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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Volume 10, Number 2 July 2000 Editor: Bill Stein. Associate.... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal. ISSN 1053-4733. Published by the Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial..., Attwater's prairie chicken. Acknowledgements and Notes Wolfram M. Von-Maszewski of the George Memorial... Library in Richmond truly deserves our enormous gratitude, not just for his help and encouragement... Library, 529 Washington Street, Columbus, Texas 78934. Printed by Shoen Type & Print, Route 2, Box 193B

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal data, one can only suspect that the scarcity of weasels may hinge..., "Mountain Lion in Southeastern Texas," Journal ofMammalogy, vol. 30, no. 2, 1949, p. 199. 74

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal County, Kleberg County, Polk County, San Jacinto County, San... of Texas," Journal of Paleontology, vol. 31, 1957, pp. 796-808; B. H. Slaughter and W. L. McClure, "The... Sims Bayou Local Fauna: Pleistocene of Houston, Texas," Texas Journal of Science, vol. 17, 1965, pp... Francisi Hay, a Small Stilt-legged Horse, Middle Pleistocene of Texas," Journal of Paleontology, vol. 44

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