Goods
Towellngs Domestic Prints (llngbams. Alpacas Comforters. Canton Flan-
nels and Hosiery. Among the other things which were very extensively
purchased by bis agents was the most magnlllcent stock of Dress
Goods of all kinds ever teen In any dry goods house In Texas.
Kspeclal attention was given to purchasing Fall and Winter
bilks and can he also give tho greatest bargains In
Clothing Boots Shoes and Mats
1 Winter Clot III nil Is tlio larirct
urac s m tliu latest imiuTna
Ills stock of Fall
cry luuro
hrnuirlit toTuxu
Allien. Cutilwur. t'riick ami Hack Units.
Ictu stock or (.wills'. Misses' Men's unci Hois'
..11 ll.wit.. A ml lino or XlutMlll Suit niul HtltT Hutu
Also a full stuck of (loiitlonicn's Furnlslilnsr (IimhIs.
i HulH. Wardrol
00 a J for latupiet.
id liurrum Carpt'ti Huk. Milt J nit
in Bttii-tittciiuii tfuurnnii'i'
Main Pbzn nrd equia Street
He Addiesiot tin Members of the Ohio
Cm I'll ur Ohio .tautiary 1 1. Senator
Sherman arrived from Washington over
the Baltimore and Ohio roadat 4 o'clock
this arurnoon anil was met by the Leg-
islative Committee and escorted to Ihe
House ontepresenlatives where. In the
presence or the members or both
branches and a largu audit lice or Inter-
ested spectators he was formally wel
comed In an nddrtss by Hon George
Judge D C Robinion'i Views In Ans
wer to the Epreii
IMIIi.r Man Aiiloiilu I .Mil
The Ktpress asks "If silver Is Ihe
money of the people; why not Issue sll-
er to them Instead of silver certifi-
cates;" Docs the Uourniuciit Issue
money to the people. Just as It Issues
rations to Its soldiers? The llxpus!
ought to know better. 'Ihe Ltplcsi
I ought to know that hoivcer plenty
money Is that a man can no get any un
young Itusscll at the lalter's bagnio j
me lacts oi tins tragedy are sun iresu
In the recollection of Hie readers or the !
.umr. nnd the circumstances or Hie
crime being peculiar considerable In-
terest Is excited In tho community as to
its ultimate result.
At 10 o'clock twodeputy sherllls led
the two nrlsoners Into court and Imme
diately commotion took place among
Ilic cronu ; cvon tne legal iraieruii)
dlsplajed curiosity at the appear-
ance or tile accused. Lily Gibson en
tered slowly and her feature" which
are regular and prepossessing were
those of a woman who was about 20 or
!S vears or age Her face wns Deadly
lafc the pallor ol It being heightened
iv the black bonnet and costmte she
Cllll Cook who Is alleged to
have been the principal In the murder
Is nbout or .Hi years of age. inden-
tures are small and his build Is slight
giving one the Impression that he Is of
delicate constitution. He was almost us
pale as bis companion llolh or them
w ere perfectly composed. Alter a short
conversation with .Mr. M. G. Anderson
who together with his brother 1 . II.
Anderson and Hon. A. J. llvnns are
their counsel Lily Gibson expressed a
dt (Ire for n glass or water which was
brought her both she and Cllll Cook
sippinga Tew drops oflt. Another 1
of excitement was presently beard.
which was caused bv the am finance of
Judge Moorish ascending to Ills judicial
bench. District Attorney ueorgo nas-
chal and Major T. 1' Ted who repre-
sent the State at this juncture rose and
apprnacneii sneriu aai i.ewis ami soon
after the slierlll began calling In sonnr
ous tones tho names or the various wit-
nesses Tor tho prosecution and derence.
Some delay occurred ow ing the elder
prosecuting witness not answering io
liisiiami; this was Mr. .lones who was
wllhoting liussell on the ratal night
ho met his sad death. Soon how
ever he made bis appearance anil
immediately he did so. Judge Noon-
an summoned bliu before lilln and nflcr
delivering a severe reprimand lined t lie
tardv witness i'MI. The tlcfcluluiil's
counsel Informed his honor that one of
their chief witnesses named Breeding
had not been served and was not In
town.thev therefore begged rir n con
tinuance the Slier IV stated however
that llrerullur wotilil come into uie city
on n freight train In an hour or so and
tlio mate urn ng Iiiev were reauv aim
anxious Tor a trial to-day the petition
lor continuance was not granieti uie
Judge decldlngto postpone the trial un
til 1:! cluck. 1 lie courtroom then was
(itilckly cleared or its occupants l'ub-
no opinion nppenrsioocdeciiieiiiy mini-
Icabfe to the accused and a tirin uinvlc-
Hon that Cllll' Cook's neck Is In Jeopardy
is deep-seated in tne mini! oi tne com.
From Mr. V. 11. Jamie of Nt. Louis.
the following brief particulars of the
prisoners' antecedents were gullied.
CUIVCook nnd his brother. George Cook
Hved w ill their parents In tlio Tnenti
Ighth Ward of tho City of St. Louis
their rather being In the wine business
Cllll Cook ns a boy was remarkable fur
ins intelligence anil exemplary cnarac-
ter and lor some years attended the
Cote-hrllllant school or which Mr. Sam
Ciinnles was Superintendent and he
was one or the most attentive scholars
In the bible class which Mr. Jinnies our
Ininrmant used to noid ut mat in-
stitution. His deviation from the
until ol rectitude was as sud
den as unexpected he simply
left his home and went gambling
Durlnir tho earlr Tears or bis trauilillnir.
lie contracted an ncoitaintanie wnii l.lly
unison wuo was men one oi me young'
est and prettiest inmates or Kate Gib-
son's well known bsirnlo In St. Louis
Kate uioson Having taken i.ny io serve
her vile purposes at the age of 1.1. ClttV
Cook becoming enamored of the nrettr
I.Uy llnnlly married her. Their married
life however was not altogether a hap
py one and they were divorced. After
the separation Lily Gibson came to
Texas and u 11 uiatelv settled In San An
tonlo and became proprietress or the
"malson de jole" she now occupies.
Cllg Cook's fortunes were ns variable as
the life of a gambler usually Is; be not
only became poor but his health
failed him. and ho had to seek
"fresh woods and pastures new" to
regain it. lie came soiitn nnu reacneti
thU city where gambling was then In
Its "naftnv" days. Once more he met
Ids divorced wife and their relations
were renewed and a second marriage
took place after which C1I1V Cook pro
ceeded with his gambling and Lily G
son continued the netarlous tralllc
which has brought them into their
present Ullllciilty.
George Cook the brother of Cllll'
Cook Is the chler clerk at the Itanium
Hotel St. Louis and Is now In the city
watching the trial of his brother and
slstcr-ln-law and to learn Its ultimate
Later: Since writing the above the
i nurt reconveneu aiiiio ciock aim hi-
ter a little preliminary business the
Court wns adjourned till 3 o'clock
WhTall Strike.
Nkw Voiik January II The nnnllca
Hon of Hie live New ork blanches of
the Cigar-makers' Inlernatlunl Union
or America to tho main body for author
ny io strike against tno proposed reiiuo
tlon in prices was nnnroved bv the In
lernatlonal Union yesterday afternoon
As soon as tho decision was received a
siiu-comiiiittee ottnogenerai strike con
mlttee waited on the firm of Levi llros
and demanded a return to Ihe old prices
This was refused and the men of this
factory will strike to-day. The Cigar-
maker's International Unions of the
city have called n mass meeting or Ihe
iraue lor r naay nignr. i ne strikers are
comment or victory
Kvery llrst-ulass dealer sells Optra
I -il lis cigarciier. Avoid inlurion- lint
tailons. M7 1fO
to Ihe Memticrs of the
legislature as a body he said the time
hsi arrived when there ought to be au
entire revision In the election laws of
Ohio. 'I'lie time lias arrived when both
political p'irtles slum Id address them-
selves to this qiic-tlon. and present
fraudulent voting. "Forinvseir I could
never see why. Instate atbilrs politics
should be brought Into play it is dif-
ferent with great national questions In
Slate anal' sou should he patriotic
regardless ot political alllltatlons and
regard tins iiuestiou irotu tne same
standpoint. It Is very apparent
that there might be n general
revision or our laws. The ocuir-
rrncts which lime happened re-
cently should convince men or all polit-
ical opinions that a radical change
should be undo. I a'so feel the Impor
tance oi your legisiaung upon tne tem-
perance question. Then Is a growing
sentiment In every State In this Union
that certain laws ought to be passed to
irevent mecviis growing out ol iramc
n Intoxicating Honors This ntiestlon
ought not to assume a political charac-
ter. 'I he Legislature ol Ohio should ad-
dress llseir to this question and enact
wise laws going as itir as is consistent
with the rights or citizens ir you will
not lay party aside and represent the
people n higher power will bring about
this legislation. There Is one other
question I deslro to call to jour atten-
tion Hint Is the labor. The devlslon
or capital and labor is dependent upon
the law or supply and demand. You
ought to legislate so as to secure to the
laborer as far aa law van go. the highest
wsges and tne auvantages oi social lire.
I. flooring men are me lounilallon upon
which nil superstructures are reared.
Ihe great body or people are labor ng
men. Therefore tho tlrst dutyoriegls-
lators Is to look arter the advancement
or the laboring class oT the country.
uive I hem an opportunity to make tlielr
waybill the world. Secure to them all
the adt milages or iducntlon. without
distinction or race creed color or any
thing else. Above all secure In them
an equal advantage In tlielr contest wltli
i iu;. HAM.
i ii.ix. num. ill.
A Girl's Revenge.
There w as on exciting little cow hiding
scene at one ot tho hotels at Palestine
the other night. A painter bad been
pa) lug ultenllon to a respectable joitng
servant girl who refused to marry him.
It Is said that be then began circulating
raise reports about her character claim
ing among other things that be had se
duced her. I. us! night several gentle
men ooaruing nt me noiel assured the
voting girl that they would stand by her
Irshe desired to redress her wrongs. A
heavy cowhide was procured and Ihe
young man was invneii into me parlor.
No sooner had he entered than the re
venglng rawhide Tell merclltssly upon
his back shoulders and race Knowing
that resistance was useless he took his
castlgatlon without a word or move
ment mm win prooaoiy nesitate uerorc
he slanders unotber womai again.
A Descent from Thoughts Poetic.
It was one of tlioso delightful Septem
ber mornings that strayed over Into No-
vember. Tim light autumnal hare of
Indian summer was sleeping on the hill
tops only to he Invigorated with the
colors oi mo rising sun nosnunu aic-
Gush nroused by Ihe mucin song that
arose from the poultry yard parted the
curtains and looked forth upon the
scene. "What a gorgeous morning. 'Ob
why should I he chained to this hum
drum sphere. I will seize my pen nnd
liour lorin liieionious verse in nonor oi
ills day or the gods."
"Host?" came a sharp call rrom the
root or me stairs. "Come down and Try
the buckwheats right away "
And from thoughts pueilcto deeds do-
mestic Hosaliud descended. Hartford
Sol Smith Russell Caught.
Mr. SolSinllh llusiell tells how he re-
cently renew cil un acquaintance with
Mr. Otto Sclnielgartcn of Milwaukee
Sthuelgnrlen set up the beer utul pres-
ently he said:
"Let me see Sol you noitil me vas
aboud the same age uln'l II? How old
yos you nnyw aj?"
"I am 37year old" replied Mr Itus-
sell. "Achgome now tint ton a choke!"
Insisted Schnelgarlen smiling skepti-
cally. "No" protested Mr. IIiissi II "1 was
born In 1SIV
"In clghdeen forly-clghl eh?" cried
Schnelgarten. "Get oiul I I gntch you
now jou told me dot dcu years ago!"
Chicago News.
Sound Logic.
A rather shiftless sort of n follow who
hangs around the saloons or a Texas
town was asked:
"Why don't you marry and settle
"Well. I've got mv reasons ror It. The
woman I want to marry must have lots
or money and be smart but when I llnd
a wniuRit who has money and who Is
willing to murry me her willingness to
marry me Is positive proof to my mind
that she Is stupid and then or course.
she don't suit me. i want n smart wo
man ror a wife." -Texas Sifting.
Clgarmakers on a Strike
Ni:w Yoiik January II According to
an order or Hie Clgarmakers' Interna-
tloual union Tils) men went on a strike
to-dnv In the factory ol Levi llros. Ilia
trouble Hint led to this action was th
adoption or a uniform rate or prices
with which tho employes In Ihe factories
controlled uy trie association are uniat
tilled. The union ordered Levi Bros.'
employes to strike as a test'easc. be
cause If one luanii'nclurer ileitis the
others will do likewise providing the
ass ciatlin so order.
In payment or his d.'V iabor and that
the sller has llrst U be deposited with
Hie Government before Ibo rertlllcnte Is
issued Again "If the Guverumeiit
stamp on S cents worth of sllter makes
It worth KM cents In gold why not that
stamp on n piece or paper make It worth
as much?" The Kxpress ought to know
that Ihe Government stamp on the
piectsoT paper known as greenbacks
makes them as good as gold; It It doesn't
know It let It take a greenback to the
banks and see.
'I ho Governmeiitstaiiip upon Its bonds
makes them worth a premium or
111.1 up to l.'l. ir the Kxpress
don't know It let It look nt
dally quotations or the value or ('lilted
Slates bonds. And why Is It? because
the full faith and credit or the Govern-
ment Is pledged ror their payment.
There Is no gold or silver especially
deposited fur their redemption; whereas
the J I-' grains of silver stamped by the
Government of the value or lud cents Is
depreciated by the Government Itself
by Its olllclnl action by the arbitrary
rule or the Secretary or the Treasury
without warrant or law pnslng the
bondholders In gold ami declaring sliver
unworthy or redeeming such privileged
claims. Did It ever occur to tho ex-
press that when the Government coins
a piece or gold and stamps It of the
value or a dollar that It Is not n dollar
of the value of 10U cents but that It Is
worth ono doller and twenty cents; that
when the bondholder presents his bond
of f IOUO race value to the Secretary or
tno treasury lor redemption mat lie
receives fU'Xl dollars therefor n
bond too payable In the cur-
rency or the country that Is
when the bond was Issued also by a
subsequent act or Congress payable lu
coin gold or silver.
'1 he. bondholder tells Mr. Secretary
speaking ror the gold bugs we don't
care whether you stop the coinage or
silver or not you may purchase 'J.isii)-
000 of bullion each month or 1 0.1 100001 1
H you like so long in you continue In
pay us our Interest mid principal In gold
so long ns you don't compel us to lake
that vulgar silver you receive for cm-
trims lite more Jou depreciate silver
the better Tor Its. We have hoarded our
gold nnd when we wntit more our bonds
will bring It. Stop the coinage or silver
and we w III buy the bullion I'he sliver
dollars nlrendy coined not being re-
ceived ror customs will lie further de-
preciated so when I come aga'n to see
sou Jo'i will pay me SlMs) Instead of
il'.ini for my $U) bond. So It mutters
not to us what the legislation of Con-
gress may bo so long as you continue to
pay us gold so long us I lie Government
makes a distinction In Its coins we will
take udvnntageorit.
Stiver being the money or the people
the money which they rescue Tor their
products tlielr corn utul wheat their
cuttle and their hogs and tlio labor or
their hands and Us depreciation being
recognized by the administration why
don't thoy. If ilcslrlous or equalizing the
values or the two coins set tho example
by using silver for any and nil purposes?
The credit or the 1 lilted Slates Gov-
ernment Is ll power the full faith and
credit of the Government given to the
Bllver dollar will restore us va'ue nnu
that ralth and credit can only be shown
satisfactorily to the people 'by the aiL
ministration through its Mcroinry oi
the Treasury recognizing the lace value
of Ihc silver dollar In all the transac
tions nl the Government. D. ('. II In I le Soul hues! Thelulknt
. nil ) or iippmltlon.
G-E2srEr2.Xj .A-ODiMiissioiNr 25 Cts.
!ll eitiiiiiii'ticc Willi Ilic Iniiiilislile cl. rnlltlol
linker. Niarj' lluil M
i i:n I I'll
In Motto Sonus
Tin lull. Mill. V Alll-i
2-BURTONS-2-Johnnyand Lottie.
I- iimij
irrenl Hull lli
Hie kil l In-liilil of Noun. I limn. i.i
' iiil.lli lii' lire ultetl In. Unci In lu ll "
Tin- Ilrlilnir emUwIlin
ik of the lUr.lof IlicSomli
' minute nllli Ilic lilt
-I .lie niir-"lleii. ili c
io In hi.
meter A
e llmr). written
l. Hurry Mitrurtliy I lulriu-li r Msry MeAli.Inc u 1.
II. VI ll I lllli.l--riMi Annie Woman's wrltl
rlinriicter lliniiiihrcy llohlilli. a Yorkshire lu.l im'cn H.nironnls
A lli-inilsr Viirk.lilifSiniir Hi. W hou''
;trniMi; ami hi is dim r.iii:wu.i..1ij
in it-.
uvnti'i in:
I rnmi Hie MctrnilK In Hie Ijitcsl Successes'Mi " . Illll IIKSIIIA
Sorlo-Comlc Corns Miss Suslo Stokos
In lil.oriirlniil war or.l.ln Irish Sonus nnd timed
In llmijoftil... InlrMticlniM. incur lu lute. t sikiivm'.
Tho Popular. - -- -- - MISS LIZZIE SHELTON
I mu.iimiii lil l:lliioiiliiiiiry! 'Ilie (Ileal JupnlicM-Joinder
Tho wondor of tlio t Oth Century Produclnu moro OrlRlnnl nnd Diffi-
cult Tricks thnn nny othor Artist Inlilsllno Don't fnll to son him.
in:TfiT'lTi'. iTifirnt:ii'itA
urn hell' llli John lliirmu'i. IjiimliiiM.' .Ulcrplc
i NYur) Mr Shhii
' llHkTl Mr. Miitii-ry
iinu'H-r !)' iiiinjiHM)
littlt- Ihirton
Wolf & Marx'
W ill Be Present
ill lit iv January 1 1. Contrary to the
adrlceoMils phjslclan Lmpcror Wil-
liam Intends to be present at theopenlng
of the Prussian diet to-day.
Wauts Dynamiters Flogged.
Loxixiv January II Sir Herbert K
Maxwell conservative member or par
liament ror Wlglernshlre Intends to
again introduce a Kin lor me popping oi
d) nnmlters.
Telephone Suits
W'sHiiiMnos January 11. Secretary
I.flinnr loin nt In Ilia AUnrni.l- Ci.nernl
a communication expressing bis opinion
that stilt should be brought In the name
or the United Slates to lest the validity
of Hell's original telephone patent.
Will Prosecute.
A-iii.(iio January 11. In reply to
a letter from cx-Dclcgato Downey or
Wyoming In behslf or a prominent cat-
tleman or that territory 'against whom
proceedings havo been recommended to
compel the movement or fences main-
tained by him enclosing public lands
requesting that proceedings '.be post-
poned until spring the Asslitant Com-
missioner of the general land olllco has
written denying the request and stat-
ing that It Is the Intention of the land of-
tico to prosecute such proceedings as
rapidly as possible and to continue
them until unlawful enclosure has been
removed fiom public lands.
A Total Wreck
G.ilvksiov January 11. The ship
William which went ashore live miles
down the Island In Tuesday night's gale
was visited to-day by a committee of
survey from Hie board of marine under-
writers but they were unable to reach
the vessel which Is now llrmly Imbed-
ded In the sand nnd will prove n total
loss. Captain Joitrneay who with his
crew abandoned the ship yesterday. Is
the principal owner of Uie William. The
vessel was built at Yarmouth N. S. In
li-71 nt a cost of $.ViU(K)nml was valued
at 35(100 nt the lime of her loss. She
was Insured ror only J30000. Tho Ill-
rated shin Is a 1000 tons registry and
was In ballast rrom Havre ror a cargo of
cotton wnen driven ashore. .o cnort
will probably be made Io recover her.
Suction Sale oCCIIy loll
Saturday morning January 1C. at 10 n.
in. on Military plaza Lots In each
ward will be oll'ered and sale continue
every morning until sold lilies per
feet nnd taxes paid
11 Mai. WiiAinov Auctioneer.
We are Not Selling Old and Shelf-Worn Out-of-Stylo
Goods but New and Desirable
Articles in Plenty.
roil tiif
Fine Dress Goods
Silks Satins anil Velvets
Cloaks anil Wraps of all IMi
Jerseys for Latlies Misses Children.
Sili Lisle Thread & Cotton Hosiery.
Kid Gloves Handkerchiefs Fans.
500 Boys' Suits. Short Pants.
500 Boys' Suits Long Pants.
Overcoats Etc. Etc.
"wolf &c DvnAKx:
Corner Commerce and Alamo Sts.
Evory Wotlnostlny and Satgrtlay EvonlnKS and a Spoclnl Froo
Concort Evory Sunday from 4 to 1.1 p in
First-Class Bar-Poom Ri stairant and Billiard-Room Attached.
Alamo Street ------ San Antonio Texas.

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