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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal A journal of Colorado County history September 1995

Page: 134

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Clockwise, from above: Robert L. Plagens, James Boyd Harris, Jr

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal A journal of Colorado County history May 1995...//ana that was used on the cover of the May 1995 issue of this journal lost a lot of its richness and character

Page: Front Inside

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Volume 5, Number 3 September 1995 Editor: Bill Stein Associate... by the Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library. Printed by Shoen Type & Print, Route 2, Box 1 93B, Alleyton..., Texas 78935. To subscribe, contact Bill Stein, Nesbitt Memorial Library, 529 Washington Street, Columbus

Page: 118

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Franklin Reese of Eagle Lake was on the same carrier as Cook

Page: 168

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal they get is tea, which they get with breakfast. They get two

Page: 114

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Sgt. William David Austin March 7, 1919 - November 17, 1941.... Austin was taken to John H. Bell Memorial Hospital in Columbus, where he died shortly thereafter of head... and Memorial Days. Ironically, in addition to his name and dates of birth and death, his gravestone

Page: 120

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Visiting with other mothers' sons who had been with their own..., in Shepard Memorial Cemetery west of Glidden, like that of William David Austin, bears the ironic epitaph... to be untended, and often goes unmarked with a flag on Memorial and Veterans Day. Jarmon's name did make it onto

Page: 128

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Flight Instructor Edward Joseph Hodde August 24, 1911 - November... Memorial Methodist Church in Garwood are placed two memorial markers. The stones are placed to honor two

Page: 136

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal U. S. 3rd, 16th, and 45th Infantry, were the first troops ashore... in Colorado County. The first is a memorial stone beside a large oak tree at the Lehrer Memorial Methodist

Page: 144

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Meanwhile, in the Pacific, the Allies were bracing themselves... the Purple Heart. At the time of his death, a memorial service was held at the Weimar Evangelical Lutheran... Church with Rev. Christian Emigholz, who conducted more than his share of memorial and burial services

Page: 112

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal The material is arranged more or less chronologically. The war... of combat all over the world. Their family and friends often attended memorial services held in local

Page: 122

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal in a cafeteria when they heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor..., January 30, 1942 with G. A. Schulze, Pastor of Eagle Lake's Colley Memorial Methodist Church officiating

Page: 130

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal the ocean war. On November 10, 1943, Liscome Bay left Pearl... mother's home until services could be arranged. The funeral service was held at Colley Memorial Methodist

Page: 140

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal military police, before he was finally sent to Europe in January... was serving in the army in France when Harold was killed. At the time, a memorial service for him was held

Page: 146

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Pvt. Leroy Joe Pavlik February 19, 1923 - May 1, 1945 Leroy Joe.... Pavlik is included on the Fayette County Veterans Memorial Register. Probably, although he was buried

Page: 152

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Sgt. J. Dick Woolridge November 21, 1901 - July 16, 1946 J. Dick... of Eagle Lake's Colley Memorial Methodist Church officiated. Woolridge was survived by his parents and two

Page: 156

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal They were notified in September 1943 of Johnnie's death and told.... In 1989, the Texas Chapter of the LST Association decidated a plaque to his memory on the memorial wall

Page: 158

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Pvt. Frank Manofsky April 7, 1911 - July 26, 1944 Frank Manofsky... veterans memorial roster, and presumably ought to be considered a Fayette County casualty. He is not listed

Page: 164

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Appendix II Where They Are Buried Bay City: William Foster... 1949) Glidden, Shepard Memorial Cemetery: Erlie Earnestine Jarmon Holman, Catholic Cemetery: Ivan

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