The Cherokeean. (Rusk, Tex.), Vol. 113, No. 31, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 19, 1961: Searching Inside

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... The Cherokeean UJOODI MY lAlSf PAGE FOUR RUSK, TEr_AS JANUARY 19, 1M1 + E DITORI ALS * Solons... for automobile insurance. I'resent minimum is $5,000. A raise to $10,000 or $20,000 was Suggested. THE CHEROKEEAN

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..., towels, etc. 10c per lb CHEROKEEAN STRAYED Jersey heifer, IB months eld $10 reward C O Wilson Rt 2, Rusk... and Ume home. If rural give directions. Hox 316. The Cherokeean, Rusk. Texas tfc32 TELEVISION REPAIR

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... local news medium in Cherokee County. The Cherokeean TEXAS OLDEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER, ESTABLISHED... will make a later announcement. City Secretary Kendrick Frazier told the Cherokeean he will definitely

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... THE CHEROKEEAN JANUARY t, 1MI PAGC SIGHT what Rusk Folks are doing Angela Dickey of S. H. State..., kindly call the Cherokeean and identify . . . otherwise we must abide by the rule of "finders, keepers

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