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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal 2. The Matzke Home I was born February 1, 1907 on Front Street

Page: 94

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal We would run the lines early in the morning and usually later

Page: 96

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal bridge, I could see that it was a man whose stomach was so

Page: 98

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal this strange contraption come off the bridge belching smoke from

Page: 102

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal shouted to Charity, "Charity, you quiet down. You are keeping

Page: 114

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal brothers would sometimes go see her, as she lived to be quite old

Page: 118

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal which you could pull down to cut a piece the size the customer

Page: 124

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal about nine years of age, & a son of about six years of age7

Page: 77

... of San Felipe.32 But Juan Nepomuceno Almonte, travelling with the Mexican army, kept a journal which... provides strong evidence that Beeson's was indeed burned. Though the original of Almonte's journal is now... and July 1, 1836, and these six installments were reprinted under the title "The Private Journal of Juan

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... VISIT THE CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL MUSEUM on the courthouse square in Columbus, Texas Maintained

Page: 79

... of the Texas State Historical Association, vol. 4, p. 298. Almonte, in his so called "Private Journal," also... Mosely's or Dewe's and from there to the river 1 league" (Almonte, "The Private Journal of Juan

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