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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Reed, Walter 132, 133 Reels, Patrick 126 Reese, John Walter 114n Reese..., Joel Walter 75 Rock Island, Texas, early history of 160-177 Rock Island Journal 170, 173 Rock Island

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... Johnson Springs 93-94, 96, 99- 100 Jones, Henry 148n, 154 Jones, William Jefferson 123 Nesbitt Memorial... Library Journal Jordt 55 Jordt, Detlef Thomas Friedrich 49 Jordt, Hermann Emil Mathias 56, 57 Jordt, Karl

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..., Cheatham, Rock Island and Columbus. Rock Island Journal: A petition asking that the name of the postoffice... the latest maps and is the name of the platted and recorded town. Rock Island Journal: The business done... there was received three cars of grain, one of flour, and one of barbed wire and three of lumber. Rock Island Journal... of the hotel. Rock Island Journal: This country has thousands of acres of uncultivated prairie land that poor... they are doing it. Rock Island Journal: The present postmaster, E. G. Scott, has been removed and Charles

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... A Rock Island Reader Rock Island Journal: Mr. Will Peterson, deputy postmaster, reports about a 50... per cent increase in business this quarter over last. Rock Island Journal: Fifteen moving wagons from.... December 23, 1897 Rock Island Journal: The increase of Rock Island's population since this school term...: The new post office at Rock Island is completed, and is a daisy. December 30, 1897 Rock Island Journal

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... of the Secretary, Records of the Rosenberg Library Galveston, Texas, 14-0030. 3 The Galveston physician... copy of the directory may be found at the Rosenberg Library in Galveston. After the epidemic, Drs. Bell

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... that the Rock Island Weekly Journal had circulated among its subscribers for the first time. The paper is a well... Rock Island Journal: Since the opening of the railroad office here March 1, up to Wednesday noon.... Rock Island Journal: It is very gratifying to see the beautiful gardens here. One year ago the virgin... upon this occasion: J. C. Wright, traveling representative of the Texas Stock and Farm Journal, Fort

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... they will erect a commodious stock-yards at once. November 4, 1897 Rock Island Journal: A very decided advantage... and fields. Rock Island Journal: The Rock Island passenger depot is now completed and it is a beauty... Rock Island Journal: We are glad to learn that John White has been appointed deputy sheriff at Rock... Island. It is a good appointment. December 2, 1897 Rock Island Journal: Altogether within the last 30

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