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... operated were sold by the quartermaster to Charles Stillman, Matarmoros merchant and founder of the new... town of Brownsville, as a river port, on the American side. Stillman's steamboating was, to him.... Stillman thought his Brownsville-Matamoros ferry a more profitable venture; and two of the veteran river... available ferry landing which Stillman did not control. The ships were removed in December, 1849... the steamboating which brought him to the Rio Grande for a commercial venture in the Mexican trade. Stillman

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... & Co.," composed of Kenedy, King, O'Donnell, and Stillman, was organized in 1850 to build and operate... reorganized, continued to operate twenty-six boats in all at huge profits until Stillman left the Rio Grande... of the firm. That this partnership was admirably constituted, the vast fortunes built by Stillman, King

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