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Page: 100

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal adjoining me. If you have not & do not buy them, I have James

Page: 102

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal catch the hogs. I have killed 28 already & have 25 more fit

Page: 104

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal fall, until a few days ago, when it commenced raining. Jno Goode

Page: 108

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Your affectionate son C Wm Tait Jas A Tait Esqr Black's Bluff Ala

Page: 78

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Though they were slow, sales of lots in Columbus remained fairly... State Library, 1967), p. 20, Matagorda Bulletin, December 20, 1837). There may have been a newspaper

Page: 64

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal the revolution, and probably because of its outcome, Byrne began

Page: 68

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal and three constables, John Breedon, John Cheney, and Thomas Reed

Page: 106

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Black's Bluff Ala. 25. Charles William Tait to James Asbury Tait

Page: 95

... are transcriptions of xerographic copies of letters in Tait Family Papers (Ms. 32), Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial... Library. 1. Charles William Tait to James Asbury Tait, April 15, 1848 Columbus, Colorado County, Texas

Page: 83

... Ervendberg, " Nesbitt MemorialLibrary Journal, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 41- 64, which presents a transcription..., and killed him. 36 "1840-Daily Journal-1846 of the Late Rt. Rev. J. M. Odin," Southern Messenger, June 15

Page: 69

... State Library, 1966), pp. 36, 65. The earliest reference to the Egypt Post Office is dated February 17

Page: 79

..., December 1, 1838; Gustav Dresel, Gustav Dresel's Houston Journal, Max Freund, trans. (Austin: University

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