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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal information, especially in its appendices, is profusely... Wilson King, Lee Quinn Nesbitt, and Frances Seifert, were appointed to the committee. Over time

Page: 12

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal anew. Texas joined Louisiana as Military District Five under... 8, 1867, OCA; Bill Stein, ed., "The Slave Narratives of Colorado County," Nesbitt Memorial Library... Journal, volume 3, January 1993, p. 7; Ninth Census of the United States [1870], Schedule 1-Inhabitants

Page: 38

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal began work in earnest. The committee was informally headed..., Advantages and Resources. Columbus: Colorado Citizen, 1877. 34 pages. Softbound. Reprint. Nesbitt Memorial... Library Journal, volume 4, number 2, May 1994, pages 51-73. High praise for the county on the eve of its

Page: 47

...-29. Koliba, Bernice. "The Last Three Years of Zimmerscheidt School." Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, volume... Mother." Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, volume 1, number 10, September 1991, pp. 313-316. The Columbus

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal with unique and often objectionable viewpoints and habits..., facts. Still, this listing, of 219 items, nearly all of which can be found in the Nesbitt Memorial... Library, is easily the most comprehensive bibliography of Colorado County ever published. The remarks

Page: 58

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal 5-4. Golden Anniversary Fifty Years of Service to the People... Anniversary. Eagle Lake: Laker Printing, 1985. 14 pages. 6-5. Colly Memorial United Methodist Church [Eagle

Page: 30

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Understandably, then, conservative Democrats in Colorado County

Page: 45

... of the Past." Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, volume 1, number 1, November 1989, pp. 3-19. Recollections

Page: 56

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal 3-4. Hobaugh, William Carl. "Wintering Ecology of Geese

Page: 14

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Bureau agent, as early as July of the previous year. Harris... received a package of the Houston Journal, a new Republican newspaper, sent by E. M. Wheelock, the bureau..., Election Returns, 1868 (Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin). 38 Columbus Times, June 6, 1868. H

Page: 20

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal by the death of A. K. Foster, who had won that office in 1869...; Ninth Census [ 1870], Schedule 1; Journal of the House of Representatives, 12th Legislature (Austin... Rolls, Colorado County, 1865- 1871 (microfilm, Genealogy Division, Texas State Library, Austin). 60

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal and their role in Reconstruction, especially after the freedmen... of Secession, February 23, 1861," East Texas Historical Journal, vol. 11, Fall 1973, p. 15. 4 Election Record

Page: 10

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal minority to keep Gillmore in office. The sheriff's race...-1876," Journal of Southern History, vol. 58, February 1992, pp. 99-116. 24 Police Court Minutes 1862-1876, pp. 63

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal appointee as sheriff, was also a nonslaveholding native

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal judge. Schmidt received, but declined, the nomination to replace

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal County, had strong credentials as Radicals. Youngkin, a native

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal in 1871, telling Governor Davis that he could do more

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal 82) and 155 in Columbus (478-323), but he lost Frelsburg by 150

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Eason and Granville Norman served as appointees by Governor Davis

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Reprint. Austin: State House Press, 1986. 454 pages. Hardbound

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