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Page: 8

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Zumwalt, who probably was unaware of the problems with the book

Page: 10

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal the Austin colony. That location is the present site of Columbus

Page: 14

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal heirs as Abel Beeson, Leander Beeson, Polly Ann Sapp (presumably

Page: 16

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Colorado County, Texas). No definitive explanation

Page: 22

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal who had been called to serve on the grand jury but who failed

Page: 34

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal operate a ferry at Columbus until it could complete a bridge (see

Page: 29

... of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus, Texas). The city was reincorporated, again under the name Town...-2166, Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus, Texas). In 1840, while Texas was a republic the need

Page: 31

..., not yet published but available at the Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library in Columbus, Texas, relate...-1893, page 431, Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus, Texas). The contractor began tearing down

Page: 7

... generations in book form, and if you would like a copy of the book in your library. Sign

Page: 19

... that the buildings at Beeson's Crossing were burned (see Juan Nepomuceno Almonte, "The Private Journal of Juan

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