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... 01- (o -3 Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal A journal of Colorado County history Volume 10, Number

Page: 184

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal We believe that in its ten volumes, the Nesbitt Memorial Library..., the Nesbitt Memorial Library Foundation, Inc., agreed to fund our future publishing efforts. They paid.... Persons who wish to assist them in this effort may send their donations to the library (Nesbitt Memorial... Journal did more to advance the cause of Colorado County history across the state than any other project... Library, 529 Washington Street, Columbus, Texas 78934). Thank you for your attention these past twelve

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... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Volume 10, Number 3 June 2001 Editor: Bill Stein. Associate... at the Live Oak Art Center. This is her third cover for the Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal. The picture... help in researching the disaster at Hills Chapel. Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal. ISSN 1053..., and the current president of the Advisory Board of the Nesbitt Memorial Library. She has exhibited her work...-4733. Published by the Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, 529 Washington Street, Columbus, Texas 78934

Page: 183

.... Accordingly, we have made the decision to end regular publication of the Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal... Valedictory Since the publication of its first issue in November 1989, the Nesbitt Memorial... Library Journal has been distributed on a regular basis to its subscribers. Beginning with volume 2, one... issue of the journal was produced each January, May, and September. For what was largely a one... to the position of library director, giving him authority over, and responsibility for, a great many additional

Page: 136

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal river from Columbus, where the numerous farmers to its north... Book, vol. 7, 1882, or the more convenient reprint in Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, vol. 8, no. 1

Page: 148

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal hanged and, for good measure, shot several times. In short order... of My Life," Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, vol. 1, no. 3, February 1990, p. 90. Thomas remembered

Page: 152

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal The best and most valuable lands in the county that were patented... County, Texas, Colorado County Abstracts Collection (Ms. 43), Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library

Page: 176

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Whether one worked for the railroad or not, the perils... from accidents?" 70 Henry Calhoun Thomas, "A Sketch of My Life," NesbittMemorial Library Journal, vol

Page: 156

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Even before the Johnsons moved out of the county, Baker had begun..., Texas State Library, Austin. In his January 17, 1880 election proclamation, Governor Oran M. Roberts... 307), Oran M. Roberts, pp. 202-203, Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin). In Colorado

Page: 138

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal The impulse to organize clubs fully engaged the citizens... with a typical parade; people gathered in town and formed themselves into 1883; Memorial and Genealogical

Page: 154

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal "you stink in the nostrils of all honest Democrats, both white..., 1878, Governor's Papers (RG 301), Oran M. Roberts, Archives and Records Division, Texas State Library

Page: 142

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal accused of raping a female patient while she was under sedation..., 1881,November 17, 1881, January 12, 1882; La Grange Journal, January 27, 1881; Colorado County Deed

Page: 140

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal fishermen and pleasure seekers. Testifying to their success, only

Page: 144

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal Beethe, which reopened for business in late 1881; and what

Page: 146

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal a knife and jumped back onto the wagon. Johnson immediately

Page: 150

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal were more likely to be in the cattle business, though

Page: 158

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal legislative seat, including the never-seated incumbent, Alex

Page: 161

... (see Thomas, "A Sketch of My Life," Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, vol. 1, no. 3, February 1990, p

Page: 162

... Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal boys were playing with a rifle in Alleyton when one shot

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