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... tit 4, i«r The Rusk Cherokeean, Rusk, Texas By Vern Sanford iter five weeks of headline Iking...? This aerial photo is the 32nd in a serie* of farm* ir th Rusk aren for The Rusk Cherokeean. Nobody knows..." IS ASKED TO CALL AT THE CHEROKEEAN A HISTORY OF H.IS FARlM CAN BE WRITTEN FOR PUBLICATION FICE, SO Mystery... by the Cherokeean. The Owner of Each Week's "Mystery k arrn" W'M Keceive Absolutely Free A Beautiful Mounted Picture... of HU Farm. THE RUSK CHEROKEEAN . Cherokee Coimky'a Largest" "Texas' Oldest Phones 316 and 137 Rusk, Tex

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... APRIL 4, 1957 The Rusk Cherokeean, Hunk, Texas Senator Johnson Arrives for REA Meeting PAGE 3..., Texas. -QUICK SERVICE- RUBBER STAMPS •STAMP PADS . INKS NPTARY SEALS STENCUS, THE RUSK CHEROKEEAN Report

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